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  1. If healthy, we’ll exceed expectations and make a playoff push.
  2. I don’t mute fellow posters and I was trying to be helpful by encouraging more listening. There are many voices here.
  3. In the above scenario it’s not about the majority so much as the loudest voices. There are great points and arguments being made from multiple angles. SMH @ those with heavy emotions.
  4. Could be smart to start the season with Teddy B. Probably less boo-birds and media chatter over a QB-change. Then, if he gets hurt or plays poorly we can switch to Lock. If we start with Lock, he'll be on such a short leash...
  5. Real camping with a vehicle?!! SMH…we hike in Wrangler?
  6. Elway for Rogers straight up. I hear the mares were quite fond of his performance in XXXII. He keeps the number 7 which gets retired at Lambeau.
  7. Cool, we found something new to talk about in this thread! But first, I think we have to agree on the ranking system...
  8. GB's defenses have been gashed in their playoff loses. I'm not sure how that falls on Rodgers...
  9. Wherever he goes it may require a PR wizard. Perhaps they'll put a clause in his contract stating, "masseur only"
  10. How about 12-4 and 1 (for the overtime thrilling tie)
  11. I know it's tax day, but I don't understand why there's so much strife over something we have zero control over or investment into. Here's my take - if we can land Aaron Rodgers without breaking the current and future bank then yes, do it. I generally agree with the points and reservations CWO has brought up about mortgaging too much for a small window of opportunity. I'm not all in on Lock or Rodgers. We are also expecting a change in ownership next year where the coaching staff and QB could be purged.
  12. I also want to know if he's Canton material or not. I think we gotta get him to find out...
  13. 1) Great points. 2) It's off season Super Bowl fever. 3) Personally I'd like to see what Lock can do.
  14. I hope Paton would structure a deal with AR similar to PM, where he gets a base salary (say $15M guaranteed), then big incentives for winning the big games.
  15. Any chance possible trade partners pull back if this drags out?
  16. I could get on board with this...we’ll give GB our first round pick for each year we play in the SB with Aaron The Rogers at the helm. If he plays 10 more years and we keep going to the SB, you still get our #1 pick. But, if we never make the SB you get nada.
  17. If we somehow end up with Rodgers, it’ll be interesting to see what Paton is willing to “give up” for him...he didn’t value Stafford very high.
  18. This is the crux of it all...does AR prefer retirement over playing for GB? We'll know soon enough. If the former, GB is in a pickle.
  19. Sending Von to TB so Brady can keep winning, terrible strategy. If anything, send Von to another team in the NFC South so he can tee off on Brady.
  20. I'm fine with the 1st and Von, but why Surtain? Give them Teddy or Lock if we're getting Rogers.
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