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  1. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Fedde gets lit up the third time through the order. His pitch count is irrelevant. Mancini had just taken him deep. The problem is that there is no one who can pitch the 7th or 8th inning in a close game.
  2. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    If I'm the Nats, sure. If I'm Soto, why bother? What exactly do you want to criticize? What is he supposed to do with a garbage pen?
  3. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I feel like Pujols now has old man strength. Plus all the strength he had from working out.
  4. Devils Top Prospects(2019 Midseason Complete)

    Kieboom better not be the starting third baseman next season
  5. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Jesus Christ, Yan Gomes is bad
  6. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    NL is full of parity.
  7. Redskins Losing Fans at a Rapid Rate

    I mean, that's going to happen when you fire the staff that was making strides in fan retention and relationships.
  8. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I'm just gonna say this about Area 51: Legit, just about every machine gunner beats his meat to the fantasy of a horde of people charging his belt fed.
  9. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    I think you're going to have a lot of teams have to make a hard choice about whether or not to buy or sell. 11 teams are within 4.5 games of the WC.
  10. MLB Regular Season 1.0

    Is that good?
  11. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Yes. At any time, that deal could go wrong. Hardest part would be moving Giles.
  12. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    At this point I would keep Doolittle, Rodney, Guerra, Rainey, and Suero. Maybe Sipp, depending on how well he does against lefties from now until the deadline. So I need at least two relievers, preferably high leverage guys. I wouldn't move Keiboom for any relieve or any combination of relievers. The only way I move Keiboom is for a significant piece or pieces. So like Stroman and Giles, and then I work out a deal where I flip Stroman to the Yankees for Kanhle, Florial, and [insert pitching prospect(s) here]. Then I'd flip Giles to someone like Minnesota for some prospects and use those prospects to get another reliever (like Smith). So a potential trade would look like this: Keiboom and Joe Ross to the Blue Jays for Marcus Stroman and Ken Giles Stroman to the Yankees for Tommy Kanhle or Chad Green, Estevan Florial, and Jonathan Loaisiga or Albert Abreu. Flip Ken Giles to the Twins or Cardinals for Luis Rijo or Blake Enloy and Akil Baddo/Griffin Roberts and Dylan Carlson Trade Luis Garcia, Enloy/Roberts, and Luis Garcia and another piece for Will Smith But I'm certainly not parting with him for rentals. And there are too many teams still "in it" for it to become a buyers' market. So whoever gets traded is either going to cost a lot of money or significant prospect value.
  13. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Grace hasn't been a setup lefty for a while. They use him as long relief at this point. Honestly, finding a guy to replace him shouldn't be that hard. In all honesty, there's probably three relievers that "need to go." The problem is that there's no replacement for them. And I don't expect there to be one any time soon. Rizzo won't part with Keiboom and the Lerners won't go over the luxury tax. Barring some minor moves, this is the bullpen for the season. I just hope Barrett gets a September call-up.
  14. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    No. That's how you end up with injuries.
  15. Off-Topic: The Washington Nationals Thread

    Sureo had pitch the previous two days. Rainey the previous day. Neither was available for multiple innings. Guerra on the other hand is well rested