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  1. Backup QB search

    Is Kapernick willing to be the back up? Actually, the back up to the back up? Politics aside, I seem to remember him not being willing to take a back up spot this offseason and wanting to be paid like a starter.
  2. Alex Smith requires emergency surgery

    Bruce Allen is the gift that keeps on giving.
  3. Backup QB search

    I think me and Jeezy can do it. How hard can it be to check the ball down?
  4. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    How's that not a penalty. He literally climbed over Doctson
  5. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Where was the penalty?
  6. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Lol, Josh Norman
  7. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Hey, Jay, we have one QB available Jay: Let's have Colt run the ball
  8. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    McCoy gonna get deaded
  9. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    But Kerrigan doesnt rush against the LT
  10. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    What do you mean, RG III is right down the road
  11. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Okay, but to be fair, I posted that before he didnt get up
  12. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    But hes so mobile
  13. Week 11: Houston Texans GDT

    Best deep passer of 2017
  14. Alex Smith

    The point is that with fewer options than Smith has this year, Cousins moved the ball better and scored more points. Had we done something with the extra cap space, then maybe the trade for Smith might be defendable. But Allen didnt. Because Allen didnt make the move to make the team better. He didnt it to cover his arse with Snyder and try to trick the fans into believing that they weren't starting over. This team is winning in spite of Smith. If they had kept Cousins, we'd be talking seriously about who we'd be playing in the NFC Championship
  15. Alex Smith

    Lol, the turnaround is amazing. "We cant win with Cousins because he just checks it down" "Because Alex checks it down, we're 6 and 3" I mean what?!?