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    First time all season Bryce has been ejected
  2. Shawn Lauvao Injured and will miss time

    Just move William's to LG. He'll be there in two years anyway.

    Can you win Comeback Player for what you do from July on? Because Holland has been pretty amazing
  4. It's fair because that's going to be the norm against Doctson. He simply doesnt get enough separation on a consistent basis. He has to win those. That is all he has.
  5. It was a tough catch. Here's the thing, Doctson brings ONE thing to the table, catching the tough ball. He doesn't run good routes. He isn't fast. He doesn't get YAC. His sole attribute for being in the NFL, let along a first round pick, is he makes the tough catches. And he's not. On top of that, we got literally the worst QB for this guy we possibly could have.
  6. Developmental QB slot - a way to groom QBs.

    I like the idea of expanding the rosters more than a developmental slot. For the developmental slot, you'd have to have some rules about pay and how long they can be on there. And I think a team should be able to sign your developmental slot, but they have to put him on the active roster AND they lose their developmental slot. Also, I think three years is too long. Two years, with a big pay increase on the second year. Also, when placed on the active roster, there has to be a contract limit. Like two or three years. Doesn't seem fair to draft a guy, keep him on the developmental slot, then get to sign him for like a 5 year period.

    Yea .... they gonna pay Machado soooooooooooo much money.
  8. Redskins sign WRs Michael Floyd and Breshad Perriman

    I mean, it's not like they pass to their receivers anyway. Meanwhile, Chris Thompson is lighting it up in my PPR league
  9. The problem with this line, is that it assumes that the coach is the problem. He ain't. He's the result of the problem.
  10. That's a long *** wheel route
  11. Rob Kelley out at least a Month

    Uh .... for what? He has like three carries this season
  12. 5 ups/5 downs

    Ups 1. The Redskins admitted they can't sell out the stadium. 2. Sweringer didn't drop the ball. 3. Reed didn't get hurt 4. Chris Thompson got me some nice fantasy points Downs 1. Smith is exactly who we thought he was. This team has no offense. You put eight in the box and dare Smith and his wideouts to beat you. They can't. 2. The offensive line sucks. I'm pretty tired of hearing it being blamed on Lauvao. It's pretty obvious that Trent Williams is a shell of his former self and Brandon Scherff isn't going to be an All Pro, HOF guard. 3. Edge rushers are MIA. Guess Kerrigan decided to cash out and Preston Smith isn't worth a damn. All that cap money they saved by getting Smith and they didn't use it on something they needed. 4. Richardson doesn't get open. He is not a true deep threat at this point in his career. He didn't run these routes in Seattle. 5. Doctson doesn't get open and doesn't catch the ball. 6. DeSean Jackson has 9 catches for 275 yards. But hey, we saved money .... 7. The defensive line can't stop the run. The Colts don't have an overpowering offensive line, nor dynamic running backs. Honestly, David Johnson ran well the first couple series against the Redskins. 8. Secondary can't cover receivers. Hilton got open all day. 9. Still can't cover tight ends.
  13. Things other than Redskins

    Oh and a third round pick. And Fuller.
  14. Things other than Redskins

    Cousins > Smith