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  1. MLB The Show 20

    I'm holding off because they said it's coming to PC next year. So, next year, I'll retire my Windows 7 laptop that I use for my heavily modded version of MVP 2005.
  2. Astros cheat-Lunhow/Hinch fired-Manfred clueless

    I'm starting to come around on this. They keep referring to a report that sidnt investigate what they are being accused of.
  3. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    All coming full circle for the Tigers.
  4. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    He's played 11+ games every season except one.
  5. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    The two schemes were very similar. Oh and in the most recent scheme, he became a very good corner.
  6. Quinton Dunbar no OTA's

    That and he saw what happened to Josh Norman when Norman came to DC and had to fit into a difference scheme.
  7. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    This was really strange. The Angels could have used Stripling and Pederson would have been a nice addition in RF until Adell is ready. And, frankly, it didn't cost them very much. It's almost like they got little brother syndrome.
  8. MLB mulling over absurd playoff changes

    Love it. It's edgy. WCGW. I'm definitely sure more teams won't spend less because why bother when they made the playoffs. That definitely wouldn't be an unintended consequence.
  9. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Lol, contention window. Sox werent contending for squat in 2020.
  10. Lerners should buy the Mets, then have the GM trade Alonso and deGrom to the Nats for Joe Ross and Drew Mendoza
  11. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    Was Pederson bad at first base? His splits against RHP would be more than suitable for a cheap first base platoon option.
  12. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    There's a difference between the medical information that is released to the league and what you find during a medical exam with full access to all the patient records. I'm not saying the Twins were putting fake stuff in there, they just weren't putting everything in there. Graterol was starting through mid July. Coming off major injury, they could have moved him to relief to limit innings. Especially since in several of his starts they had him only go an inning or two. Most good, 21 year old pitching prospects only have two pitches. That's why they're in the minors.
  13. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    No it didnt. Twins had to throw in another prospect to complete the trade.
  14. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    How is he a known commodity? The Twins dont share medical records and evaluations with all the other teams. Red Sox conducted their own exam and evaluated his injuries. They didn't have his entire medical history prior to the trade. Graterol was starting games in the minors this season.
  15. 2019 MLB Hot Stove Thread

    I mean, she basically called Fiers a snitch
  16. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    They did
  17. All right, so the plan is to deal Haskins for a second rounder, then trade a third rounder for Cam, then trade out of the number 2 pick and get the Dolphins number 5, number 17, and a second rounder next year. At 5, they take Jerry Jeudy. At number 17, we take Austin Jackson. Boom.
  18. Can't help but notice things this season that serve as annoying reminders of Allen's tenure here. The RG3 debacle The Kirk Cousins debacle Alex Smith being a bust of a trade Watching Sean McVay and Kyle Shanahan take their new teams to the Super Bowl. Trent Williams becoming a malcontent Watching Kendall Fuller and Brashad Breeland anchor a Super Bowl winning secondary At what point are we going to forget about this? Will it be years? A decade?
  19. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    We dont know if Lux was on the table, do we?
  20. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    They aren't shopping them because of money. They're shopping them because they have zero shot at competing this season and want to maximize their value to the franchise. Alex Verdugo is better than just about any other team could offer. He has success at the big league level and is young. It's less if a gamble than prospects. Its definitely more valuable than a comp pick.
  21. Boston trades Mookie to the Dodgers

    So, the Red Sox are going to get Alex Verdugo and Brusadar Graterol
  22. How does Alex Smith’s career go if he isn’t dumped

    At the end of the day, Smith is a game manager. He's there not to lose you games. But he needs a great supporting cast and a good defense. I don't think he makes it past a Conference Championship.
  23. Jimmy G is a bum and over rated

    They have enough money to get me to raise my mast