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  1. PICK EM!

    I had Houston, then changed it at the last minute. Heart won out over my head.
  2. Ken Zampese fired

    I am surprised this decision was made so early in the season. Seems un-Bengal like. Not sure about Lazor but change cannot be a bad thing when you are at rock bottom. Nowhere to go but up. Curious, if he is an OC that favors the pass, how that will play with our OL and the poor protection thereof.
  3. Week 2 Texans @ Bengals

    Can she block?
  4. Trey Hopkins

    That started when Zeitler and Whit bolted.
  5. 5 Up, 5 down - Game 1

    Just catching up this week on the posts. Looks like everyone has quite the hangover from the game. There was enough to see to call the butt whipping a team effort. Starting with the front office, to the coaching staff and to the players. I am glad I won't be able to get the game on Thursday. Good news is, they really can't play much worse. Well, hopefully not much worse.
  6. PICK EM!

    Ended up traveling this week. Is there a link?
  7. Week 1 Ravens @ Bengals

    Mr. C, thanks for doing this preview every week. I always look forward to reading your insights. The map link is especially helpful in planning my Sunday afternoon. Looks like I'm spending the day in a bar, no local coverage. As usual, you nailed it. Point 3 was especially frustrating last year and has a direct correlation to our friend Zampese. Without proper adjustments, the offense becomes even more predictable. I didn't detect the same problem with the defense last year. Comes down to rushing and OL. Bengals 17-10.
  8. PICK EM!

    I'm in J. Hope you have a better day at work.
  9. The Russians would be happy to rig it that way if you prefer.
  10. Guess I am last to report. I will keep Freeman, Reed and Pryor. That should be a 2, 9 and 12
  11. J, I've been traveling or I would have responded earlier. I'm still in and am actively tracking down my nephew. Agee that he will have to join the forum to do so. I will look at my team soon and report my keepers.
  12. This ain't Bengals Talk

    I will just be glad I can take these glasses off tomorrow. It was really tough driving to and from work today.
  13. Starting RB week 1?

    This. I think Hill starts the first half, get about 2.0 ypc and Mixon starts the second half.
  14. This ain't Bengals Talk

    I am relaxing with some Guinness Milk Stout. I think my wife's here too.