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  1. J, I've been traveling or I would have responded earlier. I'm still in and am actively tracking down my nephew. Agee that he will have to join the forum to do so. I will look at my team soon and report my keepers.
  2. This ain't Bengals Talk

    I will just be glad I can take these glasses off tomorrow. It was really tough driving to and from work today.
  3. Starting RB week 1?

    This. I think Hill starts the first half, get about 2.0 ypc and Mixon starts the second half.
  4. This ain't Bengals Talk

    I am relaxing with some Guinness Milk Stout. I think my wife's here too.
  5. This ain't Bengals Talk

    I miss Rhinegeist Truth and Hustle. Also MadTree Lift and Psychopathy. However, North Carolina is a beer lovers paradise. Duck Rabbit Milk Stout is one of my favorites. Just had an Old Speckled Hen the other day, very good. J, Scotch is a taste you adapt, once you do it is a good thing. If interested start with a mild blend, Dewars. Then move to Johnnie Walker Black Label. That was my path to the dark side, about 30 years ago. Into single malts now.
  6. Welcome to the new forum!

    That makes sense, keep doing the splits.
  7. Welcome to the new forum!

    Glad I found you guys. Thanks for leaving the forwarding address. Nice digs.