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  1. I'm not buying the concussion thing, but I pray LJ8 is ready to go for next year. Gotta revamp the oline completely.
  2. I get that, but we moving the ball and self sabotage. In its literal form. But Bills are taking advantage of our disgusting play.
  3. Not even being a happy go lucky post, but we still got time. We're moving the ball (surprisingly) in spite of terrible oline play. We still can make a run. Buffalo has done nothing to instill fear.
  4. We're playing horrendous, but we still down only 3.
  5. All of this, relax. So far this game reminds me of the Browns in week 16 last year. Bills havent really shown me anything to be afraid of.
  6. Run the football and we win. Let's go, boys! Ravens 27 - Bills 17
  7. Ravens 27 - Bills 17 Should be a good game.
  8. A whole mood. Good win, boys. More work to be done.
  9. This has the makings of a fantastic meltdown.
  10. They ran off the field like some beaters. I love the disrespect, lmao But give Gus the ball
  11. This is like the 3rd or 4th time you lowkey called out some stuff. I'm onto you!
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