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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Nothing is sacred anymore! Everybody dipping off and leaving! First Aaron Wilson, now this?! HAVE YOU NO SHAME, LIFE? HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!!!!!!
  2. 2018 NBA Finals: The Warriors vs LeBron Pt. 4

    - J.R Smith is a bum - George Hill choked - Didn't know you could turn a charge into a 2-shot foul Sports today are completely wild.
  3. TV Hunting: 4K Edition

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/vizio-70-class-led-e-series-2160p-smart-home-theater-display-with-hdr/5609000.p?skuId=5609000 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tcl-65-class-led-6-series-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr-roku-tv/6204551.p?skuId=6204551 Second one is '65 and the TV that I own, well I got the '55. I'm budget balling, lol! I'd say either one of those. Depends on what you want to do with it as well. Gaming? Movies? Etc
  4. TV Hunting: 4K Edition

    What size TV are you looking for? That will help determine as well.
  5. Madden 19

    I peeped that too! Super wild! But that's the world we live in.
  6. Battlefield V

    I'm weak, lol! The BFV trailer did absolutely nothing for me. I haven't owned a BF game since 4 on release. Unless something drastically changes between now and release, looks like it will stay that way. Smh!
  7. TV Hunting: 4K Edition

    Went ahead and bought the TCL 4K HDR 6 series '55. Want a godlike TV. It's so amazing! Couldn't be happier. Awesome TV
  8. I was a child, Scarred me for life. lol
  9. What Song Are You Listening To?

    Whatchu know bout dat?
  10. TV Hunting: 4K Edition

    Actually decided to wait and never bought the P605/7 because I heard the 6 series was coming out. Waiting for my bonus money so I can grab the 65 TCL 6 series model that came out the beginning of this month. They better stop playin' with my coins before I have to choke a #$*%#!
  11. AFC North Standings (Predictions)

    Steelers 11-5 Ravens 8-8 Bengals 7-9 Browns 3-13
  12. RIP Avicii

    Damn! This is wild! I know I'm late, but that's too young to leave. Hope he found the peace that eluded him in life. Didn't know a ton about him outside of that song "Le7els" which was cool.
  13. Kickoffs to be "modified"

    With all the information out there now, playing Football is purely a choice. You know the risk of playing it at this point. It's like signing up to be a fireman or police officer, you know the risk. Football is a violent game. I'm happy they're taking 'some steps' to improve the safety, but you're also changing the game to something unrecognizable which doesn't make sense as well, in my opinion.
  14. Reuben Foster charged with felony domestic violence

    You talkin' crazy, I'd ruin her life as she almost did mine. Don't understand how these females don't get charges and jail time after finding out they be lyin'. So wild to me. BUT HEY! That's the world we live in.
  15. 2018 Royal Rumble- A Receiver Story

    PERRY-MAN is getting cut!