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  1. I'm no Battlefield pro by any stretch of the imagination, however, I could also differentiate Battlefield and Call of Duty's style. Battlefield 2042 feels to me like a Call of Duty game with a bigger map and vehicles. That didn't use to be the case and its sad that EA wanted to go in that direction trying to imitate COD. It will be a buggy, rushed mess when it launches so unless you're just a diehard BF fan, I'd say wait for a sale.
  2. Jim Ryan sees the vision. I just need him to complete it. Us PC players need Gran Turismo and MLB The Show on PC, too. Life would then be complete. Final Fantasy 7: Remake is for sure coming to PC. Just a matter of when. At the rate Playstation is going, I'd be very surprised if Bloodborne didn't eventually make the cut.
  3. I might be underestimating the Bengals, but I'm one of those "I'll believe it when I see it" folks. So with that said, I expect the Ravens to drop anchor. Ravens 34 - Bengals 17 P.S - LJ8, I'm begging you... please don't betray me again with 13 pts.
  4. I just came to say *ahem*... I think Greg Roman would be an amazing Head Coach! I'll miss the "run game coordination", but I'm willing to live with it. Just get 'em outta here!
  5. Don't get used to it. Tannehill is trash. See below This man ran for 2 bands in a pass happy league that caters to QB's. Show respeck.
  6. If Henry breaks 2K again, those clowns better do the right thing and give him the MVP. (Unless Lamar continues to go nuts, of course) They robbed Henry last year.
  7. As a fan of a team who loves going for it on 4th down, but that pretty stupid, in my opinion. But I'll give them credit for being ballsy.
  8. The Good, The Bad, and The Fraudulent The Good Everything top to bottom - That's the tweet The Bad LJ8 missed a few throws, but still the backpack The Fraudulent LJ8 got me 13 pts in my fantasy money league Helluva win for the boys. Wasn't too much that really popped out for me this week. Only got pushed back a couple times and sacks, but not the dog water they've been over the course of the season. As always, feel free to chime in as I'm sure I missed something
  9. In my "fun" league, I'm toying with the idea of starting Bateman over Theilen. I got another 30 mins to decide.
  10. My Jersey Ranking White jersey/Black Pants (aka The Business as usual) Purple Jersey/ Black Pants All Black Purple Jersey/White Pants White Jersey/Purple Pants The only one I truly dislike is the gold pant we never saw again. And I'm not a huge fan of the black jersey white bottom. Giving Philly Eagles Just wish we'd wear the Purple top black bottom more. And to @ThatJaxxenGuy Queen should be benched. Flat out. I still got faith in him, but he's playing like dumpster juice.
  11. I mean, I do like these, but my personal favorite is White Top, Black pants! Just hoping that Lamar, King of the North continues to carry the team in the purple backpack. Based on how the defense has been giving up like 30 a game, I expect a shootout. Chargers 34 - Good Guys 37 Let's go, boys!
  12. QB list goofier than a mug. Patrick Queen being the drizzling Sugar Honey Ice Tea is correct.
  13. The Good, The Bad and The Fraudulent The Good LJ8 - He has the biggest Backpack I've seen in a very long time. The price is only going up and at this current point in the season, EDC owes him a contract of 1 Billion United Murica Dollars with 900 Million guaranteed The WR's - Hollywood, Duv, Proche and even Watkins before he got hurt. Keep getting better folks Mandrews - The King has returned and I love to see it Greg Roman - Yes, I hate him so, but I always keep the same energy good or bad. Called a helluva game even when I was crying for the run inside the 5. I s
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