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  1. This is why I have no faith in humanity. This is why right here folks.
  2. I am happy with one of these three... Elijah Moore Terrace Marshall Jr. Rashod Bateman Dyami would be cool, too.
  3. Why are you mad about this? You should see it as a feature that Microsoft offers its gamers. Sony could do it themselves, but they choose not to. This is like when people get mad about graphics and features added to PS4 games and are upset that their PS3 version, that arrived in 2013 is watered, lol. But to change the subject, they need to add this to gamepass for PC eventually!
  4. JuJu did the Ravens a huge solid. I am forever thankful. It's funny though that no one talks about him turning down the Chiefs, too. It's just all "WR's don't wanna play for Ravens" talk. But yeah, he did us a huge favor. I started to look at Juju funny after 2019 when he allowed the other WRs to outplay him while Ben was gone.
  5. The smart play would be to take Kyle Pitts if he somehow drops to 5. However, please don't be smart, Bengals. Betting man? Sewell is the choice. A solid choice as well.
  6. I feel so bad for UCLA. To play such an amazing game and to see it end like that, tough. But hats off to the Zags for being ice cold all the way till the end. Now watch the championship game be weak, lol
  7. It appears we're on the same page that Moore is the way. HE IS DA WAY!
  8. Yes, please. Like, pretty please. Also once again, sign my mans AB. 😆
  9. Flacco will be starting by week 4 and then gonna win the NFC East. Make sure to bookmark this post. Cuz reasons.
  10. Because The Mighty Joe Flacco is The GOAT. Drag their nuts! Was actually out at the bar tonight to watch it. Thought they were about to have a meltdown, but the boys pulled it out.
  11. Since MLB tore up the exclusive Playstation deal, I was hoping this meant it was coming to PC as well. Super salty that isn't the case, but glad that it is at least going to Xbox players since they haven't had a decent baseball game in ages. I won't be picking up '21, but I'll pick up '22 since it will have a year of maturity on the "next-gen" consoles AND holding out hope I might get a PC surprise for next year, lol.
  12. I'd rather we take our chances in the draft, but if we must entertain the vet WR in FA, I'd rather throw a dart at Golladay with a meal deal price, lol. JujuOndaBeat good right where he at. Watkins? Meh... And Hilton... hard pass.
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