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  1. The XFL

    I think I'm going to go with the Dragons. I like Jim Zorn and Joe Callahan is a former Raven who has a small spot in the fandom heart. Until we get a Baltimore team... Make it happen, Vince!
  2. FB/DT Ricard Re-signed

    Was just coming to post this, haha. Like the proactive signings with EDC.
  3. I'm trying to keep the spartan reserve, but they make it so hard. The way the squad is playing is super inspiring.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    And I almost thought the Texans were gonna blow it!
  5. Hell of a game today, fellas. The 49ers really made me a believer after today's game. Good luck the rest of the season.
  6. Yeah, real lame. Webby deleted my comment as well. Told him free my mans. Not even just Browns fans, I've seen people do way worse, imo. All good though... he'll be back for playoff football.
  7. You hate to see it. But I almost choked on my lemonade at "take care, trash" 😂😂🤣🤣
  8. I now have so much respect for the 9ers after this game. I thought they were frauds but they proved me completely wrong. What a tough escape from the boys! Come on Texans!
  9. I don't see how the Ravens didn't see the run coming. They basically conceded going into halftime down 3. Yikes! Let's go boys!
  10. I'm not a fan of this on a non primetime night game. Like... that's the whole point, lol. They better wear the purple and black against them Jets then!
  11. Black Friday Deals - 2019

    Activision sucks. Was gonna pick up MW for PC, but they're selling it for $50 on Blizzard's app as opposed to $40 everywhere else. Criminals!
  12. Better Team: 2018 Chiefs or 2019 Ravens

    A division game? You hang your hat on a division game? Really? lol But to answer the question, the 2019 Ravens are looking to be better than the 2018 Chiefs. We still have a ton of season left before I can personally crown who's better. But at this moment in time, it signs point towards the Ravens being a far superior team.
  13. Sucks you won't be able to watch Live, pimp. Better find a live stream on your phone! And Ravens Round table mods and forum elders, I put in my bid for the Browns GDT. I think being here 12 years the time has come. And no better thread to put up than the massacre of the Factory of Sadness.
  14. Lamar Jackson

    That's not my point, but that was funny. You just see a whole bunch of is this sustainable? Is Lamar Vick? Is Lamar Mahommes? Where is all these threads comparing Mahommes to Brady and Rodgers, Ben, etc. Will Watson surpass Montana or compare him to Jimmy G. The point I was making is that its like 1,000 Lamar comparison threads and I just found it funny. But I get it I guess. Its better that he's the talk of the town for these reasons than him being talked about being cut or the worst QB in football.