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  1. That Flacco to Mason comeback route is like the Stockton and Marlone "Give n go". It just works! God, what a route. 😀
  2. Yessir. Because, sign that man. With all the languages in these contracts, I just don't see the downside. If he's an idiot, he's gone, never to be heard from again. But if he's a world beater... we have everything to gain. Maybe EDC and the coaches already asked the players how they felt about an AB signing. If they don't like it, I'm behind them 100%. But if they're like our QB, LJ8, we want all the smoke! But to be clear, I don't think the Ravens are bringing him in and more of a pipe dream for me. As I said before, something about AB, Hollywood and Duv on the field at the same time just sits right in my soul.
  3. What are you willing to give up? He ain't coming cheap.
  4. I don't think we could afford him anyway now with Thomas filing his grievance and Jefferson filing for the injury protection stuff.
  5. I would do no more than a 5th for a rental. But I'm here for an AJ Green sighting in purple and black. Free my mans Antonio Brown 😆
  6. The NFL should be embarrassed they continue to put out this garbage.
  7. Man, feels good to win, but that was for sure a disaster. Takeaways Penalties - Refs didn't do any favors, but still a lot of them were on the players Offense - I have zero confidence in this group at the moment. Defense - Pretty good, but got cute second half. Will be a detriment against better opponents Special teams - Whatever the wolfpack wants, Harbaugh better accommodate Not going to lie, I don't feel confident whatsoever going against Pitt in 2 weeks. At this point in time, I definitely have that chalked as a loss. Harbaugh needs to get in ***** on the offensive side of the football and fast. We're in the second quarter of the season. Pre-season (weeks 1-4) is over. Ravens need to be tuned up and fast. All in all, a win is a win and I'm glad we got it done. We're 5-1 and about to rest. Let's go, boys. Let's go!
  8. Is Andrew's hurt? I need to understand why I'm losing my fantasy game.
  9. Congrats on the birth of your child, mah boi! Speedy recovery for the misses as well. Ravens gonna put in that work and get the W.
  10. Because he is The Greatest of all-time, ED Reed. No further explanation is needed.
  11. It's so goofy. But day by day I'm fully migrating over to PC anyway. Was still on PS4 to play with friends and family because of Apex Legends, but since that's cross-play ish now, not looking good for the PS4, lol. How much did you get when you traded in your PS4? Might give me a baseline of what to ask for in selling it on eBay with my Switch. About to do some massive PC upgrades. 😁
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