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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Because Big Ben is more than decent. He's, in my opinion top 3 in the league behind Venom Brady and Rodgers. Brees would 4th for those who wanted to know. And we all know he isn't correct about Joe Flacco. Because well, he just isn't. But its good to see some trash talk. I thought that was a lost art in today's baby society.
  2. Pre-Season Week 1 vs LAR

    I was at work and then saw we blew them out. All I need to know is... Did The Mighty, Fiery G.O.A.T Joe Flacco drag his nuts for the one series he was in? And if so, are people excited? Vinnie Cerrato is probably one of the biggest Flacco detractors I've heard, and he's been gassing up my man Flacco. Did he look good? Let a real one know, please, haha.
  3. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    I wouldn't be surprised if Dixon gets the scissors now. Seems he can't stay on the field.
  4. O's, Yankees Agree to Zach Britton Trade Pending Medicals

    I'm not mad at this deal. About time, Orioles Front Office! ABOUT TIME, Meatballs!
  5. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Random Thought: Can someone tell Harbs that we need to rock the 'business as usuals' again on a regular basis? For the uninitiated, the 'Business as Usual' is the white top, black pants. Top 3 Ravens uniform of all-time! We were so tough wearing those. AND, AND we won a Superbowl in the Business as Usuals. I marked. Ok, I'm done.
  6. Machado to the Dodgers for Yusniel Diaz + 4 Prospects

    I'd love to take that high road, but after the 2015 off-season I can't forgive. The Orioles were 4 close games away from a World Series Appearance and what do they do? Travis F'in Snyder. Then on top of that, Duquette playing both sides trying to be a Bluejay Exec. Nah, pass, see ya later Dan. If they're for real, the Orioles need to blow everything up. Top to bottom.
  7. Machado to the Dodgers for Yusniel Diaz + 4 Prospects

    Yet again my front office gets finessed. Should've done this a year ago though and we wouldn't have been in this situation. Sounds like they're about to re-sign Duquette as well? Heart broken.
  8. Training Camp 2018 discussion

    He will be your starting QB in the 2019 season as The Mighty Joe Flacco goes off into the night with another Lombardi Trophy. (To one day be renamed The Flacco Trophy) Oh its true... Its damn true!
  9. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    It can't be worse than Dean Pees... Can it?
  10. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Madden looks garbage. Lamar Jackson looks 'boxy' like its his NFL Blitz form or something. So glad I don't waste money on it anymore. Last real Madden I played regularly was 2011. Pass! lol Oh, and the Ravens are going to the AFC conference game under the leadership and guidance of Joe Flacco. AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME, SON!
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Nothing is sacred anymore! Everybody dipping off and leaving! First Aaron Wilson, now this?! HAVE YOU NO SHAME, LIFE? HAVE YOU NO SHAME?!!!!!!
  12. 2018 NBA Finals: The Warriors vs LeBron Pt. 4

    - J.R Smith is a bum - George Hill choked - Didn't know you could turn a charge into a 2-shot foul Sports today are completely wild.
  13. TV Hunting: 4K Edition

    https://www.bestbuy.com/site/vizio-70-class-led-e-series-2160p-smart-home-theater-display-with-hdr/5609000.p?skuId=5609000 https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tcl-65-class-led-6-series-2160p-smart-4k-uhd-tv-with-hdr-roku-tv/6204551.p?skuId=6204551 Second one is '65 and the TV that I own, well I got the '55. I'm budget balling, lol! I'd say either one of those. Depends on what you want to do with it as well. Gaming? Movies? Etc
  14. TV Hunting: 4K Edition

    What size TV are you looking for? That will help determine as well.
  15. Madden 19

    I peeped that too! Super wild! But that's the world we live in.