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  1. GDT Week 7: Baltimore Ravens vs New Orleans Saints

    We will win. Why? Because Harbaugh will bring out the 'Business as Usuals'. And we're at home... with Hoodie Flacco. Oh, and because the Saints are frauds on the road, 'lulz'.
  2. Black Ops 4

    I'm on PS4, add me. I'm normally on late night because of my work responsibilities. PSN - GreatnessRD EDIT: EST time
  3. Amazing how quickly the world turns on you. And OBJ is a meatball. He's such a female. Hell of a talent, but too emotional and diva-ish.
  4. Black Ops 4

    I'm livid right now. Against my better judgement, I bought this game digitally off the PSN store. So far it has crashed on me 3 times since launch and this final time it crashed while it was mid save. I boot the game up and it says my file has been corrupted. So I'll have to restart all over again, from scratch. This is complete BS! This is why I hate Treyarch with every fiber of my being. It's always something with their bluffin' *** games, I swear!
  5. Black Ops 4

    I have to disagree! Feels unnatural on Mouse and keyboard. But as I said, I can play on it but I prefer a controller. After I set up my new rig, I'll see about going back to mouse. Doubtful though.
  6. Black Ops 4

    I will forever believe its a sin to play a shooter with a Mouse and keyboard. HOWEVER, I have done so in the past, but... pass! lol Get ready to turn on the lead faucet! Add me on PSN if anyone trying to get down OR lay down.
  7. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Why can't we just get someone with hands? Why is this so hard? Even though I'm upset with Crabtree-man, I hope this extra work pays off.
  8. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    If Harbs doesn't beat The one whom shall not be named, he should be fired on spot. No press conferences or trips back with the team to Baltimore. He should be erased from memory. He's borderline there for losing to the Browns. Because of my disdain for the Browns, I probably would've fined him 500K if I were team owner. Oh yes, I'm still salty over that dumb loss. Such a dumb loss, haha.
  9. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    Lucky I'm not the GM because you'd be walking home and future endeavored Oh, I bet! It's frustrating because this really was a dumb loss, lol
  10. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    Flacco threw into double and triple coverage all day today and it was pissing me off. And while I love John Brown, it was also making me mad that we kept trying to force feed him the ball. And in spite of all of that, Flacco was going to redeem himself and set us up with the game-winning TD only to be betrayed yet again. Crabtree? I'm over him. I've seen seasons and games end too many times because of dropsies. Pass. SEE YA LATER, BRUH
  11. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    This is why I miss the jumbo package. Anytime you're on the 1 or 2 yard line I expect 3 straight running plays. And if you can't score, I demand someone be fired IMMEDIATELY
  12. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    That was a dumb turnover, but the outsmarting themselves of running the ball with Buck Allen on the 2-yard line is also stupid. This is why we can't have nice things.
  13. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    The Browns and the Refs did all they could to give this win to the Ravens. I blame this loss on Crabtree-man and the lack of awareness in a close situation. It reminded me of yesteryear when Buck Showalter outsmarted himself and sent Ufraudo to the mount over the best closer in baseball in a must-win game. You about 10 yards to give Tucker a chance. A CHANCE. A CHANCE THAT THE BEST KICKER IN HISTORY CAN MAKE. And you go for it all. Why? Just dumb. What a dumb unnecessary loss. And in spite of my hatred for the Cleveland Browns, I must give them credit. They showed a ton of heart and their defense played well. But what a dumb loss.
  14. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    Just cover the middle of field lol
  15. GDT Week 5: Baltimore Ravens vs Cleveland Browns

    Why not just try to get to the sticks! I dont understand it! I DONT UNDERSTAND IT AT ALL