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  1. @AFlaccoSeagulls What are you going to do about your name when The G.O.A.T Joe Flacco is no longer a Raven? Was always curious about that. And can't the Steelers clinch the division this week if we lose and they win? They'll finish 9-6-1 and beat us by percentage points if they split their next two. I don't see how this Chargers game isn't an L. I just don't like anything about it. Burns me up even more seeing the defense give up two 4th down conversions to the Chiefs. We needed that game more than people know and I firmly believe its gonna bite us, even though we should've won in spite of the bad refs.
  2. If we win out, we have nothing to worry about. We control our own destiny. I'm just sad I won't be able to see the Chargers game either. Thanks for the replies fellas @AFlaccoSeagulls @diamondbull424 Oh, for the forum... FLACCO FOREVER!
  3. So who got the Synopsis? That retail manager time of the year and I didn't see the game. What we look like? Are the Chargers in trouble? Are WE in trouble? Are we going to the playoffs? Question mark?
  4. Playoff Flacco was out of this world. Not going to lie, I definitely wanted to see his swan song with Playoff Flacco rolling out. Wasn't meant to be.
  5. That little quote embodies everything I feel about Joe Flacco. Never had this level of success until he showed up. And it boggles my mind how a fanbase who had to endure such fraudulence couldn't see when they had a decent player on the field. Is Flacco Thomas "Venom" Brady or Peyton Manning? No, but he was still a winner and a decent one at that. And as his biggest fan, I'll forever be grateful. I could've got stuck with Matt Ryan or worse. Thanks Ozzie! You're the real MVP!
  6. Black Ops 4

    This armor repair is pretty stupid, imo. Fun when it works in your favor, but people rejuicing level 3 armor's is crazy talk! A friend and myself had stacks of armor plates at the ready on our way to a duos victory. BUT I CAN'T GET A FLASH BANG!
  7. Black Ops 4

    Shroud is a great player though. You can't compare him to your average player. He'd wreck a lot of these kids with a pistol. That's an unfair comparison.
  8. Black Ops 4

    I get where you're coming from, but I've never never been a fan of nerfs. Whether I'm decent at a game or a flat out fraud, just never been a fan.
  9. Black Ops 4

    I don't understand why they nerf single shots. You gotta be semi accurate for it to matter anyway. Even though that Spitfire was COMPLETELY stupid pre-patch, I don't understand them nerfing that either. At the end of the day, you just gotta get good. Or at the very least add some recoil to it. That Spitfire was just super dumb with no recoil whatsoever. Making the casuals complaints about the 9-bang lulzy, in my opinion. TL; DR - Stop crying for nerfs and get that VIOLENCE, SPEED AND MOMENTUM!
  10. 2019 Head Coaching Candidates

    John Harbaugh isn't going anywhere I don't believe anymore. I just don't see DeCosta replacing him now.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    The most heartbreaking thing I've seen since the Ravens defense 4 quarter meltdowns the last 4 years. But let's go, Lamar! I will still root for this team even though the football savior Joseph Flacco is now officially the #2.
  12. so who's starting next week? Is Lamar ok? Is it Flacco time again?
  13. Damn, I was spot on with the score just the wrong team. But LOL at another 4quarter meltdown by the defense. Yeah, Lamar, Flacco said hold his beer on watching that happen.
  14. I better see the grief yall give Flacco if this was him.
  15. Just get into 60 yard field goal game