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  1. Jets sign QB Joe Flacco (One year, $1.5 M)

    Glad to see The GOAT closer to home. Now I gotta root for the Jets instead of mocking my cousin. *Sighs*
  2. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I am now super conflicted on whether to upgrade to Ryzen 4000 or wait until the socket changes to AM5. I really didn't think AMD would change their stance on not allowing support for B450 motherboards. It's a welcomed change no doubt, but a very surprising one. I think the smart play for me would just be to wait for the new GPUs, buy that and wait for the socket change. This 2600 should still be more than enough for a while. Might even try my hand and overclocking it.
  3. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Well, I said the legit part more so because they're big American company who've published games like Gears of War, etc. Was just pointing out it isn't some indie game company from a 3rd world country. Now whether they are scumbags or not is an entirely different story, but I agree with you. I get it.
  4. PC Gaming Rebooted

    If you don't think your data isn't being collected in everyday life, you're nuts. Now you got the good folks out there who has the ability to spoof their info and protect it, but for the majority of end users, our stuff is already out there in the wild. Most are like me and broke so those folks don't care enough.
  5. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Something is wrong then. It should most definitely work and well with GTAV. Then again, might be Epic specific as I own GTA on Steam. But I do have Tomb Raider on Epic launcher and it works perfectly fine with it. Are you using USB or the PS4 USB adapter?
  6. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I was joking. Controller preference is always up to the user. I'm not a fan of the Xbox One controller. The 360 controller was great, but I hate the current-gen version.
  7. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Disgusting, lol Yeah, Epic is super legit. The game store is still in its infancy, so it'll be a while before it works how its intended to work. And as Swole said, everyone going nuts to grab the free version of GTAV. Super wild to me that a game this old and people going crazy, haha.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    All I need you to do is say "Take care trash" again, please. I'm always down to watch Browns misery.
  9. I like my DC in Wink and I'm not the hugest of fans with Greg Roman. I think he's part of the problem I've seen arise in two playoff games. I believe this year will show if what I think is true about him. The players seem to love him, so that's good.
  10. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Nice. Don't get in trouble with the misses for going nuts on that site.
  11. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Yeah, if you aren't overclocking, the Wraith Stealth cooler will be more than enough. I think Steam has good sales every now and again. I just bought MGSV: The Definitive edition for like $7. You can also check here https://isthereanydeal.com/#/ They'll show you the lowest deal for whatever game you're looking for and on what platform. (like Steam, GOG, etc) https://www.gog.com/?gclid=CjwKCAiA6bvwBRBbEiwAUER6Jb5IF_dezk1uWJKORSta5EMDg0aI0wB6WHUtPNGj-OhxmKxmkMI8BhoCPusQAvD_BwE
  12. ESPN going with new MNF crew

    MNF has been trash for years now, but that Booger Melrose Place and The Wire comparison in the Ravens/Rams game shall stand the test of time.
  13. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Congrats on your build. What's under the hood?
  14. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Now I'm in a pickle contemplating the next move. It appears that AMD's Zen3 CPU's won't support my Asus B450 motherboard as originally thought. I'm thinking I might just hold out until 2021 with the release of Zen4 to upgrade my motherboard which is probably assured the AM5 socket. May just focus on the graphics card this year with Ampere about to be revealed and Big Navi later on. Dis tew much!
  15. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Ravens and Chiefs game should be held on SNF and anything other than that is criminal. We haven't hosted a Ravens/Steelers SNF game since the infamous Troy fumble hit on Flacco, if I recall correctly. Pretty weak if I do say so myself. Hopefully, one of the Browns games are on primetime TV. Never get tired of embarrassing them on a national spotlight.
  16. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Congrats, pimp! Windows 10 is definitely an adjustment coming from Win7, I know, lol. And yeah, I just bought a a Win10 home key for like 10 bucks. Internet definitely comes in the clutch!
  17. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Not gonna lie, I burst out laughing at "I got something for all you hoes". Shordy had the lor cesars berretta hot and ready. Thank God nobody was hurt or the fact she would've had to live with knowing she killed her husband because of negligence. Looks like a non issue from a football standpoint and he should be ready to go for the continued virtual practices and real live stuff later this year. Onto the topic of our schedule, I'd rather our SNF games be against the Steelworkers or the Chiefs. Couldn't care any less about the Cowboys, pass.
  18. Pernell McPhee Re-Signed to 1-year Deal

    Yeah, I know they aren't happening, that's why the emoji was there. Ravens have a solid team that I feel can make a run without either of those two.
  19. Pernell McPhee Re-Signed to 1-year Deal

    McPhee is the right player and right price. Happy that he's returning and not surprised that he is returning. Now we just need to extend Stanley, sign Clowney on a 1-year deal and grab that headache AB. THEN LET'S GO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP!
  20. Don Shula passes away

    Rest in peace. Baltimore still remembers that NFL championship. Salute! 🔥
  21. 2020 Rookie Talk.

    I'm excited about the Madibuke pick and interested in Duvenay. But who I'm actually amp'd up for is Proche. He got that dog in 'em and we gon' see bout it!
  22. Here we go again... Lamar Jackson bad takes Pt 3

    lol, ESPN
  23. Ravens Offense - Evaluating the Receivers

    I'm of this thinking as well. Boykin is about to drag his nuts in year two, you heard it here first!
  24. 2020 Draft Pick #201 - James Proche

    He's the WR we need and the hero we won't deserve.
  25. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Well, if you want more power you want more power. I won't cheapen out this time, so I don't see what the problem is.