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  1. Good to see. Just hope they get rid of the playcall cam goofiness. But keep the refs and the common sense with the penalties. That part right there made it infinitely better than the NFL which is a comedy show at this point. Definitely hope it can flourish.
  2. Happy I get to say this again. *Ahem* Mike Evans Ez Peeeeeeezy!
  3. In the history of the Ravens regardless of who we have, they can't for the life of them run a screen. I thought Justice Hill was gonna take lunch money on the screen game, but we just didn't do it. Or if we did, it was never effective like the rest of our history.
  4. I'm so gutted. That was my guy! Sleep in peace, Goog Guy Mo.
  5. I just don't see how Julio and D-Hop aren't clear winners here, lol.
  6. The way they talk, EDC wasn't tryna come up off them picks. Which is sad if it is true. Can't remember where I seen that quote though. But it did say we were trying to be in the mix.
  7. Deforest Buckner given his production, I don't think one 1st round pick is a lot and his age. But in reality, I would've liked Mack obviously, but not at the cost.
  8. To whoever made dark mode possible, I love you. May you live forever.
  9. *Morpheus voice* I have dreamed a dream. And now that dream is a reality. DARKKKKK MOOOOOODDDEEEE!!!
  10. I personally don't see what value Thomas has. He left a lot to be desired in my opinion during his tenure with the Ravens. I think he had like one good game and I wanna say it was against the Rams when everything was a well-oiled machine that game.
  11. This is one point as to why they don't bother. But the bigger reason is because they don't have too. Why? Because the NFL thought it was a smart idea to make the license exclusive. EA would be sweating if 2K had the right to make another sim football game. And that's coming from someone who wasn't a huge fan of 2K5. (Well, I did mark for their presentation in-game)
  12. I agree 100%. But I have the Ravens letting Brown go because of how we're historically better at finding RT's. But with his deep connection to the franchise, I could see him getting a pay day, too.
  13. As a backup on another team one day, maybe. As a starter? lol, no.
  14. Stanley will stay. Brown Jr. will be traded or just walk in free agency. Priority OL Edge CB WR perhaps as an honorable mention
  15. One of the deadliest weapons of the Flacco Era, lol.
  16. Just popping in letting folks know that Steam is running their summer sale and it ends on 7/9. Still undecided on what to grab. As of right now I'm being modest and just grabbing GTAIV.
  17. Wasn't a good idea in any situation. And I also wanna know why the Ravens hate Gus Edwards. I mean, the man is everything you'd want in a running back. Powah! Downhill runner who can move a little, too. I'll never understand the Dobbins pick unless they're gonna cut Ingram next year.
  18. For the bold part, it boils my blood each and every day that Andrews and Hurst weren't groomed to be the new Gronk and Hernandez. And I'm really scared about the injury part because of what you eluded to.
  19. What's the story with Powers? I didn't think he played bad against the Steelers in week 17. Is Fluker really the better player? Insight would be loved.
  20. PC simulator Because may my framerate be high and my temperatures low!
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