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  1. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    They just said Brockers is going back to the Rams. Wildness, haha
  2. Ravens will NOT be signing DT Michael Brockers

    He is and I think that's the next play.
  3. Johndeere’s 4 Rounder

    They can keep that RB in the first round. DeCosta and I are fighting if he takes a running back in the 1st round.
  4. 2019 CFB/2020 Draft Prospects

    God spoke to me in my dreams and said "Lynn Bowden" in the 3rd.
  5. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    This Cian guy is smoking big dope. I'm not even going to entertain his goofiness whatsoever. I think Clowney would look amazing in purple and black. I can't see it happening until it actually happens, though. Wish those Stanley and Judon extensions hurry up.
  6. Jimmy Smith Re-signing with Ravens

    Nobody has yet to tell me who the new numbers guy is for the Ravens. His finesse game thus far has been unmatched. Yo about to get Judon for 4 years 10 million dollars, lmao. Also, YAY JIMMMMMMMAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!
  7. Broncos waive QB Joe Flacco

    Still my GOAT! Think he still has life left. I'd be very interested to see him in NE. I 100% believe that wouldn't happen, but I'd love to see it, lmao
  8. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    @diamondbull424 and yourself love gassing me up to get excited. Why are y'all like this?
  9. Playstaton 5

    Sony dropped the ball. Kinda glad I've migrated over to PC a lot more now. Seems no reason to own a PS5 at launch. Series X isn't need at all sense the gamepads gives you everything on PC. But I'm really surprised at Sony and the backwards compatibility. I would've bought at launch if they got PS1, 2 and 3 BC.
  10. DeCosta outchea hittin' licks.
  11. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    I was hoping that wasn't the case. I wish he would be signed long term or outta here. I feel we could be doing greater moves with some of that franchise tag cap relief.
  12. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    i want to know what we're gonna do with Judon? And what does that say since he hasn't been moved yet? Ton of trades are happening and I don't hear anything about Judon. Are we gonna get a deal done with him or what, I wonder?
  13. BoB: Is he the worst GM ever?

    i'm still waiting to see it come across the ESPN crawl "Bill O'Brien has been fired as GM and Head Coach of the Houston Texans". They wylinn' down there in Houston! The stupidity virus must've got up in their owners brain for allowing this man to sabotage the team like this. But as an AFC fan of the Ravens, keep it coming.
  14. Baltimore trades TE Hayden Hurst to Atlanta

    I wonder why we wasn't in on the D-Hop sweepstakes since he going for pennies on the dollar? Should've traded him to Houston. *Cries*
  15. Hopkins traded from Texans to Arizona

    So O'brien just gonna keep his job after this? Finessed
  16. Ravens trade 5th round pick for DE Calais Campbell

    DeCosta just be showing off. Hell of a finesse!
  17. Call of Duty: Warzone

    It's OK I guess. Wish you could upgrade your weapon like all the other BR's. And the diving mechanism is kind a goofy, imo. "Shoot, cut, shoot cut" to get to your landing zone is kinda wild. The gulag is pretty cool as I originally hated the idea, but the implementation isn't bad. Don't know if it will last for me though.
  18. Call of Duty: Warzone

    Are you serious? That sounds super lame! Thank God Apex has their rank mode. I'll just go back to that easy.
  19. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Yeah, we know. That's where the Clowney hype train comes from. If not, I'd just re-sign McPhee and draft someone. Still a better option in my opinion than paying Judon all the money for the Robin play. Don't get me wrong, I like Judon, but I'm just thinking about the cap and how him playing under the tag would be devastating to us. The McCoy part is he would help with the production without the cost. Rather spread the Judon money around than all on him.
  20. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    I'm personally not a fan of spending the money its gonna take to keep Judon. As Vinnie Cerato eloquently put, he's a Robin. And with that perspective, why am I going to pay a Robin Batman prices? I wouldn't mine him back, but not at the number it will take. I think getting Clowney is a pipe dream, but a dream that I'll continue to have until he's officially on another squad. McCoy is older, but I think he can still help this defense in spite of him choosing the Panthers. I'd kick the tires just to see where his mind is.
  21. My first 2020 Mock Draft

    If that's the Ravens first two picks, I'm knocking all this #@*$ over.
  22. 2020 Baltimore Ravens Offseason Tracker

    Give me Gerald McCoy and I'll tell you, yes! I think that 15/16 million tag Judon about to get can be spent A LOT better elsewhere. But I'm with @RavensTillIDie back up the brinks truck for Clowney.
  23. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Hell yeah, I renewed my PS+ for nothing! Better be next week then or I'm just going to delete this off my HDD, lmao.
  24. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    If they allowed you to do that to them all game, they deserved what they got! Keep smackin' em, lmao. But on a serious note, tell your friends at Infinity Ward to stop playing with this BR mode and hurry up! Sick of these clowns taking all day to release the mode.
  25. Wuhan Coronavirus Thread

    Man, I wish they would stop playing with this BS! I got a Wrestlemania trip to attend and some PC parts to buy later this year, but they keep playing! Just wash them nasty hands and stop kissing on everything you see, lol.