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  1. Look on the side that's bright. With all that has gone wrong, we're still only down 6.
  2. We marched them up the field with a gifted fumble. The Browns are still trash, lol. We're good, gentlemen.
  3. All we must remember is that it's still 0-0 with our wild play thus far. The Browns are still that... the Browns.
  4. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    If the boat keeps rolling like it is, this is a favorable schedule.
  5. Where are we with the pace to finish at 200 yards passing and rushing for the season average? I think the Ravens will become the #2 rushing team of all-time between the two games.
  6. What video game are you playing?

    Been playing a few games this week. Call of Casual :Fraudulent Warfare Gran Turismo: Sport GTA V: Online (Haven't done the Diamond Heist yet though) Street Fighter V (The new V-Skills are pretty cool in spite of Social Justice Gill) Apex (Because gettin' that Rank Money is fun) Might turn Ghost Recon: Breakpoint back on so I can attempt to finish that. The Division vibes and the bugs were just throwing me off.
  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Yeah, new Vacant is cool. I hate all those little twitch spazzy maps. (Shipment, Shoothouse, Dome, Nuketown) All of that garbage is completely stupid. You couldn't have told me 12 years ago while playing the OG Modern Warfare that the game today would look like this. I just can't believe this is it. Like, THIS IS IT. Anyway, I hope that Pipline and Overgrown and in their "re-imagining" phase of maps. Especially since new maps are trash and we have no choice but to romanticize the past.
  8. It appears no one is hyped for this game. We're about to win (I'm claiming victory, dammit!) the #1 while assuring the Browns another failed season AND elimination from the playoffs! This is a Christmas present in and of itself! We can't allow such an amazing display of work and effort by my mans @RavensTillIDie to go to waste.
  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    Their servers are 100% trash. I've never been so red hot about connection in a game before.
  10. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

    This is the product of making the game "accessible". And for the snowflake who think because he doesn't practice he should automatically be good. But I completely agree with your statement that the new Infinity Ward is complete trashcan. I'm more disappointed in these "dedicated servers". You hate to see it.
  11. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Nope. I hope their will is broken. I want all of the air sucked out of that fraudulent place. I want pen drop silence so I can hear the tears fall. I want the factory of sadness to be in full misery mode. Don't care what happens the following week though. Take that back... I want more of the same.
  12. It appears we finally get the A team of Nantz and Romo this week, too. That's one game less of Fouts... instant win.
  13. You love to see it. 😂 As I said in the September thread... that was their Superbowl. Now they face judgement from Lamar, King of the North. And they will all kneel.
  14. Josh Gordon Suspended Indefinitely

    Not gonna lie, I actually think this is it. He's a dummy.
  15. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    It appears they have claimed him. You hate to see it. Will be even sweeter when they come to Baltimore and get dealt with.
  16. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Are we getting Suggs back or what? The anticipation is killing me. I do hope he's able to come back home.
  17. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    We offered him more than Arizona, I'm 90% sure. That's why I said what I've said in this thread. However, I pray he is back with us Monday. And if the Titans really are scumbags and put a claim in on him, I'm glad they won't go to the playoffs, lol
  18. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I already have a gaming monitor 144hz Acer with 1ms response time. My initial choice was the 2060 Super, but like I said I'll wait and see what the new year brings since a ton of stuff is supposed to release. Crazy that we're closed to Ryzen 4000 in a year or so, too!
  19. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Didn't come right out and say he didn't have confidence, but it seem implied. https://clutchpoints.com/ravens-news-terrell-suggs-now-with-cardinals-explains-why-he-left-baltimore/ @DreamKid @drd23 You want the young kids to build their own legacy right? Now you wanna come back after the fact. It was some audio on 105.7 the fan, but of course I don't know where to grab that at. The way he sounded made me seem it was more than what he's quoted as saying in the link above. But again, I'm all for him returning. Would be a decent upgrade.
  20. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I was originally leaning towards the 2060 super, but then that 5700xt happened and EVERYONE is going nuts about it since better drivers came for it. I just want to make sure whatever I get is viable for the future. My 1060 is cool, but it gets to max load on a game like Apex at medium settings. So I dont wanna cheap out or make the wrong decision. And that card isn't even 3 years old yet, or barely rather, lol. I'm just gonna hold off till next year and see what deals will be around since nvidia will release the 3000 series. Might can get a 2070 in meal deal prices!
  21. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Yeah, but there was an interview with him talking about the changes in the FO and he wasn't with it. Like I said, I'm all for him coming back as he never shouldve left, but would this be the case if the Ravens were 5-8 and going nowhere is all I'm asking.
  22. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    He should have never left. He said he didn't have confidence in EDC. Didn't like the all the new changes. Now the squad winning and you wanna ride the wave. I'll happily take Suggs back, but this move smells like bandwagon-ness.
  23. PC Gaming Rebooted

    I think if you overclocked the card your gains would be minimum, imo. Whatever you do next, just make sure your GPU is mid-range or higher. I've learned that the hard way, lol.
  24. PC Gaming Rebooted

    Build one! Always build one! Most likely will come out cheaper and have more efficient parts. What GPU did you wind up getting? I'm still using a GTX 1060 (3GB) and want to upgrade. I think I'm going to hold off until next year since newer cards are coming and that means cheaper prices on the cards I'm looking at. 1. RTX 2070 Super 2. AMD 5700 XT (The hot card right now) 3. RTX 2060 Super (Would be my budget choice) I'm just so undecided. But hopefully next year everything works out how I need it to so I can install some RGB Ram and possibly liquid cooling in my case.
  25. Lamar Jackson vs. Ryan Tannehill

    Please tell me you feel the same way about Thomas Brady.