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  1. Quite to my surprise, this game doesn't feel too bad. Still unsure if this is a day one purchase for me, but its off to a good start. Need to see traditional Search and Destroy gameplay before I make my final decision.
  2. They just need to tell him shut it down IF the surgery is going to correct and fix the problem instead of waiting and then he'll still need the surgery anyway.
  3. Trinity should only be in the 4th one as dreams or something. I can see Neo coming back via the machines, but Trinity should be cooked. I only liked the 2nd one just for the scene where Neo meets the Architect. What a world beater, lol
  4. The part I'm worried about. We look to finally have something really special so I hope they don't eff this up.
  5. Leave Sandusky alone. His hay has been in the barn for a while. But he is annoying with the penalty counter. "We're at 17. Oh, another one, 18" Like, ard, we get it! It's a lot of flags, lol
  6. Yeah, he draggin' his nuts out there tonight. Hopefully, more to come during the regular season!
  7. Is Shane Ray making this team? He seems to be very, very quiet. I also don't see how they're gonna keep Trace on the roster. We got too many positions that need major attention than keeping 3 QB's. O-line, Pass Rush, WR and RB among others. This pre-season is skressful.
  8. Lamar Jackson said "Y'all gonna get a Superbowl outta me. Beleee dat" So I don't care what any of these fantasy football haters gotta say. Whether he helps us by throwing 20 TDs or running for 20 TDs, long as he hoist that Lombardi, all these people can hold his pocket.
  9. We starting at a 1st rounder. Don't got no wrap for any team unless we're starting there.
  10. I think we're gonna get it because the football gods heard our prayers in the WR department, finally. Rejoice and be glad in it.
  11. I don't envision him not making the roster. We need all the help we can get on the O-line. The real question is what do y'all think of Roman thus far?
  12. @Webmaster Webbie! What's the word on a dark mode theme for this glorious site? Have you heard my prayer and will answer it? lol
  13. Didn't even pay attention to any of the conversation above my original post, lulz. This sucks a lot though! Hopefully, we'll be OK with the depth we have at corner.
  14. Yall hear this news about Tavon being done for the year? Seen it on Ravens wire. I'm not home so couldnt copy link. 😭
  15. Am I allowed to be excited that my Orioles won't get any more long and strong pipe from the Evil Empire? Sweet Jesus... What a disaster!
  16. I like this approach a lot. I wonder if they're going to PUP him? Or is he far enough along that he will be ready for the season? I hope they continue to take their time with him, for real.
  17. 1. What will be the yardage on Justice Hill's longest touch*(Rush or Reception) A calm 25 yards 2. Who will have the most Sacks? Grand Master Jaylon I'm excited to see what Lamar, Boykin and Willy do against the 1s. Is Brown playing or will he be held back?
  18. Yo smoking big dope. Yo better take this 25 million a year and kick rocks. And I wouldn't pay him that, personally. Good luck to 'em though.
  19. Anybody hear about these rumors of the Ravens and Texans talking about a Jimmy/Clowney swap? If this does happen, what would be y'all thoughts on it? I LOVE Jimmy and would want him to stay, but I don't think I'd be super mad only because we need a pass rush and haven't had one in a long time.
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