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  1. That's so sad. Definitely sending my condolences and prayer to the family and friends. Hope they catch the heartless motherF$%er and tear him/her to pieces!
  2. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    ED Reed not in the top 5 Ravens of all-time will have you sent to the pit of misery, @diamondbull424 !! My Personal Top 5 would be: 1. ED Reed (My Favorite All-time Raven) 2. Ray Lewis (Obviously he would be #1) 3. Terrell Suggs 4. Joe Flacco (Because he's The G.O.A.T Got dammit!) 5. Justin Tucker Ok, there you have it. Fight me!
  3. Titans to hire Dean Pees as DC

    May your suffering be swift. Do not watch the 4th quarter. Amen.
  4. How do you feel after the Super Bowl?

    I smile because that means Pitchers and Catchers are on the way. It's Baseball season, ladies and gents! Football has been fraudulent for the last few years. I think I'll always love it, but I don't get sad its over. Just happy it comes back around and that I have baseball to hold it down. BECAUSE BASEBALL!
  5. Titans Coaching Staff Hires

    Heard you guys are entertaining Dean Pees? I hope for y'all sake this isn't true, but if it is... May your suffering be quick and swift. No team (Outside the Browns) should have to endure such suffering.
  6. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Yes, because they won't be there. It's all in during the good times, they should be present during the really bad times as well. It's bad enough how they finessed the press conference, but to not have all the main people there is in poor taste to me. Don't be "Sometimesy" when everything is peaches and cream. I also hope they're busying scouting, but I highly doubt that's the case. I don't care that much that they aren't going to be there, I just found it to be a little "meh" and gutless since they're always there. But since we had a nuclear end to the season, now all of a sudden we wanna wait to hold the presser and not have everyone show up. Just read wrong to me, but like I said, I honestly don't care because they normally give out "coach speak" anyway. Just found it odd and out of place with them not all showing up. But hopefully they are working away and getting ready to draft Captain Kirk, Gallup, and Chubbs. I'M HERE FOR IT!
  7. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    Am I the only one who's ready for the giggles of the "State of the Ravens" Presser? For the second time ever, Steve shows they have no balls at the Castle and I'm very, very disappointed about it. Why isn't Ozzie, Harbs and the crew not going to be there this time? They're at every other State Presser, why you gun shy now? And you're doing it the weekend of the Superbowl? Pathetic and weak. Hope the story is good though!
  8. Call of Duty WW2

    New that was a pipe dream once they added the Super Aim-Assist and lag comp they've been using since MW2. Even though I enjoyed playing the remaster in increments, it isn't a game that aged well. It wasn't meant to be played in this era of gaming, in my opinion. lol
  9. Anyone on The Future play Street Fighter or fighting games in-general? If so, how y'all liking the Arcade Edition update? I haven't fleshed it out too much, been under the weather and working a ton. Hopefully can get a ton of meaningful sets in Sunday since there isn't any football. Anyone want an invite, I give out hands because its always love day.
  10. Baltimore Ravens 2018 Offseason Tracker

    I can't trade Jimmy. Even though he's on the sideline a lot, that last month or so showed why we need him. Even though I blame the season on Dean Pees, but we still need Jimmy until he can't Jimmy no more. While I would love Des, I would only take him if he's cut from the Cowboys. He's not taking a paycut, that's out the window. I'd be VERY surprised if he considered it. But I would take him on the squad in a heartbeat! Des + Captain Kirk/Gallup/Ridley = CHAMPIONSHIP!
  11. Predict the Pick: 16, Ravens

    Gimme Captain Kirk outta Texas A&M!
  12. Have the Ravens thought about asking The Greatest QB of All-Time to take a paycut? Since everyone loves sizing up Flacco to Big Ben, Venom Brady, etc, these two have taken cuts. Would this be an ideal situation for the Ravens to ask him to take one to help build the offense? Or is it too late and the Ravens are just biding time for 2019 when Flacco is cut then goes to an NFC and wins a championship? QUESTION MARK?
  13. Have the Ravens thought about...

    Not justifying, just giving you facts my dude. Ravens had the luxury of paying Flacco peanuts for a very long time, but like normal, they push all the hard money into future years beyond their control. And like you said, its a problem the way the roster has been constructed, another Front Office problem. Still believe a full gut is coming in 2019 myself though.
  14. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    All because Dean Pees sucks! Flacco could've ended world misery IF Dean Pees didn't happen.
  15. Have the Ravens thought about...

    Because he afforded you that luxury in years 1, 2 and 3 of his deal when he was making like 8 million dollars. You know, when folks like Alex Smith, Cutler, Sanchez and friends were making more than the Superbowl MVP? Flacco's cap hit was literally was like 16th or 17th. That's just the Ravens paying for temporary relief. AND the fact that his "mega" deal really was a 3 year deal anyway in which the Ravens, imo, got away with murder. lol
  16. AFCCG - Jags at Pats

    Congratulations to Hoodie and Venom on making it back to the Superbowl. I fell asleep from my flu meds. I saw Hoodie with his hands raised and I knew that meant the Pats won. What happened? The Jags were dragging their peanuts and giving the Pats all they could handle at the half. What I miss? lol
  17. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    Bortles got himself one of those bad B*&* 3000s I see!
  18. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    You gotta kill the will of Venom! KILL HIS WILL, JAGS!
  19. GWT: Week 20 Jaguars @ Patriots

    I want the Jags to win, but I just don't see it happening. I really, really hope it does. However, I think that this is Venom Brady's swan song ride.
  20. Have the Ravens thought about...

    Agreed 100% And has never been a problem when you actually pay attention and look at the entire thing. But I thought this would be a fun thread to get the juices flowing. Hopefully the Ravens get it right this year in regards to the drafting piece.
  21. Have the Ravens thought about...

    Oh I agree! The Teams get away with murder no doubt, but that's why I pointed out Brady and such. Patriots didn't have leverage with him either, but he still took one or two to help improve his side of the ball. Which is why I brought up the comparison. But it'll be cut after next year anyway, so it doesn't matter I guess, lol.
  22. 2018 draft talk

    He looks Steve Smith-ish to me. And if he can play Steve Smith-ish, I love him already.
  23. How good would Antonio Brown be with...

    2007 Patriots all over again. The most broken* offensive I've ever seen in my life. *Broken = godlike, great, Joe Flacco in 2012 Playoffs
  24. Tennessee and Mike Mularkey mutually part ways

    Hit my mans wit da "omaha"