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  1. Random Game Talk

    I was excited for Forza 7, but after playing the demo on Windows I'm not so sure. I might go with just GT Sport. Not excited for WWE 2K18, but plan to get it since it was announced for PC to be released same time as consoles. Think I'm going to go PC this time around rather than getting it on PS4. Gaming is just so dry now, lol.
  2. Why do people preorder games?

    Gaming has become phony and too "Big Business" so I don't have an incentive to pre-order anything. It's really depressing for me because gaming used to be so fun and now its just... whack, haha. But the last game I pre-ordered was Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain because that is my favorite game series of all-time and I knew it was the last MGS game that Hideo Kojima would be a part of.
  3. Let's take you back to fall 2014. My Orioles are heartbroken by the scummy KC Royals. You're 4 games away from a World Series appearance and you would think you're going to improve your roster to get you back to ALCS in 2015. 2015 off-season comes and we're told Duquette is in bed with the Toronto Bluejays to become their President or whatever. That entire off-season we do nothing to improve the team and the Orioles "Big" off-season move is Travis F$%*kn Synder. It's bad enough you let it rock that Duquette wanted to leave. But to not have any moves done to make our roster better after you were 4 games away from the World Series? What do we get for our troubles? An 81-81 season and Duquette living off of Andy MacPhails moves coming to an end. So that's why I'll never forgive them.
  4. Ravens Rundown: Week 3 2017

    Likes - Joe Flacco didn't get hurt! (He's still key to our success) - Alex Collins (He should be starting. I'm over T-West and Buck Allen. Collins, though he fumbles, hits the holes hard and decisive) Dislikes - Fraudy Mornhinweg - Dean Pees (No snazzy name for this joker) - Patchwork offensive line - PERRY-MAN - The curious case of Where is Michael Wallace - John Harbaugh (Every time we're losing, he just has that "I don't know what to do" look. Guess that's why I have a love/hate relationship with him)
  5. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    I still say our coordinators are fraudulent. But I'll take the Aaron Rodgers approach and tell everyone to R.E.L.A.X. It's only one game and we can bounce back and take 3 Ws against our division. We got dealt with today, it was also the Jags Superbowl. Just move on and handle what you got to handle next.
  6. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    So we also just gonna say screw the shotgun?
  7. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    If Marty Fraudingwhieg goofy *** don't draw up some S*#$% with us throwing the ball down the field I'm going to lose it.
  8. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    lol, that's curtains for my beloved Ravens. But in my heart, I still believe we have a chance! Because we have The Mighty Joe Flacco. And the importance that I know in my heart that Blake Bortles is indeed a fraud.
  9. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    Don't worry guys! Roger Goodell has an easy button like on the Target commercial. We'll be back in no time.
  10. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    Thank you, gentlemen. And that's really wild! But expected with the O-line.
  11. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    Ok, good morning! Just waking up and seeing we're getting dealt with 23-0. Quick rundown on why we're sucking, please?
  12. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    I think Buck Allen starts, but I still have Collins starting for me since I'm sure T. West isn't going to see meaningful snaps I don't think. Bengals phoning it in even though Gio is the better back at this point.
  13. The Orioles will be in their final year of championship or bust because of the following: 1. Manuel is about to get a $400 million dollar deal 2. Adam Jones is in the latter stage of his career and won't be able to carry us as a CF or a hitter 3. Our once dominant defense is "Meh" 4. Everyone is leaving after the 2018 season. (Buck and Duquette's contracts expire, Manny, etc) Just a sad time to be an Orioles fan again. And I still will never forgive Duquette and the front office for the debacle of the 2015 season. I'll forever hate them for that one.
  14. GDT 2017: Week 3 - Ravens @ Jags IN LONDON

    I'll be sleep during the game. (Ain't got no time for no 9am BS. FOH, meatball) With that said, I'm expecting the Ravens to win 23-10 with no injuries. The Mighty Joe Flacco usually plays well against the Jags. I fully expect that trend to continue.
  15. Yanda Out for Season

    I just want to cry thinking about this! We're going to miss Yanda so damn bad. I understand your sentiment, I definitely get it. If we do get a back that do it all, it would be a boon to the offense. With that being said, I still think the line takes priority only because I know my QB needs it badly because we're starting to see his body breakdown after being Big Ben-lite all these years. And we want to develop big plays, but we can't if the line is closing in on him soon as he hikes the ball.
  16. Yanda Out for Season

    Just fix my offensive line. Everything else will fall into place as usual. I want the first two picks to be O-line focused. We can get a Tightend and RB afterwards. It all starts in the trenches and will forever.
  17. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Congratulations on a lifetime commitment, @berlin calling ! Wish you nothing but happiness and success, pimp! Ravens overall looked pretty good. Just hate that we're losing so many players to injury. Especially since most of our injured players are impact players. I also find it funny that we're not even a top 5 defense statistically. lol
  18. Yanda Out for Season

    My heart is heavy for our future HOF guard. Ronnie Stanley, our great Quarterback will need you now more than ever. We're so screwed! Great win though! The Browns
  19. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    I only feel justified based on what I personally saw. Even on this very forum where people where happy a man DIED. And I'm like, wow, this is only a game. I get it, I truly do. He left a serious void in the city of Cleveland and I understand from that point of view. But to be excited and happy when I man passes away who isn't a criminal for a heinous crime or anything is just off-putting to me, personally. So because of that I'll always root against Cleveland and hope nothing but misery and despair far as the team ever being good and whatnot. But to get back on topic, go Flacco! The GOAT! The Greatest QB of our time will lay hands on the Browns and blow them out at The Vault.
  20. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    Not all Browns fans are bad, but after the celebration of Art Model passing away, I have no use for that team and city. I would say best of luck, but I wouldn't mean it. I do, however, hope for an injury free game on both sides. And I personally haven't seen Mania post in a minute. But I'm not on here a lot like I used to be. I'm sure he's still around somewhere.
  21. Should the NL implement the DH?

    No. Because I like that there is one sport with two different set of rules for one sport. I wish people would stop trying to change everything. Let's keep somethings the same got dammit!
  22. GDT 2017: Week 2 - Browns @ Ravens

    I love getting tagged in the game thread, y'all fancy, lls. Just destroy the Browns. I hate (Yes, only team in any sport that I legit hate because of their fans) I got the Ravens winning 30-3 because reasons. Joe Flacco is going to spin up all the way and throw 3 TDs for 300 yards while our defense eats them alive. And I'll be there to enjoy every minute of it.
  23. Your point is taken, however, I'm sure he still wants to play in the NFL long term. So its still ard to feel bad for the guy, haha.

    Satisfying game to watch overall. Offense looks shaky, but the defense did very well. I'm overall happy because it resulted in a W. Now let's sacrifice the Browns and all will be right in the world for me.
  25. That's really wild. Damn shame, but its probably over for him in Chicago.