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  1. 2007 Patriots all over again. The most broken* offensive I've ever seen in my life. *Broken = godlike, great, Joe Flacco in 2012 Playoffs
  2. Lies! Even though I do love NFL on Fox, but that CBS gets me hype. Perfect tune when Flacco scores a TD ? NBA on NBC is pure nostalgia and awesome. Love the current finals theme too.
  3. lol, finessed I'm not mad atchu for it though. I wanted to relive nostalgia as well!
  4. Damn, we gotta trade up for son son A.S.A.P Rocky!
  5. It's sports talk, but it ain't at the same damn time! My friends and I were having a debate on who has the best NFL theme. I personally love NFL on CBS because its all-world, all-universe. It's a 50/50 split and I was just curious to what others thought! This should be good! NFL on CBS NFL on Fox Sunday Night Football Thursday Night Football I don't think this one is current, but the better of the two lol Discuss!
  6. Last time I played it was right before WW2 came out. Still had a decent player list. And it must be doing something because it appears people were really re-buying the map pack for it. (Variety Pack) Blows my mind, lol
  7. I needed to see this, thank you. It shows that I could be doing a lot more. Now I just need to stop being a fraud and DO IT. That's the hard part. *sigh* Haha
  8. Yeah, I can agree with that staying in context. The lag comp and aim-assist has really killed my joy for the games post COD4. BUT! I do pray we get a MW4 after this alleged Black Ops comes out this November.
  9. A day or two too late. Wasn't going to happen anyway. So! What's up with the Calvin Ridley? Looks beast from the Youtube highlights I've watched. Courtland seems cool, but not completely sold, dunno why. And who are the TE's I need to look at coming out?
  10. Because I enjoy their suffering. And because they're in my division. But more so because I enjoy their suffering.
  11. Brady, while great, is a product of scheme. I'll believe that till the day I die. It's a reason EVERYONE that has QB'd while he was away with injuries had a good/great year with the Pats. They know how to scheme those around them to make them better. Now with that said, I'm not denying he's one of the GOATs, but I wouldn't say he mask his WR's. I give all that credit to Hoodie. But back to my original thought... I pray he's cut in 2019 so we can see some interesting things! Good or bad! And if he's picked up by a team, I'll follow him there as a secondary squad behind the Ravens. BECAUSE JOE FLACCO IS THE GOAT! FIGHT ME!
  12. The patch to buff the light machine guns is completely laughable. It's made this already goofy game even more... goofy. And does anyone know the point of league play and why its considered league play when half the items are banned in league play? Game just doesn't make any sense to me and I'll forever hate my friends for making me buy this garbage. I should've stayed in 2007 and held onto my memories of COD4 as the best COD of all-time. The games got too stupid after that one was created. #longliveOGCOD4 #theremasterwasgarbagetoo
  13. I pray when Flacco is gone we don't get the Pre-Flacco years at QB. People really don't appreciate when they have a winning QB and it boggles my mind. Is Joe Flacco "Elite" or one of the GOATS? No (Despite what my sig says and personal feelings aside lol) But he's a winner who continually help put this team in a position to win. I hope we get the QB a lot of y'all looking for after 2018. 2019 is going to be very, very interesting, lol
  14. Harbaugh, I knew it was you. You broke my heart, you broke my heart.
  15. Don't know what you've been watching, but Dean Pees all the way. Offense has been built bad from the beginning. Historical in my opinion putting up the points we did when we got hot. However, the defense has always been the focal point of the Front Office and we STILL found new ways to not get any pressure or clutch plays. Oh yes, Dean Pees most definitely ruined a Ravens Dynasty and that is not up for debate! You still my homie though!
  16. 100% a Hall of Famer. One of the best to ever do it.
  17. I don't completely agree with that. It's this one guy named Dean Pees who I personally believed ruined a Ravens dynasty 2012-present.
  18. Just when I thought I blocked it out of my mind. Here we are..
  19. Give me Fangio! I'll take Chuckie as a consolation, however. I just don't think anyone is more excited than myself that the Dean Pees nightmare is finally over! FINALLY OVER!
  20. Congratulations on making it back to the playoffs. I still got love for T-Mobile, so I hope y'all do well. Now win.
  21. Screw your high character guys! GO GET ME DIVAS AND KILLERS! I'm sick of this garbage. GO get me a savage who demands respect, the ball and wants to win. Yes, play for each other, but also tell your opponent that they are pathetic and weak and you're here to take their soul. 1. I WANT A RANDY MOSS HERE WR #1 Priority 2. A Tightend (I wanted OJ "Da Juiceman" Howard, but we all can't have nice things) 3. An O-lineman
  22. This because you are on the outside looking in. We're always on pins and needles anytime we have the lead with under 3 minutes left and a competent QB opposing us. He always goes in that young *** zone/prevent defense while they march up the got damn field. As I said before, prime examples of his "Genius mind" is his defense blowing two 14 point leads on the road against Venom Brady in the divisional round 2014. Big Ben marching up and down the field with 7 minutes left in the Christmas Day Massacre. Then we have the worse loss I've ever seen in the regular season this past Sunday. We spent an entire draft on getting people who can get to the QB. I'm not buying that NONE of them can get there. He scheme is hot garbage and we won a superbowl in spite of him. The Ravens were the 17th ranked D with him in the Superbowl year with ALL the high-end players. He's a nice person and all, but his scheme sucked and it cost us playoff appearances on many occasions and another Superbowl appearance at the very least.
  23. Hey! Joe Flacco is a Football god! The world's favorite QB's would be hot garbage playing in Baltimore with what Fiery Flacco had to deal with.
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