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  1. Now we should use a 'young toss' stretch play and seal the game. I think we can make it.
  2. Always hated us doing that. Which is why I'll forever love the jumbo package from yesteryear. Miss our power running, lol
  3. Will-Lay Snead gettin' this money. Finally, after 10 years, Joe Flacco finally has the infinity gauntlet. I'm so happy.
  4. Are the Steelers making adjustments or we're just slowing down? They couldn't stop us in the 1st! I need that in my life again. I think now is the time for our defense to put a lid on things. They should be rested after a brutal 2nd quarter. Let's get this money and put the game away.
  5. I wish they would stop taking the ball out of Hoodie Flacco's hand on 3rd down. I'm getting a little annoyed. Let my mans drag his nuts like he was doing in the 1st quarter!
  6. And suspect hands from what I've seen. But we still marching, so I'm not complaining too much.
  7. You make me happy. Because we're friends, haha. Look at my QB dragging his nuts! Smokey on fire, too! Let's go!
  8. At least one of the Chris/Khris Davis' is doing well. Compared to what I'm seeing, that .247 would be godlike.
  9. Regardless if he was ready or not, there was no doubt in my mind that he wouldn't be activated for this game anyway. This to me was just a 'glimmer of hope' and to try and throw the Steelworkers off, if anything.
  10. So where is the gameday thread? Has this rivalry fallen THAT far? It's no longer Steeler-week like on the local casual radio stations? And on Sunday Night Futbol? lol
  11. Bought the Switch a few weeks ago. It's cool and all. I just think of it as a adult Gameboy. I bought it for nostalgia reasons as well. Loved Mario Tennis as a kid and planned on buying Pokemon till I heard it was a glorified version of the "Go App" garbage. But I also got Smash Bros coming out end of the year so that will be an instant cop. Because Roy's our boy. Overall, I'm happy with my purchase even though I've used it maybe 2 hours top. Thinking the new online vault with the NES games will make it more interesting, too. I have a question though... Do anyone really use it in Dock Mode? I tried it and hated it. Just felt like it really wasn't meant to be played on the big screen, lol
  12. So my question to the both of you... If he continues to be a beast, do we re-sign him or do you think he'll be too much money and want to leave since he's on his "Prove it" deal?
  13. I didn't see the game, but the from the highlights I saw I'm very pleased. Hope we keep this up and put in that work next week. Continue to spin up, Ravens. SPIN UP!
  14. I'm just mad Tyrod started the Baker clock early.
  15. Or we trade 'em for a 1st and go win a championship??? Profit??
  16. Both. More so the coaches because I feel we have enough talent where we should be A LOT better than we are right now. I'm here for it! While its a stretch, I won't be mad if both Brown and Bell are chillin' watching the game with us on TV.
  17. Son, I just said the same thing to my cousin. I just don't understand why they allow Hoodie to have the finesse power of 1,000 suns.
  18. If all my friends weren't on console, I probably would've copped this on PC. But then again, I'm actually glad to get it on console since I already have PUBG. I also don't understand the Fortnite love. It's like Super Smash Bros. with guns and HGTV house building. Pass...
  19. I can understand that, definitely. Since I didn't buy this game at launch and only had it since July, all of it is still "pretty new" to me. And since I beat the game, I bought the Fall Ghost DLC and its been pretty good. But I can understand how you say that. It does have a repetitive factor to it. Now I'm waiting on Black Ops 4 to turn on the Lead Faucet. None of my friends had PC, so we couldn't play PUBG. Now we can all play Treyarch's version which isn't too bad.
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