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  1. I'm excited about the Madibuke pick and interested in Duvenay. But who I'm actually amp'd up for is Proche. He got that dog in 'em and we gon' see bout it!
  2. I'm of this thinking as well. Boykin is about to drag his nuts in year two, you heard it here first!
  3. He's the WR we need and the hero we won't deserve.
  4. Well, if you want more power you want more power. I won't cheapen out this time, so I don't see what the problem is.
  5. It shouldve been us! Ceedee Lamb and Cush shouldve been Ravens!
  6. Carolina is outchea draggin' they nuts. Sneaky good draft from them. I like what the Broncos and Raiders did as well. (Though I wanted Edwards ) @diamondbull424 Nah, I knew we traded 129, but @coordinator0 got me right. It appears it was misreported and we got 143, not 134 in the Hurst trade. Plus all the mock draft simulators had us with pick 134.
  7. I just came in here to say, I see y'all.
  8. Wait, what happened? I thought the Ravens had pick 134 now its saying we got 143?
  9. @diamondbull424 I'll take Hollywood Brown vs. The Dolphins week 1 for $50,000! I accept payal, cashapp, money order and die-rect-Dee-Posit! P.S - I want the DE Willekes
  10. John Simpson Tyler Biadasz James Proche Hoping for one of those at 106.
  11. Ayo, what's the Maryland lottery numbers for tomorrow, lol?
  12. I'm not a huge Duvernay fan. This pick screamed desperation.
  13. This draft hella phony. Only good pick Madibuke. Jury for me still out on Queen.
  14. EDC must really be making a run for James Proche and Bryan Edward's.
  15. Madibuke/Justin Elliott and Cushenberry for the win
  16. I like how Joe Flacco's former teams decide to address their offenses after he leaves. 😂😫
  17. So what's the moves for 55 and 60? I'm hoping for a WR and pass rusher. Unless Cushenberry is there, then I'm torn.
  18. What is happening? What draft is this? lol
  19. Now that I've calmed down about not getting either of the WR world beaters, I'll be happy with the Ruiz pick.
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