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  1. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    Because again, Greg Roman is trash. And this is where the love/hate relationship with Harbs come into play. You see the game just like us armchair coaches at home, you can't tell me you're pleased with Roman completely abandoning the run when you're down ONE SCORE in the 3 quarter! So trash! @baltimoreRebel Not surprising at all. Makes a ton of sense.
  2. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Bill O'Brien and Greg Roman should be given their walking papers tomorrow!
  3. Did Ricard even play tonight? I feel like y'all boy Roman just abandoned everything.
  4. Yeah, I don't see how anyone could even think this is close to a bad loss than what we've endured many moons before. I can name 5 games before this one comes to mind. Especially because we had more than enough chances to win in this one. But to the part I have bolded. I feel this "they haven't played in 3 weeks" thing is an excuse. They got an extra week out of normal 10 day Thursday week. The coaches just didn't show up and Lamar was trying to be Peyton Manning instead of Lamar who could have ran all over the defense like he did, yet too late. P.S - And Greg Roman Can't forget Greg Roman.
  5. I wish it wasn't rewarded. I damn sure wish it wasn't. But @AFlaccoSeagulls saw a little bit of it too earlier in the year. And I'm going inside because my city is already violent, so I hope they don't go nuts since we got dealt with AT HOME. AT F#*%(ING HOME! AGAIN! @drd23 We'll be stuck with him longer than that. I just hope that Hayden Hurst completely spazzes in the locker room because he was running circles around them boys and Lamar had tunnel vision for 89.
  6. So is it safe for me to call Greg Roman trash like I've been saying since the beginning? He let Dean Pees stun him again at home. This is why I wanted him gone alone with Marty. He was just as much to blame for last year as him as well. You abandoned the run with the run at 14-6 for no apparent reason. And he hates Hayden Hurst. Disgusting. However, it was a hell of a season. Surprised the $#%* outta me. I had us at 9-7 and they went on to have an historic run. Just upset that we laid down at home for the second year in a row, but it was still a fun ride that ended too soon.
  7. GDT: Still kind of America’s Team at Ravens

    Hell of a win. I still don't like the Titans, but y'all brought the A game. Greg Roman is trash. Good luck next week.
  8. Just was telling my friends he might have a real case of the James Harden's. But we still got time to make it a game.
  9. This is the Greg Roman I was worried about. He hates Hayden.
  10. I just wanna see screens with Hill since they wanna have the entire DBs playing back. And I wanna see Hayden Hurst got dammit!
  11. This is the Greg Roman I was worried about.
  12. Been asking all year. It's like Roman hates him.
  13. Everybody relax! Titans got two chunk plays. I still haven't seen anything saying the Ravens still don't win.
  14. Ravens Fan Introduction Thread

    Welcome to the crib, pimp. You'll love it here.
  15. 2019 Baltimore Ravens Roster Tracker

    Damn, I didn't know he was a FA. Seems like solid depth.
  16. Gonna keep it short and gutter. The Titans are in the way, so we'll beat them with our bread and butter. Ravens 40 - Titans 17
  17. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I miss Flaccomania with the saved by the bell Avi. And I agree, I forgot about a lot of them guys until you brought them up. I still bangs with the current folk. Y'all ard!!
  18. PC Gaming Rebooted

    It's just another gimmick. Probably runs at 1080p for extra effects. I just want it to get here to drive the 1440p monitors down. I'm good at 144hz personally. I'm just ready for this Ryzen press conference at 5pm! (EST, the only time of course, lmao)
  19. Divisional: TEN@BAL

    That good ole AFC Central action on its way. I don't like the Titans and they don't like my Ravens. This is bigger than the Titans! The Ravens are on a mission and the Titans are in the way. Time for them to be moved. I need more revenge against Dean Pees and his blasphemous ways costing my Ravens more chips. As it was then and it is now still Ravens 40 - Titans 17 I WANT ALL THE SMOKE! LET'S GO!!!!
  20. PC Gaming Rebooted

    My body is ready My wallet? Not so much...
  21. 1st Of The Year - Just One Round - Some Trades

    Can't see the Ravens going RB in the first round if at all. They need pass rusher and interior o-line help badly.
  22. Matching Up vs. TEN

    Hayden Hurst because I still believe. Roman needs to unleash this beast! He's more athletic than Boyle, let my mans juice the defense.
  23. The NFL needs to rethink how it does overtime

    Just play better defense. This reeks of everyone deserves a trophy. They already expanded on the sudden death rules of old since people wanted to kick field goals. I think its fine how it is in its current state. Don't wanna lose? Don't let the opponent score a TD. DO BETTER.
  24. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Game is kinda slow, but I still think the Eagles win this. A McCown miracle is on the way. He'll get in a groove and blow up the playoff brackets.