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  1. Jeudy and Lamb fell to the middle rounds of the draft. I feel both of those players put us over the top while the rest out there are complimentary WRs. Maybe Justin Jefferson, but everyone else is ok. Feel like we hording picks when "elite" talent was on the board.
  2. I've never been so angry since the Perry-Man selection.
  3. My stomach hurts every moment I don't see the ticker saying the Ravens traded up for Jeudy or Lamb. We or championship run time, forget hording picks! Let's go! 😫
  4. Hopefully its a Kings ransom. A mixture of 2s, 3s and 4s so we can go completely stupid on Friday.
  5. I'm still in the corner of playing Madden and trading up for Jeudy or Lamb. I don't have a problem giving up 28th, 55 or 60 and a 3rd next year to seal the deal. But if I want to be more grounded in my optimism, I'll take Ruiz, Chassion if he falls or Justin Jefferson at 28. If none of those guys are there, trade down and destory round 2 and 3.
  6. Cesar Ruiz Lloyd Cushenberry Jerry Jeudy Ceedee Lamb Justin Jefferson Denzel Mims James Proche Tee Higgns Kenneth Murray Patrick Queen Logan Wilson Gross-Matos James Lynch K'Lavon Chassion Matt Hennessy Robert Hunt Thaddeus Moss Leki Fotu AJ Epenesa Anfernee Jennings
  7. Trade Down, Trade Up, or Stay: Trade UP Pick # 28: Jerry Jeudy Pick # 55: Pick # 60: Lloyd Cushenberry Pick # 92: Logan Wilson Pick # 106: Jordyn Brooks Alternate: Ceasar Ruiz
  8. I'm upset I gotta buy Madden just for the boxart. I still have my Collectors edition of 2005 with Ray Lewis on it. I might have to pop that in one of these days. Top 3 Madden of all-time.
  9. Cerato just said it would take 28th, 60 and a early forth to go up to 13th. What dope is he smoking? I'll take it, but ain't no way that's happening. He said it would be for Lamb and with our next pick we take Cushenberry. Sign me the eff up, immediately! @BaltimoreTerp Murray for sure, haha
  10. Yeah, I understand. I'm really excited for the announcement of the Ryzen 4000 series. I plan to upgrade then when its announced later on this year. I kinda feel bad doing that since I bought a Ryzen 5 2600 at launch and that isn't even a full 2 years old yet. But I'm doing it.
  11. I feel you on that. As an nVidia card owner, I've never had a problem with my 1060 and I've had it since '17. I will tell you to wait on building a new rig at the moment with the prices being absurd because of this goofy virus and house arrest. Prices should even out a little later in the year. But I know what you mean as I was this close to buying a 5700XT earlier this week because of the promotion of getting Resident Evil 3, Monster Hunter and 3 months of game pass for free. So tempting but I'll use my Spartan Reserve.
  12. I'm on the fence about the AMD Driver issues. A few technical sites I use, I do see a few AMD issues on the 5700XT GPUs. Not so much on the older GPUs like the 480s, 580s, etc. It kinda scared me away from getting an AMD GPU as a upgrade from my nVidia 1060. I'm glad it happened, though, as I'm now waiting for both the new GPU series Amphere and Big Navi from both companies respectively. But to answer your question, in my opinion its 50/50. I see a lot of non-issues and issues. Just depend on who you asked that particular day.
  13. What's everyone's take on Chase Claypool and Van Jefferson? I want both of 'em in a Ravens uniform.
  14. Never looked so good, man!
  15. How the Texans haven't revoked BOB's access to the facility is beyond me. BEYOND ME.
  16. Now if only we can get Greg Roman to agree that Gus is good, too! Sidebar, I love the Lynn Bowden pick. I think he's a sleeper raven for real.
  17. I'd take Baun over Queen for the Ravens. Solid draft though. P.S - Jerry Juedy is the best WR in this class! Ah, yessuh!
  18. Money. And the stupidity of the fans who signed off on this garbage.
  19. Solid signing and he should flourish here.
  20. They just said Brockers is going back to the Rams. Wildness, haha
  21. They can keep that RB in the first round. DeCosta and I are fighting if he takes a running back in the 1st round.
  22. God spoke to me in my dreams and said "Lynn Bowden" in the 3rd.
  23. This Cian guy is smoking big dope. I'm not even going to entertain his goofiness whatsoever. I think Clowney would look amazing in purple and black. I can't see it happening until it actually happens, though. Wish those Stanley and Judon extensions hurry up.
  24. Nobody has yet to tell me who the new numbers guy is for the Ravens. His finesse game thus far has been unmatched. Yo about to get Judon for 4 years 10 million dollars, lmao. Also, YAY JIMMMMMMMAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!
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