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  1. 3 minutes ago, Danand said:

    By getting a runningback with the 2. round pick Hurst brought us, I don't think we got good value. It is more difficult to find tight ends and they take longer to develop. We had backups at the RB position already - we don't for the tight end position. Hurst was still relatively cheap.

    I still don't think it was a good idea.

    Wasn't a good idea in any situation. And I also wanna know why the Ravens hate Gus Edwards. I mean, the man is everything you'd want in a running back. Powah! Downhill runner who can move a little, too. I'll never understand the Dobbins pick unless they're gonna cut Ingram next year. 

  2. 5 hours ago, Danand said:

    While I do think we have a good team, I also think having the best roster is a slight reach.

    Skura, Mekari and Bozeman was good enough last season, but not exactly great players. We have little outside pass rush, and the guy who gets the most sacks gets them versus tight ends, on stunts and clean up sacks - not by winning his one-on-one matchup.

    We have nothing proven at inside linebacker, but there is potential.

    The same could be said about our wide receiver core. No great proven pass catcher, but especially Marquise Brown could be the guy. We are an injury to Mark Andrews away from having to rely on a UDFA to be our pass catcher at the position.

    I think the Saints, 49'ers have better rosters. Teams like the steelers, Chiefs are even with us, as they have some roster holes as well. Cowboys, Tampa and Eagles could be in the conversation as well.

    Seattle is build in an odd way, so I won't include them in the top 5-8

    For the bold part, it boils my blood each and every day that Andrews and Hurst weren't groomed to be the new Gronk and Hernandez. And I'm really scared about the injury part because of what you eluded to. 

  3. What's the story with Powers? I didn't think he played bad against the Steelers in week 17. Is Fluker really the better player? Insight would be loved.

  4. While I would love Adams, I simply don't think we'll be able to afford him when the time comes. As we know, we got Stanley, Judon (perhaps), Hump and Lamar coming up. Lamar about to get 50 million or whatever the step down from Patty-Mac is. But our cap guy has been finessing pretty well since he's taken over for Moriaty, so he might have something in the trick bag if the Ravens really go after Adams again. I don't see it though.

  5. On 6/16/2020 at 11:37 AM, DreamKid said:

    There it is...


    I must say, these covers are phony as hell. With that said, I'll buy the regular version when its like $40. Haven't bought a Madden in YEARS but I need another Ravens cover to sit next to my 2005 Ray Lewis Collectors edition. Can't buy the collectors of today's Madden though, its already making me mad I'm buying the regular version, lol.

  6. On 6/15/2020 at 6:55 PM, elevators_rule said:

    I imagine their solution to the cooling issues is the reason the PS5 is so massive in size. I guess the only other question mark then becomes how they'll handle their variable frequency for the CPU. If they push it as aggressively as they've said (keeping it close to max speed in 95% of situations) then that might still produce heating issues and require the fan to speed up/become loud. On the other hand, if they throttle the speed of the CPU to avoid having to ramp up the fan, then the system doesn't reach it's max performance output. Hopefully the size of the PS5 is big enough to simply be able to do both (max CPU most of the time without the fan RPM matching it), but it's actually somewhat unclear. Based on last generation you'd assume they know how important this is to consumers, but there are also rumors that this wasn't the target CPU speed for Sony and they bumped it up to match what Microsoft is doing. Again, this could easily lead to the scenario of the fan kicking on more often than originally planned or at higher speeds, making more sound.

    In any case, I'd be surprised if it was anywhere as loud as the PS4. I think Sony will do a good job with it.

    I'm hopeful that they will. I can also believe the rumors that this wasn't their target speeds. Just hope it doesn't bite them in the cheeks. I also wanna see what that memory controller will be like in a breakdown from Gamers Nexus or Digital Foundry when it launches. Tech seems pretty spiffy. Still not a launch buy for me at this point, however. November is going to be real interesting.

  7. 8 hours ago, SwoleXmad said:

    Actual retail will be between $400-$500.

    I'm starting to think the PS5 is going to be $550 to $600 with the digital version $50 cheaper. My original retail price was $450-$500 just for inflation, but the way they're talking, I'm not too sure anymore. 

  8. I like the look of the digital PS5 better than the one with the disc drive. The disk drive looks out of place on it. The overall show for me, wasn't that impressive. Excited for Gran Turismo and Resident Evil doesn't look too bad, but nothing really grabbed me to make this a launch buy. And for that I am thankful so I can use that money for the upcoming GPUs of either nVidia or AMD.

  9. 30 minutes ago, FourThreeMafia said:

    All these companies are just virtue signaling.     Its all about money to them.      Every little thing they do.

    There are alot of things I could point out in regards to the blatant hypocrisy of this stuff, but it would steer this topic down a bad road, and its not worth it.

    So I agree....cancelling it was the right move, but anyone thinking it was for noble reasons are laughably naive.   

    Talk to 'em, Doc!

  10. I am now super conflicted on whether to upgrade to Ryzen 4000 or wait until the socket changes to AM5. I really didn't think AMD would change their stance on not allowing support for B450 motherboards. It's a welcomed change no doubt, but a very surprising one. I think the smart play for me would just be to wait for the new GPUs, buy that and wait for the socket change. This 2600 should still be more than enough for a while. Might even try my hand and overclocking it.

  11. 1 minute ago, Heimdallr said:

    Agreed about the privacy stuff, I just wouldn't call Epic a "super legit" company.

    Tencent is one of the most powerful companies in the world, and is heavily tied into the Chinese government. 


    Well, I said the legit part more so because they're big American company who've published games like Gears of War, etc. Was just pointing out it isn't some indie game company from a 3rd world country. Now whether they are scumbags or not is an entirely different story, but I agree with you. I get it.

  12. 1 hour ago, Heimdallr said:

    Epic is partially (40%) owned by Tencent so anyone that uses the Epic launcher is almost assuredly getting their data collected by the Chinese government, so.... 

    Just depends how much you care about Tencent. 

    If you don't think your data isn't being collected in everyday life, you're nuts. Now you got the good folks out there who has the ability to spoof their info and protect it, but for the majority of end users, our stuff is already out there in the wild. Most are like me and broke so those folks don't care enough. icon_lol.gif

  13. 21 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

    Good news:   I got GTA V free on Epic Games Store.

    Bad News:   It doeesnt really have controller support.   Certainly not working with my DS4.

    Guess I need to start getting used to playing on keyboard and mouse.     Not that I havent played on it before, but its very limited.     Playing GTAV on keyboard and mouse felt somewhat unnatural.   

    Something is wrong then. It should most definitely work and well with GTAV. Then again, might be Epic specific as I own GTA on Steam. But I do have Tomb Raider on Epic launcher and it works perfectly fine with it. Are you using USB or the PS4 USB adapter?

  14. 4 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

    Not a good idea in your opinion?    Or just joking?

    I was joking. Controller preference is always up to the user. I'm not a fan of the Xbox One controller. The 360 controller was great, but I hate the current-gen version.

  15. 12 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:

    I may break down and spend 70 bucks and get a xBox controller for PC.  My DS4 works, but games on PC are optimized for XB controllers.

    Disgusting, lol

    2 hours ago, FourThreeMafia said:


    Is Epic Game Store legit?

    I am having issues signing up due to stupid reasons (the verification code they sent to my email didnt work, and then locked me out from signing up altogether).

    Just seems a little bush league, to me.   

    Yeah, Epic is super legit. The game store is still in its infancy, so it'll be a while before it works how its intended to work. And as Swole said, everyone going nuts to grab the free version of GTAV. Super wild to me that a game this old and people going crazy, haha.

  16. 17 hours ago, Ray Reed said:

    If you guys want some entertaining offseason fodder, go into the Browns "2020 Opponents Thread" in their forum and check out page 10

    It has that Bleed The Clock guy - who infamously GUARANTEED Lamar would be a bust and staked his reputation on it - throwing out big brain quotes (when talking about Lamar) like: 

    This man really has some hate in his heart for Lamar making him look like the charlatan wannabe "football guy" he is :D

    All I need you to do is say "Take care trash" again, please. icon_lol.gif

    I'm always down to watch Browns misery.