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  1. NFL is so trash. I can't believe we as a people still watch this garbage. Refs be so horny to throw the flag. Absolute trash.
  2. So are they saying Young might be back some time this season? He hasn't gone on IR yet? I only asked sine Zrebiec said he didn't see Tavon out there. Like he was surprised or something. I wouldn't imagine him being on the field since he's done. Maybe the film room, yeah, but the field?
  3. If they want smoke, they've come to the right place. Send 'em my way. And my mans @Ray Reed. We got extra clips, too. πŸ˜‚
  4. Yup, people be sleeping on the Purple Jersey with black pants. Tied for my favorite with the "Business as usuals" White jersey/Black Pants. Let's hope Harbs makes it a blackout game because sometimes he likes to be weird and throw in those goof white pants on the black tops. I think this will be the test for the Ravens. Let's see if KC goes up early and if the Greg Roman I know starts to panic. I hope he's leveled up as well in this area. I think the Ravens finally get the monkey off their back and beat KC 30-24. Far as Averett goes with the 2 picks and TD... Good luck! πŸ˜‚
  5. I'm thinking Kyler will have more rushing yards this year. LJ8, to me, looks like he's just trying to play the pocket game this year. Last year, I felt he took off quicker with decisive action whereas the two games thus far he seems hesitant. That boy Kyler just on go with the Nikes this year. He gets outta there fast, quick and in a hurry.
  6. Absolutely correct. πŸ˜‚ I hope we see less of him on Monday Night because I think we'll be in serious trouble if he has a ton of playing time. God help us.
  7. Just keep giving my mans Gus the ball! Ingram and Dobbins will eat, too, but free my mans "GusBus". (I don't know how I feel about calling him Bus, haha)
  8. Damn, feel bad for the young bull Tavon Young. Do have a few takeaways from the game. O-line still shaky to me In spite of the hurries and sacks, Texans WRs had big days No turnovers! Always love to see it 3rd downs looked shaky, but we bound back I think next week will be the real first test for the Ravens. Chiefs have left a lot to be desired to be fair, but you're going up against arguably the best QB in the league again. I think we'll finally get it done at home, but we need to tighten up some things.
  9. He's great, ain't he? Now I hope the Ravens continue to NOT hate him and give him the ball more!
  10. MP Juiceman, ya dig! I missed most of the first quarter, what happened to Tavon?
  11. When you've been hot garbage for 20 years, any type of 'momentum' is a plus.
  12. The win was gonna happen if Bengals defense could've just held on and not let Hunt go stupid on that last Brown's TD drive. Got dammit, Bengals!
  13. So you're saying Organized Chaos might return in a lite form? If yes, I'm here for it and will take it! πŸ˜‚
  14. Just don't rush Stanley back. Make sure he is ready to go when he's ready because this is a long season. We SHOULD be OK if Fluker has to play a game or two at LT. I want to know how bad Madubuike knee is? That's concerning for me that he hasn't been practicing.
  15. Might be able to try Youtube, I'm sure one of the tech reviewers have something up about Alienware computers. After building a PC, I always feel anything pre-built is a finesse, lol. Microcenter had some absurd deals on the 3600 and 3700x about a month ago. At least here in Maryland, 3600 was going for $160 and the 3700x was $260. Have since then went up to $180 and $280 respectively. Should definitely go down again with the announcement of Zen 3. Can't wait till the reveal on Oct 8th.
  16. During the live stream it said coming to PS+ members of PS5. I guess a wait to entice folks to make the leap to PS5. Would've been a nice edition for me, but I'm spending those PS5 funds on my graphics card. Helluva deal for PS5 launch owners!
  17. This is what happens when you smoke dope.
  18. And now, we just need that chip! Let's go, boys!
  19. In agreement with @berlin calling. Ravens RB's should have a great day. Also, the Texans no longer have D-Hop, so that eases my mind as well. Long as we don't turn the ball over, Ravens should stroke 'em. Ravens 30 - Texans 14
  20. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Salt? Far from it. I just don't think Tannehill is a good QB. Titans had good run literally off the back of Derrick Henry. Tannehill was just along for the ride. Relax, lol
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