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  1. This was the greatest travesty of the Ravens offense, in my opinion. I also agree that it would be wasted money to spend on a TE high in the draft or FA (UNLESS its Kyle Pitts). We also need to see what we have in Breeland and see if he's slowed by the injury.
  2. Meh. This 17th game is goofy. And I hate all of you who signed off on this tomfoolery.
  3. Ranked is the only reason to play this game, lol. And you will get your 1:1 KD ratio because we, the people believe in you. Keep shootin'. I need to get back to Diamond. Haven't been there in 2 seasons.
  4. I got them taking an L to the Spartans and beating NW and Penn.
  5. He had his shot and blew it. Only way he gets a ring is as a backup on another team.
  6. I'm trying to double dip in the 1st rounder or trade 27 for multiple picks back rather than pick swap. We'll have to give up something hefty going from 27 to 10 and I'm good on that. Keep that, tbh.
  7. Hopefully, that 1st round pick is from the Chargers at 13 so we can trade up for Kyle Pitts 😆
  8. My cousin is in love with Ronnie Perkins. From that clip, I see why. Straight son'd Tevin Jenkins. 🤣
  9. If we get Creed Humphrey and Alim McNeil in the same draft, I might actually go into cardiac arrest, lol Sidenotes, what's the thoughts on Elijah Moore? I really like what I've seen on the short film I did watch.
  10. Top Four should be WWF No Mercy Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 WWE Shut your Mouth WWE Here comes the pain My personal top 4 WWF No Mercy WWF Smackdown 2: Know your role WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2006 Wrestle Kingdom 2/ King of Coliseum 2 The only thing the 2K games are good for is the customization. They could've been all-time great games if the gameplay didn't suck and everyone can kick out of 50 finishers. But I guess that's in line with today's wrestling, lol
  11. I thought we were homies. Way to crush my dreams.
  12. How my mans EDC about to walk into JJ Watt's house...
  13. I actually wouldn't be mad at this.
  14. Ravens should be getting maximum value for Zeus Jr. in a contract year. Forget all that sitting out mess, go grab a haul from a needy team and use that capital to revamp in the draft. The Ravens historically do well drafting lineman. I'm confident that can continue while also help improving the team even more with a Zeus trade.
  15. LJ8 said he dont wanna hear nothing bout Oline problems.
  16. Once again... Venom Brady has returned. Let's see if Patrick can dig deep down and have one of those fancy comebacks. I don't see it, but I'm here for it.
  17. I'd rather ride with Hill. Just keep the 1, 2 punch with Dobbins and Gus. (Hopefully, Roman uses them next year in the redzone)
  18. I'm just hoping EDC doesn't let Bill O'brien out do him in the trading game with tackles.
  19. He's shown versatility at both tackle positions, played 16 games the 3 of 4 years and top 15 far as tackles go. He's unquestionably worth at minimum, a 1st and some change back.
  20. I would be floored if we didn't get AT LEAST a 1st rounder for a player who's shown capable of playing both tackle positions. And EDC should be ashamed if he settled for anything less than that. Unless we're getting multiple 2nd and 3rd's.
  21. We knew this day was eventually coming. With that being said, I want at least two first since he can play two positions. Don't get out Bill O'Brien'd, EDC!
  22. My nickname for Thomas Brady. Like how Kobe was the mamba, etc. Started calling him Venom after the 4 game suspension. Knew he was gonna come back pissed off and win a Superbowl. Now he has that look in his eyes that I'm going to show the Pats what time it is and win a 7th ring. Alas, Venom has returned.
  23. I'm just hoping for a good game, but I think the Bucs are gonna take this. Venom Brady has returned.
  24. You say that until Nick Moore has a case of the Skura's. But at the same time, Nick Moore could be a better Morgan Cox. We'll just have to wait and see what version, for good or bad that we get.
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