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  1. Okay, so are you saying that he's like, what....a top 5 quarterback of the past decade or something? EDIT: I forgot what was originally said and traced it back and saw that that is almost precisely what you're saying. I'd delete this entirely but I think it's funny. Let's just say I completely disagree, but I suppose that's the point.
  2. holy crap when did Gio Bernard turn into the dad on Sister, Sister?
  3. I understand that the top-end talent gets all of the attention, and rightfully so, but championship teams are just as much, if not moreso, about how not-sucky your worst players (that still see regular playing time)/depth pieces are than how good your best players are. Which leads me to a take I've had for a decade, which I've never been disproven on, but can also never be proven: Atlanta trading up to get Julio Jones on draft day wasn't worth it. It has nothing to do with Julio, who I absolutely adore and would be my choice for best WR of the '10s, but I think they missed a cha
  4. I'm sure there's some, I dunno...meaning? or reference? or inside joke here? But it's lost on me, so I'm choosing to believe what it looks like: You've finally gone straight off the deep end.
  5. oh I don't think that would result in as many swords as you think. That's been more or less established.
  6. Ehhh, I mean, kinda? But at a certain point the owner doesn't want to pay out any more real actual money, which is a reality. You can fudge the cap around 'til the cows come home, but the owner also has to give out real checks eventually.
  7. In...height, specifically on the Vikings?
  8. ewwww, what a flaccid, disappointing hall of fame you have
  9. Idiotic is way too strong. It's just incomplete and imperfect, just like most single metrics
  10. Meh. Some takes are so dumb, nobody would bother drawing their sword over it.
  11. No he didn't and no he didn't. Losing something on the fringes of his game? A few ticks below where he was from, say, '06-'16? Sure. But not at all physically "done". The biggest difference in his play was because of the thing that almost zero Patriots fans wanted to admit at the time, but was glaringly obvious, even moreso in retrospect: Brady was DONE WITH BILL AND DONE WITH THE PATRIOTS. He was fed up with it and wanted out. He hated his offense that year, and literally couldn't mask his disgust with that patented "aw shucks I'm just here to be the best quarterback I can be" shtic
  12. Meeeeh I'm split on this. That offense freaking sucked I don't care what wizardry you use to try to polish that turd. An absolute slog to watch, and Brady did NOT have a good year. That said, if you actually watched his play, you could tell that he wasn't physically washed up or anything. He could still make throws, and lord knows he can diagnose a defense in his sleep. He was still playing like a top 10 guy and since it's Brady, you've got that added "it" factor. This isn't revisionist history on my part either. Prior to him going to Tampa I was adamant on these forums that several
  13. Not the greatest of all time, but I love Randy Moss and the hyperbolic pearl-clutching from Buck was hilarious. I remember at the time thinking that by the way he was freaking out, maybe Moss had ACTUALLY mooned the crowd, and I had just missed it on the broadcast or they cut away or something. Which also would've been hilarious.
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