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  1. nevermind I figured it out. But boy they don't exactly make it overly obvious where to go to find a league you're already in.
  2. what site is this one on? ESPN or fleaflicker? I thought ESPN but not I'm not sure
  3. "I used to be able to throw a pigskin a quarter mile"
  4. damn, where's NBT when you need him??
  5. That is pretty crazy to think about. 2 whole careers and still zero superbowl wins.
  6. Frank Winters. the dude's nickname was Bag of Doughnuts, c'mon!
  7. Why don't coaches just run the play off_touchdown all the time? Seems obvious
  8. I think it should be "greatest almost comebacks". Almost greatest makes it sound like a comeback that was pretty good, but not all that great. A decent comeback, if you will.
  9. Not shocking at all. Put in several really good years. He played an incredibly physical game, and he got dinged up a lot. Catches up with you.
  10. Wow, what a mystery! How could this have happened??
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