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  1. Football's Future everybody. Where if you don't think a hyped up young quarterback is a flawless hall of famer after one season, you are a clueless hater. Thank yooooou, thank yoooou
  2. Yes. But also other games I've seen besides this one. But sure.
  3. That pass used to highlight Vick is overrated. I see it all the time to showcase his strength, but I've gotta imagine there are better examples somewhere. He had a clean pocket and plenty of time to hop and step right into that throw, and it was 61 yards in the air. Most NFL QBs can do that.
  4. I actually agree. I was gonna wait until the game was over, and I was ready for what I was gonna point out was gonna be met with the usual stupid backlash, but.... Look, I think he looks like a gamer so far. And he's a ridiculous athlete and playmaker. And he can **** it back and launch a missile. But he still needs to develop into a better, more consistent down-to-down thrower of the football if he's going to fulfill his potential. He definitely could, he's only one year in, but I think...in light of there being a kinda, groundswell of "dark horse MVP candidate this year!" hype coming into the season, I think we gotta tap the brakes as far as that kind of hype goes EDIT - okay FF thinks I'm being dirty but that's not what I mean. When I say he can *blank* it back, I mean...he can "male chicken" it back and launch it. As you might a rifle.
  5. This game sucks soooo here's me...
  6. But I'm not leaving division winners out of the playoffs. Just not guaranteeing HFA.
  7. And the most mind numbing part of that? Anytime that comes up, most people are completely in favor of that. Insanity.
  8. I mean what a pro. He put it where only his receiver had a chance at it.
  9. wait does that count as a TD pass hahaha! so dumb
  10. I mean I was kinda contradicting what you were saying. He has three 100 yard games so far, which is really good. And one of the games he didn't have that, he had 70 yards and a TD. His worst game he had 7 catches, too, so not too shabby at all. I bet his year measures up pretty well against almost any other WR so far.
  11. I think what you meant to say is "he has three 100 yard games out of five this season"
  12. I've seen, this season, refs call a play dead quicker than that.
  13. DannyB


    How is it that this game REGULARLY has occurrences of literally nobody on the field being aware of the rules.
  14. DannyB


    Okay but did you actually watch the games? I mean he was a beast and he had some ridiculous plays and he looked GOOD, but he also had some plays and moments there that go beyond what your run of the mill bad quarterback would do. It's just that he, and the team, would bounce back.
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