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  1. Correct. Just like if any other player plays exactly like any other player for as long as that other player, they'd end their career much like that player.
  2. For what it's worth he's currently tied for 8th (with Mahomes) in Vegas odds.
  3. My best bet for that is to be standing at a urinal going onesies. Then I can really just push and put everything into it.
  4. That ypc breakdown by quarter was just so telling. I mean it makes sense logically. It's something that people SAY, that sounds like it probably could be true, you suppose. But to really see it borne out so dramatically in the stats? That's eye-opening.
  5. They still might be. Honestly I thought they showed pretty well against another good team on the road. A few things they definitely need to clean up but they're still a really good, talented team.
  6. The Bills fan(s?) who said they'd rather lose with Allen than win the Brady... man that is a special kind of trauma the you've been inflicted with.
  7. No no, you don't understand, he was being ENTIRELY GENUINE when he said "stay classy". Since that's how everybody always uses that phrase.
  8. because the entire implied point of your comment is that it's sarcastic
  9. what the hell is wrong with what he said? I mean it's slightly snarky but it isn't exactly malicious or anything resembling "un-classy". Your team lost a tough game. I get it. But relax.
  10. and was forever known as quite the heady, savvy tactician at the position! rather than, you know, a complete effing dolt.
  12. man this has been a pretty good game
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