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  1. I mean they are and I hate them. And I'd say the same thing about any and every team in the league if I was a fan of them too, with the exception of New England (but I'd be close on turning on them too), and the Chiefs (but believe me a couple false moves and I'd toss them in the fire too).
  2. Do you. I take zero issue with your changing of allegiances. That said, I cannot identify with it AT ALL. I wish I could. I wish I could just decide not to care. Maybe one day I'll be able to, or it'll fade naturally (and maybe it is a tad). I'd love to just be a fan of the sport rather than a specific team. But for now I'm a stupid fan of the stupid Packers and I can't do anything about it.
  3. My girl keeps cheating on me with him. Then I cheat on my girl with him. Then my girl and I cheat on him with each other. The whole cycle is pretty toxic tbh
  4. Goff could throw 4 interceptions, with two of them being pick 6s... And if you combined this game with the previous Packers/Rams playoff game, the Rams would STILL be doing better, in totality, than the Packers in both categories.
  5. so like...did the whole look of the forum change today or something?
  6. "This game scares me" -me, no matter who our opponent was
  7. "Sir, we could field 3 exact clones of Julio Jones as our receivers, shall we move forward with the project?" -"No! Get me two Julio Joneses..........and the phone number for Cole Beasley."
  8. Sir Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin by accident. Sometimes we don't intend on greatness, but greatness is found anyways. I suggest you embrace it.
  9. To be honest, if you look at his playoff resumé, it pretty much sucks. I mean there's not a lot there, but twice as many games as Lamar got before people labeled him a postseason loser.
  10. Titans. Kern only net them like 25 yards. C'mon homey put a LITTLE more pooch into that punt at least.
  11. so apparently there's a song named corvette corvette by something called like...pop hunna adderall?? and holy freaking nutsack do I feel old.
  12. ok hey wats up RaidersAreOne, JAF told me he likes u likes u, do u like him 2? plz check 1... -yes -no -i don't kno rite now thx c u l8er in science! -Dan
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