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  1. Odell wears 350k watch during game. Stupid or not?

    I'm going to say yes, based on the Odell Beckham Jr. rule: "If Odell Beckham Jr. does something, it's probably stupid."
  2. luckily this in NFL Gen. I say absolutely abysmal! Without Brown, they are pathetic losers!
  3. This was actually documented in an illegal underground vidoe that you can only find on the dark web, it's terrifying. I won't post the whole thing here, but this portion picks up mere seconds after Raji consumed the child whole. Warning, not for the faint of heart... Chilling.
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    I've been posting on this board for 11 years. Holy fart.
  5. Cold winters up there. Food gets scarce. Not all of the youngin's can survive. You know how it is.
  6. Week 1 Games

    It's their birth right, and it's annoying. EDIT: 2016 is when Brady was suspended. They went 3-1 with their backup QBs, and won the Super Bowl in overtime. It was like apex Patriots.
  7. Of course. Coming from the guy whose team literally eats babies. I should've known.
  8. They aren't THE bad guys, but they certainly aren't the good guys. No teams are. They're all greedy scum-suckers who only react just as much as they have to in order to avoid PR blowback.
  9. Dude I agree with the others: I would NOT want to live with Tom Brady. Can you imagine sitting down to dinner, super hungry, and sitting in front of you is a shot of seaweed juice (Garabogazköl Basin, strained only on the vernal equinox when the temperature is between 18-22 degrees celsius), and a plate of Eston Green lentils that have been blessed by a Meivazhi shaman and are arranged on the plate according to the Golden Ratio. I mean just imagine it. And then you might say something witty, like, "Hey, where's dinner?", and then his blank, soulless eyes just kinda look through you and he's like "Ha! Ha! Ha! I do love hu-mour!"
  10. Hahaha, so defensive. I said nothing about my team at all. They've signed their share of knuckleheads for sure.
  11. Week 1 Games

    Oh believe me, I think that would be awesome. I'd have a front row seat with a warm bucket of popcorn.
  12. Week 1 Games

    I don't think that's true at all. I think you're mostly just drawing from last year and 2007. EDIT: I should say, I think over the past decade they've generally been a team that starts out a bit slow but then comes together and improves over the course of the season
  13. Oh yeah dude, totally. And it's like they also definitely had zero clue to the absolute LAUNDRY LIST of bad stuff he was mixed up in down in Florida under the tutelage of Belichick's good buddy Urban Meyer. And the stuff that he continued to be involved with during his entire time with New England, to the point that they advised him to go to a safehouse and lay low for awhile. But no, yeah, no, yeah, no, totally, once he was arrested and rung up on MURDER CHARGES, the saintly benevolent brotherhood known as The Patriots, in good conscience, knew what they had to do and acted swiftly!
  14. It's the Patriots. They state will offer him some minor plea deal that means he just basically has to say "yeah I did it I'm sorry" and the charges would be dropped... But he and the franchise will lawyer up to the gills and turn it into a knockdown drag-out battle going through many levels of the court system, based on tiny ridiculous lawyer-speak technicalities until the state is finally just like "OKAY NEVERMIND JUST GO AWAY, JESUS!" And then all of Patriots Nation will run out to their yards in their jorts, manboobs jiggling, chug a Bud Light and scream "SEE I TOLD YOU!! THEY HATE US CAUSE THEY AIN'T US!!"