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  1. NFC Championship: GB@SF

    Okay but Playoff Rodgers is generally a good thing sooooooo....?
  2. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    Well Jim Brown won an NFL championship so he isn't like the others. Then again the Browns had existed 20 years when Brown retired and they won 8 championships in that time. That wasn't the same ole Browns back then. You must be fun at parties.
  3. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    As for Luke: This definitely sucks because the league loses a great talent, but I 100% fully commend ANY of these guys that decides to dip out a couple years too early rather than even one single game too late. Take care of your damn self, because at 30 you still have MANY decades left. Enjoy them. I'll also admit, I have pretty high standards for the Hall of Fame, but I'd give some serious thought to Kuechly. He made his impact known from day one, and had a fantastic run. One of those guys that you hear about, and read about, but then you get to watch him play and he still jumped off the screen.
  4. Panther's LB Luke Kuechly announces retirement

    Things that can make a player retire from the game they love and leave millions of dollars on the table: -Multiple traumatic head injuries with potentially lifelong affects, leading to hellish living conditions. -Spending your career with the Browns or Lions.
  5. Lamar Jackson

    Hahaha! I was afraid you were having a seizure or something. Even in this modern world, grammar is still so important.
  6. Lamar Jackson

    Just what in the living hell were you thinking making this one single sentence?? I...think I agree with you? But I can't really tell.
  7. Ooooh man, that sounds so stupid! I agree with you! But like, just wondering, what park is this? What time would you say they generally get naked there? I just want to know so that I can like...I dunno, go protest them or something.
  8. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    That's not a real thing. That's a perception only in your head so that you seem like you have a hot take and a "nobody believed in us!" mentality.
  9. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    That's intense. I want that livestreamed. Also, you predicted a Super Bowl victory for the team with the best quarterback in the league? Wow, look at the stones on this guy.
  10. Not a bad point. I'm not saying the idea that great offenses are shut down easier isn't completely without merit, but I bet what you're saying here is also contributing to how we perceive it. Great offenses get remembered even if they don't win the SB. But it seems like those great defenses need the SB victory in order to cement the legacy. '85 Bears, '00 Ravens, '02 Bucs, '08 Steelers, '13 Seahawks, '15 Broncos.
  11. AFC Championship Titans@Chiefs

    That's the second time I've seen you mention that you'll be eating crow. I understand that you're inviting us to eat crow since we'll be wrong, but like...you'll also be eating it? Is that what you mean? Or will you just be baking it for us, and then watching us eat it? That seems awkward.
  12. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    Yes thanks I know that. I feel like you don't understand my point or something. It's like you're answering something different than I'm asking. You think the reason an MVP hasn't won the Super Bowl is, basically random chance. That's a fine answer, let's just stick with that. I tend to agree.
  13. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    Figuratively? Or literally? So you're saying is that there really is nothing "curse"-like about it, or anything that is actually making them more likely to lose. It's just random.
  14. Why don't MVPs win the Super Bowl?

    Okay. I'm going to try this again. The poster's assertion was that winning the MVP somehow seems to ACTIVELY WORK AGAINST the player in question. Not that the playing field is level, not that once the MVP is in the playoffs, it's random. They're saying it seems to actually become a DISADVANTAGE, like a curse or a hex or when you run over an old gypsy grandma with your car and the granddaughter casts a revenge spell. Every team being better at defense in the playoffs does NOT explain why this phenomena seems to happen. It would explain why things seem to level out more, or the MVP seems no more likely than every other -- let's face it -- QB, but it doesn't answer why the MVP seems to do WORSE than average, when they spent all season being BETTER than average.