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  1. Hahaha!! What an absurd ending. Gotta love the suck vs. suck matchups
  2. These tweets seem absolutely baseless, and the first one reads like pure fakery. That said, Urban Meyer is a gutless prick. What an absolute loser.
  3. Packers royally effed up by not taking the Niners godfather pre-draft offer for Rodgers. Wait that might not be an overreaction and I've been saying it for months.
  4. Exactly like Gruden drew it up, baby!!
  5. Exactly. That's the point. You're just....stuck with him because he's just once awhile barely above par enough to scare the franchise out of moving on.
  6. Ohhhh, too late everybody hahaha!
  7. No way. Some teams at least have hope that their team is gonna be looking to upgrade, or have hope that their young QB is good. The Raiders are just...existing. With Carr.
  8. Does ANYONE wanna put their nuts on the line and say the Raiders win? Plant that flag now. But don't look at me to do it.
  9. Can you imagine the hellish nightmare of having Derek Carr as your franchise quarterback? Oh my god kill me
  10. Goddamn the raiders really overdosed on stupid pills
  11. damn chicago prolly shoulda covered kupp
  12. playing subpar football waaaaay past your prime? So the Frank Gore method shouldn't work??
  13. to be fair they don't win many games. they don't really know how to act when they do.
  14. packers showing they're the most dangerous team in the league gooooooo pack
  15. I already can't stand that commercial for La Liga. That song annoys the piss out of me
  16. I have no idea if this is an unpopular opinion or if most people are in agreement: Just for my own viewing experience, I hate the new numbering system (or, non-system). Prefer the previous rules.
  17. to clarify: Are your expected net yards gained even positive??
  18. With the prevalence of holding penalties, not to mention everything that could go wrong during a live play, I'd really like to see the analytics on this: Are teams ultimately better off, in ALL circumstances, to just fair catch every punt??
  19. I wish antonio brown so much misfortune. I love when bad things happen to him, whether it's a drop or being kicked out of the league
  20. both offenses moving seemingly at will
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