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  1. That was an incredible press conference
  2. No. Not when our QB makes as much as he does. It works for the Cardinals because Murray is on a rookie contract
  3. Definitely feels like the 4th or 5th choice among their manager targets
  4. Varane to United, wow. They're having a great window
  5. Oy this Haaland news cycle is exhausting....how have we not made a bid yet? He's the perfect target. Some tier 1 Chelsea sources are saying expect an opening bid in the next few days. Cmon Marina, work your magic ...
  6. Keepers are set QB - Josh Allen, Russell Wilson RB - Nick Chubb, Dalvin Cook, Aaron Jones, Miles Sanders, Antonio Gibson WR - Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill, Allen Robinson, Chase Claypool, Laviska Shenault TE - Mark Andrews, Noah Fant D/ST - Washington My non keepers are on the block before the draft/keeper deadline. Looking to move Denzel Mims, Corey Davis, Marquise Brown, Tyler Higbee cheaply, either to move up in the draft or for picks
  7. It might have. Not sure Havertz would have had that huge lane to drive through if Rodri or Fernandinho were providing cover But I do agree that too many people are saying City lost this , rather than Chelsea won We outplayed them. Again
  10. pretty simple. bucs roster is probably the best in the league. rodgers is a better player than brady. rodgers with the bucs would dominate everyone
  11. it's never as bad as what they're saying. reports have been very clickbaity I have no doubt Rodgers wants to leave, but if the team doesn't want to trade him then I'm sure they can come to an agreement on an extension. Also, we just had a killer draft, he has to be happy about that.
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