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  1. I've seen Rondale Moore mocked to us in the 2nd round. 😍 I would love it
  2. It's down to Jim Leonhard if he wants the job, and then Ejiro Evero What do we think
  3. Wow, that was rude! Agree to disagree, I guess. I did say in that post that we are getting tougher and more resilient. But these are the FACTS: We could not run the ball AT ALL We could not pass protect well enough We could not rush the passer well enough We lost in the trenches on both sides of the ball! It happened last season, and it happened again this season. I'm sick of it. We get all the way to this stage TWICE and we are the softer football team. Lowkey want Rodgers to move to SF just so yall can see what I'm talking about, but my love for this team is
  4. Still need to get more physical as a football team. Did a decent job against the run overall today, only 3.2 ypc, but that long Fournette TD run was gross tackling. We weren't nearly as soft as that loss last season, so that's progress. But I still think we are a soft team overall. The culture is gradually changing, though. We are becoming more resilient Our OL couldn't hold up today. David Bahktiari plays, we win this game. Vea was a monster on limited snaps. Linsley played poorly when we needed him to step up. Billy Turner had an awful time. Very good Tampa front 7, felt like Barrett an
  5. @Hunter2_1 I admitted that he doesn't have the chops after the past month or so of middling results. Of course, he's a club legend and I'm a diehard Chelsea fan. As objective as I want to be, I very much wanted this to work. I was biased, admittedly But why would I apologize for supporting my club and my manager? At least I was still objective enough to see that he isn't the answer. Congrats to you and any others who saw that Lampard wasn't ready for high level management. 433 and cross it to Tammy, inshallah. It ain't it. I support the move to sack him, although I must say i
  6. Pay the man. He had his hands full today with Vea, Suh, and that line. Didn't play good enough. But this is one of the strengths of the team. Have to keep him
  7. I'm cool with firing Pettine. What happened at the end of the first half was gross Let LaFleur bring in his choice
  8. We'll be back in this game. Just need to get over the hump
  9. Why are people still bringing up a game in week 6? It. Doesn't. Matter.
  10. I feel great about this game. We're going to beat Tampa to get to Tampa
  11. Dunno how anyone can watch that game tonight and say Devin White isn't an absolute stud.
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