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  1. seriously guys i have so many players, who wants to trade? like this comment if you're interested
  2. Lampard needs to start getting some results with everyone back and fit now Mendy has been solid. so much better than Kepa
  3. anyone hyped about how good our LB group suddenly looks between Kirksey coming back, Krys Barnes doing a good job and Kamal Martin? suddenly a position group that looked like a detriment looks like a strength now
  4. the Jets are not going to trade Williams, that makes no sense for them. you guys need to stop thinking just because a team is bad they're willing to trade anybody on their roster. Quinnen is one of the only foundation pieces on that roster and Fuller is SO MUCH BETTER than MVS. he would make our offense much more lethal. i'm sick of relying on MVS and I get the feeling Rodgers and the coaches are too
  5. Will Fuller would be amazing for us
  6. crap, savage is out too? what injury does he have?
  7. Rondale Moore would make us unstoppable, you can line him up anywhere, run that motion with him like we do with ervin, so many things we could do
  8. michail antonio? i don't think he's ever played for us. unless that's not antonio, and then no I can't tell who is in the small blurry avatar pic
  9. come to think of it, looks like antonio
  10. either burnley or west ham
  11. hey man, can you do me a favor and GTFO of this thread if you hate Chelsea? Or make a Burnley thread, I'm sure that'll be poppin
  12. who wants to trade? i have way too many quality players, need to think about doing a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1
  13. 2 matches with Mendy and Thiago Silva, 2 clean sheets. we cannot go back to Kepa, I'm done with him. mortifying goalkeeping
  14. @VikeManDanGG my man! anyone who beats my squad deserves props, especially when you blow me out by over 100!
  15. https://sports.yahoo.com/mike-mc-carthy-says-didnt-coach-very-well-in-the-cowboys-loss-monday-his-players-reportedly-agree-180553794.html Discontented Cowboys players are anonymously letting out their feelings to media members.
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