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  1. Best NFC North Receiver?

    Robert Ferguson isn't far behind.
  2. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    I mean, I seriously doubt we're using anything prior to a 3rd round pick on a corner. And even using a 3rd round pick is probably stretching itself. You're not dumping four top 64 picks into one position, no matter how deep you want that position to be.
  3. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    I'd put like a slightly above zero percent chance they take that many pass rushers. It'd be insane to pump that much into one position and ignore the other ones.
  4. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    You may also remember the quote from TT that said that they were contemplating taking Clay at 9 when B.J. Raji fell to them. Some might believe that's just lip service but given the fact that it essentially locked the Packers out of the draft for some ~80 picks. I tend to believe the validity of that comment. I think the Packers are a team who philosophically are against trading up in the first round unless they're getting tremendous value or grabbing a player whose a tier or two higher than their remaining players. LIS, I'm taking the odds on that one. I think the only way they spend a high (i.e. 1st to 3rd round pick) pick on a corner is if they have long-term concerns regarding Kevin King, his shoulders in particular. But I don't think we would have selected him in the 2nd round if they had those concerns so I'd assume it'd have to be some sort of new injury. As for the DL, it's a possibility but they've invested a TON in the DL in recent years. They paid Wilkerson and Daniels a bunch, and Clark probably starts talking about extension next year I believe. Until Adams gets legitimate reps, they're probably not writing him off and based on his PS play for good reason.
  5. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    He just signed a 3 year deal at a reasonable rate. I feel pretty darn comfortable that assuming he stays healthy, he's our starting C. Maybe they start looking for a replacement after next season, but there's really no reason to actively search for a replacement. If one falls in the draft, sure. But they're probably more in the depth department for the IOL right now. That might change with McCray, but I'm pretty confident that Lane Taylor and Corey Linsley are going to be our starting LG and C as long as they are under contract and are healthy.
  6. I know this in jest, but find me a time that wasn't where the first few plays are scripted when Trubisky looked legit.
  7. Even if they wanted to move on from him, they're pretty much hamstrung in doing so. The biggest names available this offseason are Teddy Bridgewater, Tyrod Taylor, and Nick Foles. None of those are going to push the needle for the Bears.
  8. He hasn't been good. Outside of the first quarter against the Packers, he was miserable.
  9. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    They're not bad, they're just a shell of their former self. Their identity was very clear during their peak periods. We're going to play elite defense, run the ball effectively, and win the turnover battle from you. They only threw when it was necessary.
  10. Best NFC North Receiver?

    I would agree with this sentiment. I disagree with the order, but they're all in a similar tier for me. I'd probably argue Thielen, Adams, Robinson, and then Diggs but it's really a matter of preference.
  11. Best NFC North Receiver?

    Lulz. He was 3 yards short of that in 2016, and between the incompetent Brett Hundley throwing to him and dealing with injuries, he was on pace for another 1000 yard season. Seems like an incredibly arbitrary way to make that argument. BTW, if you're going to use that standard you need to evenly apply it across the board. Diggs has never had a 1000 yard receiving season. Hell, he's only eclipsed 900 yards once.
  12. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    I wasn't trying to imply that was your take. I was merely saying we don't have to limit ourselves to the high-floor TEs that we've seem to have preferred in the past. We can afford to take one of those raw, toolsy types instead. We haven't drafted a TON of TEs by any means, but they usually fall into one of two types. We've either drafted the H-Back mold (i.e. D.J. Williams or Kennard Backman) or they draft "clunkier" TEs like Clark Harris or Richard Rodgers. I'm talking about guys like Tyler Higbee (character issues not withstanding) or Jace Amaro. Guys who are athletic, but a bit raw in terms of technique.
  13. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    Jesse James is going to get a handsome payday sooner rather than later IMO. You usually see TEs take off in their 2nd year.
  14. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    The Packers only save ~$5M by releasing Graham after this season, so he's essentially guaranteed to be back next year. You're not looking to replace him after 2018, so you're drafting for 2020 so you can take a flier on an athlete there instead. You're probably looking at most a 2nd rounder, but somewhere in that 2nd-4th round range. In an ideal world, you're going EDGE and OT in the 1st, S in the second, and then TE in the 3rd.
  15. 2019 Draft, what would you do?

    I wouldn't hold my breath on a trade-up. We've never done it under TT, so you'd have to imagine it's a philosophy that's going to be carried over from TT. I suppose there's a scenario where they trade up with their higher first round pick along with their natural 2nd round selection, and then move down from their second first round pick to recoup some value. But overall, I'd be incredibly skeptical if they traded up in the first round. The Packers have never invested more than a mid-round pick into the interior OL. That screams philosophical to me. They've had opportunities to draft IOL earlier, and they've passed on it. Same thing with ILB. I think they might give some thought to adding more CB depth, but that likely comes in the mid-to-late round range. Think someone whose got ST values there.