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  1. The proof is in the pudding so to speak. You don't trade up for someone you're lukewarm on, so the notion that the Packers "reluctantly" took Love seems outlandish at best. He was a first round grade, and apparently felt highly enough of that they felt the need to trade up for him. And if there's one thing you can credit Gute it's that he's proactive about getting his guy rather than waiting to see if their guy will fall whether it be Darnell Savage, Jaire Alexander, or now Jordan Love. You can absolutely want to improve your WR position, and instead taking another position in the first round. I think Gute was very deliberate when he refused to include his second or third round pick as part of a trade up. In terms of the TVC, the Packers should have dealt their 3rd round pick to move up. My guess is that Gute went sniffing to the teams in the 22-26 range offering their 4th to move up. Clearly nobody would bite on that until Miami agreed to the deal. The Patriots moved out of the first round for a second and third round, and they came away with surplus value of a mid-7th. The 49ers dealt their 4th AND 5th to move to 25, and the Vikings got shorted roughly the same amount the Dolphins did. I would guess that the Vikings would have turned down the same offer from the Packers.
  2. I think Gute wanted a veteran WR to add to the mix, but he wasn't going to overpay for one. And given what the Patriots gave up for Mohammed Sanu and the 49ers gave up for Emmanuel Sanders, I think it's safe to say that the price was too high for Gute. And quite frankly, I would agree with him. I think your timing on this one is off. I watched the YouTube video from when the 49ers' selected Brandon Aiyuk, and the ticker hadn't changed to Green Bay yet, so I don't think a deal was struck with Miami at that point. Or at least not one that was publicly announced yet. I'm sure Green Bay did their obligatory phone call to the Vikings, but there was no real traction. I think it's probably far more likely that this was another example of Gute willing to maneuver around to get his guy. I'd imagine Love and Aiyuk were probably the last of his first round grades.
  3. Complaining about the lack of calls made in favor of your team and the FT disparity, but you've got the king of favorable calls on your roster.
  4. Does anyone else find the irony in this post?
  5. Just kinda depends on the market and the timeline of the person looking to build/buy a new house. IF you're selling your current house, and you're going to have to be out of the house in a month, you don't have the ability to wait 6 months.
  6. Depends on what you're going with. We went with a neighborhood and they had plots of lands left for I believe 50k each. Kinda just picked which location you liked best. I believe you can buy land independently and then work with a contractor to build your house, but I'd imagine that's probably more difficult since you're "negotiating" with two different parties. One for the builders to build your house and the other with the person you're buying the land from.
  7. You'd think the Vikings would have found themselves a QB superstar then...
  8. Didn't see agree that we're letting @ET80 deal with it?
  9. I think there's too many variables to say that there are more costs. We're building in our neighborhood and it came to a bit over 281k I believe after all the add-ons we did. There's a house that just went up in our neighborhood that's been there roughly a year and it's listed at 305k. That house is 2140 square feet, which comes out to $142/sqft. I believe ours is 1938 square feet came out to $145 sq/ft. I would there's a natural depreciation involved with selling something that has been there for a year. I think the biggest drawback of building vs. buying is that you're not really getting a concrete idea of when you'll be move-in ready. We got told back in May we were looking at 4-6 months, which would have put us in mid-September at the earliest and mid-November at the latest. We're in the beginning of the August, and they haven't done anything besides pour the foundation. It's been about 3 weeks, so we're expecting the framing to go up this week.
  10. Even if you don't think Tatum and Brown are superstars, you're usually going to struggle to win when your best players aren't playing well.
  11. I'd argue that interior pressure is more valuable than edge pressure.
  12. I mean Percy Harvin...Aaron Rodgers...Percy Harvin...Aaron Rodgers.
  13. Overpassing. For about 80% of the game, they were passing too much.
  14. I'm kinda surprised, but glad. Stafford is the 2nd best QB in the NFC NOrth.
  15. The sheer lack of Davante Adams is astonishing.
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