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  1. Teams are probably more willing to move down if they're short on picks. Arizona (6 including 2 in the first 3 rounds), Houston (8 including 1 in the first 3 rounds), and Seattle (3 including 1 in the first 3 rounds). Houston and Seattle are likely sitting out of Day 1 all together, but they'll likely be active on Day 2. Seattle in particular seems like a logical trade up spot given Green Bay's history. Green Bay could probably deal a 4th round pick and maybe a 6th round pick to move up to Seattle's spot, but I don't think they're going to do a double trade up with their first two picks.
  2. But who is Detroit trading up for? Detroit needs to have motivation to trade up. EDIT: You'd feel pretty stupid trading down from 5 to 7 if the next two picks were Penei Sewell and JaMarr Chase.
  3. In Gute's 3 drafts with Green Bay, he's had four FRPs to play with and only once has he kept the original selection (#12 in 2019) and used that pick. In 2018, he traded down from 14 to 27 before trading back up to 18 to select Jaire Alexander. With their FRP in 2019, he took Rashan Gary but he traded up from 30 (via New Orleans) to 21 for Darnell Savage. And last year, he traded up from 30 to 26 for Jordan Love. But let's look at those draft day trades: #14 -> #27 (New Orleans): #14 for #27, #147, '19 FRP #27 -> #18 (Seattle): #27, #76, #186 for #18, #248 #30 -> #21 (Seattl
  4. Thoughts on this quick mock... 1.29, 6.220, 7.256 for 1.32, 3.95 1.32 - Dillon Radunz [OT; North Dakota State] 2.62 for 4.127, '22 FRP (IND) 3.92 - Tay Gowan [CB; UCF] 3.95 - Milton Williams [DT; Louisiana Tech] 4.127 - Kendrick Green [OG/C; Illinois] 4.135 - Benjamin St-Juste [CB; Minnesota] 4.142 - Trill Williams [CB; Syracuse] 5.173 - Drew Dalman [C; Stanford] 5.178 - Justin Hillard [LB; Ohio State] 6.214 - Rhamondre Stevenson [RB; Oklahoma]
  5. I thought it was general knowledge that teams grade players based on tiers.
  6. The problem is every 5* and 4* thinks their future is in the NFL. That majority of them believe they'll spend 3 years in college before declaring for the NFL Draft and becoming a FRP.
  7. Really like the trade back, and Barmore would likely be one of the targets here. They could also opt for Dillon Radunz or a CB here instead. Not sure they'll take a pure C that early. The Packers have a history of using early Day 3 picks on the IOL and having good success. I'd imagine they'll continue with that trend.
  8. It was unlikely to happen. But there was a legitimate discussion for teams if it was worth coughing up a SRP for Tonyan.
  9. Because players don't "rise" or "fall" leading up to the draft. Media and draftniks see their player evaluations start to get closer to the industry standard. It happens every year.
  10. But do you think he's going to go top 20? IF you view him as a pure C type, that's going to drastically hurt his value. I believe we've only seen 2 pure centers go in the first round since 2005. I don't think that's going to change this year. I think he ends up going somewhere in that 35-45 range.
  11. I made the same mistake with Ronald Darby, and he turned out to have a pretty solid career. You're drafting him based on what you think he's going to be in the NFL, not necessarily what he showed at Florida State.
  12. There's been players that the Packers have drafted that have had a sub-8.0 RAS score as well. Jace Sternberger (5.20), Cole Madison (4.58), and Jake Hanson (3.75) were mediocre athletes according to RAS, but Gute still took them. It seems that Gute either uses RAS or something very similar to it. Remember the comments about the Sternberger athletic testing? He said that they timed him better then what the reported numbers were. It's not impossible that the Packers tested him better then what is reported, or that the Packers are willing to go outside their thresholds for him. But I do thi
  13. Again, just kinda depends on what you want in a CB. Gute has drafted 3 CBs since he took over in 2018 with Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson, and Ka'Dar Hollman. But Jaire was also shorter then the "CB standard" that Gute got from TT, and Gute even said it himself that he was willing to go outside his comfort zone because Jaire played bigger/longer than he tested. Does that apply to Samuel? Possibly. If Surtain/Horn are on the board at 29 (which I don't think they will), there's little doubt in my mind they'd likely be the pick at 29. I think you're more likely looking at someone like Paulso
  14. I don't recall who it was, but they said that majority of the contracts are signed with auto-restructure in the contract. So long as the players isn't paid less or later, teams are allowed to restructure without the approval of the player. It's possible the Packers wanted to restructure Rodgers with the desire to add some dummy years onto the deal, and that would need Rodgers' approval.
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