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  1. And Rattler has entered the transfer portal...
  2. Really not sure how the BJ wasn't the one to throw that flag...
  3. Update. Biggest issue I'm seeing right now is that he needs to drive the deep ball. He's lofting it almost too much.
  4. You're allowed to go 100k over the TPE to acquire a player. So if you have a $5M TPE, you can acquire a player who makes a maximum of $5.1M.
  5. I can't imagine. I think they're just connecting anyone who has played for St. Louis at this point.
  6. Oklahoma's defense is back like Texas.
  7. Has anyone watched Tanner Mordecai out of SMU? Former OU QB putting up big numbers.
  8. Pretty sure Oklahoma only has 2 scholarship QBs on the roster right now... EDIT: I think former Nittany Lions' QB Micah Bowens is on scholarship.
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