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  1. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Not really, no. Just saying what everyone is thinking.
  2. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    What exactly about it is weak? The fact that strong franchises don't consistently turnover their coaching staff for every little failure. If there was anytime that it was time to move on from Gute, it was after the Bostick debacle. They should have moved on from there, not because Kaepernick ran all over them. Your entire argument centers around a single game in each seasons as to why Capers should have been fired. Two games over two seasons isn't a pattern.
  3. Gute's Amazing Roster Purge

    So you think that a coach gets 2 years after a Super Bowl win before their "safety net" disappears? Hate to burst your bubbles, but that's usually not the case. And a couple of poor playoff performances doesn't change that. During the 2012 playoffs, San Francisco represented the NFC in the Super Bowl. Should every team who lost to San Francisco fired their DC? No. That's just being reactionary. Capers doesn't stop Erik Walden from completely forgetting to set the edge time and time again.
  4. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I made that original comment off of the Arrowhead Pride article, not the other link.
  5. Worst Case Scenario at 12:

    Given that it was a couple of months ago, it was probably lip service but I didn't listen to his comments from the Combine. Assuming he still thinks the same way, there's not a real reason to see him having any real strong motivation to move down. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned it multiple times but I don't believe that Gute was willing to move down from his FRP last year unless A) the Saints were willing to overpay and B) he felt he could get back up the board at a reasonable price. The Saints were willing to give up a future FRP which would qualify as overpaying, and the Seahawks lacking a SRP and 3rd round pick meant that they felt pressure to add extra picks which played into Gute's hands. LIS, there's no real motivation to move down because you're likely dropping at least a tier if not two, so you need an overpay. There's a reason why we usually don't see teams willing to make significant moves up or down the board. Most moves come within the next 3-5 picks unless a QB is involved.
  6. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I mean, that should be the case across the board, no? If he's the 21st pick and WR was taken at 20, shouldn't they essentially be given the same "amount" of opportunities? Either way, I added a second link which confirms the fact that OL are the "safest" position to draft in the first round. My running theory is that it has more to do with the lack of quality OL available.
  7. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Much prefer Option 2, but you Option 1 started off better. After the first 2 picks, I think you butchered it.
  8. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Just upload it to Google Docs grandpa...
  9. 2019 Draft Discussion

    https://www.arrowheadpride.com/2015/2/20/8072877/what-the-statistics-tell-us-about-the-draft-by-round That's from a couple of years ago. I would assume the discrepancy would be between what you're classifying success and what that article does. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/are-some-positions-riskier-to-pick-than-others-in-the-nfl-draft/ There's another article that puts the OL success rate is closer to 59%. Either way, you're usually better off drafting an OL than another position if you're looking purely from success rate.
  10. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Care to guess what the success rate of OL in the first round? A report a few years ago pegged it around 83% success rate. Care to guess what the success rate of rounds 4-6 were? 4th round success rate was 29% while 5th and 6th round success rate was 16%. I think we as Packers fans have been spoiled by how well the Packers have developed OL (IOL in particular) out of mid-to-late picks that we have unrealistic expectations.
  11. 2019 Draft Discussion

    Because he plays for Washington State...
  12. 2019 Draft Discussion

    I mean, what's the alternative of Gute not signing his current set of FAs? It's not like that money he offers disappears. He just signs other FAs. What happens if you use multiple DPs to move up? You lose the ability to maneuver around in the draft, and end up handicapping yourself. There's a reason why there's really only a handful of teams who are actively looking to move up, and it's usually either because they have "extra" draft capital or they are run by an incompetent FO. The Packers fall under the former, but I'd say they don't fall under the latter. To me, this is an organizational philosophy and I'd venture a guess to say that it won't be likely to happen again. We've also heard comments from Gute about how they like to have a pick every 30 picks or so that way they can adjust to the draft. IF the Packers traded their SRP to move up from 12, that means they're going from 30 to 75 without making a pick. What happens if their draft pool goes quick? I think it's far more likely we potentially see a pair of trade downs (say 12 to 15 and 30 to an early 4th) and then utilize that draft capital they receive to move back up from 75.
  13. Worst Case Scenario at 12:

    You have to weight how far you're willing to move down. Are you willing to move down into the late teens and potentially miss out on the top EDGE and Oliver? I'm not sure that's something Gute is going to want to do, unless the value is tremendous. And I'm not sure I see any obvious market deficiencies like we did last year with the Seahawks missing their SRP.
  14. Worst Case Scenario at 12:

    I believe Gute has already said that he's comfortable with where he's picking, and while that might just be lipservice but you have to take his word for it. Even if he isn't. There figures to be some reasonable trade down options. Maybe not no-brainers, but enough that makes him consider it.
  15. Worst Case Scenario at 12:

    Only 15? Unless you're putting all of your prospects through the blender, there's more than 15 first round prospect. But even more reason that the 12th pick should be used, not dealt away. You're moving down from a guaranteed first round prospect to a possible 2nd round prospect. Just looking through the class these are the guys that I figure to be relatively uniformly graded out as first round prospects (in no particular order): Kyler Murray, Dwayne Haskins, DK Metcalf, TJ Hockenson, Noah Fant, Jawann Taylor, Jonah Williams, Andre Dillard, Dalton Risner, Garrett Bradbury, Quinnen Williams, Ed Oliver, Nick Bosa, Josh Allen, Brian Burns, Clelin Ferrell, Montez Sweat, Devin White, Devin Bush, Greedy Williams, CGJ, and Nasir Adderly. Naturally, they're not all going to be viewed as first round pick but I'd venture a guess that at least 90% of them will be given first round grades.