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  1. I mean, did you expect the Vikings to be this bad?
  2. But you're using the power of hindsight to justify why at the time of the trade it was a bad move. You can say it's a bad trade now because we know the Vikings imploded.
  3. I think you're going to see a team that's going to desire to improve their QB situation, but it's largely dpendent on their draft position. Right now, they're currently slotted at 6 which means they're likely outside of the range to select Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields. Especially when they deal their SRP to Jacksonville as part of the Yannick Ngakoue deal. Moving up from 6 to 3 cost Indianapolis TWO SRPs that year and one in the future year. Minnesota is armed with zero. They've got legitimately ZERO ability to move up unless they're willing to deal into future FRPs. Between the NY Jets, Washington, Atlanta, and Jacksonville, two of those teams will walk away with Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields.
  4. Unless Zimmer turns it around drastically, he's a dead man walking IMO.
  5. It usually depends on the conditions. Since the condition I believe to push it to a 3rd round pick was if they won a Super Bowl, that's not going to happen. If he's a first ballot Pro Bowl selection, that shouldn't be tied to the Vikings. But since there's no Pro Bowl... EDIT: Just speculating, since the Ravens traded a '22 5th round pick I think it's pretty safe to say the Vikings' 5th round pick goes to the Jaguars and the Ravens will go to Minnesota.
  6. You're moving Harrison Smith and TWO FRPs for Matthew Stafford and a 2nd round pick? Lions would jump at that.
  7. Not sure how he's getting anywhere near $20M/year.
  8. They could have made it done. It would have cost them some of their starters this year. Riley Reiff would have been a cap casualty if he isn't already. You'd trade/release Kyle Rudolph if it meant re-signing Yannick.
  9. It is because they've imploded on themselves. IF the Vikings were 5-1, would you say the same thing?
  10. Post of reason here. This was about recouping value, plain and simple. I'm not sure anyone expected the Vikings to implode like they did.
  11. Unfortunately, they tied themselves to Kirk Cousins through next year. He's got a $31M cap hit, and his dead cap is $41M if they release him after this season. He'll be on the roster next year. Only way he isn't is if they Brock Osweiler him.
  12. Agreed. They'll probably live out Love's contract.
  13. It's gonna be Wagner. Wagner/Jenkins/Linsley/Patrick/Turner
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