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  1. Did I ask that? No. In fact, I've been pretty vocal that a change needs to be made at some point, the question is how far do you want to try and see where the issue goes? If you replace Ted Thompson, that puts the coaching staff in a lame duck situation and probably means they're coaching for one more year before they're replaced. We're then at that point 2+ years and looking for improvements. Do you replace your head coach at the end of the season? That means bringing in a completely new coaching staff, which likely means we're looking at new scheme for both the offense and defense. Or do you fire specific coaches and coordinators? That's probably the least overhaul the Packers can do that creates significant changes. But going back to my original point, do you think the Packers are fundamentally broken? If the answer is yes, then you replace the head of the situation (i.e. Ted Thompson or Mike McCarthy). If the answer is no, then you're looking at positional coaches and coordinators.
  2. The Pass "Rush" After 7 Games

    Assuming the Packers gain anything resembling health? Pretty good. It's clear that Mike Daniels isn't his usual self, and even Nick Perry with his one hand isn't getting the job done.
  3. Offensively, what's the upside of removing Mike McCarthy? I'm legitimately curious because everytime we've been healthy we're a top 5 offense. What's the upside? So we go from 3rd best offense to 2nd best offense? Again, there's more risk by firing McCarthy than people care to admit. I'm not going to discuss today's game until I have a chance to watch it, so I'll keep my comments about Mac being prior to this game.
  4. With a new head coach, that also means new coordinators and also new positional coaches. That likely means that we're going to have an adjustment period on both sides of the ball. Again, is that something you're willing to live with? This is assuming that improvements are made.
  5. Week 8 | Other Games Thread

    They're not exactly powerhouses, at least on a year-to-year basis. They might be quality opponents, but Wisconsin has been the class of the Big 10 West almost by default. Since the realignment in the Big 10 (2013), there has been only one season where Wisconsin hasn't won the West division. That was in 2015 when Iowa went 12-2, including 8-0 in the conference with their lone losses being against Michigan State in the Big 10 championship game and Stanford in their bowl game.
  6. For those who are in favor of firing Mike McCarthy, are you willing to risk that Aaron Rodgers and the offense will take a step back? If the answer isn't yes, then you probably need to reconsider your stance.
  7. Everything Pokemon Thread!

    Need to add two more pokes to my team. Going with the 3 starters, Jangmo-o, and I'm not sure who else. Any suggestions?

    Is it bad I'm rooting for a tie?
  9. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    And it's even worse when I've already acknowledged that I think Donaldson is worth more than what the Cardinals are willing to give up, but you'll ignore that.
  10. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    Says the person who was pimping Scooter Gennett before is laughable. But I digress. LIS, I don't anticipate the Cardinals putting an offer together that they're comfortable giving up and that the Jays are willing to accept. But the notion that a team is going to back up their farm system and dump into the Jays farm system a package haul for a soon-to-be-FA isn't likely IMO. The Cardinals aren't giving you an MLB-ready starting catcher AND a MLB-ready SP plus more for Donaldson, no matter how good he is. We're talking about a 32 year old 3B whose about to be a FA, not a 26 year old whose set to be a FA. To me, Jason Heyward was more valuable than Josh Donaldson in large part because of his age.

    @theJ and @TheKillerNacho are eliminated. That CLE/TEN game has a few people sweating this one out.
  12. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    And that's game.
  13. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    I never said that, so please stop repeating what rams has said. I said I don't think the Cardinals would deal Reyes, given his injury pretty much plummets his trade value. And I also that it's unlikely they deal Luke Weaver given the fact that he's slotted to be in the rotation. IF they moved him, that just creates another hole in the rotation which means the Cardinals have to go and sign another FA, something I think they could be willing to do. And I said I think given their past with Jason Heyward, I think they're going to be reluctant to deal MLB-ready talent for a potential rental. Not that they'd be off-limits, but there would be real serious reservations. Add on the fact that the Cardinals have been very tight with their prospects in recent years, and I'm skeptical the Cardinals will give up the haul needed to acquire Donaldson. Let's not mix my words up.
  14. 2017 MLB Gameday Thread

    LIS, I'd imagine the Cardinals brass would like to get a deal done. I'm just not confident that the Cardinals would make a deal for a guy they don't have a deal in place.
  15. GDT Week 7 - Saints @ Packers

    House injured again?