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  1. Mike Pettine Defense

    Your assumption that the GM who signs FA fixes all the holes is a faulty assumption. We saw the Packers sign Jeff Saturday, and calling him a serviceable center is probably a stretch. They're not filling all the holes in FA with 100% success rate like you're implying. The extreme draft and develop formula works, we've seen it work. The problem is that it requires you to draft a higher rate than standard success. If that success rate goes down, your issues get magnified. That's the issue. Neither one of them is inherently better than the other.
  2. WCF: Warriors vs Rockets Thread- The Real NBA Finals

    Let's be real, he's making that guarantee with or without a CP3 injury. He LOVES running his mouth.
  3. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    No kidding. The SuperMax has bitten the league in the arse.
  4. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    The NBA became "broken" for me when these Super Teams formed. I mean, the Miami Heat one wasn't good but the whole Durant joining the Warriors was really the last big straw for me. When 90% of the high-end talent in the league is on 4-5 teams, you've already got a season that's pretty much expected. I mean, how many people didn't think we'd have Houston and Golden State in the WFC and Cleveland and Boston in the ECF? That shouldn't happen. In a league that's star-driven, there isn't room for parity if only a few teams have the talent.
  5. Not sure your logic is valid, but his argument isn't right either in the most literal sense. I'd guess that @cannondale didn't think that Ty would get any sort of noteworthy deal or be a priority for the Packers to re-sign.
  6. Flaherty probably goes back down. Miles Mikolas, Luke Weaver, and Carlos Martinez are all going to be in the rotation for various reasons. Michael Wacha continues to pitch well, so he'll stick in the rotation. Flaherty goes back down to Memphis when they'll need him at some point in the future. Maybe they deal Wacha at the deadline?
  7. That's what happens when you give NTC to players who aren't franchise players...
  8. He's been doing this over the last ~700 PA, I think it's time to talk about him regaining his prospect luster. Obviously, there's a TON of red flags with him and that he'll revert back to his old self, but it seems like the move to the OF has done him wonders. If he can continue to suppress that K%, I'll be very impressed. When he started to hit last year, it ballooned to over 21% with the increase of power. His ISO has gone up 17 points, but his K% has dropped to 13%.
  9. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I mean, adding Parsons AND the MIL 1st would be the minimum. And even then, I'd have a hard time considering it.
  10. Trade rumor/suggestion thread

    I don't see how the Grizz even touch that. I'd want SIGNIFICANTLY more added if I were Memphis.
  11. FIX your team thread.

    Don't think the Lakers have enough money to sign all those RFAs to offers their teams wouldn't match AND sign Evans and Favors.
  12. Marcedes Lewis in the fold!

    So...do we start calling Jimmy Graham a WR now?
  13. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    No. Most of us said it was bad for the NBA. That hasn't changed. It's good for the team, bad for the league.
  14. 2017-2018 NBA GDT: Off the court discussions

    Bad franchises stay bad. As bad as what the Sixers did is for the NBA, it's what most teams should try and do. Get as bad you can, sell your cap space for future assets, and hope you get some ping pong ball luck.
  15. It was because CBS Sports had Latimer ranked higher than Adams.