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  1. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    We've got Dexter Fowler with your team calling...
  2. Probably should have started the year with State College, not GCL Cardinals or whatever assignment they had.
  3. Sounds like it's going to be a boring trade deadline. I get the Cardinals don't want to "rebuild", but it needs to be done. Playing .500 ball isn't going to get the Cardinals anywhere but no man's land. Sounds like they need to be overwhelmed to move any of their SP, but they need to take the best offer on Miles Mikolas.
  4. Free Agency Thread

    I’m hoping you’re referring to second round picks.
  5. Indians acquire Brad Hand

    Let's get back on topic guys...

    Blow this team up Mo! Top to bottom.

    I mean, if the Cardinals were being competitive this year, I could possibly see it. But the Cardinals are a series sweep away from rebuilding. If they're dealing someone with multiple years of control, they're wanting long-term assets. Not someone whose going to walk as a FA in the offseason. And I'm not sure it was Alex Rodriguez that proposed it. I think it was the girl announcer.
  8. Who compared Gleyber to Jed Lowrie?

    Did the ESPN announcers just suggest a Mike Moustakas for Jose Martinez trade?
  10. Are ESPN announcers always this bad? They just proposed a Jose Martinez for Moose trade.
  11. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    But I thought that Kawhi didn't want to play for a super team?
  12. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    I mean, anticipating Kyle Lowry or Jonas Valanciunas to opt out of their contract seems far unlikely. Kyle Lowry isn't going to get that kind of salary, and I'm not sure Jonas V does either. Even if Kawhi walks next offseason, they're still a fringe playoff team in the East.
  13. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    I mean, comparing Toronto to Los Angeles...
  14. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    You're right. But you have to operate under the assumption that he would leave. There's a reason why neither Boston or Philadelphia offered anyone notable off their roster. Hell, the most recent report out of Philadelphia was that the Sixers weren't willing to deal Markelle Fultz (as we already knew) or Dario Saric. So you're offering a package based around Robert Covington and Jerryd Bayless to make salaries to work, and picks. That's not a very good offer, and the best pick you can offer is that Miami '21 FRP. That being said, I LOVE that gamble for the Raptors. It won't work out, but it's better to get DeRozan off the books. Hell, even if Toronto decides to flip him at the deadline for expirings and a FRP or two to a team whose trying to make a run for the title.
  15. Kawhi Leonard Traded to Toronto for DeMar DeRozan

    I guess we will find out a year from now. If you don't want to acknowledge the very real concept that Kawhi can leave, you're going to be incredibly disappointed when it happens.