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  1. Well..LoA is starting to leak. The new starter evolutions are garbage.
  2. I think the basis of that speculation is that the Big 12 doesn't want a ton of movement after Oklahoma and Texas depart. But I think you'd have fixed games across division.
  3. If you're moving on from Rodgers it's because you think you're ready to run with Jordan Love.
  4. There's just not enough talent down in Arizona for him to go much further.
  5. I mean, he's been roughly a .500 coach going back to his days at Texas Tech. While I do think a LOT of the blame falls on the FO. Last year, they drafted Zaven Collins, Rondale Moore, and Marco Wilson with their first three picks. Only their 4th round pick, Marco Wilson, played in 50%+ of the snaps last year. Their FRP (Zaven Collins) played in 20% of the defensive snaps and their SRP (Rondale Moore) played in 37% of the snaps. Their '20 FRP Isaiah Simmons only played in 34% of the snaps his rookie year. Their 3rd round pick that year, Josh Jones, played in less then 5% of the snaps duri
  6. I think it'd assume that the Texans finally decide to rebuild completely.
  7. That's the case with every team. Not just Green Bay.
  8. The only reason you don't agree is because the rule burnt your team. If it was the other way around, you wouldn't be complaining about in the slightest. But the reality is that Dak of all people should have known the rule, and he chose to try and spot the ball himself.
  9. It would be ironic if Moore called the play that got him McCarthy's gig...
  10. I'm just waiting for that Cowboys fan to come in here and talk about how the Cowboys defeat bad teams decisively...
  11. What a way to lose a game. I think I actually support Jerry Jones firing Mac after that.
  12. Play with good gap discipline. That means you Rashan Gary.
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