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  1. Not sure what you're trying to get at...
  2. PG: Russell Westbrook / (Dennis Schroder) SG: (Alex Caruso) / (Talen Horton-Tucker) SF: LeBron James / Alfonzo McKinnie PF: Anthony Davis 😄 Marc Gasol The Lakers certainly have their work cut out for them. They'll almost certainly operate as a team above the luxury tax this season. And they've got 3 notable FAs in Dennis Schroder. Schroder isn't getting his huge new deal from the Lakers after acquiring Russell Westbrook, so you have to figure he'll move onto another team either via free agency or S&T. Alex Caruso and Russell Westbrook are both RFA, so the Lakers will have th
  3. At the end of the day, the NBA is about talent. Hard to argue that that wouldn't be the best foursome in NBA history.
  4. Stahp. You with dad jokes just gives me nightmares.
  5. He's gonna get like $15M+. $10M is a pretty big haircut.
  6. DeRozan won't sign that, but it'd be fun watching the league meltdown if that were to happen.
  7. They'll pay the luxury tax, and they'll be competing for a championship. Schroder is really the only real other domino needs to fall.
  8. He's actually a good defender and shoots pretty well. He will almost certainly be back as our top backup guard.
  9. Which was accurate. How many of the players mentioned in that rumor actually got dealt to the Wizards. One. Montrezl Harrell.
  10. I didn't say that there was no chance that the Lakers would trade for Westbrook. I said the iteration of the rumor you posted would have been at best a perfect example of tampering.
  11. Yes. It's really not all that painful unless a team maxes him, and even then it's not bad until Y3 and Y4.
  12. Would need to involve Schroder via S&T somehow. He can make $18.6M in his first year before his trade value as far incoming/outgoing salary starts to change. The Lakers could take on as much as $23.35M, which would be enough to allow the Lakers to take on Buddy Hield. And I think Jeanie would gladly pay that luxury tax bill in a heartbeat. The question is who wants Schroder? And could potentially give something to Sacramento.
  13. Neither are gone. The Lakers will be a tax team this year.
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