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  1. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Clearly you do. You haven't posted an iota of logic behind any of your argument. Somehow when @beekay414 calls Tatum a #2 at best, you're talking about how it's too early to put any kind of limit on what he can be. But you just got done talking about how Ingram was a role player. Don't even try and argue otherwise.
  2. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Because I don't think the Lakers are interested in "resetting" the PG position for the third time without a clear upgrade. I think the only way Lonzo Ball becomes available is if the Lakers had a clear upgrade, i.e. Kyrie Irving, in the wings. They traded D'Angelo Russell to clear Timofey Mozgov's contract, so there was at least value there. Swapping one PG for another PG with significantly more risk doesn't seem like something the Lakers are keen on doing with LeBron in the fold. If they're moving Lonzo, it's part of a trade for Anthony Davis IMO. Maybe Bradley Beal if they sign Kyrie, and can't get New Orleans to budge.
  3. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    I mean, the Lakers aren't "resetting" their PG position again unless we're getting a clear upgrade over Lonzo. For all of his issues, Lonzo still adds quite a bit of value and the Lakers are clearly better with him on the court. I could see them looking for a running mate next to him, but I don't see them drafting a replacement.
  4. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    How do you plan on dumping nearly $21M in salary? Teams aren't going to willingly take on that kind of salary without some sort of incentive. And I'm not sure future FRPs (even with limited protection) are going to get it done. Plus, you have to get one of the big FAs to buy into signing with New Orleans. Kawhi Leoanrd, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thomspon are definitely not going to sign in New Orleans. I doubt Kyrie would either. Kemba maybe if you had the biggest offer on the table.
  5. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Al Horford isn't opting out. He's not getting $30M/year on the open market. Hell, he might be pushing a 2 year deal at $15M/year if he's lucky. And Gordon Hayward is a toxic contract. He was awful this year. Golden State isn't sitting in the luxury tax to help the Celtics sign Kevin Durant. There's NO way Kevin Durant ends up in a Celtics' uniform.
  6. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    At this point, there's more indication that Kyrie is intending to leave Boston. IF Kyrie was going to re-sign with Boston, he would have squashed those rumors midseason. Instead, he was deliberately non-committal about his future in Boston. I don't see any way he's not going to end up with either of the NY teams or the Lakers. And there's no financial way to see Kevin Durant AND Anthony Davis in a Celtics' uniform. Stop playing 2k.
  7. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Other than maybe Daryl Morey, Ainge is probably the biggest hoarder of assets in the NBA. At least with Morey, he cashed a chunk of his assets into James Harden. Ainge really is a leprechaun.
  8. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Player A: 33.8 MPG, 18.3 PPG, 49.7% FG%, 33% 3P%, 5.1 RPG, 3 APG, 2.5 TOPG Player B: 31.1 MPG, 15.7 PPG, 45% FG%, 37% 3P%, 6 RPG, 2.1 APG, 1.5 TOPG Obviously, you know who is who, but when one player is putting up largely superior numbers than the other. The kicker is the uncertainty regarding Brandon Ingram's health plus Tatum having an extra year of team control. I don't need to see mental gymnastics to justify why one player is more valuable than the other. No, Ingram playing on a 37-45 team doesn't make his stats any less impressive than Tatum playing on a 49-33 team.
  9. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    Tatum's value has dropped quite a bit since last year. He shot significantly worse from the field and beyond the arc than he did in his rookie year, and he's got another year of rookie salary control. His value isn't the same as it was after last offseason. It's going to take more than fillers an extra picks to get New Orleans to deal Anthony Davis. And that's assuming Ainge is willing to put Tatum on the table. I'd guess he won't if Kyrie leaves.
  10. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Ironic. Brandon Ingram is nothing more than a role player, but the second someone tries to put a limit on Tatum it's a travesty. Keep up your ridiculous double standard, I'm enjoying it.
  11. 2019 NBA Mock Draft Thread

    The draft is usually the one thing the Lakers do right. The decision to take D'Angelo Russell over Jahlil Okafor was received mix feelings, but it turned out to quickly be the right decision despite whatever happened in a Lakers' uniform. And they've been pretty good with their late FRPs.
  12. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    I was wondering if you or @RavensTillIDie got drunk...
  13. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    That's not going to happen. And I don't think the Lakers would do Lonzo for 6 either.
  14. 2019 Offseason Trade Rumors & Free Agency Thread

    Your hate is strong. It's fun.
  15. Official New Orleans Pelicans Thread

    That you're not proposing some outrageous proposal. You and I have had our difference in opinions, but your opinions are at least grounded in reality.