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  1. I literally have nothing to pull from this game, nothing. Give him a week to get a full amount of reps in practice, and anything resembling some health on that OL and you might see a different QB.
  2. GDT Week 6 - Packers @ Vikings

    I hate this argument so much. How good are the Patriots without Tom Brady? How about the Eagles without Carson Wentz? This whole fallacy that somehow the Packers are built poorly because they lose their star QB is terrible logic.
  3. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    TBH, I think Pitt's window to win a Super Bowl closed a while ago. I think they're in the same position that the Eagles were several years ago where it was time to move on from their HC.
  4. I'm not sure that 4-200 is what they're trying to get at. I think that the Packers could win 2-3 more games without Rodgers. LIS, I think the Browns game is the only one I'm really confident in, but aside from that health is going to be HUGE if they're going to win more games. Particularly along the OL.
  5. We've got 10 games remaining, and you think we're going to win 4 or 5 games? You must be really high on Hundley.
  6. I was planning on doing one during the bye week...but I might have to accelerate it.
  7. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Until his decision making gets better, I'm not convinced he can lead them to the Super Bowl.
  8. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    I look at it this way, the Packers go into the bye with a win against the Saints they're sitting at 5-2 with a chance to get healthy and regroup. If they don't, they're sitting at 4-3, and their margin for error gets even smaller.
  9. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    The only thing that gives me hope is that New Orleans defense still isn't any good. Won't matter much if Bakh/Bulaga aren't able to go.
  10. This year's pretty weird if you're asking me. Outside of Kansas City and Philadelphia, you don't really have teams with significant leads in their division. There is more parity in the league right now. You've got three teams (NY Giants, Cleveland, and San Francisco) that seem inept, and another one whose a step ahead of them (LA Chargers).
  11. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    It's gonna sound like a cop out, but we'll know better about where we are after next week.
  12. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    Check your PMs.
  13. What games do you project them to win? The only one I'm confident in is the Cleveland game. Maybe the game against the Bears, but it depends on how Trubisky develops.
  14. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    And Big Ben is still garbage.
  15. The Bills went 7-9 last year, and ended up picking 10th. The Giants went 6-10 in 2015, and they picked 10th. The Rams went 6-10 in 2014, and picked 10th in the draft. Realistically, 6 wins could net the Packers a top 10 pick.
  16. They're not going to tank, but if this team doesn't get healthy then they're going to have a hard time winning many more games. At this point, you'd have to imagine the Packers are going to hold Bakh out of the New Orleans game and Bulaga is probably questionable as well. Aside from those two, the offense should be relatively healthy. Defensively, I'd imagine King will be available, but Rollins and Burnett seem unlikely.
  17. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    That's not what I thought it was. We're literally talking about 3rd string QBs here, there isn't a team in the league that thinks that their 3rd string QB is capable of winning games.
  18. 'MM: Brett Hundley’s my quarterback'

    Like @deltarich87 said, there was never a doubt. The fact that he even had to address it is comical. At the very least, if you brought in a veteran QB they probably wouldn't be ready for the game against the Saints, so you're looking at the game after the bye against the Lions.
  19. GDT Week 6 - Packers @ Vikings

    He's playing like one, I think you could make the argument. But he needs to do it over a longer period of time to solidify it IMO.
  20. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    Why? Taysom Hill was claimed off waivers, which meant that the Packers would have had to release someone else in order to keep him on the active roster. What player were you willing to expose to waivers in order to keep Hill, a 3rd QB, on the active roster? It would have been crazy to keep 3 QBs on your active roster when you have Aaron Rodgers and Brett Hundley. They [Hill and Callahan] both suck, Hill is just a bit more exciting.
  21. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    No, just complaining to complain. Neither Taysom Hill or Joe Callahan is leading the Packers anywhere.
  22. GB vs MIN Post-season thread

    I'm not really reading much into this game. There isn't a single facet in this game that I'd say played well. Maybe if I were pressing for something I'd say that HHCD seemed to finally take good angles to the ball carrier or Blake Martinez. But this is one of those games you just throw out the window, and don't look back at it.
  23. I guess we're gonna find out what we have in Hundley now... So Callahan gets signed tomorrow, right?
  24. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    The thing is that Barrett works for the style of play the Big 10 is known for. Against Big 12 teams, he's going to have a hard time keeping up if the defense isn't keeping the opposing team off the board.
  25. Week 6 GDT

    No that wasn't targeting, but that doesn't mean that the whole issue of players launching themselves into other player isn't an issue.