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  1. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    I'm not sure that a one-loss Pac-12 champ makes the playoffs. Washington's OOC schedule doesn't help when Rutgers is their "best" win. Washington State isn't much better. USC probably has the best OOC schedule, especially after they face Notre Dame. They're probably the "best" option of the one-loss Pac-12 teams assuming Washington loses at some point.
  2. GDT Week 6 - Packers @ Vikings

    It's also possible that the initial diagnosis wasn't accurate. I mean, I don't think anyone isn't frustrated that Bakh isn't back out there but hammies aren't something you want lingering.
  3. GDT Week 6 - Packers @ Vikings

    Whose ready for the game tomorrow? Where you guys watching the game? @NormSizedMidget @packfanfb @deltarich87 @Mr. Fussnputz @Green19 @40Year Pack Fan @RoellPreston88 @LargeFarva @Packerraymond @PACKRULE @PackyAttacky @Gopackgonerd @{Family Ghost} @JBURGE25 @Argus @Pugger @Shanedorf @pollino14 @Cakeshoppe @BrettFavre004 @MathMan @packerrfan74 @eyecatcher @vegas492 @Cadmus @squire12 @Boondoggle @Haha21 @TheOnlyThing @MNPackfan32 @KFP7 @SpeightTheVillain @skibrett15 @Spartacus @Pad Level @HawaiiFan808 @gizmo2012 @ChaRisMa @spilltray @justo @jontat83 @Dubz41 @driftwood @TransientTexan @AlexGreen#20 @HorizontoZenith @bkobow05 @DocHambone @MantyWrestler @ReadyToThump @Packer_ESP @Stevein2012 @LacyIsGood @CalhounLambeau @jleisher @Lieker @Bieker @Joe @PossibleCabbage @Bauman1535 @DavidatMIZZOU @wgbeethree @KManX89 @cannondale @chillparsi1 @Acrid Josher @St Vince @Slinky @MaryTsraining3s @49-Sweep @68md @biletnikoff @BluePacker @Bullet Club @Cheesehead430 @crkone @domonz @Eternal @fattlipp @fotballer @Gopher Trace @green 01 @HyponGrey @jake1962 @Ketchup @MrBoom @packerjmf @SamClemens89 @SplashDive @Squatch @thrILL! @tttmikeb @ugLymayNe @jfinley88 @HokieHigh Vikings fans, you watching the game right? @disaacs @Duff34man @footbull3196 @Freakish Mind @gopherwrestler @Heimdallr @HighHopes @husker_vikes3 @JDBrocks @K9 @NoDakViking @NorthCountryEvo @Nozizaki @RedRider @SemperFeist @Robb_K @skywindO2 @solidvikingfan @SouthernViking @swiss_vike @TENINCH @VikeManDan @The Gnat @Klomp @Frank Costello @y*so*blu @byuvike88 @SteelKing728 @Robbroy45
  4. GDT Week 6 - Packers @ Vikings

    I thought it was Newman, not Rhodes?
  5. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    Utah going for 2 for the win...
  6. NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers take 2

    Admittedly, we're talking about a very limited sample size but I've seen Contreras get turned around on pitches, he's stabbing at balls in the dirt, etc. I mean, I wouldn't say he's bad but he's not the defender I thought he was. Not talking about his arm either.
  7. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Where you at @JBURGE25 and @jfinley88? It's too quiet in here.
  8. And the front...got to keep everything in place.
  9. I've got my big boy panties on.
  10. It has you listed under xmad...
  11. So did we settle on xmad?
  12. NLCS: Cubs vs. Dodgers take 2

    @hrubes20 is Contreras a mixed bag defensively? Or am I just seeing bad times to actually watch his defense?

    Almost forgot to get my pick in...that would have been bad. Week 6 Pick: Washington Redskins
  14. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    Early top 10 for next week...games still can affect. 1.) Alabama 2.) Georgia 3.) Penn State 4.) Washington 5.) TCU 6.) Wisconsin 7.) Ohio State 8.) Miami 9.) Clemson 10.) Oklahoma EDIT: That's a prediction, not my actual rankings.
  15. Week 7 | Other Games Thread

    Not sure how I feel about those Florida jerseys.
  16. Relationship Advice Thread

    Yeah, just let it go. There's more fish in the sea, and you'll find one who won't put you through the ringer.
  17. Not that I think he's wanting a diminished role, but you'd have to imagine that a diminished role on a contending team is significantly more appealing than a diminished role on a rebuilding team. Regardless, I don't see the Packers being that interested. Blake Martinez has been playing really well this year, and they've been using Morgan Burnett and Josh Jones in that ROVER role.
  18. GOTW | Week 7 | #12 Oklahoma at Texas

    Hell of a catch even if it won't count.
  19. That's kinda where I've been at. Evans has a bit above a replacement level guard, but he's not Lang by any means.
  20. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    And that's where the discrepancy is coming from. There's a faction that believe that Josh Allen has displayed enough "traits" to warrant potentially using a 1st round pick on him, when the reality is that those same posters are willing to ignore what happens on a down-to-down basis.
  21. GOTW | Week 7 | #12 Oklahoma at Texas

    Oko is gasse. Hot take incoming, Texas should have left Buechele in there...
  22. Who Impressed You This Week (Week 7 10/14/17)

    Catch-all threads actually suppress forum discussion. Posters don't want to sift through dozens of pages of random discussion to find the topic that they want to talk about.
  23. 2018 Draft Eligible QB Thread

    Considering I said that late Day 2 (i.e. 3rd round) was the beginning of where I'd be comfortable taking him, no. But the original discussion was whether or not he's done enough to justify using a 1st round pick on him.