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  1. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    That's my thought process as well. Toronto is pretty damn tapped out in terms of financial flexibility, they lack any real young assets to play with, and their picks aren't going to be very high.
  2. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Clearly that's what I was going for. Nobody is unseating the Warriors this year. We've seen the attempt to surround LeBron with a crap ton of shooters. It didn't work for Cleveland, and there's no real reason to believe that it's suddenly going to work with the Cavaliers. Instead, they surrounded him by playmakers and defenders so we will see how it works with the Lakers. We saw Cleveland throw a bunch of defenders at the Warriors with a surprising amount of success.
  3. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Ah yes, the "I don't have anything else to add, so I'll just be obtuse" argument.
  4. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread - #LABron

    Early results have been promising. Good shooter, better than advertised defender. Probably gets buried on the depth chart.
  5. Propose a Trade/Trade Rumors Thread

    Knowing the Cardinals, they'll overpay for some moderate reliever and they're going to halfass an attempt to make the playoffs.
  6. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    KCP is a career 38% shooter, Brandon Ingram shot 39% last year, Josh Hart shot 40%, and Kyle Kuzma shot 37% from beyond the arc last year. They may not have an elite 3 point shooter, but they should be good enough in that category. But if you think LeBron James is the best shooter on the roster, you're incredibly mistaken. But somehow because Lonzo Ball was a bad shooter, the Lakers are bad shooters. And no, there is no formula for beating the Warriors. But we've seen how well throwing a bunch of shooters around works. It doesn't. In fact, the closest we've seen a team come to toppling the Warriors was the Rockets in the WCF, when they pushed them to 7 games. And they didn't do it by outshooting the Warriors. They had the ability to switch defensively.
  7. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    You CAN NOT outshoot Golden State. We just saw Houston push them to the max, and probably was a CP3 injury away from winning that series. We saw the Cavaliers try and outshoot the Warriors, and they got swept. What's the difference? Houston actually plays defense. Houston wasn't an elite defensive team by any means, but they were good enough.
  8. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    So...because he's not a good shooter, he's a bad fit? He's a strong defender, very unselfish with the ball, and he's a good rebounder for a PG. And his USG% is ridiculously low for a PG. Let's put this into perspective, James Harden was the "PG" with the highest USG% at 35.9%. In comparison, Lonzo Ball's USG% was a 18.7%. That's astounding. There were 4 PGs who had a higher usage rate than Lonzo Ball. Let that sink in. Let's not pretend like the Lakers are running Smush Parker out there. And yes, there are probably better fits next to LeBron. How many of them are realistically acquireable and/or actually an upgrade over Lonzo? Again, if we see even marginal improvements from Lonzo as far as shooting goes, this is a non-discussion.
  9. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    So you're telling me that the Cavaliers put a TON of shooters around LeBron, yet in 15 out of the 22 games they lost they weren't making open shots? Either your shooters aren't as good as you're led to believe, or the strategy isn't as flawless as you are led to believe. But the even bigger elephant in the room is the other end of the court. Last year, Cleveland was 28th in opponents FG%, and were T-20th in opposing 3P%. Compare that to the Lakers who were last year were 3rd in opposing teams' 3P% and 10th in FG%. That's without any real semblance of a rim protector and no real elite defenders. The Lakers are betting that a LeBron-based offense is going to be efficient regardless of whether or not you have enough shooters around them. They're not going to give up defense for more shooters.
  10. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    He doesn't have to be a great shooter to be a great player, he impacts the game enough in other ways that he doesn't have to be a great shooter to provide value. Lonzo shot 67% from the FT line and 41% in college, but only shot 45% from the line and 31% from beyond the arc. So it goes back to one question, why did Lonzo shoot worse from the FT line in the NBA than he did in college? It's the same shot. I suppose you could make the argument about sample size, but you could argue that for both sides. You'd imagine his career FT% will probably be closer to his college average than his rookie season. That suggests there's either a mechanical issue or a medical flaw that affects the mechanics. And college FT% is usually a good indicator of 3P% in the NBA.
  11. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    https://www.basketball-reference.com/players/m/mbahalu01/gamelog/2018#pgl_basic_playoffs::none He averaged roughly 13.5 MPG in the 4 games he played...
  12. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    No. They don't have to be scrambling to him, but they just have to respect him. Jason Kidd was a career 35% shooter, and it wasn't like teams completely left him wide open. This isn't Rajon Rondo during the Celtics' championship run when he was consistently a sub-25% shooter from beyond the arc, where teams were literally not defending him until he attacked the basket. LIS, if Lonzo can improve to around 35% shooting, that's more than enough. No. That's still an awful comparison. I mean, even if Lonzo Ball suddenly got worse, he's still better than Eric Snow by a pretty significant margin. We're talking about a guy who actually impacts the game positively, and one who didn't. I mean, of all the comparisons to make about non-shooters at PG, this might have been the worse. Hell, I would have gone with Rajon Rondo before I would have used Eric Snow. It's a downright awful, lazy comparison. When your career best season is comparable to a rookie season, that's not a good comparison. And we saw how well that worked for Cleveland. In the four Finals against the Warriors, the Cavaliers went 7 of a possible 22 games. That's a winning percentage of 32%, that's a winning percentage worse than the Sacramento Kings. Let that sink in. Let's not try to overthink this. The Cavaliers were effective for two reasons: they played in a mediocre Eastern Conference and they had LeBron James. They were a great offensive team, but an absolutely miserable defensive team. The whole filling 3&D players around LeBron James sounds great in theory, but the reality is those players don't grow on trees and they are usually a high commodity. Do you have something to convince you that Lonzo Ball will be a career 31% shooter from beyond the arc for his career? If so, I'd love to hear it because at this point I don't think you can. I've said that if he becomes a career 35% shooter from beyond the arc, I'm happy. Especially given the impact he makes elsewhere. You know who else is a career 35% shooter from beyond the arc? LeBron James. You don't hear anyone complaining about his shooting It's ridiculous. Still waiting to hear how Brandon Ingram isn't a good fit next to LeBron. I imagine I'll be waiting for a while because there really isn't a good one. He shot 39% from beyond the arc this year, but let me guess he's not a good enough shooter?
  13. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Lulz. The way you manage to shrug off that 10% difference is astounding. Paul George shot 41% from beyond the arc compared to 31% for Lonzo Ball. Would you say that's negligible? No. Paul George is a better shooter than LeBron. But Lonzo Ball will improve his shooting, I can guaranteed that. Unlike Eric Snow over his entire career shot 21% from beyond the arc, there was no room for improvement. They're literally nothing alike. Lonzo Ball is exponentially better than Eric Snow. Just admit it was a lazy comparison and we can move on.
  14. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Those aren't Lakers fans...
  15. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    The fact that you're trying to make a comparison between Eric Snow and Lonzo Ball is comical at best. Even in Eric Snow's best season (2002-03) it's comparable to Lonzo Ball's rookie season. Eric Snow is a career 21% shooter from beyond the arc, and Snow was a 26% shooter in college. Lonzo Ball in his rookie year shot 31% from beyond the arc, but shot 41% from beyond the arc in college. He will improve, and he's already a night and day better shooter than Eric Snow. The fact that you're trying to even make this comparison is mind boggling. As for the fit next to LeBron, that's debatable depending on what kind of offense you want to run. If you want run a LeBron-centric offense, yes I'd agree George Hill is a better fit next to him due to him being a consistent better shooter. If you're wanting to run more off-ball LeBron offense, than Lonzo is a significantly better fit. I'd take Lonzo every day of the week and twice on Sunday's over George Hill in a vacuum. Add in age and salary and it's not even remotely close. I'm still not sure how you can argue that Brandon Ingram is a bad fit for LeBron. I'd LOVE to hear an explanation for that one.
  16. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    I'm not sure if people are misunderstanding me, or if they legitimately are being obtuse. I'm not saying he's going to suddenly be a spot up shooter and standing around the perimeter or playing like a big man. He's just not going to handle the offense as much, because he isn't the only one capable of creating the offense. Look at the USG% of LeBron in Kyrie's last year (30%) and last year (31.6%). He's going to be closer to that last year with Kyrie than he is last year.
  17. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    I know you're a Cavs fan and all, but at least try and hide your bias. The Cavaliers' 2017/18 roster was a joke. The only reason they made the NBA Finals was because of LeBron James. We're going to see how badly they regress this year. https://www.basketball-reference.com/play-index/pcm_finder.fcgi?request=1&sum=0&player_id1_hint=Lonzo+Ball&player_id1_select=Lonzo+Ball&y1=2018&player_id1=balllo01&idx=players&player_id2_hint=George+Hill&player_id2_select=George+Hill&y2=2018&player_id2=hillge01&idx=players Lulz. The only thing that George Hill did better than Lonzo last year was shoot the ball better. Lonzo rebounds at significantly higher rate, he's a significantly better passer, and both DBPM and DWS valued Lonzo significantly higher than George Hill. And that's all despite the fact that they had similar USG% rates. It's not even close. Add on the fact that Lonzo Ball is 20 years old and George Hill is 31 years old as well as Lonzo being on his rookie contract for another 3 seasons, and George Hill has some 2 years, $27M left on his contract and Lonzo is exponentially better and more valuable than George Hill. I can't believe you're even arguing that.
  18. Not likely to happen...Pau Gasol and Kawhi Leonard make a combined ~$36.1M, which mean the Sixers would have to send out about $28.8M in salary. They can't combine Wilson Chandler in a trade with other players since he was recently acquired, and they can't deal JJ Redick until Decemberish. I suppose in theory if the Sixers in theory could make it two simultaneous trades where you get a Chandler/Gasol swap, and then a separate deal for Kawhi. You include Robert Covington, Jerryd Bayless, and all their salary fillers, it puts the Sixers with enough outgoing salary to land Kawhi. There's still the issue that the Spurs aren't getting any of their primary assets they are asking for. If they're asking the Lakers for Brandon Ingram, Kyle Kuzma, Josh Hart, 2 FRP and the option to swap picks, there's no way a Sixers deal gets done without Markelle Fultz.
  19. 2018 NBA Random Offseason Discussion

    Houston gave Golden State issues because they could switch constantly. If you're trading Ariza for Carmelo, you're losing part of that ability. Carmelo isn't a very good defender anymore, and he doesn't have the ability to switch either.
  20. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    I trust either of those two or Brandon Ingram exponentially more than anyone the Cavaliers could run out.
  21. LeBron James to the Lakers 4 Years/$154M

    Who was supposed to run the offense with Cleveland? George Hill? J.R. Smith? Jose Calderon? Jordan Clarkson? LeBron was the offense because he had to be. Last year, LeBron's USG% was 31.6%, which was 6th highest behind James Harden (36.1%), Russell Westbrook (34.1%), Joel Embiid (33.4%), DeMarcus Cousins (31.9%), and Devin Booker (31.7%). Go compare Kevin Durant's USG% with Oklahoma City and compare it to Golden State. Golden State has other players who can/would run the offense so that Kevin Durant wouldn't have to. There's probably four or five guys I trust to run an offense more on the Lakers than I do the Cavaliers. Do I suddenly think he's going to be a completely different player? No, but I do think we're going to see a different LeBron.
  22. Name Change

    Wait...you don't already have all that?
  23. NFL News & Notes

    No you didn't. You're more than welcome to discuss Packers in here, but at least attempt to have a real discussion.
  24. Name Change

    It's not exactly a well frequented forum.