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  1. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I think he's going to fall a bit short. He's listed as 5'10" according to the Ohio State website, and numbers tend to be a bit fudged.
  2. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    Are we really going to play much 3 safeties look? Because even with Capers, we didn't run a ton of 3 safety looks. So you're essentially making Josh Jones a LB/S hybrid, whose essentially playing next to Blake Martinez. So you're not substituting him for Lenzy Pipkins or Josh Hawkins. You're substituting him for Jake Ryan.
  3. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I'm trying to play a numbers' game here, and you have to figure 4 QBs go off the board before the Packers pick. You include those five, and that's 9 of the top 13 picks. I think most would agree that'd be a worst case scenario situation. That means the Packers would likely have at least one of the ILBs (Edmunds/Smith), Josh Jackson, and Arden Key/Harold Landry likely available.
  4. Consensus Mock - 14. Green Bay Packers

    Is Derwin James the clear BPA at this point? And if we select him, what exactly do we do with Josh Jones?
  5. Definitely think he'll be in the mix for the Packers. Although, drafting James likely means they're committing Josh Jones to that LB role that Morgan Burnett played this year. Given how quickly pass rushers tend to go off the board, I think it's going to be hard to pass up on Marcus Davenport [EDGE; UTSA] here. I think it's unlikely the Packers draft a DL early this year. They've got Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels who will take the lions' share of PT, and they drafted Montravius Adams last year in the 3rd round and very high on him. I think Dallas Goedert [TE; South Dakota State] probably makes the most sense here. No, just no. He's not very good. I'd go Isaiah Oliver [CB; Colorado] here instead. I'd consider him with our 2nd round pick. Great value. I'd seriously consider taking Carlton Davis here on top of Oliver. Probably could go with Dante Pettis [WR; Washington] here as well if they're looking towards the future.
  6. The Penske File Mock

    He's slipping? Based on what?
  7. I'm willing to move him if the price is right.
  8. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Haven't done a ton of detail into them, but I know enough to hold my own in a discussion on them. Harold Landry is probably the most interesting player for me. Elite bend and that first step gives him high upside as a pass rusher. Doesn't really hold well at the POA, particularly during a double team. Shows good understanding of leverage and solid fundamentals in run defense, but his lack of strength is readily apparent. Shown some ability to drop back in coverage. Davenport probably is the other end of the spectrum. Power game is clearly there already, shown a very effective bull rush. Hasn't displayed that bend that Landry has consistently. Probably higher risk, but higher reward with Davenport. Right now, I'm looking at Derwin James, Harold Landry, and Marcus Davenport are three guys I think are guys we should keep an eye on. I don't think the Packers are in on Arden Key unless it's later on in the draft. Something about Derwin James seems like a very real possibility, although that pretty much commits Josh Jones into that SS role. Are we willing to do that?
  9. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    You have to go back and watch the 2016 tape for Harold Landry. Played pretty much the entire 2017 season on a bum ankle that clearly affected his play.
  10. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I think you pretty much nit the nail on the head. Certain gambles are more than worth the risk, but most generally don't turn out as well. I mean, if you're in the 4th round and see Antonio Callaway then I think you'd be hard pressed to pass up on that kind of talent.
  11. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Honestly, hard to be disappointed with any of those guys. All have their issues which could lead them to being available.
  12. Official Los Angeles Lakers Thread SUMMER LEAGUE CHAMPS!!!

    There's little doubt that Paul George is their primary target. LeBron isn't coming to Los Angeles without another star coming, so if the Lakers miss out on George you can rule out LeBron. The question is, are the Lakers better off signing LeBron with Paul George or punting the cap space into next year for Klay Thompson or Kawhi Leonard?
  13. You must be new to this forum.
  14. The STL Cardinals Thread - Offseason

    I think there's little doubt that they didn't plan on just landing one bat. But our offense looks a LOT better than it did just a few months ago. I think they'd still like to get Josh Donaldson, but it seems like Toronto is going to be bull headed about holding onto him despite contract discussions going nowhere.
  15. 2018 Draft Eligible WR Thread

    Nobody is saying there isn't talent, we're just saying there's no high-end talent.