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  1. In a matchup that features TWO 2-0 teams, this figures to be an exciting matchup. What do you guys have planned to watch the game? Any predictions @scar988, @coors, @BladeKor, @DrawABlank, @DutchFalcon, @Jgoldiscool, @GSUeagles14?
  2. This Is Rival Talk v1.0

    Talk about any news related to any of the other 31 teams here.
  3. Where Packers >>>
  4. First mock of the year, let's go...using ESPN's power rankings for the draft order. 1.) New York Jets - Sam Darnold [QB; USC] 2.) San Francisco 49ers - Saquon Barkley [RB; Penn State] 3.) Cleveland Browns - Derwin James [S; Florida State] 4.) Chicago Bears - Connor Williams [OT; Texas] 5.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Josh Rosen [QB; UCLA] 6.) Los Angeles Rams - Tarvarus McFadden [CB; Florida State] 7.) Buffalo Bills - James Washington [WR; Oklahoma State] 8.) Miami Dolphins - Minkah Fitzparick [S; Alabama] 9.) Los Angeles Chargers - Orlando Brown [OT; Oklahoma] 10.) New Orleans Saints - Arden Key [DE/OLB; LSU] 11.) Cincinnati Bengals - Trey Adams [OT; Washington] 12.) Baltimore Ravens - Da'Ron Payne [DT; Alabama] 13.) Washington Redskins - Josh Allen [QB; Wyoming] 14.) Detroit Lions - Mike McGlinchey [OT; Notre Dame] 15.) Indianapolis Colts - Sam Hubbard [DE; Ohio State] 16.) Minnesota Vikings - Christian Wilkins [DT; Clemson] 17.) Carolina Panthers - Bradley Chubb [DE; NC State] 18.) Philadelphia Eagles - Courtland Sutton [WR; SMU] 19.) Cleveland Browns (from Houston Texans) - Malik Jefferson [LB; Texas] 20.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Mitch Hyatt [OT; Clemson] 21.) Tennessee Titans - Christian Kirk [WR; Texas A&M] 22.) New York Giants - Lowell Lotulelei [DT; Utah] 23.) Arizona Cardinals - Lamar Jackson [QB; Louisville] 24.) Denver Broncos - Da'Shawn Hand [DT; Alabama] 25.) Buffalo Bills (from Kansas City Chiefs) - Mason Rudolph [QB; Oklahoma State] 26.) Oakland Raiders - Calvin Ridley [WR; Alabama] 27.) Dallas Cowboys - Quenton Nelson [OG; Notre Dame] 28.) Green Bay Packers - Harold Landry [OLB/DE; Boston College] 29.) Pittsburgh Steelers - Martinas Rankins [OT; Mississippi State] 30.) Seattle Seahawks - Vita Vea [DT; Washington] 31.) Atlanta Falcons - Cameron Smith [LB; USC] 32.) New England Patriots - Derrick Nnadi [DT; Florida State] Have at it...
  5. GDT Week 3 - Bengals @ Packers

    Some good news.
  6. Should be a good game on Monday Night Football. Any plans for the game? Any predictions @LuckyNumber11 @DirtyDez @11sanchez11?
  7. Obviously, Jared Goff's career got off to a rather rough start with the whole "he won't be our starting QB, he will be our starting QB" crap that Jeff Fisher put him through. Now that Fisher has been shown the door, and the Rams have brought in a head coach who should be more QB friendly with a history on the offensive side of the ball but what are realistic expectations for Jared Goff @holt_bruce81 @chris00cm @StLunatic88 @jrry32?
  8. First off, I want to thank @Tatupu_64 and @imani for their years of service. But with a new season, it's time to get some new blood in here and bring the Seahawks forum to the same level the current team is fielding. Without further ado, it's time to reveal that the new forum mod is... @showtime Everyone should know him by now. There's nothing Seahawks-related he won't talk about, and divisional rivals don't fear. He's ready to bring the discussion to a whole new level. So give him that Kam Chancellor welcome.
  9. The Knicks have traded Carmelo Anthony to OKC

    Enes Kanter has 2 years, $36.5M left on his deal. Ryan Anderson has 3 years, $61.3M left on his deal. Neither one of these were good offers.
  10. The Knicks have traded Carmelo Anthony to OKC

    Didn't see this one coming...
  11. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    I'm pretty sure the only person who watches Tech is @DalCowboyzRule...and somewhere @TexansFan23 is watching Houston. Can we lock those two in a room together?
  12. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Seattle trade down twice. Their original pick was 26.
  13. I can certainly understand the level of disappointment with Age of Ultron, but I don't think it was garbage. To me, that's incredibly strong. It obviously played a big part in future movies, but it wasn't a filler movie like many others (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 immediately comes to mind) are. Hopefully I'll have a pretty good size thread, have a few movies I need to do write ups for.
  14. So I've done this twice before, but I plan on trying to make this a regular thing...so give me feedback, and more importantly suggestions and I'll try and watch them. WARNING: This thread will contain spoilers, so if you don't want them don't read my thread. I'll leave links and scores in the index page, but if you want feedback go into the thread. Scoring System 97-100: One of the Best Movies I've seen 90-96.9: A Great Movie 80-89.9: Well Above-Average Movie 70-79.9: Pretty Good Movie, Probably Won't Watch Again 60-69.9: Struggled To Make It Through 0.1-59.9: Stopped Watching It Part of the Way 0.0: This Movie Deserves To Be Burned and the Director shot
  15. Week 4 | Other Games Thread

    The Belldozer >>>
  16. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    I think that's probably the case. You generally trade down for one of two reasons. Either you're getting more value than you were giving up, or you have a relatively uniform board with multiple players with a similar grade. The Packers got extra value out of their trade with the Browns, and you'd have to imagine that they had four or five players with similar grades as Kevin King at that point that they felt comfortable moving down and acquiring extra picks.
  17. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    Honestly, I don't think Seattle was really into King as much as everyone thought they were.
  18. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    No. I think they were hoping that Kofi Amichia was someone they could develop, but he was even more raw than anyone (myself included) imagined. Last year's OL class was pretty bad in terms of drafting the physical toolsets that Ted looks for. I think @Cadmus had a table or something that showed it, maybe he can post it again.
  19. Packers 2018 Mock Offseason

    I mean, I'm always game to make players accountable for their play but we as fans tend to be a bit reactionary to bad games.
  20. 2018 NFL Draft Discussion

    We said the same thing last year about the Packers taking an EDGE player early, and they traded down out of a spot where an EDGE player was taken AND then took one in the 4th round. That being said, Ted hasn't exactly been unpredictable in terms of drafting. You're probably looking at something like this... Round 1 - Defensive Player (DL/EDGE/CB) Round 2 - Skill Position (CB/WR/S) With our first two picks.
  21. Kevin King Time?

    We really need some green font here or something...
  22. Overwatch Mafia: Sign-Ups NOW

    Can't promise I'll be active around nighttime on Thursday or Friday's, but I'll try and not screw up again.
  23. Packers 2018 Mock Offseason

    I'm not sure there's anything that gives you confidence at this point, but if Randall/King/Rollins continue to progress and play well it's not unreasonable to feel comfortable with the position at the end of the season. Right now, we all have a salty taste in our mouth with the play of the CBs last year and from the Falcons game. I'm not really wanting to make rash decisions this early in the season.