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  1. Week 8 - those pirate people

    Didn't we trade offensive line coaches with the Cowboys this off season? Between this team and IU football I'm going to have an aneurysm before I turn 30.
  2. Week 7 Bengals @ Chiefs

    Man I'm like the youngest one here (I think still) and I suck down coffee like it's no one's business just to make it through the day. Triple shot of espresso to start every morning, plus a 4 cupper of the good stuff, black. I just don't see how we contain the Chiefs. We always get torn up by inexperienced QBs and QBs who are good at escaping the pocket. Mahomes is both, but better than most inexperienced and scrambling QBs. Throw in Hill, Kelce and Hunt and I think we get toasted on D. I want to be optimistic, but I mean I am a Bengals fan...
  3. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    Yeah other than some bickering here and there it really didn't feel as intense as previous match-ups. Refs did a pretty good job of not calling tacky stuff and just letting the game play out. While that certainly was a tough loss it was nice to see the offense come through at the end there. Not taking advantage of turnover opportunities and not hitting Ben a single time really killed us. I don't think we can hang with the Chiefs given our track record against rookie and scrambling QBs. They always seem to get the best of us for some reason.
  4. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    I don't have any fingernails left
  5. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    1st down pass, 2nd down run every series. So predictable
  6. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    Alex Erickson balling out on KR just reminds me how much I loathe Brandon Tate
  7. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    To be fair, I can't remember the last time we drove like that with a minute left. Run, run, kneel is Marvin's MO
  8. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    I streamed him and his 6 yards last week. Sigh Like that Kirkpatrick is fired up, but he needs to keep control of that emotion.
  9. Week 6 Steelers @ Bengals

    I'm to the point now where I just stay out of sight during this game. The last few years my family had season tickets ('10-11) there were multiple fights in our section alone. I'll never go back to Heinz Field and I probably won't go to a Bengals/Steelers game even at PBS.
  10. Tattoos

    My first tattoo was my inner bicep over Summer. If you've been tattooed before it shouldn't be any problem. Definitely was painful, though.
  11. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    Yes, sorry, didn't read the previous post. That was actually **** Vermeil era, lol. Didn't realize how far back I was going, that happened in Lewis' first season.
  12. Eifert’s Future

    Agreed, and I think Uzomah is actually good enough to be that 1A. Haven't really paid attention to his blocking but he does good things with the ball. Loved that play where we motioned Mixon out like we were targeting him in the flat then dropped a TE screen on the opposite side of the field.
  13. Week 7, Bengals-Chiefs flexed to Sunday night

    We also beat them with ML the year KC came to Cincinnati like 9-0 and Chad Johnson guaranteed the victory.
  14. Week 5 Dolphins @ Bengals

    This was one of the most impressive wins I can remember. Sure Gase/Tannehill gifted us some beauties, but a comeback win like this is unheard of for us. I was at the SD game like ten years ago when we blew a similar lead to young Rivers and LT. This team reminds me a lot of the Cardiac Cats season, though we're definitely better this year than that team was. I was at the ESPN Club at Disney watching this surrounded by Dolphins fans and at halftime I warned them it was far from over. I was drinking the tears of Dolphins' fans (or Bud Light, not sure) come 4:30. Then stumbled into Epcot and finished off a great Sunday.
  15. It's all skill, no luck over here!