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  1. This has a Cook look game for Vikings and Stafford look game for Detroit both will do well for there teams Detroit 27 and Minn 24
  3. I am so use to the refs doing this its not even a shock anymore. matter of fact I called it. I told a friend of mine on that bogus face call to Flowers that gave Rodgers a 1st down instead of a punt was going to cost us this game sure enough he throws a td while I was talking to her ( she is a packer fan) she even agree the call was bogus then the same call happens while I am talking to her. She wasn't happy with the win bye her Packer she thought the Lions got robbed and she is a packer fan. O well I told her just another rules change coming next year to allow us to challenge that call next but we will get a SORRY FROM NFL and First take will rip them yet again for screwing Detroit football gods hate us they keep saying nah just the Zebras. Anyway the other point I am going to make is Hock TE drafted 8th over all you either use him or don't draft him I sick of Stafford ignoring the TE on Detroit he ruined EBRON who went to Colts and with Luck look like a MVP and he is now not using HOCK! Its a shame the guy is a nightmare match up should get 50 plus yards in his sleep!
  4. Logic that's all I am going to say, Td over turned is suppose to be clear and conclusive to over turn the call of the field 2 people calling the game not Det fans said it was a td catch even though the ball moved it looked like to them a catch yet the guy they called said it moved and I would of called it incomplete. That being said he then said but I would have to stay with the call on the field because its not clear and conclusive yet we know they over turned it. Thanks NFL REFS. Then the 2nd call that gets me is the Johnson fumble, everyone just use logic here for a second please you have Johnson tackled bye 2 guys one on his legs the other on his waist he is less then 2 inches from the ground in the video from the shoulders to the head he is stopped takes the ball out of his chest and reaches for the goal line comes up short and fumbles the ball. The call is a fumble yet he was stopped short of the goal line his forward motion is stop let a lone he has 2 dudes weight on his lower half he is 2 inches from the ground at his shoulders to head where he has no weight on him from tacklers! LOGIC would suggest he was down some fricking where his lower half would be touching the fricking ground! That wasn't a fumble the call on the field was confirmed bye video PLAY STANDS CALL ON THE FIELD WHY because the stupid refs called it a fumble they didn't blow the whistle that play should of been blown dead when he was tackled bye 2 fricking MEN! I would bet my life if Johnson would of reached for the goal after he was tackled bye them two guys and got it acrossed they would of called him down bye contact before getting the ball across just a hunch I have no proof but they do it to us EVERY CHANCE THEY GET! SAME CRAP WITH NFL REFS EVERY GAME LIONS SHOULD OF WON BUT THE NFL RATHER SEE CHIEFS DON'T YA THINK?
  5. I am dropping if we start over, no interest in redrafting again. We stick with protecting 5 and adding teams to what we got now then great but I have ZERO interest in redrafting. Like in Hockey same thing happen I walked and I built a championship roster of keepers over the years in Baseball went to 2 World Series in a row and won 1 got my keepers finally where I want them to be & they want to redraft baseball league too been wanting that every year we lose a owner new ones come in we all start fighting over redrafting every year since we added owners. No thanks. If the league ends now it was a great ride but to be honest we would of redrafted 3 or 4 times already if some owners got there way.
  6. Example I dropped down to 6 already was thinking about this with new owners coming in. Lets say I keep 1 Baez 2 Harper 3 Boggarts 4 Story Leaving Suarez and Rizzo available to expansion once one of my 2 guys are selected I get the other one and I have my 5 keepers. Seems like a good way to try get some more talent on them new teams plus there will be a ton of players dropped they might even want more. Just an Idea!
  7. I think we should all drop down to 6 players, then protect 4 of them allow the 2 new owners or 4 new owners come in and build there team once one selects a player off your team you get to protect your 5 keeper giving them a shot at some really good talent. So you drop down to 6 , then protect 4 of the 6 leaving 2 available to expansion draft just like it other leagues once a player is taken off your team you get to protect your 5th and your done the new owners will get 16 players to select from team rosters plus the players dropped giving them a chance to build a team of 5 keepers they want too keep then we have a random draft order for the next season. No way I want to completely redraft this league has a ton of talent it took years to get the keepers we have and want to watch grow over the years and not on someone else roster!
  8. I dropped down to 6 players, not sure if we decided to increase them from 5 to 6 or not. I am thinking we need to leave it 5 keepers let the new owners come in and draft 5 players out of the pool giving them a solid keeper group let the new owners draft 1st and 2nd in the next draft allow them to get 5 keepers then the best 6 player before any of us draft just a thought. Even if we only add 2 new owners there are so many good players if I drop one of my 6 hell he is going to get drafted in the expansion draft. If we decided to close down this league its been a hell of a run, its been great talking with everyone in here let me know what were doing next year SLIM!
  9. For the first time I can actually say they are close, they went up against the best QB in the NFL on the team pick to win the Super Bowl and had them beat till the last min. I don't want to hear they blew it because they weren't the ones that over turned the TD they were not the ones that called a fumble that then was returned for TD that to be 100% no one could tell if Johnson was even not down when he fumble no way you could even see his lower body on that play. It was called TD so it stood that way, yet the TD catch was over turn 3 people watching it and calling 2 said it was 1 said it wasn't they over turned the call on the field sorry but its suppose to be clear and undisputed when the guys watching don't agree either way you should stay with call on the field yet they never do. CLEAR AND UNDISPUTED seems not to matter to the NFL when they over turn something they just decided it. We played the Chiefs better then anyone else has since the NFL has CROWN the NEW KING OF QB KUDOS to DETROIT we are a few players away, now is the time to trade for Ramsey this game proved it that's how close they are to beaten the CHIEFS maybe they only needed SLAY out there today!
  10. Yeah You got the win with Pitching stats, I hated the fact we both lost so many good players this week due to resting for playoffs or just shutting down. Kind of wish the world series was last week not the end of the baseball season we always have our football Super bowl week 16 not 17 in Fantasy due to people sitting. Had way too many good players just sitting this last week. Losing to a tie is bittersweet play all week to just tie have breaker to decide a playoff game it all year happen before and pissed me off a lot more because we never discussed it. I hate that Pitching decides it when you only have to pitch 25 innings min yet we all play every one we can that's batting. I think we should discuss tie breaker going forward Its always been a problem with this league and almost got me kicked out the last time! But congrats Bad FISH you and me were the best two teams to play championship game and it end in extra innings bye tie breaker speaks volume on how good both teams were it was a great even with only a hand full of teams. We need to get Detroit fan back see if Phreak will come back just keep trying to rebuild this league at one time it was amazing we need to post in football forum opening for baseball league full of LION fans but open it up to all fans of the NORTH make it more fun.
  11. Comes down to the wire 8-7 heading into Sunday anyone championship, good luck Bad Fish its been a great season trying to repeat is a hard task.
  12. This is a different Lion team, they usually always broke our hearts in the 4th quarter and even though they didn't win week 1 and lost a huge lead to ARZ they're still un beaten 2-0-1. I want them to use Hockenson more in this offense he should be like Kelce in KC lets get him more active in the passing game. The kid should get min 50 yards catching every game.
  13. They're going to lose not using the TE, its the safety blanket vs the blitz & once again the Lions fail to use it. You signed James added Hock use them!
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