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  1. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    YEAP once the league drops all extra players into draft pool & all teams accounted for and the rest deleted bye Commish we will be ready to roll. I am looking forward to repeating.
  2. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    I am locked and loaded ! 5 keepers only on my team.
  3. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    The only down time I will have is March 4th threw March 11th, taken my father down for Back surgery. So will be out of touch for a week! So might be a little delay for me during that week u never know what can happen with a surgery specially on a 75 year old man.
  4. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    There giving Detroit fan some time I think but really we can start any time just make sure you have your 5 guys protected in site. We need to get this moving delete owners that are not coming back and we can get ready for a draft day.
  5. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Yeap talked to X as well he is going to be a owner this year for sure just had to step away from LM, Sllim make the changes needed we have to get rid of a few owners get the league down in size to active owners. The draft don't start normally till mid Feb anyway and now we have less teams should go even faster. I myself ready to protect my Championship & go for it again.
  6. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Well I thought at one time Phreak was co LM but could be mistaken. At one time Blaze was LM and X was co LM so we need X to come back and swith LM to someone like Slim or someone needs to be added to X team as a 2nd owner for he can either take it over or switch LM status for us. Maybe we can delete Mad Heights because he wants out of the league then make him co owner of X team for he can at least set up Slim or someone else for LM. We need to do something with X team.
  7. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    The draft board is pretty much set we all were in the league last year made trades got our picks we only remove picks of teams that are out of the league at there pick . Everyone keeps there picks they traded for that will not change the only thing that will happen is your pick might get a little better with a team being deleted in front of you makes your pick better then it would be if all teams stayed its not hard. We could do a random draft or just the way the draft order is set I would go last in that format and could care a less. I would just throw all players back into the draft from teams out of the league with the other free agents and let us select one player each that is in the draft pool don't matter who it is who cares its 6 keepers going into draft instead of 5 every team would be better for it no matter what pick you get 1 threw 10 or 12 it won't matter I could pick a player last and still get a impact player I won with all 9th and later picks guys!
  8. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    I say we get to 5 keepers on all our teams in the league the teams that are dropping cut all there players. Then we will have a 1 round draft where everyone gets to add 1 more player from all the players available once we each draft 1 player we can then start the regular draft. Don't really matter what the draft order is some will select SP/Closer drop perhaps it really don't matter there is 50 players any of us could use on our teams. We enter the regular draft with 6 keepers instead of 5, so next year we can make keepers 6, 7 or back to 5 don't matter we just need to make it happen. Slim once you know who is out of the league go to site remove there teams it will put there players into the pool of free agents
  9. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    Once Slim post the new wavier order after all teams out are decided we can get started, please post your 5 keepers if you ready to roll and get this wavier draft done then we can decide on what day to start the regular draft and we will see who is staying once we start that wavier draft! I really would hate to win Back to Back Hockey Championships then walk away a winner & do the same thing in Baseball you guys going to let me do that again ?
  10. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    NOVI WILDCATS 5 KEEPERS 1 Javier Baez 2 Bryce Harper 3 Xander Bogaerts 4 Gregory Polanco 5 Brandan Rodgers I will have last pick of the wavier 1 round draft just waiting now to see how many picks I have to wait!
  11. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    OKAY NEXT STEP IS EACH OWNER PLANNING ON STAYING POST YOUR 5 KEEPERS, Once were done with that lets start a new year bye having a 1 round wavier round. Official draft order would be: 1. House of Spears 2. Mudhens 3. Saskatchewan Hello Theres 4. LBC Dirtbags 5. Herbie Hancocks 6. Bootleg Wombats 7. Erratic Gnats 8. Kramerica Interns 9. Rogue Squadron 10. Detroit Devastators 11. LOD 12. Ottawa Big Taters 13. Mad Heights 14. Badfish 15. G Money 16. Novi Wildcats We just have to edit and skip owners that are out this year! Sounds pretty simple. We all get 1 extra keeper taken heading into 2019 but we have to draft him in the wavier round. I WILL POST MY 5 KEEPERS , I AM IN TO KICK ALL YOUR BUTTS AGAIN!
  12. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    I don't think the players they throw back in really change much at all, I was in sell mode pretty much the whole year just drafted well & lets be honest I had one pick in the first 9 rounds of the draft still loaded a good enough roster to win it all. I am protecting 5 , one is a prospect don't matter to me if I go into the draft and select one of the dropped teams players in the 1st round just means I don't get a STUD LIKE BEAZ or Boggearts seriously there is so much talent in the draft them throwing players back in effect nothing. U could make the draft rounds 1-18 like we posted it but have a WAVIER DRAFT ORDER just use the REGULAR Draft order seeding where I won and have last pick & make it one round that gives every owner a top player dropped into the draft pool. The only thing we do is ADD 1 round making it 1-18 regular draft & 1 wavier round added before draft U protect 5 from your roster drop the rest have a wavier round of the teams in the league still get it done now we have 6 keepers start the regular draft right afterwards get this league started. DRAFT a WAVIER ROUND first get it out of the way we have now 6 keepers instead of 5, easy as slice of Cherry pie. We should do this right away get everyone to drop and post in here there 5 keepers first then hold a wavier draft I post the officially draft order next lets get this done!
  13. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    We have a draft board to follow we can skip teams that are out its workable we just have to decide on who is coming back and who is getting deleted in the league. We keep our 5 keepers as normal draft a new team with a ton of good players added if we drop to 12 teams we keep expand keepers to 7 next year easy!
  14. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    That gives us 11 in with the guys that have replied if we can at min get 1 more owner to commit were good to roll just follow the draft picks skip the owners that are out. Its just going to make the drafting little easier for us 12 teams, more will be in it with the depth in the league we just need one more owner to step up for us all. Detroit fan or even X perhaps we can talk Mad Heights into coming back he is always a great owner and fills a great team year in year out not to mention Phreak deal kind of sucked if Herbie is out what about bringing back Phreak to take over his own team its actually pretty solid still.
  15. Lions Forum Fantasy Baseball Discussion Thread #31

    It would be awesome to get 12 teams at least back, a 12 team league would make it stronger in lineups & there would be a ton of great players toss back into the league. I am in but I think we need to get min of 10 but would love 12 owners back to get this thing rolling wouldn't take as long to draft either.