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  1. That ******* follows me around and harass me and doesnt do **** about the trolls. There are a hundred sites out there, who gives a crap about cause of a **** mod.
  2. Wait so Daniels, Clark, Clay, Perry and Blake are crap? What abou Burnett and HaHa? Maybe if some of them were healthy it would make a difference. Also doesn't help that the O gives them a short field on two turnovers. Or a terrible punt that gave them a short field.
  3. If you are not seeing the strides that this team is making, then you need a walking stick.
  4. I wonder how much ZIggy paid those biased *** refs in your giant bird killing POS stadium?
  5. Honestly hate the be that guy might it would be nice to get a top ten pick for once. Maybe get a rock star pass rusher OR corner. Heck our second round pick is going to be closer to our normal pick anyways.
  6. Yeah I want to drive to MN and run into Barr right now. I would mess his world up good, what a cheap piece of ****.
  7. Now we need a thread about these baised ones in MN, worst reffed game I have ever seen. They are tackling our defenders and no flags thrown for holding. No wonder the ratings are down.
  8. And the NFL wonders why the ratings are down. Homefield is made by terrible BS reffing.
  9. If we ever get heatlhy or these paid off MN refs know what holding is.
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