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  1. Stephon Gilmore Is DPOY

    Seeing he’s the first CB to win the award in a decade, was his season comparable to Woodsons?
  2. Which City deserves the next NFL team?

    Portland, Salt Lake City, or Canada
  3. What's Your Favorite Play Of The Last Decade?

  4. Rank the MVPS of the 2010s

    2011 Rodgers 2018 Mahomes 2010 Brady 2019 Jackson 2013 Manning 2014 Rodgers 2012 Peterson 2015 Newton 2016 Ryan 2017 Brady
  5. Is that Kings 5th of the year?
  6. Mute and listen to Wayne. Dreading the thought of sitting through a Joe Tessitore game. His long pauses and trying to sound cool by using teenage slang is unbearable
  7. NFL 100 team

    Charles Woodson
  8. Super Bowl Prediction

    Chiefs vs Seahawks. I’ll say Chiefs win
  9. I remember in the playoffs a few years ago Randall Cobb came to the sideline and coughed up some blood and was later found to have a punctured lung. Didn’t know if that was a common thing.
  10. Hopefully we make some second half adjustments and get back in this game quickly! Big stop then Bomb.
  11. Against that defense I feel like you should take the points. Up 7 at half with the ball is good enough.
  12. It looks very possible but I believe the NFC North will occupy the final WC spot. Rams just miss out.