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  1. Burks and Gilbert have been impressive
  2. Came in here to say this. The defense seemed to give up a 4th quarter lead weekly. But it was a really fun season. Rodgers and Jennings were fun to watch together. And then 09 was/is my favorite Packers season since I’ve been watching football. Good times
  3. Derrius Guice Tears ACL

    Boo I was excited to see him. Samaje Perine now? Is Thompson healthy?
  4. AFC and NFC Super Bowl LIII representatives in Atlanta

    Vikings/Eagles/Saints/Rams vs Patriots/Steelers/Jags/Chargers
  5. Oren Burks?

    Sideline to sideline speed which Ryan has never had. He’ll put on weight over the next couple years and it’ll allow him to hold up better at the line. This year I’d just like to see some solid coverage and when he has an opportunity to showcase his speed on a RB toss/swing route, wrap up.
  6. Packers fear LB Jake Ryan may have torn ACL

    The first of many. Boo PackIRs.
  7. Who's due for a career year in 2018?

    Davante Adams
  8. NFC- Eagles vs Rams AFC- Jaguars vs Steelers
  9. This one was tough. I voted King #1 and Perry #2, but I had HHCD at #3 and Daniels at #4. Haha had a less than stellar ‘17, but I love the idea of this defense with a very good/elite safety playing center field. Brice and Jones aren’t sure things either so I feel it’s that much more important for HaHa to be at his best. Maybe stop thinking so much and just let loose. I think a great safety would be slightly more impactful for us than that of an interior rusher. Though I wouldn’t argue someone taking Daniels here. Side question, but who wears the communications helmet this year?
  10. Adams is my favorite current player. Has been since we drafted him. I love his play style and swag. A cool dude off the field too. After him it’s either Daniels or Clinton-Dix. Least favorite is Cobb.
  11. Referee Gene Steratore retires

    One of the best and most likable. Bummer
  12. I voted King. If he’s a reliable #1 corner all season, then I like our chances on defense.
  13. NFL News & Notes

    Just watched Davantes top 100 video. Can’t believe he jumped from #101 last year to #45 this year. Cool to see him recognized by his peers even if it’s a poorly constructed list. The video left out some of his best highlights of this past season though. I hope this man is force fed the ball. Even when he isn’t open he’s open.
  14. Running Backs rated 27th in league

    I’m fine with the ranking and whatnot but the write up is just poor and appears to be written by someone with next to no knowledge of our running backs.
  15. Yes but Kansas hasn’t given me a whole lot of players to root for. Plus can be tough to root for Talib sometimes.