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  1. I assume it’ll be after this season. Need to see what happens with the questionable QB situations around the league this season before really speculating fully. Then see how Jordan Love progresses through the preseason and practices this year to see if the Packers FO are really comfortable moving forward with him as the starter. Likely to an AFC team if it happens though.
  2. I think a lot of this is speculation and bs. People need to let it play out and find out what’s true and what’s not before coming to conclusions and forming strong opinions on the matter.
  3. One of my all time favs. Loved his personality on and off the field and the fire he played with. Constant trash talk without cussing. He will be very underrated as far as legacy goes. But an all time great.
  4. Should I trade Tyler Boyd and receive Brandin Cooks + Jamaal Williams? I have Diggs, Ridley, Golladay, Theilen as my other WRs i also own Aaron Jones so his backup would be reassuring thanks
  5. I’m not saying they’re related, but this news is coming days after it was announced he’s getting Whataburger to come to KC..
  6. I think most all sports need to be looking at a spring 2021 start if they realistically want to have full seasons. Otherwise, I expect the league to try to get in some weeks of playing this fall before it comes to an abrupt end.
  7. To me, mobile is more a guy who can get out of the pocket and buy time while looking to throw. Can run and pick up the first if given a lane. Where a dual threat can literally be a RB on any given down and break/force missed tackles in the open field.
  8. MLS could be a good measuring stick. If their idea works, follow suit. If it fails, cancel the season. I think it fails regardless if they try to play the game normal.
  9. Holmes People may not like him but Talib is definitely a Hall of Famer. No question.
  10. Rashan Gary Jace Sternberger Mecole Hardman Noah Fant
  11. Bears (home) Packers (home) Raiders (home) Steelers (home) Colts (away) Cardinals, Giants (home unis from the 90’s)
  12. This makes me happy. Both were really bad. Especially Tessitore.
  13. Knowing the NFL, they’ll try as hard as possible to make sure there’s a season. So I’d say yes. My stance with all upcoming sports is either play them the way they’ve always been played or don’t play them at all. Crowd impact is pretty big in NFL. No modifying and watering down the product.
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