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  1. As a Packers fans I say it’s the Bears hands down. Those freaking jerseys and helmet are a thing of beauty.
  2. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Brandon Lloyd Robert Ferguson Al Harris Jimmy Kleinsasser
  3. Former Raiders WR Jordy Nelson to retire

    So long White Lightning..
  4. Bears sign S Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix

    Soft and lacks the effort. Can get some picks though. I thought of him as more of a FS than SS.
  5. That defense looks kinda ugly. Some serious holes. Main reason why they won’t be my favorites for the Bowl this year.
  6. 2013 Seahawks 2010 Packers 2017 Eagles 2016 Patriots 2012 Ravens 2015 Broncos 2014 Patriots 2018 Patriots 2011 Giants
  7. 2019 Free Agent Discussion

    He also aided in Jermichaels career coming to an end. I wouldn’t mind him at the right price though.
  8. Conference Championship Games

    Rams vs Chiefs hopefully. Don’t want to see Tom or Drew win another ring. Yuck
  9. Evaluating Gutenkunst's first year

    Randall trade is the only REAL negative for me. Hated it then and still hate it. HaHa trade was probably my favorite move
  10. Mike Pettine Defense

    Very curious to see what happens with Jackson in this defense moving forward.
  11. I miss Gus in the NFL
  12. packers selcet mAtt leFleUr as head coah

    He appeared to have some jitters being up there. Stumbled a bit. But I liked his answers and he seemed like a cool guy. I think the players will like playing for him. He could probably use a good experienced assistant head coach to help him. Could’ve used more Gute n less Murph too
  13. 1st & 5 or 2nd & 1

    My thought as well
  14. Wildcard Playoff Round

    Rooting for all the away teams