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  1. Definitely looking in the direction of EDGE David Ojabo as a Von replacement. He's got good size, speed and bend. Could be a a strong bookend for Chubb and a starting LB crew of Chubb, Young, Browning and Ojabo could be deadly. Ojabo already has 11sacks and 5FF but he's young and 1st year producing at this level.
  2. Well, the Broncos win over the Chargers certainly bode well for you guys. As for #6, they are probably THE team most don't want to see in the playoffs IMO
  3. We already have a couple of guys who can replace him IMO. Just signed Kerryith Whyte Jr has 4.37 speed and better size than Spencer, while Adrian Killins Jr got injured but also has return experience. And if that doesn't work, Paton has like 11 draft picks this year.
  4. Congrats on the W, seems like you're on your way to another division title.
  5. Hope not, he just good enough to keep us as a middle-of-the-pack team, much like this year is turning out to be
  6. It'll be that way until we get a system WITH a competent QB who can run a decent offense
  7. Seems inevitable now that both Fangio and Shurmur are toast, but this also show us Teddy is nothing more than a journeyman.
  8. Maybe that's Shurmer's problem, he hasn't put an offense together to take advantage of Lock's skill set ? At least Scang's was making Lock look like an NFL QB but we never saw that with Shurmer because he had a system he knew/liked and tried to force the ole square peg into the round hole. .Brings up an interesting (albeit old) question: do we already have a young QB on this roster who can progress/succeed in a customized WCO offense that utilizes his strong points ?
  9. Kyle Fuller - GONE, could helps us with Compensation picksMelvin Gordon - GONE, see above. Can't keep Javonte on the benchBryce Callahan - More than likely GONE, his injury history bodes large, perhaps back if he takes a discountKareem Jackson - Still playing hard, but Sterns is pushing him towards the door, perhaps BACK on a 1-yr dealTeddy Bridgewater - 50/50 here but I'll say he's GONE. Clearly won't elevate this teamA.J. Johnson - GONE, Young has displaced him, will help our Compensation packageBobby Massie - He hasn't solidified the OL, but only 1 of he and Anderson stay, he's GONE IMOStep
  10. The next HC and his staff will work to find the right system for the next QB. I agree if Paton feels Davis (or whatever prospect) will be better for this team, I'm sure he will, as a few of the 2023 QB draft candidates look better than most of the one's in this draft. But again, will we be able to wait to find and obtain that guy next year ?
  11. In the current and recent past I'd agree, guess it's part of my assumption that Fangio and some of his coaching staff will be dismissed, allowing Paton to bring in his own guys. Hopefully we can find a staff who IS competent enough to develop. As for the fan base, the only thing that will truly appease them/us is winning. With a QBOTF in place, a vet to placate the fans like one-more-year of Teddy might make more sense than a $40MM aging vet, especially to a ego-bound billionaire who wants to put his own touches on, can't say for sure. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a 6'6"
  12. I hear what you're saying, and picking up Riddler or Strong in the 2nd (seems like Lock all over again) might work if we can add a guy like Leal or Davis (baby Vita Vea) to the DL could be HUGE. Adding one of those could help Jones to make that next step, DL has been an under-achieving unit this year IMO. However, as we heard SO MANY times this last year, we're gonna have to stop saying, "We shoulda taken QB X last year". Selecting Pickett feel like he could be a guy who could make use of all those weapons given time, he should have to earn it, not be crowned.
  13. Perhaps but I was also met with an attitude that we couldn't even get a conditional 7th pick, which I felt was (and still feel like) an insult, guess I see things differently than most DET fans. He's well on his way to 60+ catch season as a 3rd WR, he could easily garner a 3rd/4th IMO.
  14. Not advocating he start next year, but I am still on the Kenny Pickett train, seems like a Paton-guy to me. That said, our rollercoaster season is gonna put us somewhere in the middle of the draft and I feel he may be a top 10 pick (QB's are always overdrafted).
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