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  1. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    I understand about Langley changing positions as a concern but I continue to hear he's making play after play utilizing his speed, something we can definitely use with our big-armed QB's
  2. Hill under investigation for Battery

    Guess we'll see what KC management thinks here, he's up for a big money contract....what do they do ?? Not to say that it WILL happen again but there is definitely a pattern of self-destruction going on.
  3. Training Camp Notes & Observations

    Hearing Winfree is starting to open eyes so far during camp,I thought he was a bit of reach when he was picked in the draft, perhaps I need to take a closer look. CB Isaac is looking good too.
  4. R.I.P Pat Bowlen

    One of the best owners in the NFL if not in all of sports history. His passion for the game, love of his team will be unsurpassed thoughout time.
  5. Let the Offseason Begin

    DT Gerald McCoy looking to become available, any interest for the Broncos ??
  6. Can't truly say myself, I wasn't there, wasn't the first time...but where there's smoke, usually there is fire and Foster has been holding a lot of matches.
  7. So, the 2019 Chiefs...

    2019 version of what the Raiders were in the 70's
  8. Let the Offseason Begin

    Saw the Chefs just traded a 2020 6th for ILB Darron Lee, disappointed Elway didn't pounce on that, we have 2 6ths in next years draft.
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    What would you guys think about adding OT Anthony Davis?? He's been out of football since 2017 but he hasn't had any physical injuries either ?? Could be a good backup plan, sure he has some football left in him. He'd have to get back into football shape but at 6'5" 325lbs (his playing weight) that could be worth looking into.
  10. UDFA tracker

    I was surprised we didn't add a UDFA running back, several good ones left after the draft
  11. 5.156 Justin Hollins OLB Oregon

    Looking at what Fangio has done with LB's before, let's hope there is still more magic coming.
  12. 3.71 Dreā€™Mont Jones DL Ohio State

    I like the potential of this guy, saw quite a few mocks with him as a mid 2nd rounder. We really needed more depth on the Dline considering the contract status of Wolfe, Gotsis and Harris
  13. 2.41 Dalton Risner OL Kansas State

    With as many interviews and local prognosticators saying it should happen, seemed pre-ordained
  14. UDFA tracker

    Right now, I'm liking Rypien's chances at the 3rd QB over Hogan's or Grayson's