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  1. Even worse, Jeremi Grant signed with them too
  2. Coming from YOU...REALLY ?????
  3. Maybe the Nuggets rubbed a bit of their comeback magic on the Broncos
  4. Is LAC just tanking the season ?
  5. Two other unidentified Broncos have COVID as well, Cushenberry speculated as he's next to Glasgow
  6. One thing noticed, how many times did Lock leave or was forced to leave the pocket ???
  7. One of the Broncos better moves of the season IMO
  8. Maybe he could be our 2nd or 3rd round pick then
  9. What's going on in New England, are they so arrogant they can't put on a little mask or just ???? Feels like a forfeit is in order IMO.
  10. So when does he get released, or does Driskel get cut ?
  11. Didn't we sign DT Timmy Jurnigan ?
  12. Almost feels like we'll be fielding a team of scrubs with all these injuries.
  13. Looking at our schedule along with current injuries/availability of our players, it's not hard to see us selecting in the top 5. Here are my top 5 in order. 1. Trevor Lawrence 2. Justin Fields 3, Penei Sewell 4 . Gregory Rousseau 5. Trey Lance or trade back
  14. Tankathon says were in for one of the top 4 pick, either one of the top 3 QB's or OT Sewell. If there's a year, this may be the year to tank. With the upcoming Thursday Jets game, could launch us to within Trevor Lawrence range....sure hope Bortles remains on the bench.
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