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  1. Mahomes signs 10 Year Extension

    "Mahomes’ extension will be worth more than $400MM, tweets. It is not certain how much more yet, but that would clear the $40MM-per-year barrier. Prior to Monday’s news, Russell Wilson‘s $35MM-AAV pact doubled as the NFL’s contract ceiling. This contract came together quickly. Mahomes and the Chiefs only began negotiating in late May. The superstar passer, whose rookie contract runs through 2021, became extension-eligible after the 2019 regular season’s conclusion." Almost 25% of the cap, obviously doesn't start until next year but interesting how it will impact FA's going forward. Stability should draw FA's like Manning used to but will they take the discounts necessary ??
  2. Broncos were the superior team in 97 and 98
  3. Trade Candidates ?

    Saw this article online, thought it had some merit. https://predominantlyorange.com/2020/06/27/denver-broncos-players-trade-2020/ We definitely have a plethora of WR and TE candidates and I agree guys like Yiadom and Walker could be moved as well. So, what do you think we could get for the following ? Any other candidates formtrade ? WR DaeSean Hamilton 5th rder ? WR Tim Patrick 6th rder ? RB Royce Freeman 5th rder ? TE Jeff Heumann 5th rder ? TE Troy Fumagalli 5th rder ? DE DeMarcus Walker 4th rder ? CB Isaac Yiadom 4th rder ? SLB Malik Reed 7th rder ? ILB Todd Davis 4th rder ? Slow time, thought this could be something to discuss...
  4. Why'd the Broncos get blown out in 3 straight Super Bowls?

    Dan Reeves was the coach, inferior talent.
  5. Not surprising another Bronco test positive, just comes at a bad time and bad position. Seems HOUSTON area is inundating for this virus,seems strange considering that heat was considered a detracting factor versus this infection. https://football.realgm.com/wiretap/44323/Broncos-Kareem-Jackson-Tests-Positive-For-Coronavirus
  6. Hope it doesn't kill his 4.27 40 speed, it was the reason he was the 1st WR selected
  7. Random Thoughts

    Wilkerson went though some minor surgery, hopefully that'll help him compete better when season starts.
  8. 2020 Surprise

    Seems a bit high to me but easily top 7 IMO
  9. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    Disagree with this Lamar Jackson is close IMO. Mahomes clearly ahead but both have similar skill sets
  10. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    As for the rankings , while I appreciate the top ranking for the Broncos, I thought bot the Ravens and Cowboys had as good or better but top 3 for sure. Very surprised Jeudy dropped to us, he was my top receiver that I didn’t think would get to us, glad he did. Cushenberry was a perfect fit for this OL, will start Day One Muti was a risk worth taking, could be steal of the draft if he can get healthy Loved Agim, listed as DT but I liken him to Casey given coaching. The only real questionable for me was the CB from Iowa, thought Dantzler should have been the pick IMO
  11. Goldfish's Way Too Early Draft Rankings 2020 (All up)

    Well how many QBs are comparable to Mahones right now ? Maybe 1 maybe 2 ?? Over react much ... Lock is at least 2 tiers down from Mahones but he has only played 5 games, let’s see what he develops into
  12. The Claypool Quandary

    At least for a year or two, Ben is getting older and close to retirement.
  13. The Claypool Quandary

    OP comparing him to Calvin Johnson is a bit wishful IMO. Feel the VJ comparison is spot on.
  14. Raiders release QB Deshone Kizer

    Is this even news worthy ? " And yet another nobody who did nothing gets cut....final details when Hell freezes over"
  15. 2020 Broncos Forum NFL Draft Thread

    Heard that before this foot injury Netane Muti was talked about as a potential 2nd round talent. Dr's say his Lisc Frank injury is healing well, ahead of schedule. This guys sounds motivated, excited andready to play for the Broncos, confidant as he said he "is the best OG in this draft" and if healthy, I think he's right.