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  1. 2019 7 Round Mock draft

    Can't say I believe it'll fall this way but if so, here's what I'd like to see from the Broncos selections
  2. J-Deere almost draft time 2 Rounder

    Look to the right
  3. J-Deere almost draft time 2 Rounder

    Give the Broncos : 10. LB Devin White 41. OL Dalton Risner
  4. Let the Offseason Begin

    Yesss Ma'am
  5. A lot of work but I really hate this type of format for this presentation, has no flow. As for the Broncos, not bad but I question the CB as Denver just signed Calahan and Jackson to join Harris Jr.
  6. Let the Offseason Begin

    Well congrats but this is the BRONCO's forum, nobody really cares, better received in the Viking's forum.
  7. 3 Round Mock with TRADES :)

    First, think it's gonna take more than a 3rd round pick for DEN to trade Murray to MIA, probably need at least a 2020 3rd as well. Second, not only did you forget to give that MIA pick to the Broncos, it appears you gave the DEN 3rd round pick to MIA...... Try again
  8. 1234567 Mock. The road to glory

    I would like this draft but not crazy about your trades, I think you could get a future 3rd or 4th from WAS as well and to give up 2 5th rounders, a 6 and a 7th for a 4th seems like a lot. And Elway has been alright with later picks.
  9. GERM-X 2019 Broncos Mock Draft V.1

    Fills a lot of needs, some high character guys too. Doesn't fill the ILB spot, though.
  10. Four Rds and some trades

    Strong effort for the Broncos
  11. 2 Rounds of Fun

    Don't see the Broncos passing up Bush in the 2nd either just a HORRIBLE mock for the Broncos.
  12. Grizmo's 2019 Mock Draft

    I would prefer Risner or even Garrett at that spot (or even another trade back) but it IS Grizmo's mock draft.
  13. 2 Rounds of Fun

    Really don't see the Broncos trading up to #2 for Locke, this year's QB class is really lacking luster and I think with Flacco, Broncos will wait a little longer for a surer thing.
  14. Grizmo's 2019 Mock Draft

    Out of the two, I like choice B. Gets us a starting O-Lineman, a potential superstar in Simmons (next year in Fangio's system WOW), a TE with potential, but I'm not crazy about a CB in the 2nd unless you're prepping for a CHJ trade. The 2020 2nd will help us get our QBOTF
  15. 7 Rounds of Heaven With 1st Round Write-ups

    Good effort here, know you put some time in on it but this is more what I could see Broncos doing if it falls like you predict