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  1. Draft Prospects

    Looks like we’ll need another ILB, what’s the consensus on Tre Lamar or Tre’von Coney around 4-5th ??
  2. 2019 NFL QB Draft Prospects

    Know there’s a lot of QBOTF talk but I’ve been checking out LBs lately , any thoughts on Tre Lamar or Tre’von Coney as replacements for Marshall ? Bet we could get one in 4th or 5th, just my opinion. Thoughts ?
  3. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Interestingly enough, our Vegas odds of winning the SB dropped from 100/1 to 125/1 after we acquired Flacco. Do they know something we don't ??
  4. Broncos trade for Joe Flacco

    Elway is expected to try and trade Keenam now, but seems to me he just lost any negotiating power with this announcement. Looks more likely we'll just cut Case and take the dead money. What does acquiring Flacco do to our FA money this year ??
  5. Free Agency predictions, 1st round with trades

    So Broncos trade for Foles and decide that's not enough and have to trade up for Lock as well....highly unlikely, Dude !!
  6. Let the Offseason Begin

    Well, I'm betting we stick with Case this year and wait to draft a QB next year as it's looking to be a much better QB prospect draft than what's available this year. Once Keenam and his salary are gone, we'll need another vet to be the short term, i.e. Brisset. Elway may be in love with Lock but I'm not, just don't see him as accurate enough to compete with Mahomes wover the next 15 yearsho is our competition I'd like to see us trade down for a 2020 1st + and build the team a bit more, two strong drafts then picking up a stud QB would help balance the future competitive challenges in my eyes.
  7. Let the Offseason Begin

    One name I'd consider at QB, either this year thru a trade of next years FA is Jacoby Brisset. He's not beating out Andrew Luck, has good measurables and was drafted ny NE, seems they know a thing or two about QB's
  8. AFC Championship GDT

    Never thought I'd be saying this but Good Luck to the Chiefs !! Hope you dismantle those crappy Pats. I'll even root for you in the SB if you take this one, ... You'l have to excuse me, think I just threw up in my mouth, but good luck !
  9. Let the Offseason Begin

    In the past a new coaching staff was given the opportunity for an "extra" team workout, is that still available and when can that happen ?
  10. Vance Joseph Fired as Broncos HC

    Does Adam Gase get a shot at OC ?
  11. With the 10th pick the Denver Broncos select?

    If we're not picking a qb early, hope we'd trade for high pick(s) in next years draft, ammo to move up (if needed).
  12. Let the Offseason Begin

    What kind of cap money will we have ??
  13. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Bold statement to the community, the NFL. Not saying it's right but can't have that kinda action disrupting your team culture. Kudos to Chiefs management
  14. Broncos release PacMan Jones

    Broncos have released Adam Jones, wonder who'll take his place ? https://www.profootballrumors.com/2018/11/broncos-cut-adam-pacman-jones
  15. Broncos @ Chargers GDT

    Let's we honest and give credit where credit is due.....Phillip Rivers GAVE us this game, he deserves a game ball. Also, 5 more sack by Chubbs this season and he'll get the rookie record for a rookie season !!