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  1. Interesting, feels like PFF's ranking are based off last year's performances yet they project on many new additions on some teams w/o recognizing continued development and chemistry as solid elements within their rankings
  2. Also looks like we waived WR Damion Willis.....open roster spot 😁
  3. So, there ARE two just like I said. Regardless, he's not a guy who deserves to be in the NFL. KC has kinda become the new Raiders
  4. Then clean up your act, you are a Role Model now πŸ˜†
  5. He may very well be put on the Commissioner's exempt list like Watson, this isn't his first offense.
  6. Congrats B&B, enjoy adulthood, gets real now....unless this isn't your first rodeo
  7. Well Ozzy, it's easy to cherry pick GIF's that support your assessment, but I look at his season and still thought highly to say he will be the first CB drafted. Will he be the star I expect, who knows but I still see a high ceiling. You're fine to have an opinion as am I
  8. Watching Stingley, he’s got great instincts, very fluid and looks like a shut-down CB to me
  9. My contention that Gardner wouldn't surpass Stingley seemed to be scoffed at by you. I get you're a Sauce fan, but from what I've seen Stingley is a Generation talent at CB, don't see that high of a ceiling with Gardner, who will be a fine CB (I never questioned his ability, just your "Hot Take"). And "why wait to revisit after the draft" seems like a stupid question given these posts, how else would we be able to validate your "Hot Take" vs. my rebuttal ??
  10. Hey, we can revisit this after the draft, right ??? I can admit I'm wrong if I am, can you ??
  11. Well, how many Packers fans do you know that aren't arrogant and on the verge of deserving a little , it's annoying.
  12. I'm sure you've been asked that a LOT, don'tcha Norm....you seems to like Packer fans, seems so NATURAL to you, right ??
  13. Not a chance he beats out Stingley
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