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  1. Does Gute have incentive to move Rodgers ?? If he doesn't AR is gonna continue to demand he's fired, that's incentive, On the other hand, does he want to be known as the GM who trades an MVP QB ??? Wouldn't wanna be that guy.
  2. Their dignity ? Their fans appreciation.....tanking will do that to you. 😅
  3. Was thinking about Mr James' future, with the history he created here in Denver (and also MIA), will he ever get more than a veteran minimum offer down the road ?
  4. Read my LAST LINE, I clearly stated it's what ANY fan would do. MY point is unless you have seen an offer from the actual Packers or Broncos, it all speculation other than the Broncos would/could be trading for Rodgers.....and yes, it does come from both side, lowest possible offer from Broncos side, the frickin' moon from the Packers side. As I've said before , it's all moot until Jun 2 IMO, nothing will happen before that
  5. What is interesting speaking with Packer fans is, while DEN has a specific prize that is being spoken of, the Pack fans are spouting pure WISH list trades or what your fans would like to see, nothing but speculation at this point. And tell me, would ANY Packer fan do anything but ask for the sky ?? But that's what any fan would do, right ?
  6. See, I can believe that ! But Jimmy G was more of a balance filler than a positive asset IMO, the Niners were said to be asking for a 1st round pick for him and obviously didn't come close, more likely because of his salary/injury history. I could see valuing him as a 3-4th rd IMO. And filler could be STers for all we know. Fatt stated 3 more high pick which I'll is what I called BS on, I'm ok if he can prove that offer.
  7. Please show me where that was offered ?? Niners paid 3 number1's to get to number 3, to add 2 MORE 1's a a 2nd is just a bold LIE IMO. No way ant NFL team would pay 5 #1's, a #2 and a #3 for a 38yo QB....pipe-dreamin' I did hear they offered the #3 pick but I need proof they offered the rest. Given that you brought that BS, obvious you just trolling here.
  8. Would the Broncos be picking a QB for the Packers with the inevitable Rodgers trade ?? OK, pick either way...
  9. How the heck does Tampa Bay win the SB ???? Did they trade with the Chiefs for Tom Brady ???
  10. Can't see your "wish list" happening, that's more than 3 FRP you're asking for...but you want the Sky, we're offering a patch of grass. All very moot until we get get closer to June 2 IMO, that's when things will get interesting. In the mean time we'll just have to see how much contempt will rise between GB and Rodgers and how Barnwell's offer looks then.
  11. THen why is A-Rod bitchin' and wanting out so bad he's wants to do it publically ?
  12. Really ??? You think he's worried about Love ?? LMAO....and looking to the future instead of the present is somehow different ..OK, perspective.
  13. That's BS, that's EXACTLY his complaint. He bitched about drafting Love when they needed another WR or Oline, they chose a guys who was going to sit on the bench.
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