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  1. HUGE shakeup there, released from the PS....earth-shattering
  2. As long as it works, what's the problem with that ?
  3. Gotta agree he would not receive the warmest welcome here (or anywhere for that matter) but with the talent on this team, he'd have a strong possibility to bring a SB Championship here. I'd bet that would alter a lot of fan perceptions providing he keeps his nose clean. On the flip side bet he couldn't get a massage in the town unless it was at the police station 😄
  4. There’s a big difference between commenting on a player and harping to the whole forum complaining over your disappointing over the player you’re obsessing about that the Broncos DIDNT draft. Either get over it and move on or bite your tongue, MAN UP
  5. Just curious, are we gonna be getting Justin Fields updates from you often ?? I mean, this IS a Broncos forum, perhaps the CHI fanbase will accept you as one of their own, seeming like it's already in the making. 😍
  6. Yeah, though Gay was looking like a solid pick for you guys, perhaps he just needs more time in your defensive scheme.
  7. Well, AR12 has been a man of his word, staying away is part of his plan to make the GB organization squirm, bet they're starting to feel the pucker. Will he get excused from certain team activities or will GB stand their ground and fine him....gonna be fun to watch.
  8. Anyone ever find out what happened to that mysterious 1st that the Falcons reportedly was offered, perhaps it was one of NE's that got renounced by the league ??
  9. Without any Exhibit A to examine, Kirill is seeing thru Chief-colored glasses, as usual....and anyone who speaks of themselves in the third-person (?) might be a bit high on himself, just sayin'
  10. Yeah, that showed in the SB didn't it ??
  11. Kareem Jackson still trying to recruit for Deshaun Watson, say's DW WANTS to come to Denver. Love the talent, only has a $10.5M salary this year, but would the community be willing to accept him even if his lawsuits are settled ??
  12. Risner had a better 2nd half of the season than 1st, but if your dismissing the season Cushenberry had, you’re fooling yourself. Check where Cush was rated as a C and you’ll see why they drafted Meinerz. Granted, Cush was a rookie, and I don’t want to come across as a Cush-basher but I have a lot more faith in Risner than you appear to.
  13. Onejayhawk, seems like you’re talking to yourself. Good info though, Reed looks like a good pickup
  14. Cush over Risner seems off to me, Risner looks like he has Pro Bowl potential while Cushenberry struggled in his 1st year, albeit at C
  15. Take it however you want, I make no bones about my disdain for James, I felt bad for him as a person but was glad he was cut from the Broncos, the man stole money and I have no empathy for that kind of person. And I have no love for the Ravens either, make no bones about that either. Seems like a good fit to me, just don't come whining when he steals from your team too.
  16. And most of the league expect asinine arrogance from Raven fans, glad to see you continue the tradition. No butthurt here, just have seen what you're in for. He'll do just enough to try and finagle you out of that $9M while giving minimal effort, ask MIA fans about that, they know too. I'm just glad we DON'T have to pay him the balance of his contract, the NFL will make sure of that. You're new to the forum and already making jerkish remarks, Enjoy your stay, however long it may be.
  17. Sorry, but aren't those the skillset of a Defensive Coordinator, not a Head Coach ??
  18. Not only signed by the Ravens, I heard that he's filed a $15M grievance against the Broncos, claiming he was working out with fellow Broncos while he got hurt, his "intent" was to comply with team wishes to work out for the upcoming season. Bet the league is going to give the Broncos all the legal support they need on this one else it'll set a terrible precedent going forward
  19. Trade Candidates for the Broncos, not all will happen nor be likely but some some options that could add "darts" to next years drafts or be added to bring in better players for positions of need. RB Royce Freeman - When we signed Boone writing was on the wall, when we drafted Williams, it was in permanent marker WR Tim Patrick - Crowded room and Patrick is an UFA next year, if we can get a pick now while he's a valuable trade chip we should do it IMO. WR Dionte Spencer - One trick pony, his job can (and will ) be taken over by a better WR WR Damion Willis - Has some league
  20. I believe he also has the 2nd best odds to be the first to be fired.....
  21. That 3rd period got real chippy
  22. Without one of the best QB's in the league throwing to him, but that won't be the case for that now will it. Although, if Lock doesn't take a step forward, the level of QB play becomes comparable....LOL
  23. After viewing the much debated (debatable ?) thread on the potential Aaron Rodgers trade, dare I ask what your thoughts on a Watson trade to Denver or Washington (the only two viable trade options IMO) . Given it's stated the FO doesn't want him, the pending NFL suspension and the public scrutiny he's sure to bring with, what would a talent of his youth and ilk garner from either/both of these tow clubs ? Thanks in advance, I know it's a bit to ask but feel you guys are much more in touch with reality than most Packer fans are.
  24. What a wicked conundrum, either they fire Shurmer to the detriment of Locks development (3rd OC in 3 years) or they let Shurmer continue to work with Lock without faith from the FO, placing him under a microscope for failure based upon the tutelage of someone believed to fail him.
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