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  1. Seriously...who can beat the Bears with that D?

    Quarterback Odell Beckham can
  2. NFL 2018 Week 2 Game Day Thread

    Blake Bortles always looks like he just got back from a barbecue
  3. Agreed. We should save the ties for the postseason.
  4. Will we ever see another 2007 Patriots team (16-0) again?

    Yeah we will. It's hard as hell to accomplish but we nearly saw the Packers and Panthers do it in recent years. Surely another dominant team will eventually go 16-0.
  5. Giants didn't bring anyone in that exciting this offseason. Probably Patrick Omameh.
  6. 2018-2019 NFL Season Predictions (Awards)

    Hmm... Very very interesting.
  7. Top 5 QB's in 5 Years?

    0.5. Dak 1. Cyborg Brady 2. Jimmy G 3. Wentz 4. Matt Ryan 5. Jay Cutler edit: Honorable Mention: Joe Flacco
  8. Bold Predictions Thread

    Derrius Guice rushes for 2500 yards.
  9. Jaguars to add Dog Park on gamedays

    if the jags had any balls they would've added a park filled with real jaguars
  10. Who Wins the NFC East?

    delet this
  11. ESPN Story on Patriots

    Come home, Bill.
  12. Too much NFC East in Primetime

    Sick of watching the Giants lose in primetime. Give us a 1:00pm home game before week 5, Jesus Christ
  13. Greatest single game performance

    Some recent ones that come to mind...some not the GREATEST but certainly stand out: Mike Vick vs Redskins MNF 2010 during his renaissance year, on another level Calvin Johnson's 329 yd game against the Cowboys Odell Beckham rookie year vs Redskins, 12/143/3 in his 10th career game Ben Roethlisberger's 6 TDs against the Colts in 2014 Luke Kuechly's 24 tackles against the Saints in 2013 Deangelo Hall's 4 interceptions of Jay Cutler Osi Umenyiora's 6 sacks against the Eagles in 2007 Tom Brady vs Titans in the snow, 5 TD passes in 2nd quarter... Aaron Rodgers vs Falcons in playoffs during his 2010 Super Bowl year Chris Johnson 200+ yd duel between him and MJD against JAX in 2009 Peyton Manning opening 2013 with 7 TD passes Antwan Odom's 5 sacks vs GB in 2009
  14. Bold predictions for the 2017 NFL Season

    Evan Engram wins OROY Browns win 7 games Mariota leads league in passer rating 49ers start the season 3-1 Ben Roethlisberger plays his last game mid season Marlon Mack has over 1000 total yards NFC standings: 1. Giants 2. Packers 3. Buccaneers 4. Seahawks 5. Eagles 6. Panthers AFC standings: 1. Patriots 2. Raiders 3. Titans 4. Bengals 5. Texans 6. Steelers Giants vs Patriots Superbowl = 3LI