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  1. This is why we are pulling for the bangels next week.
  2. It was also Demeco learning his chops at DC, I dont want to lose personnel this offseason. Please keep our FO and coordinators here.
  3. You guys got me to check the News feed and see if he was fired. I tend to agree with the steelers fans posting here with regards to Tomlin, not that impressed overall. Does have a good record. Would be interesting if you could go back and insert Vic Fangio for the same period of time and the same team and see what the differences would be.
  4. Gotcha, I came late to this topic and was not aware of ongoing discussions, just read yours and replied to it. I can understand there general idea of they play would have happened whistle or no whistle I just cannot endorse the idea of "it is what should have happened, let it happen". Nice little friendly discussion, you got me to think a little more on the topic than I otherwise would have.
  5. As I said before, the outcome of this game was irrelevant to me. After saying that, and as for the bolded, one of these is covered in the rule book and one is not. An inadvertent whistle is a replay of downs. I do not want the officials doing weighted calls mid game to try to get the outcome that 'should' have happened. Let me run something hypothetical for you, all aspects of the play are the same accept that the receiver bumbles the ball and it is incomplete. Do you want the play to stand or would you argue that the whistle affected his concentration? Stick to the rules and keep it
  6. I am of the same opinion as you with regards to if the defense could have done something, it would be a TD either way. Just because would of/should of/could of, does not mean you disregard rules and make a judgement call. Looking at the pictures you posted one thing sticks out to me, something that I was not expecting to see. The DB in the corner in the first picture is in an active stance, he sees the ball and is focused on it, the second picture the DB is in a passive position. I am not concerned about what would happen if the whistle was not blown, the whistle was blown and
  7. Warner makes another play that wont show on the stat sheet
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