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  1. This fellow 49ers fan is unaware of what a hatpus is, he is trying to use silly words instead.
  2. More than just this... He plays with some of the best WR in college ball, he has the dream situation but he does not mess that up. By the eye he processes fast and makes the right throw in a often more than decent spot. how will it change when he is getting harassed?
  3. I did like that touchdown Mac just threw, he has had a couple nice sideline throws and he is good about knowing where to go with the ball. I have not watched may bama games this year, I still want wilson but both QBs have done nice things this game. Saying this I do noticed what is said about Fields processing speed, it feels a hair slow but his arm makes up for it... I do not like that aspect that people have noticed.
  4. Is there a suspension or is that just speculation on your part? A lot of people legally hunt squirrels for food, I am sure with his income his is not required to do so but he might still have an enjoyment of the activity and have a taste for the food. I just hope that he doesn't eat the brains as that has been linked to strange brain disorder. The man is big, let him eat.
  5. get a safety then its a 2 possession game, 4d chess
  6. If it is streamed on twitch as stated its a free streaming service, you can download the app on any device or just go to the webpage on your computer if you dont want an app. Much nicer than looking in shady areas of the internet for the people without sunday ticket and live out of market.
  7. Anyone else worried when Kinlaw went to dive in the endzone and then broke his dive with his right leg? I saw another ACL gone for the team, lucky it didnt happen.
  8. Is this the game that we start BeatHard behind this destroyed oline? He is tough.
  9. Just to throw a different situation at you guys. The QBs that we want are gone, with the pick do we go best OL available or trade it for a 2nd and next years 1st to try to get ammo for getting a QB down the road? I have not scouted anything this year other than watching Wilson at the LA tech / BYU game where I wanted to watch more of him... you can guess who I would like in the draft but the seems to be trying to move himself out of position. I would also be down to trade a future pick or two for him but that is not what I am asking here.
  10. Right now Kyle is the team, we have fun talent pieces but it is by Kyle that we compete with teams that out talent/skill us and Kyle is doing this with his hand tied. We need a QB who can remove those handcuffs that we have on Kyle, if we can get out of Jimmys contract to save the talent that we do have is how this team competes in the future. I hate that we lost today, I never want to lose but we dont go all the way this year so it is probably best that we did lose. Zach Wilson is my crush, I noticed him in the BYU vs LA Tech game (wife went to Tech). Big Ben went 13-0 as a r
  11. You almost have to decide to give QB the Greg Williams treatment, if you are going to get the flag may as well do the crime.
  12. The new part of the NFL rulebook of touching golden boy QBs and be called for a personal where our QB can get dove at in the knee area and be just fine... just dive at the ankles and give us a high ankle sprain clean play.... but sacking drew brees and landing on his side so your weight wont come down on him, now that is dirty.
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