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  1. I was wrong on the order of events, but nice to have the ball.
  2. Sermon hit the ground head and shoulders before the ball came out no fumble right?
  3. Jimmy has had a couple boneheaded plays, trying to scramble at the end of the half without timeouts and 25 seconds on the clock is chief of them but he has played well. That grounding if he gets it to the LOS is probably not grounding either...
  4. forgot to put my traditional week 1 9ers pick in here, sucks.... I dont like the rest of the slate of games so gonna use a previous 49er coach that I am sure we all like. Denver week 1, living dangerous.
  5. Any chance they would have Elijah Mitchel on return duty you think?
  6. alrighty guys, do I start Herbert or Stafford this week?
  7. I have done FF 2 years out of the last 12+ even though I have been part of these forums for near 20 years. Give me some good advice for my draft tonight. Thinking about things I would think Mike Evans would be my top reciever and Henery my top RB, who would be your Tier 1 WR/RB? Do saints have a WR worth taking early as Watson will probably want to air it out or is 50% of their offense going through Karama? Thinking Corey Davis will be a sneaky good WR in Fantasy... feel that Zack Wilson will lean on him a lot. Will Ben be able to get that pittsburg offense off?
  8. got a FF team with some friends drafting tonight. Made my name 'Dose of Bosa' heres to dominating.
  9. I will see how good I am at spotting talent I liked Wilson after the BYU vs LA Tech game last year before everyone jumped on wilson, I am no scout but I live in Louisiana and will watch some LSU football.
  10. so if Shanny trys a 2 qb system he might give it a run in this game to see how it feels. Wonder if we see something like that. I personally think this subject is more smoke than fire, something the media just wants to talk about but if Shanny is considering it, it would make sense that Jimmy is in for the first half because he wont be in all the first half it would be a 2-qb first half... the only way I really see Jimmy getting substantial time.
  11. This is a thing about shannys offense that not many people talk about, he is innovative and an offensively minded coach but he has some of the best ball/clock control of any team. Of course this comes through is love of running the ball but for the last few years it always felt like of any games in the timeslot we played in we always finished first.
  12. Benjamin had the redemption touchdown but he has also challenged Richie James for the anti-play too... not sure I would have him ranked as our 3rd best offensive player.
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