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  1. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I just hope to get DK Metclaf with the #2 pick, hope that the cards dont take him... (can I get some likes) am I doing this right?
  2. Seahawks extend Russell Wilson QB with a new Contract

    That is stupid money, the only thing worse is that video on his twitter. Have fun with him seattle, but I truly want to see everything fall apart up there.
  3. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    Hand of the King - Osha Master of Coin - Craster Master of Whisperers - Walder Frey Lord Commanderof the Kingsguard - Khal Drogo Grand Maester - Ramsay Bolton Osha is a little strange but the ruthless combo of Craster/Walder Frey/Ramsay/Drogo... bring it on!
  4. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    Lynch should not be a GM in this era, the time has passed him by. He does not understand electronic communication and often makes trades by intimidation, other GM's are known to cower in fear as he hurtles towards them in a dead sprint. It is good to have a feared GM but when his idea of communication is to etch words on stone and tie them to large birds of flight the time has passed them by.
  5. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    We should have traded that #2 pick for OBJ, cant believe we did not pursue that trade at all.
  6. New Forum - New Random

    It looked like he poured it out, dont know that he drank it. His mouth happened to be underneath the cup at the time of the event tho..
  7. Random Game Talk

    So anthem has a very fun gameplay with lots with some frustrating issues. If they fix the issues it would be an amazing game biggest current issues - mobs scaling off weapon level... there are reports and videos that show the level 1 rifle you start the game with will melt mobs in grandmaster 1/2/3 quicker than god roll legendary items. The game scales mob health off weapon level, people have tested this by equiping both the level 1 and a god roll legendary and killing basic trash mobs. the level 1 item will 3 shot them and the god roll with 5 shot them (hitting non crit areas), this is very bad for a looter game as it makes loot not matter. Scaling through difficulty levels GM 1/2/3 - you can roll though gm 1 but in gm 2 enemies turn to bullet sponges and trash will 1 or two shot you. Further more there is no increase in drop rates or item bonuses by increasing difficulty. There is no stat page or any kind of explantion of how mechanics in the game work. It is worth a play through and if they fix the issues it could be a great game, they playstyle is great and it is a beautiful game but probably released 6 months to early.
  8. Tennessee Thumbtacks Winning combination right here boys
  9. Drink gin, and the drink it again
  10. If we put up 14 points and won we would not have been saying what we were saying about Roman, at least the bears have tried to win.
  11. I do like this Mullens kid, he just wants to win
  12. that was an intimidate whistle, I have never seen a whistle so fast on a delay. They are suppose to look at the clock, then look at the ball and check the snap before the whistle, I am sure that mechanic did not happen.
  13. defender had an arm bar that caught kittles inner elbow, it was PI but there was not a view that a ref had to call it. There was not pulling and no hands on hips, none of the typical tells
  14. how do they not throw a flag on number 59 there? does he somehow think that the RB is not down?