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  1. While true I do not think that Tomlinson has stubbed his toe yet with the 9ers, Garnett might sprain his wrist signing the contract.
  2. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    I hate to agree with a rams fan, even if he is reformed. But right is right and this is right.
  3. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    You guys think that we could get @oldman9er away from the LSU game?
  4. 2020 National Championship | #3 Clemson vs #1 LSU

    Honestly the blind side block is worse to me than a targeting call, I have seen a couple bad calls for targeting but the ticky tackyness of blindside is worse. Targeting is clear and that was targeting, keep the ejection - have to maintain player safety. It is clear, it is cut and dry.

    use your favorite transient for an avatar? SF fan here, I hate giving good recommendations it might give your team super powers? How about super transients? or cage fighting transients? Your sub form is always fun to visit boys, here is to a injury free game and may the winner take the owl too.
  6. , maybe I have lost my mind... maybe you ment Ford? I do not remember when Dee got injured. We still had Tart at this game and a healthier D-Line (depth at least)
  7. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    Pete tried to throw his hip out in his little hissy fit.
  8. Do you guys share the same sentiment as I do, seattle does not get called for holding? It is easy to be a slipery midget when rules are not enforced.
  9. Around the NFL III - The NFLiest Yet

    It was a good deal earlier in this drive but the seattle line holds so often and it is never called. Straight arm bars on the d-lineman, easy for any qb to escape pressure when that is allowed.
  10. beat the grease midge sea chickens for us please
  11. Divisional Round GDT - Vikings at 49ers

    I vote for you to win the lottery if I do not.
  12. 49ers Stats and Observations

    I was trying to make it stick and I got you to bite, dunno if I heard it from anyone or not. We also have grease midget 2.0 in our division
  13. Well if you guys make it past us I will pull for yall the rest of the way. One thing that has not be mentioned is our RBs, Brieda in particular, he got injured and then put a ball on the ground. He should be healthy and is quick like lightning, expect a lot off miss direction, reverses and play action. Shanny will probably try to get your LB crop moving in one direction and then hit the other side and mix it up so much that he will try to get your LBs to never be certain that their first move is the correct one. I am most scared of Cook, also Shanny might get dirty and use his time with Cousins against him. Should be a great game and wish that we could play Green Bay instead here.
  14. Seattle Seahawks @ Philadelphia Eagles

    Locket auditioning for the NBA
  15. WC: Titans@Patriots

    Do you or do you not expect to win games where you hold the opposing teams to 14 points at home?