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  1. Tennessee Thumbtacks Winning combination right here boys
  2. Drink gin, and the drink it again
  3. If we put up 14 points and won we would not have been saying what we were saying about Roman, at least the bears have tried to win.
  4. I do like this Mullens kid, he just wants to win
  5. that was an intimidate whistle, I have never seen a whistle so fast on a delay. They are suppose to look at the clock, then look at the ball and check the snap before the whistle, I am sure that mechanic did not happen.
  6. defender had an arm bar that caught kittles inner elbow, it was PI but there was not a view that a ref had to call it. There was not pulling and no hands on hips, none of the typical tells
  7. how do they not throw a flag on number 59 there? does he somehow think that the RB is not down?
  8. What does everyone do for a living?

    Doing something I never really knew existed growing up, I work on drilling rigs and provide all you people with the hydrocarbons that are allow such easy travel and many other modern comforts. Work is 14 days on and 14 days off so I am gone from my family for half the year but the other have I get spend it freely. I just don't have any control over holidays or anything like that.
  9. 2019 Draft Talk (Draft Order in OP)

    I would take drive/initiative over intelligence any day. I have not seen or scouted Allen at all but am not scared by a learning disability, we need to look no further than Frank Gore to see what a talented and motivated individual is capable of. We have seen the other side of the spectrum as well, such as Aldon and Ruben, even Davis. A drive to succeed will often trump flaws that could otherwise impede their potential.
  10. Week 13 Rivalry Week! | Other Games Thread

    5 men off the line of scrimage for A&M but still got time put on the clock
  11. Week 10 GDT- 49ers v Giants

    I had to pour out a little of my beer as I typed that.
  12. Week 10 GDT- 49ers v Giants

    We got bowman back PWillie is coming next
  13. He is just rolling on the ground, he does not look hurt... I have seen this before.
  14. I am out, check back after halftime