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  1. Week 13 Rivalry Week! | Other Games Thread

    5 men off the line of scrimage for A&M but still got time put on the clock
  2. Week 10 GDT- 49ers v Giants

    I had to pour out a little of my beer as I typed that.
  3. Week 10 GDT- 49ers v Giants

    We got bowman back PWillie is coming next
  4. He is just rolling on the ground, he does not look hurt... I have seen this before.
  5. I am out, check back after halftime
  6. I we dont score our next drive and they do I am playing a game of dota and see what happens after halftime
  7. The DE threw Mcglincy and engaged the RG, then they called the RG for engaging the DE... Persons didnt even initate contact with their DE>
  8. There have been a lot of holds that are not getting called on KC, they must be releasing at just the right time to not get caught
  9. Who do you consider the blue bloods of the NFL?

    For those that say the Raiders, I see them more as the black sheep than blue blood. They have been good, have history but they have very much been an Al Davis team - not to discredit his accomplishments due to his failures in the later years. I would argue that you need stability, history (success), and respect to be considered blue blood - Raiders really only have the history, they are an iconic franchise but good ole' Al put winning above everything. He moved the team twice, he sued the league, he was a frontier coach and owner - did things other teams wouldn't think of doing (trading his coach for picks), but his mentality more made the Raiders the black sheep of the league. For my list: Green Bay Bears Steelers (I don't like them tho) 49ers Pats Cowboys Giants Steelers and Giants have some of the most stability and best owners in the league.
  10. One of us will be out after the first week, I am taking the 9ers.
  11. Week One | #8 Miami vs #25 LSU | SNF, College Style

    How much experience do I need to apply to be a ref?
  12. When did we pick Kwame Harris back up? I was looking for his video but I could not find it... someone help me out.
  13. First pre season game I get to watch, finally found a place and I see Solo try to pull a man in half. He is not a Buckner but he will be good.
  14. DC Movie Universe

    So will Joaquin Phoenix be able to do something with the role of Joker in its self titled movie?
  15. Around the NFL

    This man throws