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  1. like the concept but it looks like a chiefs helmet at glance value, what if you made the red black and the F red?
  2. I dont know the movie, but public embarrassment for mistakes made is always fun. You just might have to wait for this whole 'rona thing to be done and by then you might forget about it. On further thought, I would be difficult to find a replacement to cook and wash dishes for you so it might be best to wait, but document and file this for future resources if tangible material is needed down the road.
  3. Do we all share our horror stories of first game attended? I have been on only one game, we were hosting tampa bay and I thought it would be a close game and had a better than average shot to win... bought the tickets before the season. Enter game day - the Josh Freeman bucs shut us out at home the first time in 30 years 21-0. I am scared of attending another.
  4. Did lawyers start talking to this guy?
  5. This is also a front office that inherited a team without talent and in 3 season got them to the superbowl. Yes, we spent more than just draft picks to get there as we had lots of money to throw around. Aiyuk could be a good barometer of how our FO is for judging talent as our FO has such a high opinion of him. I also realize that mid and late round picks have value in the fact that even if you do not hit a starter you can provide depth at a lower controlled cost and as our team moves forward this will be an important factor in how we remain competitive.
  6. Correct, I only used numbers to try to illustrate a point. The front office does have perceived values on their potential targets and I will not fault them for chasing who they think will have the greatest impact on our team. Lynch/Shanny did say that there was 13? cornerstone players and they got one at #25 at where do you want to draw the line for who the front officer perceives to be a top tier prospect. I would rather have a FO that follows their own convictions than one that questions their own conclusions by the opinions of others who do not understand the relative value of each prospect to the team. I would have to look back at the trade ups but two of the major ones are Pettis and Foster, both of which I would argue are not held back by talent but other factors.... head case or passion for the game. I do hope that the front office will analyze previous strategies and how their previous draft process can be improved (which is pretty much the argument over this pick) As I stated earlier, I have not done the research that many on here have done but if the front office feels so strongly over a player I am glad that they were able to bring them in.
  7. Should we throw in a pot odds in poker situation? If they view Aiyuk as a 50k pot and the next receiver at say a 30k pot is it worth the buy in of the extra pick to take the prize? My internet is so trash where I am at that I cannot watch highlights, before the draft I thought that Pettis had the potential to scare Shanny from Juedy - I also don't like to many Alabama prospects. I am sure that the rest of us hope that this kid pans out to be the best receiver in the draft, and I honestly get more information from users on this forum than I do from my own research... I look at people suggested by posters I respect. Would I have liked to not trade up and get Aiyuk at 31, of course that is preferred. But if the trade up price is less than the prospect discrepancy and need area of need then take the bargain and trade up. If you guys are going to the club is there only one girl that you will bring home because she is the best one or are you weighing options? Do you expect your bud that you went with to try for the same girl as you or does he always for some reason go for the fat chick? Shanny has his type, let him go for what he wants. As earlier stated by other posters, this roster has improved tremendously in the last 3 years, there are fewer holes to fill. If it becomes more expensive to fill the position with the greater talent spend the extra draft pick and become the best team we can this year without sacrificing the future.
  8. You guys did want to bring in a new TE right?
  9. One of the things that work against us when bidding for free agents is the income tax and that state income tax is no longer deductible (can only claim 10k from research) from federal returns. Now CA state income tax gets up to 13.3% so if we pay someone 10 mil, a texas or florida team can pay him 9 mil and he will walk home with more money taking that 9 mil. Add into the the cost of living and whatnot.... I am glad we have a good atmosphere and coach otherwise it would be quite hard to coerce people to play for us.
  10. Due to the omission of location: i.e. checked bagged or on person, I would assume that the gun was in his checked baggage. It is also a gun licensed in AL and currently in NY, possible he drove up with it when he first went to new York but more probable that he brought it to NY by way of checked luggage on an airplane. I do not regard this to be the same bone head move that others are, possession a firearm does not make a villain of a person. I am glad that we have Bosa over QW and was my choice at the time as well, but this by no means reduces what I think of QW.
  11. While true I do not think that Tomlinson has stubbed his toe yet with the 9ers, Garnett might sprain his wrist signing the contract.
  12. I hate to agree with a rams fan, even if he is reformed. But right is right and this is right.
  13. You guys think that we could get @oldman9er away from the LSU game?
  14. Honestly the blind side block is worse to me than a targeting call, I have seen a couple bad calls for targeting but the ticky tackyness of blindside is worse. Targeting is clear and that was targeting, keep the ejection - have to maintain player safety. It is clear, it is cut and dry.
  15. use your favorite transient for an avatar? SF fan here, I hate giving good recommendations it might give your team super powers? How about super transients? or cage fighting transients? Your sub form is always fun to visit boys, here is to a injury free game and may the winner take the owl too.
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