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  1. Right now Kyle is the team, we have fun talent pieces but it is by Kyle that we compete with teams that out talent/skill us and Kyle is doing this with his hand tied. We need a QB who can remove those handcuffs that we have on Kyle, if we can get out of Jimmys contract to save the talent that we do have is how this team competes in the future. I hate that we lost today, I never want to lose but we dont go all the way this year so it is probably best that we did lose. Zach Wilson is my crush, I noticed him in the BYU vs LA Tech game (wife went to Tech). Big Ben went 13-0 as a rookie and won the superbowl his second season. The largest gap between this team and the team that Ben was drafted into is the O-Line, I am fine giving up a 2nd and future 1st to get Wilson (helps if we have a higher draft pick) and spend the rest on the O-Line. Success could come quick.
  2. You almost have to decide to give QB the Greg Williams treatment, if you are going to get the flag may as well do the crime.
  3. The new part of the NFL rulebook of touching golden boy QBs and be called for a personal where our QB can get dove at in the knee area and be just fine... just dive at the ankles and give us a high ankle sprain clean play.... but sacking drew brees and landing on his side so your weight wont come down on him, now that is dirty.
  4. they throw the flag on us for illegal formation with Williams but they have a slot receiver on the line of scrimmage covered up by an outside receiver and running downfield. Dont get me started on that roughing the passer.
  5. You are as bad at reading a quote tree as you are being an unbiased observer.
  6. Just trying to break it down simple, I want my good dead done for the day.
  7. Is this Detroit education rearing its head in this thread? You do understand that you are trying to insert verbiage in rules that do not exist in print. contact is two things not one. If they are in a state of contact than contact was made.
  8. the state or condition of physical touching That is contact, contact happened.
  9. you need to look up the definition of contact - it is two things touching. You are saying that there was no physical contact?
  10. what facts did I change? I address your issues, I am not arguing who initiated contact. Read the rules and tell me why they should no apply.
  11. in case you missed the part where I posted the rule from the rule book. Is the contact that happened unnecessary physical contact?
  12. Look at the rule, dont tell me how it should work. You enforce the rule book, you do not enforce what you want the rule book to be. How hard is this to understand?
  13. I posted the rules for you as they are in the rule book, maybe address the rule book and not me, or help me understand what I am missing. What you are doing is emotional drivel.
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