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  1. Is it to late to hope for the first overall pick?
  2. do we have a correlation between friction and injuries? can we get a study of football injuries and how they would have been avoided if they were playing on ice such as hockey?
  3. Around the NFL II - Even NFLier

    The legend of Frank Gore should surprise no body, there are still the willfully ignorant and they are to dense to accept facts. When the Bills go 13-3 and my boy FrankkkkkkkyGGGGGGGGGGGGG has 21XX yards and 34 TDs people will somehow think that the bills are 3-13 and picking first in the NFL draft.
  4. Dynasty League Start-up.

    If you have people wanting to join I would like to give up my spot, things are getting busy. If you do not have anyone I will find time but there seems to be more involvement than I was aware of.
  5. I do not know where you get his logic. A bright mind who's tree is being pliaged is the rams and they got pooed on in the superbowl. We picked up jimmy half way through Shannys first season here and he looked the deal the opportunities he got. Jimmy was then injured in his 3rd game last season - we have not had a true opportunity to judge him, now you want to get rid of a coach because Jimmy isnt the guy.... Now we have a back up qb who might have the weakest arm in the NFL and we are hopping that we can trade him for future draft picks. We have a great system and shanny should have at a minimum 2 more seasons after this one.
  6. If JG10 is not an starting NFL caliber QB, Shanny should have at least 2 more years after this. We wont find a better coach.
  7. and here I have been hoping that I get to see our 4th round draft pick perform with a ball put in play by being snapped. Oh well, I will have to settle for a touchdown.
  8. I am officiating football this year - youth/high school and today we meet at 7 Louisiana time, same time the game starts
  9. Forge & Y2 Show - Needs an Official Name

    just call it disco
  10. Dynasty League Start-up.

    lots of stuff going on but I should be able to make it, is the draft decided yet?
  11. Lions WR Jermaine Kearse suffers broken leg

    that is nasty, seeing feet flop around like that. Dirty patriots as always.
  12. Lions WR Jermaine Kearse suffers broken leg

    was it a 'freak' accident?
  13. OTA's/Minicamp/Training Camp Discussion Thread

    It would have been easy of us to be high on the Bears defense lead by non other than our favorite coach (who is not on our roster) in Big Vic Slamdefensedownyathroatango.
  14. With the NFL trying to expand their brand if they want to expand the season they should add a 17th game and make it neutral/international. Take seeding from the previous regular season - not playoff results and line the afc vs nfc up from #1 to #16 and have 1 vs 1, 2 v 2,... etc, all AFC vs NFC. Have a bye week before and after and have all these games played between weeks 6 to 12. We get to see more AFC vs NFC, the NFL gets to expand their brand and there is another game in the regular season. NFL teams will no longer be forced to give up a home game for international hosting during the regular season. The games played in limit is one of the worst ideas that I have heard.
  15. Dynasty League Start-up.

    I will join, dont beat the rookie to bad please. Take it easy on this old soul. Hopefully I will have a work schedule set soon and when it happens I will let you all know.
  16. Dynasty League Start-up.

    I dont often play fanasty... only twice I think and because of my work I dont know what my scheduled will be for drafting around. I am interested in joining however, but dont want to be the league anchor.
  17. Minor Niner News Thread

    sounds like you have an unwanted addiction, kinda like me when I was young... I use to masturbate a lot - it was an addiction. Then I started having sex, you could say my addiction got out of hand
  18. New Forum - New Random

    are you implying that my boy Franky G will be retired in 5 years? Next year he will return to the 9ers and be a leader on our way to 3 straight super bowl wins.
  19. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    COTF created him to fight humans, the dragon glass was part of the spell/magic. Not explicitly stated but implicitly.
  20. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    Ignorance is bliss, why go to an art museum when you can just look at the paintings online?
  21. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    or maybe if the artist wrote some lyrics and let another musician publish the album in their name, that would be a more accurate "metaphor"
  22. Y2- give me the trade and fallout from it, to busy with to poor an internet to try other options. Plus I want my 4th round punter
  23. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    "knew for 4 years" pretty much means when they were writing season 7 (2 year gap between season 7 and 8), so either GRRM left who kills the NK out of his plot outline (they would have known from the beginning) or they changed it and had Bran give Arya the dagger in season 7 so she can kill the NK. It would be impossible to do justice to the song of ice and fire and wrap everything up in 6 episodes so I will settle for what I get. The show has already cut so much out of series idgaf what they do, I look forward to reading the rest of the books and hopefully GRRM can write them in a timely manner before he dies. I will watch the show for the entertainment that it is. Everything that people are complaining about has roots in the fact that the film is past the literature and they lack depth of groundwork they had when covering content from the books.
  24. Game of Thrones - Our Watch has Ended

    I have the same sentiments that Arya should not have been the one to kill the NK, sure it made for a "good story" for the show and I do not have an issue with her character or what she can do. History lesson - Jon's father started a war that would destroy the kingdom based off of prophecy. Yes, Rheagar legitimately married Lyanna and had a child - he may have loved her but the reason that he sacrificed a kingdom to marry her was to produce the prince who was promised who could defeat the NK. You show watchers are enjoying a good story, I have too the show is still enjoyable. It has taken many liberties and changed the world when compared to the books, most changes have been minor, even though this event has outpaced the books it seems an unlikely outcome. The prince who was promised might just be a guy who can unite the necessary people to defeat the NK, who knows. As the name of the series "A song of ice and fire" suggest the two houses of Stark and Targaryen coming together and make Jon Snow, he is important to the story. You poor souls have had to wait 2 years for this last season, those who follow the books have been waiting 8 years and will still wait longer. If you have read the series the show is a bastardized version of all events, I am sure it has been felt by the pacing and depth of the show with recent seasons contrasted against early seasons. They do not have true GRRM content, they have his outline. This is why you hear the pushback by some, this is probably also why there are people upset by who does not die. We will not get a product that will satisfy everyone, I am here to enjoy what is put before me because it is still quality, it is just no longer a masterpiece. I enjoyed the episode, I accept that it has turned hollywood but that will not stop me for enjoying it. I do believe in the books that Tryion will be the third dragon, but a lot on here wont understand that. The problems that I have with the episode is that it greatly differs from where I project the story, it is not an issue with the episode itself.