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  1. exposure != greatest If you want to get into how well they are know outside their own sport we can turn this into a Tebow vs Jordan thread. I am not a hockey fan either but I when I saw this thread the first thing I thought was they better have Gretzky as number 1 just by what he was able to accomplish against his peers. I would rather have a different athlete than Brady for this tread honestly, as it is not the athleticism of Brady that has made him who he is but rather the intangibles. Honestly I would put Rice ahead of Brady when matched up against peers. I do not follow
  2. I want to see a fullback with double aught. That 00 jersey just running em all over.
  3. Yea, my response was more directed to who I quoted. I am very pleased with how this draft turned out. One of the most encouraging aspects about Lance is that he fought to be the master of his destiny. He was drafted by the 49ers because of the talent he has shown but while being recruited out of high school no major school saw that talent. After his redshirt freshman year he was able to demonstrate that talent and be recognized for it by anyone who saw him play. He is raw and has some things to refine but his intelligence and work ethic are easy to perceive, I have high hop
  4. Nick Mullens was born to be a back up QB, if he heals up and is ready for training camp he would be a decent veteran presence that knows the system. He plays fearless but is physically limited, would be a good mentor to Wilson.
  5. I like that we got this kid, didnt know anything about him before hand but I do live in Lafayette about 10 minutes from the university. Looking at his listed size of 5'11'' and weights 215 lb with that speed... could be a lot of fun to watch after he develops a little more.
  6. I dont want to get into the buyers remorse of what it cost to get the pick that we used to get Trey Lance. Quick alternate universe run through.... We do not trade up. Miami is sitting at 3 and cannot trade down, they take the most talented player in the draft, Pitts. Now Atlanta who we all believe to be interested in a QB but didnt go QB cannot select the player who they took. Now they could very well take Lance, it could also be Fields, I do not think they would target a WR so much but they could have. I hope Lance turns out, I have been intrigued by him and he has some qu
  7. Hey, you drafted Leatherwood. He sounds a hole lot tougher than Feltwood. Hope it works for ya
  8. Work nights, 12 hour shifts and its a free night tonight. The down side is no TV but I got my internet even if it is a poor connections. Keep me entertained friends, and lie to me if we dont pick Fields.
  9. starting page 89 and will be going to bed soon, dont out run me to far guys.
  10. who needs a spirit animal when this guy is around.
  11. I want to see a receiver with 38, watch the world burn.
  12. People say this but it is much more difficult in reality, I am not saying that it cant work but I dont trust it. He has managed to maintain his body where it is at with his diet so I hope that he knows what he is doing and is controlling it well. He is gonna be chugging those rice and beans and gonna be farting all over the locker room.
  13. Hate to sound weird about it but the biggest turn off for me is that he is a vegan. I am sure that he will have the best dietitians to help him but to be at the highest level of competition I would not want his body to be handicapped by his diet. I dont want to go looking up names but that RB from Houston went vegan and then he fell off a cliff, granted he was older and at a more demanding position but I just dont trust a vegan diet to hold up as long in the NFL. Not trying to start a philosophical debate on what is right and wrong, people can eat what they want, this just direct
  14. This, if wilson does not fall I want Fields. There are a couple concerns, I think he will need a cleaner pocket to preform well throwing the ball. There is no throw that he does not make, his deep sideline passes that he lets his receiver run under in stride is a thing of beauty.
  15. so I have been watching some fields film, one thing that I noticed. He is good at dodging 1 passrusher, he has a good shake move and he will look to throw. If there is more than one rusher who breaks through the line he only runs, it might be what you guys are going with process speed. To me it feels like once he takes his eyes off the field he almost doesnt trust his eyes to pick up all the defenders. just something that I have noticed.
  16. just a troll wanting an ignore... if you cant see the stupidity in what you type than there is no helping you. If you can see... well this is an obvious troll job or you are so damn insecure about your team that you want to try to erode others? Anyhow, he have had a healthy QB for one season with Shanny, that season we went to the super bowl and nearly win it. The healthy QB that we had for the season is not respected by any pundits as being >12th rank. So yes, Shanny bad booo this coach get better coach who wins superb owl with #20 QB. Am I doing it right yet?
  17. I am under this suspicion too. Wilson is the only QB who would not make it past #3, it makes sense in a way with how it went down. If Miami doesnt trade the Jets know Wilson is a legit prospect and will demand a whole lot of value if it is draft time and Miami is sitting on the clock with Wilson available. We still payed a premium price but on draft day the eagles will probably give up the same price and Miami comes out of this offseason 1 FRP down the road stronger. So Jets tip us and we trade Miami early at a 'discount' if Wilson is there, the AFC rivals of the Jets do not get as str
  18. This is what I hope: The Jets are not going Wilson, but know if they do not take wilson then Miami will get an absolute haul for #3. Now as they are in the same division as Miami this is a no no so they leak to us that they are not taking Wilson doing us a solid while minimizing the return that their division rivals get. The Jets would have to be locked on to their own target for this to happen but this is just a case of Shanny and Selah doing each other a solid. I can hope right?
  19. If Jimmy is thinking right he should be looking at this like a 1 year FA where he is already making 25 mil to prove his value to make more. It sucks for him that we will be drafting his replacement, but if you want to get paid next year there is not a better offense than this one to make yourself look great.
  20. Two issues I would like to put my opinion on. They are tied together, separate steps to a common goal, the strategy involved if you will. First with Jimmy G, many people are saying trade him now. There is much more upside to keeping him on the roster this season, first we know we can succeed with him, we also know his limitations which is why we are excited to draft a fresh new toy for a QB. Jimmy wont win a super bowl for us, but we can win a super bowl with him, the first year for the QB we should remove the pressure of starting day 1, the pressure of learning a new and complex syst
  21. This fellow 49ers fan is unaware of what a hatpus is, he is trying to use silly words instead.
  22. More than just this... He plays with some of the best WR in college ball, he has the dream situation but he does not mess that up. By the eye he processes fast and makes the right throw in a often more than decent spot. how will it change when he is getting harassed?
  23. I did like that touchdown Mac just threw, he has had a couple nice sideline throws and he is good about knowing where to go with the ball. I have not watched may bama games this year, I still want wilson but both QBs have done nice things this game. Saying this I do noticed what is said about Fields processing speed, it feels a hair slow but his arm makes up for it... I do not like that aspect that people have noticed.
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