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  1. TNF GDT: Carolina Panthers at Pittsburgh Steelers

    Cam Newton is hot garbage.
  2. Arizona Cuts Sam Bradford

    Cardinals Cut Quarterback Sam Bradford Rest of the article at the link.
  3. Luck comeback player of the year?

    currently [kur-uh‚ÄČnt-lee, kuhr-] adverb at the presenttime; now: She is currently working as a lab technician.
  4. Week 4 Gameday Thread

    If you punt, you're settling for best-case scenario of a tie and a 1-2-1 record. Is anyone happy with a coach who's content with that? I'm not. On the other hand, if you get the fourth down, you're in Houston territory, and chances are high you win the game. You go to 2-2 and remain a playoff contender. Give me the coach who goes for it on fourth-and-four with the greatest kicker in NFL history, and fights to get back to .500, any day of the week over the coach playing for the tie. Give me aggressive-but-reasonable play calling over timid, low-standards play calling every day of the week, and twice on Sunday.
  5. Week 4 Gameday Thread

    Going for it in that situation is 100% the correct decision. Those who disagree lack the cognitive ability to properly assess the situation. 1. It's an easily-manageable fourth-and-four. 2. You're on the brink of driving into the opponent's territory with the greatest kicker in NFL history, needing only a field goal to win. 3. Punting all but guarantees a best-case scenario of a tie, and still leaves open the very real possibility of losing (Houston only needs a field goal to win, remember). 4. Even if you fail to convert on fourth down, they still need 20+ yards for a chance at a high-probability field goal attempt. If it were fourth-and-long, then sure, punt it. But it wasn't. It was a moderate risk/high reward scenario. Quite frankly, after watching far too many overly-conservative coaches, I'm glad to see one show some balls.
  6. Panthers sign Eric Reid S

    I'm totally not rooting for a career-ending injury here, I swear.
  7. Lesean McCoy Accused of DV, PED use

    You can't turn women like that into housewives.
  8. Star Players To Sit Out?

    If a white man who pretends to be a black man in order to bilk idiots out of donation money a portion of which he steals said it on the Internet, it has to be true.
  9. Most complete back in NFL history

    Edgerrin James deserves an honorable mention. It's a shame about the injury.
  10. Holy ****. That is one ugly dude. Lol.
  11. The Saints just gave up two 1sts and a 5th for a male feminist. Unreal.
  12. Favorable landing spots for Odell Beckham Jr.?

    He'd look good in Indy.
  13. The XFL will need its own section if it comes back.

    I love that we have holier-than-thou people in this thread talking about boycotting the XFL due to its "human trash" owner. Meanwhile, these people have no problem with watching a National Football League filled with woman-beating, drunk-driving, pro-cop-killing thugs. SMfreakin'H. But, yes, I'll give the XFL a shot. With the NFL deciding to side decisively with the political left, this has created a gap in the market. Vince McMahon and company are looking to plug that gap with the XFL. This is the most vulnerable the NFL's been, at least in modern times, so if ever there was a time for an alternative league to rise up and steal some of the NFL's viewer base, this is it. Remember: there's a fine line between competing with the NFL, and being a success. They're not going to come in and compete with the NFL from day one. It's not happening. Anyone who thinks whether or not they do is the benchmark for success doesn't understand business. The real benchmark will be if they can survive. Will the potential growth be enough to stick through the initial losses? If they can survive, they have the opportunity to grow, and to chip away at the NFL in the coming years. Increased ratings. Increased prestige. Increased broadcast fees. Increased player salaries. Increased talent.
  14. The whole season has been incredibly underwhelming. Underwhelming regular season. Underwhelming playoffs. Might as well end things with an underwhelming Super Bowl.
  15. GWT: Week 20 Vikings @ Eagles

    Philly is such a miserable town full of fat, miserable people, that I'm seriously considering pulling for Tom Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl. God, what a crappy Super Bowl. Thanks for choking, Jaguars.