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  1. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Why do I smile a little when I see Michael Bennett down with an injury???
  2. Chiefs vs Colts: Divisional Round

    Luck's a top 10 quarterback, easily, but his turnover problem keeps him out of the top 5. He's basically a slightly better Ben Roethlisberger, which is a quarterback 85% of the franchises would happily take, but not quite the future legend he was made out to be coming into the league. Had Indy not been such a horribly ran team for his first five years, maybe things would have turned out differently.
  3. Who's better right now: Dallas Cowboys or Indianapolis Colts?

    Change Dallas Cowboys to either New Orleans Saints or Los Angeles Rams, and this becomes an interesting question.
  4. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    Time to put in Flacco so he can start throwing some deep bombs and hope for a Flacco miracle.
  5. AFC Wild Card: Chargers @ Ravens

    I had no real rooting interest in either team, I just wanted to see a good, fun game. I'm sorry the Ravens are too garbage to make that happen. The AFC Central was such a bad, bad division . . .
  6. Colts went up three scores and started playing way too conservative. I hate when teams do that.
  7. All E does is catch touchdowns.
  8. Which #3-6 seed has the best shot at the Super Bowl?

    Give me the team who's went a league-best 9-1 in the final 10 games of the season.
  9. SNF GDT: Win and In Edition - Colts vs Titans

    Adoree' has got to be the gayest name I've ever heard.
  10. Steve Wilks will be fired at season's end

    He can go back to working security for The Jerry Springer Show.
  11. DROY Discussion

    It's Leonard, and it's not even close.
  12. NFL Week 14 GDT

    Kaepernick has turned being an activist for domestic terrorism (double-figure kill count) into a multi-million-dollar gig with Nike. He's fine. Let it go.
  13. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    It only doesn't make sense if you think the Chiefs are motivated by ethics. If you (correctly) view their motivation as P.R., it makes all the sense in the world. The Hill situation is a dead issue; very few people still care, and it happened before his NFL career started. The Hunt situation is fresh, happened while with the Chiefs, and was recorded, which adds to the negativity. He had to be punished, and it had to be severe enough to satisfy the fans and the sponsors. I'm guessing the added news that the Chiefs knew about the tape for months and didn't act on it is why they went the extra mile with the release, rather than a lengthy suspension.
  14. Thug's gonna thug. Lock his sorry *** up, and make sure he gets the slipperiest bar of soap in the pen.
  15. Texans Owner Bob McNair dead at 80

    1. "Inmates running the asylum" is a common figure of speech. I'm sorry your parents raised you to be ignorant of things like figures of speech, reason, and logic. I feel bad for you. 2. Idiots like Arian Foster have repeatedly compared the voluntary multimillion-dollar profession of being an NFL player to being a slave. This was not a figure of speech; this was an absurd comparison, and should be what's causing outrage, not Mr. McNair's non-malicious figure of speech. 3. The fact is, the NFL does have a high rate of garbage human beings (it seems this board does, too). I'm writing this 5 minutes after reading that Reuben Foster's been released for beating up his girlfriend . . . again. R.I.P., Mr. McNair, and shame on the ignorant, classless, thug-enabling troglodytes in this thread. Maye Santa leave them a box of grace and intelligence underneath their Christmas tree this year.