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  1. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Considering Licht s contract has not been renewed, it would be ballsy because he has nothing to lose. I don't see it being done and Smith won't resign.
  2. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    I don't think Koetter will be given the choice if this continues. He may go along with him because his time management has been horrific.
  3. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Look Robert McClain used to play for Smith in Atlanta. Any coincidence. They wait to game 6 to move Hargreaves and guess what he was okay today. I read Mike Smith in a press conference how he gives his CB freedom to play off coverage. They gave up a 170 on the ground today, and QBS are completing 70% coming into the game today. No Mike Smith is the problem. 14 out of 22 games this defense has been garbage, a disturbing trend.
  4. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    I disagree your expecting the offense to get into a rhythm when the defense is giving up over a 170 on the ground and over 60% on 3rf down for the game is inexcusable. 27 points needs to be enough. At least don't give up the tie in 3 plays. We are just not going to agree on this one. I've seen plenty of bad Bucs defense in my time, this is Creamsicle pretty Dungy days bad, and that is unacceptable.
  5. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Exactly, I'm not writing Jameis is perfect, but holy crap Lovie defense kicked butt compared to this one an d he got fired for it
  6. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Why is That? The Bills were converting over 80% on third down. Kind of hard to get the offense in a groove, when they only get the ball after the kickoff. The defense is the number one problem, without a very close second.
  7. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    I read how Jameis sucks and he is the problem. With even an average defense the record is so much different. They are giving up over 400 yards a game, that is THE problem.
  8. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Mike Smith defense has now played well in 8 games out of 22. This is a trend, he is a major problem. Hunt isn't even in that position if the defense doesn't fold like a tent.
  9. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Look at that stat with Tyrod, Mike Smith you need to leave
  10. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Shame on you Mike Smith, you ve been stealing money all season, the Hargreaves move inside should have been made 2 games ago, game on the line your defense folds
  11. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Repeat worst defense in franchise history, but the QB is the problem, got it
  12. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Ball game, what a crap defense,
  13. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    There going with something conservative here, have to make this stop
  14. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Ball game
  15. Week Seven: Bucs (2-3) @ Bills (3-2)

    Wow, how can this defense be excused no matter what happens to end this game, unacceptable