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  1. We're Cursed

    This could have fit in a bunch of different threads
  2. The HYPE Thread

    Yeah, he got there twice. Other guys were near the QB also. I think he ll be fine in time. He s been getting penetration, but his timing to disengage and make a play has been an issue. Personally, I think he has been thinking too much because he missed so much time his technique that Buckner wants isn t engrained in his muscle memory, but is getting there. Warren Sapp wasn t very good until his second yr. Aaron Donald was an outlier for production from DTs.
  3. The HYPE Thread

    Unlike half the team, no one can question Vea s effort. His development has been slowed with a calf injury sustained on the first day of pads in preseason. He didn t return until week 4. So much time was lost with technique because of the injury. I like what I have seen so far. He doesn t get moved on a double team. I have no idea why the coaching staff is having him line up a half yard from the LOS. He just needs more reps.
  4. Possibilities for new coaches

    Yup he is a good option. That front 7 he drafted along with Hopkins and Fuller at WR, and he also drafted Watson at QB. My only concern is his evaluation of the oline.
  5. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Yes, I agree with you. I held out hope for D Smith, but his feet are too slow to protect the corner. I can t have another guy making over 10 million from this line with the lack of a running game and the QB pressures given. It s not a positive that our QBs have 5 rushing attempts or more per game. Oline not getting it done.
  6. 2019 Prospects thread.

    My very broad view of the draft is simple. Bucs will probably be picking in the top 10, so I m focusing on 2 positions. Pass rusher and LT. On pass rusher depends if it is 4-3 or 3-4. They need to control the LOS better.
  7. Possibilities for new coaches

    I would keep an eye on Rick Smith. He took a family leave, but BOB and him didn t have a great working relationship. Hopefully his wife can win her battle and he can resume his career.
  8. Possibilities for new coaches

    I m just trying to make sense why Koetter took back play calling. There was no benefit with only possible negatives, which happened today. He proved he wasn t the most effective plat caller on the staff. His public admission he doesn t over see the defense. I kind of feel like Koetter is trying to abandon ship at this point. I mean he has publically under mined both of his coordinators and his starting QBs. He may not survive past Monday. This is crazy even for the Bucs franchise.
  9. Possibilities for new coaches

    It s not unprecedented for a team to can a coordinator and HC, those Brownies sure seal clubbed the Falcons today. Maybe a 7 game audition for Monken? 🤔
  10. Possibilities for new coaches

    It s a crap show that no QB can consistently win in. What it be a stretch to get better QB performance from either Fitz or Jameis with less 7 step drops even if the oline stayed the same? Could the pass defense get worse without Grimes? Why would they expect D Smith to consistently hold the edge to keep throwing the ball over 10 yds. The Skins certainly didnt ask the oline to do that unless it was max protect. My point is the coaching staff is relying on players to do things they can t or aren t willing to do. On a separate note, why the hell is the coaching staff having Vea line up off the LOS. Brentson Buckner, wtf 🤔
  11. Possibilities for new coaches

    I don t know of any successful HC that throws his starting QB under the bus like him. Let s start with the offseason when he blamed Jameis for not connecting with DJax deep. Why was this a problem. He empowered a diva WR that he was right and doing his job. How is DJax in run blocking? Does he play the slot? The reason why Humphries plays more is because he does more things to help the team. He doubles down on DJax leadership by letting him return punts when he wants and naming him captain. I know, I am the Jameis apologist. Well, the HC who named Fitz the starter and didn t want him looking over his shoulder, that lasted exactly one game after his post game presser today. You can t as a HC criticize your QB in public and hope to be successful. It just doesn t work. Also, you can t throw your coordinator under the bus who was actually doing a good job, but I digress. He actually helped Monken get another job by his actions today.
  12. Possibilities for new coaches

    Quizz Rodgers usage all Koetter today, take the vet with limited skill ovet a rookie every time.
  13. 🏈 Week 10: Bucs (3-5) @ Redskins (5-3)

    well at least we have the answer how to stop Howard in the field, change the play caller