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  1. I don t know if Leftwich will be a successful OC, but after watching his press conference I can see why BA believes he will be a great HC,
  2. 2019 Prospects thread.

    3-4 is coming, not hiring 2 LB coaches to stay 4-3. With all the RPOs makes sense to have more guys standing up. Really want an outside pass rusher drafted no later then 2nd round.
  3. Mock Drafts

    I understand the concern on White, I m just so hesistant to invest a top 5 pick on a CB. He has to be dominant. In this mock, I am assuming no oline or Oliver has been selected.
  4. Mock Drafts

    Intrguing first round pick, PR has been pretty plugged into the Bucs draft board
  5. Free Agents

    And the rumor season has started
  6. 2019 Prospects thread.

    Seems like a day 3 pick like Jack Cichy last season. High ceiling guy if he doesn t pan out, no biggie.
  7. A good interview with Arians. It s going to be a fun ride.
  8. Senior Bowl

    Interesting the Jets brought in Williams as DC. Allen doesn t seem to be a 4-3 DE. SF at 2 is more of a Seattle 4-3. No idea what they have in mind. Raiders are a wildcard at 4, no idea where Gruden goes. I wouldn t be shocked to see them trade back or draft Ferrell.
  9. Senior Bowl

  10. Free Agents

    Not a bad list. Two names that stick out. Tevin Coleman for RB. Atlanta already has money in Freeman. Coleman would cost a lot less then Bell and still give good production in the passing game. Anthony Barr I thought coming out of UCLA was a 3-4 OLB. We ll find out how committed they are to a 3-4. I think pretty committed that they hired 2 LB coaches.
  11. Free Agents

    It makes sense make or break for that coaching staff. Curious to see what Miami or Washington does this offseason. Pretty confident one team is going to fall in love with Haskins..
  12. East West Shrine game

    Senior Bowl week for me is the kickoff to draft season. This week kind of is an appetizer for me. Tip of the cap to both PR and Draft Network rolling out the content on Day 3 prospects.
  13. 2019 Prospects thread.

    So is this the beginning of lying season or maybe turn out to be true. I agree Jonah probably won t be an athletic freak, but he is so technically sound. I womder if Ford has a really good combine if he can over take Jonah because of a higher ceiling.