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  1. Could the greatest back up career in NFL history be coming to an end? Griffen's career includes a SB ring. What a career.
  2. Wait, they are going to give Gabbert a raise. Hmmmm...........
  3. Agreed, punt coverage was very mediocre last season. Saints have a huge advantage in the punt gane. Need to close the gap. Let Jameis play with a long field.
  4. I agree, I doubt we'll look back at Trask's career and say he was a bust. Completion % isn't always indictive of a throw's accuracy. Just because a guy caught the ball doesn't mean the pass had accuracy. Trask has "real" accuracy, which I feel is a better quality to have then elite arm strength. I agree with BA, Trask has plenty enough arm strength. Trask reminds me of Kurt Warner. Great chance he'll never get to that level. However, he throws with anticipation and throws a very catchable ball. Not afraid to throw down the field, but must throw on time because he does not ha
  5. I could argue that Trask from high school to college has about the same amount of game action as Davis Mills. I don t understand the infatuation with the running QB. Safest place on the field for a QB is in the pocket. I'll bet going fwd, we'll see Mahomes not running past the LOS as much this season. Dislocated knee cap, toe surgery, and being choked out will have an effect on Reid's play calling, IMO. If Trask can learn sliding in the pocket from Brady, now we got something. Trask' s accuracy to throw the 9 route is better then Winston and Glennon. His decision making is better t
  6. The last guy who wore 2 almost died from an injury on the field for the Bucs, besides the Ryan number. Maybe it was his high school number.
  7. Trask got hosed, Gabbert should change his number if re signed. Darden 👀👀
  8. A shout out to @Pickle Rick with a strong 2nd place finish. And the WINNER...... UNDEFEATED, UNDISPUTED, REIGINING CHAMPION of the Bucs Mock Draft Contest @Lil' Shorty @Lil' Shorty is obviously a Bucs draft savant. A well deserved victory and can someone ever stop this juggernaut. D-Y-N-A-S-T-Y
  9. Watching Trask throwing to Darden in preseason should be fun.
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