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  1. Yup, Brady remembers the game last season. The offense is a lot better equipped to attack 2 safeties staying deep. Have a feeling Bernard is going to have an impact next week. The Rams are the perfect opponent at this time. They will have the team s attention because of last yr and still have a bunch of good players.
  2. I m glad Rah is the DC, not Staley. Brady revenge game, like their chances.
  3. Red zone offense is where it needs to be. Pretty much TD every time, which is exactly what they need. The Jensen penalty in the first half was stupid. He needs to be better.
  4. This offense puts so much pressure on the opponent. The 3rd qtr was brutal, but still almost 50.
  5. I ll be curious if they get him. I would think he wants to come. Be a nice insurance policy to play outside.
  6. After a rough rookie season, he has been terrific.
  7. Fast break offense and timely D. Clean up the penalties still needed.
  8. Up next Dante Fowler. Give me more of this. A lot more.
  9. I m not going to write it is impossible for Tom Brady to lose to the Atlanta Falcons, just highly unlikely. Maybe similiar odds to a person being attacked by a bear. Anything is possible, no matter how remote.
  10. I was a little disappointed in the amount of snaps McLendon and NACHO got. Seemed like Bowles was determined not to let Dallas run the ball. He did not dress Davis and I m not sure O Conner got any reps on Dline. There were plenty of snaps with NACHO and McLendon on the field the same time and offering little push with Prescott passing the ball.
  11. Tactically, it s an intelligent move against QBs who are not runners. Vea is gonna just bull rush and crush the edge. As long as he doesn t get out of his lane and get too far inside, the Qb is not likely to move out of the pocket around him. The Qb would have to throw across his body. I expect a lot of different fronts with a new scheme in ATL. Let s see if their OL can communicate effectively in a loud environment for the first time. It certainly did not go well at home.
  12. Bucs got killed in time of possession against the Cowboys. The turnovers and penalties contributed. It seemed like the Bucs were going to take control of the game- turnover. Against the Falcons this needs to change. Turnovers were a problem in the preseason. They need to win the turnover margin on Sunday. Get back to good habits. On the plus side, looking fwd to Vea forklifting the ATL center back to Ryan multiple times. I m confident Matthews will not be thrilled if they move Vea out to RDE in certain nickel packages.
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