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  1. Bucs Training Camp '19

    I m at the opposite side. VH III gets moved inside because he is more quick then fast making him better inside. Dean has more speed on the outside moving Davis to the bench. SMB unless he bombs in the preseason is going to be on the field a lot. The secondary is going to be impacted because White and David will be on the field every down. So do they go nickel CB or 3 safety most personnel packages? I have to believe Bowles will have some combo of 4 OLBs and DL on the field at all times. So those 4 and 2 LBs leaves just 5 more spots on the field in some sort of combo.
  2. Bucs Training Camp '19

    Right now, I m not buying Davis is a lock for the top 3 CB. The coaching staff has said very little about him during the offseason. The nickel CB position is more of an attacking player then coverage. I can see a scenerio where they want VH III and Murphy Bunting on the field all the time. Davis will be in certain personnel packages I foresee. I think he is competing against Dean for the top 3 at this point.
  3. Bucs Training Camp '19

    Training camp is right around the corner. There are just too many storylines to list, but here are my top 5 -Jameis -What does a Bowles defense look like in Tampa -Can the Matt Bryant curse end? -Good God what happens at RG? -Rojo
  4. CB Ryan Smith suspended four games for PEDs

    GM speak translation, he is pretty much not making the final 53.
  5. Offseason Rumors

    Smith has just about killed whatever chance of him making the final 53 with his salary and the draft picks.
  6. Inching closer to training camp.
  7. Mandatory mini camp

    I don t think they have filled Wilson s spot, which is a little surprising
  8. Mandatory mini camp

  9. Gerald McCoy feels slighted by Bucs

    Well more insight. I have no issue with either side. Organization asking a player to take a pay cut. Player refuses pay cut. Organization tries to trade player. Team finds no takers, ultimately player gets cut. Player can sign with any team and chooses division rival. I m good with all of this. My issue is with player spin screaming of disrespect. GMC has every opportunity to prove the Bucs wrong, which certainly has happened with other players and make 10 million.
  10. Gerald McCoy feels slighted by Bucs

    I just don t think a team moving on from a player without bringing him in and explaining why he isn t in the plans is that unusual. Plus, with the CBA I m not sure how much a team can speak with a player directly. I won t argue the team has misjudged and released players early, just not bringing them and explaining why you are not good enough in an evaluation seems like a waste of time for everyone. The Tampa media just loves to beat a topic into the ground and it has the perfect former player who is more then happy to play the victim. A perfect marriage.
  11. Gerald McCoy feels slighted by Bucs

    I was around when Sapp wasn t resigned, I know there was no twitter, but there was not near the journalistic outrage. The difference, GMC was a nice a guy and generally good with the media. Sapp put it mildy could be a ******. Coincidence, I think not.
  12. Gerald McCoy feels slighted by Bucs

    Much like the DJax saga, I m more then ready to close this chapter. I know there is 2 more games to play, but to tough to be a victim with a 100 million in career earnings. Wish him well, but he s acting like the ex girlfriend who just won t go away. Most jobs when your fired it happens on Friday afternoon and you have a box with your personal belongings and escorted by security in the business world.
  13. Offseason Rumors

    Not a great look for either, but this whole notion of disrespect because of a number is just plain dumb. Sorry, he s no where close to being a top 5 Buc of all time. My top 5, no particular order- Selmon, Sapp, Brooks, Barber and Lynch. He s no where close to that group.
  14. Offseason Rumors

    It s a fallacy the Bucs have cap issues. The way they manage the cap is the reason with so little use of signing bonuses. Ryan and Evan Smith along with Benenoch will free up even more space. Also, Brice if he is cut.
  15. Mandatory mini camp

    The wait is almost over. Was it coaching or lack of talent that sunk the team? I m really curious to see Dean in training camp. Is he legit?