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  1. Tidbits from around the league

    The clearance sale continues.
  2. Tidbits from around the league

    For some reason, I want to see the Falcons go down in flames on Sunday night. I guess I m still bitter about Koetter standing behind Mike Smith for way too long.
  3. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    just about to post this
  4. A run first team???

    Well, I hope we can agree tbat 3 of the oline probably are not great at pass pro. So I guess it would make sense not to have the QB drop back 40 times especially if the game is close. Knowing your personnel. I really don t care what this offense is labeled. Victories are all that matters #CoachingMatters
  5. A run first team???

    I think this is mind game for the oline, which I am fine with. This offense has been strictly passing for 3 yrs, Arians is demanding balance.
  6. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    So did @Lil' Shorty walk into work today with a Vince McMahon strut? 😉
  7. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    Good luck moving that personnel package on short ydg
  8. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    That was brutal and certainly looked like the fix wax in when it happened.
  9. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    Coaching matters is there any doubt now? Both sides of the ball are still a work in progress. Going to be a fascinating year. Jordan Whitehead has been a revelation.
  10. Tidbits from around the league

    Minkah wants to play CB, he has been vocal about not wanting to play safety. If he is traded, interesting to see what position he will play.
  11. Tidbits from around the league

    @bucsfan333 is formulating his trade proposal right now. 😁
  12. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    The dline is a strength of a team, who knew during training camp
  13. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    This makes me happy for some reason. 😀
  14. TNF - Bucs (0-1) @ Panthers (0-1)

    Wouldn t be shocked to Miller dress over Watson next game