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  1. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I agree, it s not a surprise that well known agents are trying to gain Winston as a client. I got a chuckle when it was first announced Winston was changing agents and there was a question on who would want to represent him. I get the emotion behind people s opinion on Winston, but the possibility of an agent losing clients because of signing Winston was at best remote, IMO.
  2. Offseason Workout Discussion

    Some interesting tidbits.
  3. Offseason Workout Discussion

    The leaders are saying all the right things in the offseason. No excuses in the first 3 weeks.
  4. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    Stats can be twisted in many different ways. I m not going to state that running the ball can lose points. I just cant go there. Let s be honest both guard spots were below average last season. I don t think that can be argued. Hard to win the LOS when the A and B gaps aren't secured.
  5. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    I dont think it is a coincidence that every team in the top 10 in total rushing yards except Dallas made the playoffs. I agree control the LOS equals winning. Last 3 years for the Bucs in this category 5th, 24th, and 27th. Mankins may have been past his prime, but it sure looks like this offense hasn't replaced him yet.
  6. Our offensive line

    Always amazed how large and agile these guys are to the rest of the world. Take 1 was pretty good too 😎 I m hoping Donovan has a big year, he seems like a pretty down to earth kind of guy. 😀
  7. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    I was skeptical about the Vea pick, but I m getting more optimistic. If they could get GMC below 70 % of snaps played, I think he 'll have a good year. They were so soft in the middle last year, I just hope that improves.
  8. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    I m really curious about the plan at RT. Expecting Dotson to play 16 games is a stretch. Does Benenoch get kicked outside and Smith (gulp) goes back in the lineup. I sure hope Wester and/or Gardner can show a lot in preseason. I really want to see Smith ride the pine this year.
  9. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    When the Glazers do cut ties with Winston, money will not be a major factor, especially over on field performance. They have a long history of paying head coaches starting with Gruden. On a lesser scale, they extended Jay Hayes and fired him a month later. IMO, Florio is bringing up an issue not even in the top 5 that would cause the Glazers to jettison Winston.
  10. This Ain't Bucs Talk

    It s ashame the league s salary cap is the problem. I certainly don't know all the intricacies, but the "Larry Bird rule" allowing teams to circumvent the cap and avoid the luxury tax is a major problem. Not a hard cap hurts teams like the Pacers. They have historically drafted very well without tanking and made savvy trades when needed. The system is set up for them to be merely good, when they run their basketball operations expertly.
  11. Training Camp Surprise(s)?

    I think Shaun Wilson makes the team and my extra bold prediction is Cole Gardner is the starting RT at the start of the '19 season latest. What can I say I m an optimist. 😎
  12. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I 've written before I respect everyone s right to an opinion. You are clearly disgusted. Are you disgusted enough not to watch the Bucs and the league going forward? IMHO, everyone involved in the league will play this shell game (including media) for the pursuit of the dollar until they 're bottom line is effected. If the truly disgusted are still willing to support the product then what motivation is there for everyone in the league to change? I m just not sure fans venting on fan forums but continue to watch the games or network talking heads denouncing a player when the company they work for has a billion dollar TV contract to showcase the league s product seems slightly hollow. ESPN certainly has hired talking heads with questionable pasts. Maybe they believe in redemption, I don't know. I m not being critical of whatever path someone chooses. Just my observations. I certainly understand and respect that a good amount of people don't share or agree with my observations. FWIW, I m not in the overly disgusted crowd.
  13. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    The Glazers by their actions are showing everyone that they are giving Winston another shot. You can be disgusted at Winston, not even going to debate it. You have less disgust for an ownership which has shown a clear pattern of giving players another chance when domestic issues arise? Or less disgust with a league who trots out a Personal Conduct Policy that is definitive they are tough on domestic violence and Article 47 gives them unlimited power to punish yet brokers deals? I highly doubt the league is interested in cutting a player a break because frankly they are interchangeable parts by the nature of the sport. The continued growth of the bottom line of the sport suggests the disgust isnt overly high. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It sure seems like the league is right. The only consequences of their collective actions (League office Owners, NFLPA) is for outraged fans to post on social media and express their displeasure, but give me football in September. The argument this will eventually catch up to them. I guess anything is possible, but if a business keeps revenues growing it sure seems like they are accomplishing their first objective. When does it catch up with them? Next year, 5 years, 10 years, 50 years? I guess time will tell, but come September my bet is all non outraged fans and a vast majority of outraged fans will be watching football. The NFL (league office, Owners, NFLPA) as a whole is counting on it.
  14. Jamies Winston Suspended First Three Weeks

    I respect the fans who are so frustrated they gave up their season tickets or won t support the team. Where I get confused is when these fans state these actions until Winston is no longer on the team. The Glazers have shown a clear pattern of giving players a shot at redemption. From Michael Pittman, to Jeremy Stevens, and now Winston. I dont know the Glazers and as much as some local reporters tend to state they have a relationship with the Glazers, nobody truly knows their rational. Simple as a business decision or their life outlook is based on religious faith like Tony Dungy. Whatever the reason, the pattern is clear.