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  1. Senior Bowl

    The last time this organization drafted oline in the first rd was Davin Joseph. It s time. Yeah, I know what BA said. However, if Arians does his job, the next HC will be Bowles, Leftwich, or Goodwin.
  2. Senior Bowl

    I m ready for the run on T and for my Bucs to be part of it.
  3. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    I agree, I think realistically if the QB is around 15 per season in this offense, that is good. The offense is entertaining to say the least, dink and dunk not so much.
  4. Prospects to keep an eye on

    All I have to write the prospects 24 thru 28, wow what a shock. DJ is pretty plugged into the pro scout community
  5. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    This is a crazy stat. I don t know who will be the Qb, but this offense is so vertical even the ghost of Al Davis has a smirk of envy on his face reading that stat. So will the offense reduce the down field throws to help limit the turnovers? The farther the ball is thrown away from the LOS, the odds increase for a pick
  6. Senior Bowl

  7. Peyton played 4 yrs of college and was considered the safer prospect. He had room to grow. Leaf s physical tools were better with a potential higher ceiling, but the maturity factor did come true.
  8. Senior Bowl

  9. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    Arguably the best top 10 draftee was Gurley in that draft. His injury history was a concern coming out of UGA, but he had a heck of a 3 yr stretch.
  10. Draft General (News, Media Mocks, Big Boards, Rumors)

    I get the allure of acquiring more draft picks, but I just couldn t pass on Chase Young. He is an elite prospect at a premium position.
  11. Senior Bowl

    I like Hurts, not sure he ll be nothing more then a back up QB. I hope I m wrong about him because his character and intangibles are elite.
  12. What do we do with Jameis Winston?

    Agree with the PR guys, it will be either Jameis or a vet signed without a QB drafted in the first rd. They believe Arians doesn t want to go thru the growing pains of a rookie QB.
  13. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Well, nothing with this organization would surprise. However, they can t sign a 38 yr old QB and have Gabbert or Griffen behind him. Still not a fan of drafting a Qb outside the first rd, which means in my world they ll be drafting a Qb at 14 or earlier in the spring. It has to be Eason for me, not impressed with Herbert or Love.
  14. Roster Review: Potential picks/trades/FA

    Yeah, I would be concerned. He has no mobilty and this oline isn t exactly stellar. Rivers cap hit was 23 million, I just don t see how he doesn t want at least 25 million to continue his career. So he s significantly older, less mobile to save possibly 5 million per yr. Yeah, I don t know
  15. Mock offseason and draft 1.0

    Agreed, I remember under the Dungy Era having leaders at every level of the defense. For that team, it was Sapp, Brooks, and Lynch. Today s Bucs JPP. David, and ???. With Adams, he is such a unique talent at 24 yrs old, I would be comfortable letting Suh and Nassib go to extend him. Certainly, I don t expect the Adams moved, but the team has traded for Keyshawn and Revis so anything is possible.