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  1. Can you see the difference? Brady in NE- 3rd down RB - Faulk, Lewis, and White Brady in Tampa- Fournette, McCoy Not giving Brady a pass for last night, but there is zero threat to throw short and exploit the LBs.
  2. They had success running off tackle in the first half, then poof it was gone. Brady threw damn near 50 passes with a 1 score game. Went back to let s pound in the A gap with 2 new starters there, the rest of the way. That is all on Leftwich.
  3. Problem is that is a horrible read and play call. Brate down the seam is not running by anyone or able to high point the ball. So why even call it, and don t even let your QB the option. They did the same thing in Chicago at the end of the game. Hell, lose going to your best options the field. They try to trick the defense by asking guys to do things they have no business doing.
  4. Bowles is a master DC in the 2nd half, but oh boy those first halves
  5. yup, it s a concern, 2nd game chance to win the game last drive, no shot. He has not been good
  6. they just can t help themselves, go vertical, ugly
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