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  1. Prospects to keep an eye on

    This is Cornell s response about Jacob Eason. When would be the right time? 🤔🤔 I m biased, I ve been #TeamEason for months. Having Brady as a mentor is very appealing.
  2. Perhaps, they were on Howard. I believe the only prospect they had more then once in the first rd was Taylor.
  3. Even PR really has no clue on what they will do in the first rd. Pretty obvious the consensus will be one of the lines. I would not be a fan of trading up because they need more then just a tackle.
  4. Bucs resign Gabbert

  5. Bucs resign Gabbert

    Reviewing Griffen s contract, they could cut him before the regular season and incur a zero cap charge. Gabbert was signed for 1 million for 1 yr. I highly doubt he is getting a salary increase. I think it is a Pink Slip on a Pole Match between Griffen and Gabbert. Remember they like to have 4 Qbs throughout training camps for reps. They were down to Testaverde Jr as a camp arm. I m pretty confident the Gabbert signing doesn t mean they won t draft a Qb.
  6. Bucs resign Gabbert

    Yeah, not really happy about this. Best case Gabbert and Griffen battle out for spot 2, while the rookie learns.
  7. Yeah, taking Austin Jackson that early reeks of desperation.
  8. Prospects to keep an eye on

    I found this interesting. On a recent Ira Kaufman podcast they were discussing a Ronde Barber interview when he was discussing draft strategy. The gist of Barber s comments. Bucs would draft a tackle in the first rd, and don t be surprised to see a Qb drafted Day 2.
  9. Draft szn rumors

    Nope, I ve actually have been alive long enough to watch Doug Williams sign with the USFL.Oklahoma Outlaws. Steve Yoing traded to the Niners. You think you know pain, I know pain. 😒 So the Qb Whisperer can t solve the long term solution for the Bucs at Qb would just add to their history? Qb evalauation is such a crap shoot. We all know in 2 yrs, a new Qb is needed. There is no guarantee the Qb class will be better next yr. Unless Brady gets injured early, they have no shot at Lawrwnce or Fields. So is Qb3 and lower guaranteed to be better next season? Rather spend a pick in the 4th rd on a Qb, then a CB to hopefully beat out Stewart or Smith.
  10. Draft szn rumors

    I think it s fair compemsation. Our GM Licht has never traded up in the first rd and this will be his sixth draft. Just something to keep in mind.
  11. Draft szn rumors

    Right, but it will probably be a lottery ticket pick like right now because they ll be drafting outside the top 10. No harm in trying to use 2 potential lottery tickets then limiting yourself to one when the current starting QBs contract is up. Heck, hoodie has drafted 3 Qbs with a younger Brady at the helm.
  12. Draft szn rumors

    Can t disagree with anything written. At this point, I would be satisfied even with mid rd prospect, it will just show me an understanding of the uniqueness of the situation.
  13. Draft szn rumors

    It would be so Bucs not to draft a Qb because of the win now mentality. Hey, let s wait because can t take too many shots at actually drafting a Qb and getting him to sign a second contract. We have a 43 yr old Qb who is a workout warrior, nah we re good.