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  1. less then the cap hit of Cam Brate right now
  2. I can see AB returning also. I don t believe Brady will be looking to have him gone. AB was on a 90 catch pace and he really is the only WR on the roster who has excellent short area quickness as evidenced by the TD catch in the SB. Plus, I don t think AB wants to leave.
  3. I watched the end of Derrick Brooks HOF career come to an end as a Buc. If Lavonte wants a pay increase, he probably needs to find it somewhere else. Shaq is the better option to over pay on the defense because he is younger. Also, JPP will be a UFA after next season, so it this yr to over spend at OLB. Give Licht credit his list of ILB drafted has been impressive - Alexander. Beckwith, Cichy. and White. I have all the confidence in Licht to draft a quality ILB in this draft.
  4. Kyle Van Noy released by the Fins. Lavonte grew up in Miami. Stay tuned. 🤔
  5. Some interesting nuggets. I ll have read up on Jamin Davis LB from Kentucky.
  6. This sounds reasonable. JJ taking the most guaranteed money also makes sense. Well played by JJ and his agent maximizing his value.
  7. I ve seen Daniel Jeremiah saying Felton won t get past the 2nd rd. Who knows. The PR guys are really hyping Javonte Williams. A lot will change if Shaq or Lavonte don t come back. They just won the SB Bowl, going to hard to be critical whatever direction they go in the draft. Licht has done a great job over the last 3 drafts, looking fwd to seeing what he does.
  8. Of course AZ over paid, that s why I agree with you about Shaq or Lavonte possibly leaving. They already one have a ring. I think Lavonte made a total of 50 million on his last contract. A team guarantees him 30 million, is he willing to take less to stay? Hard to say. ILB is pretty much Lavonte and KJ Wright and then a drop off. Shaq s career earnings are a tad under 26 million. I do wonder how valuable in the mkt other teams value Shaq to other pass rushers. There are a good amount on the mkt. Not suggesting he won t get paid, but there are decent options out there. I like Shaq a
  9. Shaq gonna get paid. I do think the chance of David leaving has increased. I know different position, but David as an over 30 has been healthier and as productive.
  10. This is crazy that Felton as a RB is winning 1 on 1s against press coverage consistently against CBs at the Senior Bowl.
  11. Without the combine, I have a feeling a bunch of dudes will have fast 40 times.
  12. IIRC, they gave serious consideration to drafting Antonio Gibson over Winfield. Felton would be a match up nightmare in this offense. I don t think Felton gets out of the 2nd round. I would not be shocked to see the Bucs trade out of 32, get a 2nd n 3rd rd pick and Felton be the Bucs first draft pick.
  13. If he goes, I hope he breaks the bank.
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