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  1. Offseason Workout Discussion

    i think Auburn s dline got a lot of hype and since he didnt run a tremebdous 40, I this is why he was over looked.
  2. Offseason Workout Discussion

    Very encouraged with Davis so far.
  3. Offseason Workout Discussion

    This is an interesting add to the 90 man roster. He did a good job in the return game last season and was still waived. In theory there is even more depth at the WR position then when he left. Also, they signed him over trying to bring Shephard back. Sort of a related note, I dont think they want Godwin on special teams at all this season.
  4. Offseason Workout Discussion

    Agree and I m good with the hype. IMO, he was under utilized last season. I think DJax and Humphries are both gone after this season. No need to spend a lot on a slot WR when there are 2 TEs very good on the roster already. I m banking on Wilson or Watson taking over for Humphries after this season.
  5. Offseason Workout Discussion

    The hype training is rolling.
  6. Offseason Workout Discussion

    he needs to be, love it. There is still a place for DJax.
  7. Offseason Workout Discussion

    They also had Michael Rucker who was a very good DE. I consider the Panthers the chief rival in the division because of those teams. Freaking Jake Delhomme
  8. Offseason Workout Discussion

    I really like him as a coach, but I also remember how much I loathed those Panther teams he was a part of back in the day. If they really commit to a true rotation, I think the DL will be fine.
  9. Offseason Workout Discussion

    I believe the long term plan is Coppa at RT and Benenoch at RG. Hopefully one of these guys will solidify their place this season.
  10. Offseason Workout Discussion

  11. Offseason Workout Discussion

    Best case scenario is the defense goes to being at least average and the team finishes above .500, Mike Smith will be looked at as a viable head coaching candidate. I never would have guessed a year ago, Pat Shurmur would get a second head coaching gig.
  12. Bucs Draft Thread

    The great debate which will unfold is Vea more then a 2 down player. Either way, they need to use the DT rotation liberally because I want to see GMC fresher in the 4th quarter. In another article, Koetter was on a visit to Whitehead. If he has a decent camp, I think he will replace Conte in the starting line up.
  13. Offseason Discussion

    It s a contract year for him, if he isnt totally engaged this season, he never will be. He has a chance to make 15+ million/yr, I know I would be pretty motivated. 😀