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  1. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh

    Suh s perceived attitude problems were in Miami under Adam Gase. Interesting to me that he goes to LA and plays under Wade Phillips and is on a Super Bowl team. This is a big part of coaching for me. Motivating players by clearly identifying their roles. We saw how it failed with Grimes and Mike Smith. I have full confidence in BA until proven otherwise.
  2. Bucs claim TE Jordan Leggett from NYJ

    Of course, roster turnover is inevitable. Brate s position relative to cap hit is fine, it s just that the guy ahead of him if he stays healthy is just so much more diverse. I like all the guys on 1 year contracts because there will be no complacency and if the guys aren t good, no harm, no foul. Again, I don t worry about the cap because this team can just start using signing bonus to create even more space.
  3. Bucs claim TE Jordan Leggett from NYJ

    IIRC, Leggett was more of the pass catching TE at Clemson as opposed to.an in line blocker. It was a surprising pick up. I do think this will be Brate s last year with the team even before the Leggett move.
  4. Gerald McCoy officially released

    Wow, social media brings out the worst. Glad when GMC signs with another team so this topic can be put to bed. There is just no middle ground.
  5. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh

  6. Bucs claim TE Jordan Leggett from NYJ

    Auclair is on the bubble now, he had some really costly penalties at very bad times
  7. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh

    Oh my, yes, yes ,yes
  8. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh

    Oh yeah, better then 50/50 this gets done. Interesting Suh hasn t been linked to any other teams at this point. Now is it because Suh is cooked or it has been known for awhile the Bucs were going to be the highest bidder for his services. Considering Suh is a true mercinary. not a surprise he wouldn t sign until right before mandatiry minicamp season.
  9. Voluntary OTAs

    Just a new sheriff in town laying down the law. He did the same thing in AZ.
  10. Offseason Rumors

  11. Bucs sign DL Ndamukong Suh

    I m just surprised that anyone outside of JPP and Vea would be considered irreplaceable on a wretched defense 2 years running. BA got really good production out of an older John Abraham. I have little doubt this staff will get the most out of Suh.
  12. Offseason Rumors