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  1. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    I did some research, only twice in the last 10 years was the first pass rushing prospect (LB or DE) picked outside the top 6. I think history does suggest the likelihood of Chubb available at 7 is unlikely. Nothing earth shattering by me writing very likely one of Fitzpatrick or Barkley is probably going to be available. I don't see Licht trading up in the first round. Considering how much our current DC wants to use cover 4, Fitzpatrick could be a real asset. Of course, with the amount of Cover 4 our current DC wants to use, Barkley would be a great asset to keep that defensive philosophy off the field as long as possible.
  2. Free Agents

    if I dont have to watch Winston get pummeled from interior pressure spend away. Cutting Martin would cover of half that bill. Let Pamphile walk, they still have Benenoch as reserves. They could possibly live with Sweezy because Marpet can slide and protect him. Go 2 for 1 and have Star jump on the private jet back to OBP.
  3. I just.............., wow. The Glazers never cease to amaze me.
  4. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    I guess I m too skeptical, I just find it hard to believe there will be a draft with as many QBs in the 1st round as the 83 draft. An unprecedented number in the first 4 picks. I forgot McCarron has a grievance hearing which could make him a UFA. Im sure Bronco fans could give more insight, but I expect Elway to acquire a vet QB then try and groom another rookie QB with the core of that defense still with a few good years left.
  5. Beautiful ending Minny, that was awesome
  6. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    If Chubb does indeed go to Indy at #3, gotta feeling this is how a lot of mock drafts will look for the Bucs going forward.
  7. I agree with your point about taking a defender with him. However, since it is a FB, they are reducing by one who Ryan is going to throw the ball to on that play. If Hooper is out there, and they go bunch with 3 WRs on the other side, at least you might pull a safety over there to open the middle of the field a little. With the FB, defense is going to leave him single coveraged and say go ahead and throw it here because everyone knows it isn't going to happen. Then to top it off rolling Ryan right, my oh my. Let's compress the defense to the right side even more now with the roll out besides the personnel and alignment. Just very odd all the way around. However, it is Atlanta, so I do have a slight grin of satisfaction typing this.
  8. The end of the Atlanta game, wow, Sarkisian might get fired. I don't mind the shovel pass, but to have the 3rd string RB on the play was ridiculous. The 4th down personnel grouping was laughable. They bring the FB in and split him wide left by himself. I just don't know what to write with that personnel grouping and alignment. Maybe Rah gets promoted to OC? Wouldn't that be a unique career path?
  9. Prospects to keep an eye on for the Bucs

    I really can't think of a good reason Ferrell is coming back other then he likes the college experience. I hope he stays healthy next season. Indy is such a wild card at 3, it is anyone's guess what they do.
  10. Free Agents

    I think he would be a perfect compliment to Barber and they can still go grab another RB in the draft and have some really good depth.
  11. Free Agents

    A lot to like about Dion Lewis to be in a rotation in the back field.
  12. Tom Cable hired as Oline coach for the Raiders, this should be a no brainer to bring in Mike Tice for Warhop. We shall see. Not sure what to make that the Bucs are basically sending the assistant of the assistant coaches to the East-West Shrine game. I would have thought if all the staff was coming back, you want them all there to evaluate the talent because it is basically playoffs or bust who does come back.
  13. I do think Koetter still has a chance to stick long term, BUT he needs a GM strong enough to save Koetter from himself. If Licht has control over the 53 man roster, there was plenty of opportunities to cut guys this year. Koetter s offense has moved the ball all 3 years. I really believe red zone will improve as running the ball improves. This is where Licht can help Koetter by setting the depth chart for him this offseason. Im hoping they understand status quo will mean the end of their employment. For all of Winson s fault, I count 5 games where they were tied or leading in the last 5 minutes. His development could mask a lot of team and coaching deficiencies. I look no further then the Packers and Mike McCarthy. That team looks pretty ordinary in a lot of areas without Rodgers. Hopefully Winston can get near that level.
  14. Mock Drafts - We pick 7th

    Outside of Barkley or Fitzpatrick, I would be disappointed if either line is not addressed at 7. Im very curious to see how the draft process plays out for Key, Ferrell, Payne, and Vea. I still won't be shocked if Key is the pick if the medical is sound. Pretty obvious Licht feels really comfortable drafting LSU players, Im assuming he has a pretty good trusted resource in that program, especially considering Beckwith was rehabbing an ACL and still the pick after a trade up.
  15. I'm glad he is still trying to play. So many rumors on what went wrong, I respect his drive to still want to try and play the game.