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  1. Hard Knocks / Training Camp

    koetter isnt going to show much in preseason. Howard is going to have a big impact running the seams against zone. This passing attack should be able to attack all 3 levels consistently this season. It all comes down to Oline play, IMO
  2. Hard Knocks / Training Camp

    looking forward to seeing Marpet back. Interesting that Hawley got the start over Smith. RB situation still has a lot to be determined.
  3. Bucs Sign K Zach Hocker

    Would be something if that happened, as long as they get the position right. Heck, the organization was paying three head coaches. The Glazes certainly will right the checks. May the best man win.
  4. Bucs release former second round K Roberto Aguayo

    Absolutely. Bo was upset because he felt the organization was responsible for him losing his eligibility to play baseball at Auburn. What Baltimore got for John Elway is easily the worst trade of all time for me. Even taking away how great a player Elway became, the proposed other trades Baltimore got were much better then Denver s proposal.
  5. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    Howard did a really nice job of sealing the back side leaving the RB one on one computer with safely. The guy is the complete package.
  6. Bucs release former 2nd round pick Aguayo

    A move that had to be done. By keeping him it would have sent a terrible message to all the players. For Aguayo, hopefully getting a fresh start will allow him to resume his career in the future.
  7. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    Not really surprised about the game outside of Aguayo. I'll be curious to see as the regular season approaches if Koetter starts to ramp up the hitting in practice. I think that is the plan. If the offense can have good health, a defense trying to play man coverage against them is going to lead to a bunch of explosive plays.
  8. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    I'm fine with Carpenter or a rookie. The coaching staff has to have little faith in Aguayo s ability to compartmentalize a mistake under game conditions. We saw it last season and saw it again last night. It's a shame it has to be this way, I just don't a way Aguayo can win the job. Just like when Sperleck was cut they brought in another WR, kicker should not be treated differently.
  9. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    I'm not sure, I would like to see the move made now and bring in another kicker to compete with Folk. I'm hoping Aguayo can get through his mental issues, but it's pretty obvious it won't be in Tampa. Last night couldn't have gone any worse for Aguayo. Missed Xtra point, then chance to redeem himself and missed FG, They already cut multiple guys, at this point I don't see why Aguayo should be treated differently.
  10. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    Well it looks like the kicker situation is already a done deal.
  11. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    Curious to see what Barber and McNichols will bring. If they show enough this preseason I wonder if Sims might be in trouble of not making the roster
  12. Hard Knocks / Training Camp

    I think they ll make a move to add a vet if JAB is gone for a long time
  13. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    I really want to see this position filled by the end of the 3rd preseason game. I like all the training camp updates, but what happens in actual game conditions will mean the most. I think the media has been over the top with Aguayo and Folk. I get it because of the draft status, but his 1st year was very similar to rookie years of other very good kickers. Folk could still beat him out, I just see myself getting worn out by the kicker media coverage. Skinny or wide posts. Left or right hash. What did Licht really mean on that radio interview? Just too much.
  14. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    I want to see Aguayo. Let s see what he has got. I think he has to be basically perfect in all the preseason games or Folk completely implodes.
  15. Preseason Week One - Bucs @ Bengals

    Wondering how the safeties play. A lot of alternating in practice their week. No doubt Evans is probably going to play the 1st half.