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  1. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    He can manhandle a kindergartener but hasn’t thrown a football yet? I can’t even..
  2. Explain healthy, does it work well with OL
  3. So I seen a few pictures posted from the on going OTC and the person who posted them said that it was second string OL. It was Mewhort at LG, Haeg at C, Braden Smith at RG and possibly Good at RT. Neither picture showed player #s but some players are more obvious to identify then others. None of the pictures showed anyone to the right of Mewhort (Mewhort’s left) so Mewhort might? have been LT, moving everyone over one spot. Either way that, IMHO, confirms that Q, Slauson and Austin Howard are first team.
  4. Last year at about this time it was brought up that CB Quincy Wilson (Aug 16,1996) was born a few weeks prior to K Adam Vinatieri’s NFL debut (Sept 1,1996). This year there are 2 players on the Colt’s roster who were born after that. 4th round draft pick, HB Nyheim Hines (Nov 12,1996) and UDFA CB Henri’ Toliver (Oct 21,1996) This makes me feel old for sure. I graduated high school in 1994 and started working at my current job in 1998. Vinatieri (Dec 28,1972), Cards K Phil Dawson (Jan 23,1975) and Falcons K Matt Bryant (May 29,1975) are the only remaining NFL players still older then me
  5. I wonder if he is a 3Tech or are we just going to have a NT and 3 rushers on the line like the Giants used to do with Strahan, Tuck and Kiwanuka
  6. here is the list of all the tryout players as well as draft picks, UDFAs and a couple second year players Mo Alie-Cox, Kolby Listenbee and Phillip Walker. 60 total players participating
  7. Which Division Sends 3 Teams to the Playoffs?

    AFC South just had 2 playoff teams (Jags and Titans) and the Texans get Watson, Watt and Mercilus back from injury.
  8. Darius Leonard and Braden Smith are still unsigned
  9. Which Division Sends 3 Teams to the Playoffs?

    I voted AFC South because I feel like there is a very slim chance that everyone but the Colts could make the playoffs. Not that I think the Colts will be horrible. I think that even with a healthy Andrew Luck we might still hover between 7-9 wins which isn’t good enough for the playoffs
  10. Colts rookie mini camp starts Friday which means a couple things. 1. The Colts are likely to take advantage of this time to get the draft picks under contract. 2. Take a look at quite a few tryout players to potentially sign http://fox59.com/2018/05/09/rookie-wage-scale-streamlines-slots-contracts-for-colts-draft-class/ the above link has the rookie wage scale slots for each Colts draft pick Quenton Nelson is going to get over $23 million over 4 years with over $15 million of which is the signing bonus. While Zaire Franklin gets about $2.5 million over 4 years with $87K of which is a signing bonus. All first round picks get fully guaranteed contracts and the Colts own an option for the 5th year which amounts to Top 10 money for Nelson’s position. The only guaranteed money Franklin gets is the signing bonus.
  11. Colts are signing OT Austin Howard

    Good deal on 2 fronts. Simple one year deal with no huge dead cap if he doesn’t make the team
  12. 2018 Indianapolis Colts

  13. Colts are signing OT Austin Howard

    Isaiah Williams, guard was waived to make room for Howard