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  1. Chris Ballard said today that Andrew Luck had a setback in his recovery. He received a cortisone injection and will not practice this week.
  2. That AFC Finalist Banner makes a lot more sense now 😂
  3. MNF Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    No I think when Marvin Lewis retires in 15 years they’ll probably have to hire someone who’ll be available for 25 years.
  4. Colts @Titans MNF

    Thought I seen Melvin celebrating in the end zone on that TD. Rewound the DVR and confirmed. Good sign
  5. Colts @Titans MNF

    And now Melvin is in concussion protocol because of Antonio Morrison. So there’s that
  6. MNF Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    Pre-Game: look at these punters, they’ll be getting a lot of work 5 minutes before halftime Zero punts
  7. MNF Week 6: Colts @ Titans

    Which one is which?
  8. Colts @Titans MNF

    This is looking like it will be back and forth all night long
  9. Colts @Titans MNF

    Moncrief is sooo disappointing. I hope if we do resign him it will be after letting him flirt with free agency and get him in our terms,
  10. Colts @Titans MNF

    Did I just see a small person on the sidelines?
  11. Colts @Titans MNF

    I don’t prefer it, obviously. But don’t tell me anyone could ‘luck’ into those plays. If Wilson could do it he’d be out there on special teams. He’s not
  12. Colts @Titans MNF

    Kenny Moore has been involved in 2 special teams plays this year that pinned the opponents inside the 5 yard line. One leading to a safety. Desir has played ok to good on defense and special teams.
  13. Colts @Titans MNF

    They showed the starting line ups and they listed Brandon Williams at TE instead of Jack Doyle and Le’Raven Clark at RG and Joe Haeg at RT. I don’t know about that, I think I trust Haeg at G more then T. We’ll have to see though.
  14. Colts @Titans MNF

    I think so, if it was true about the last game then it’s more due to his not being so helpful on special teams then his play.
  15. Colts @Titans MNF

    Mariota will be starting for the Titans