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  1. Colts release Hankins

    $4.5 million of his salary would become guaranteed on Sunday. That’s the only reason why they would cut him. But even then that’s only half of his 2018 salary so I don’t know why do this
  2. Colts release DT Johnathan Hankins

    http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/17/colts-release-johnathan-hankins/ Profootballtalk mentioned that $4.5 M of his salary would’ve become guaranteed on Sunday. So releaseing him was to avoid that
  3. i don’t know how I feel about this. I guess they don’t feel he fits in their version of the 4-3? *EDIT*He’s got no guaranteed money left so this saves all $8.5 million but this can’t be about money so I wonder if he asked to be released?
  4. Jets, Colts Swap 1st Round Picks

    Biggest line in there, “we talked to other teams but we wanted to stay in position in the top 10” sorry Bills
  5. Colts trade #3 Pick to Jets

    http://m.colts.com/news/article-1/Chris-Ballard-Jets-Trade-Gives-Colts-‘A-Chance-To-Really-Replenish-Our-Young-Talent’/807c5a98-74f1-4f8d-8085-d6f54a71c2d5 article with video of Ballard discussing how the trade talks developed. Colts/Jets have been talking since Monday. Ballard didn’t want to trade out of top 10 unless the price was good.
  6. Edited the OP with the updated draft picks for the Colts
  7. Heck yeah and we can still get Nelson
  8. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    You say that as if you truly believe free agency is completely over. *narrator* it isn’t
  9. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    Love this from Quincy Wilson.
  10. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    Apparantly, Melvin took less from Oakland then he demanded from the Colts. Which is what Stephen Holder is insinuating.
  11. Who have been the winners and losers of free agency?

    Ballard quote ”We’re not going to pay Type ‘A’ money to Type ‘B’ players. They have reached out to a few players, scheduled visits with Ryan Jensen, Justin Pugh and Eric Ebron. Not only are there people in this thread calling players and agents the winners of free agency. It makes you wonder how a team that didn’t get snookered in by all this could be called a loser.
  12. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    I think (hope) that Ballard has a standing offer on the table for him. He said he wants to see what the market is, which could mean one of two things. 1) He doesn’t want to overpay a guy with 1 very good season. 2) He isn’t expecting him back. Ballard also admitted in an interview that the year Melvin came out of college that Ballard was in Chicago and they had him in for a workout. He said Melvin rubbed him the wrong way and that he wasn’t too overly excited about Melvin being here when he came in, but that Melvin completely changed his mind.
  13. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    In Pagano’s defense the exterior CBs played press man. He mostly lined up against #1 WRs, at one point he requested to follow Antonio Brown around the field during the Steelers game. He held him to 3 catches for 47 yards and 0 TDs He had a top 10 passer rating from PFF when targeted. He did get burned on a couple of occasions but he doubled his pass deflections from 2016 despite playing in 5 less games.
  14. No worries, the Ravens can just say they backed out of the commitment because they were concerned about Grant moving his family during the school year.