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  1. Team Needs?

    In order but not necessarily the order we draft. 1 Edge - we don’t have a true pass rusher on the roster. Sheard and Simon had both played well for us this year but neither are long term answers nor legit pass rushers. 2 HB - Gore is likely to retire and Mack is a speed back with not much ability between the tackles. I would be very excited if we drafted Saquon Barkley but wouldn’t object to a trade down for extra picks. 3 OT - Specifically RT. Le’Raven Clark isn’t the answer, Denzell Good isn’t. Joe Haeg played better at RG them RT. 4 CB - Rashaan Melvin, if resigned, should be able to hold down a starting spot for a couple years. Need a CB to compete with Quincy Wilson for the other spot. Pierre Desir could fill this role if we draft another position. 5th rounder Nate Hairston is a true nickel corner who could have that spot locked down for awhile. 5 WR - I don’t expect we will resign Donte Moncrief unless it’s a cheap contract. Hilton can be shut down in games because no one else is a threat in games on a consistent basis. HM - OG - Jack Mewhort is a free agent and has an injury history that would necessitate a contract with bonuses for playing time goals. Our other guard spot is atrocious with Vujnovich winning the job over Haeg and holding onto it.
  2. Survivor 35

    Everyone in this cast has fallen prey to awful gameplay at some point in time. Ben is the only one left on the island who found an idol clue without having it hand delivered to him (Ryan). Mike’s idol was found because Jessica knew where to look based on how Joe found his. So slightly impressed. Though his antics make him a bigger target so he’ll have to win out on immunity challenges to get to final 3
  3. Survivor 35

    This season has been picking up steam heading into the finale but I feel like some of the cast has been really disappointing. If you had told me after episode 1 that Chrissy and Ryan were heading to the finale I would’ve thought that they had steam rolled everyone. Now I just think they are goats for either Ben or Devon to beat in the final tribal.
  4. 2017 Indianapolis Colts

    His rookie deal still has 2 years left, we’ve got a cheap backup unless we get a really good trade offer after Luck is cleared to play
  5. My health is fine, no worries. After we fire Polian and Caldwell and hire a better staff we’ll be fantastic. We just got to make sure we hold onto the #1 pick to get Luck. Have him spend one year behind Manning and turn him loose
  6. Why are fans so against "retread" coaches?

    One argument against this is that some teams don’t hire on this ‘old school’ method anymore. San Francisco is one example of a team that hired their coach before they hired a GM. ( I know there are other examples of this but I’m blanking for some reason. Seattle is stuck in my head but I don’t recall if Carroll was hired before his GM or not)
  7. Unrestricted Free Agents Frank Gore HB - I think he retires, he seems to be leaning towards playing next year though. I would probably accept signing him to a one year deal for maybe $1-2M Adam Vinatieri K - Would resign him and maybe bring in a K to learn under him Darius Butler S - Thanks for your time, good luck Donte Moncrief WR - I would like to let him test free agency and get him on the cheap, but he is young enough someone will pay him. Rashaan Melvin CB - pay the man Jack Mewhort RG - as with Moncrief I would like to sign him cheap, but I would incentivize his contract with game bonuses or snap bonuses. Jon Bostic MLB - good bye Barkevious Mingo OLB - he has played well but with Sheard, Simon and Basham and a potential draft pick there isn't going to be room for him Kamar Aiken WR - good bye Scott Tolzien QB - *channeling Ferris Bueller* You're still here? Pierre Desir CB - I would like to see us give him a 2 year deal to be a stop gap between competing with Wilson for the starting job opposite Melvin to being the 4th CB Mike Person C - potential solid backup for Kelly, vet minimum deal Christine Michael HB - if Gore retires I would bring him back to compete with Mack and a rookie for the starting job. Brandon Williams TE - good bye Restricted Free Agents Quan Bray WR - bring him back to compete but on a short leash. Exclusive Rights Free Agents Erik Swoope TE - definitely bring him back Luke Rhodes LS - definitely bring back Jeremy Vujnovich OG - good bye Edwin Jackson MLB - we could have used him this year. Clear the field except for him and Jeremiah George. Chris Milton CB - cheap depth guy bring him back Anthony Fabiano C - good bye
  8. Psych TV Movie - Airs Thursday (the 7th) at 8:00PM

    ‘Shawn basically did nothing the whole episode’ ‘I thought the shows name was Psych’ They really got you good though, amirite? I watched the first half earlier today and I am going to watch the rest tomorrow. So far I’m not too impressed. But as is with most shows the good part is usually when they tie everything up at the end so maybe I’ll be happier.
  9. Last February while still with the Colts, Parry attacked a man who was driving a taxi golf cart to take drunk people home from bars. Parry also crashed the golf cart. Parry was charged with: auto theft, battery, destruction of property, resisting arrest and dui. Currently on IR with the Saints, Parry was suspended for 4 games which could effect the 2018 season if the Saints were to miss the playoffs. Link to AZCentral article about the arrest. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/98538876 link to a later article where he plead guilty to lesser charges. “Parry was sentenced on May 31 in Maricopa County Superior Court. He pleaded guilty last month to charges of attempting to commit unlawful means of transportation and a misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.azcentral.com/amp/359395001
  10. John Simon placed on IR

    The Colts IR team is steadily reaching quality roster level almost close enough to being better then the 53 man roster QB - Andrew Luck (Starter) HB - Robert Turbin, Christine Michael and George Winn WR - Quan Bray and Krishawn Hogan TE - Erik Swoope OL - Jack Mewhort (Starter) DeShawn Bond DL - Henry Anderson (Starter) LB - John Simon (Starter) and Edwin Jackson (Starter) CB - Pierre Desir S - Malik Hooker (Starter)
  11. Redskins claimed Kalis off waivers, Jones was resigned today
  12. so now are we going to see more of Quincy Wilson? If Rashaan Melvin isn’t ready to go we have: Nate Hairston, Quincy Wilson, Chris Milton, Kenny Moore, and D.J. White We also have Denzel Rice who I think is on PS.
  13. Suits

    Yeah, Harvey and Mike are irreplaceable. You could continue without Louis but I wouldn’t like the show as much. And non of the ladies are central to the main storyline. Though I would protest if Sarah Rafferty (Donna) left.
  14. Madden 18

    They’re there, you have to toggle L1/L2 whichever it is to switch from NFL to AFC or NFC to get to the Player/Rookie of the year and Top 10 positional rankings.
  15. Yes Vujnovich is terrible. But no one else wants to step up and replace him. Ryan Kelly being bottom 5 doesn’t surprise me either. He’s been playing bad this year. Came back from starting the season injured and not played well. Now he’s concussed.