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  1. NO!! 😡Why would a guy who can’t develope OL for Seattle get serious consideration for a head coach job on a team with only 2 solid OL on it? Castonzo and Kelly with Mewhort as a pending free agent. Maybe Cable will turn some of our DL into OL (JR Sweezy reference for those not in the know) The only thing worse would be the Giant’s OL Coach. I’d rather take Toub and I’m not hot on a special teams coach getting the HC job but it beats Cable by a mile. *interview requested* Panthers DC Steve Wilkes Patriots OC Josh McDaniels Seahawks DC Kris Richard Chiefs OC Matt Nagy Texans DC Mike Vrabel Baylor HC Matt Rhule *rumored interest* Patriots DC Matt Patricia Chiefs Asst HC Brad Childress Chiefs STC Dave Toub Steelers OC Todd Haley Cardinals HC Bruce Arians (possibly retiring) Seahawks OC Darrell Bevell Seahawks OL Tom Cable
  2. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    there is no doubt after this, McDaniels is happening. I searched for Kelly Amity Eberflus on FB and this post is the first one visible to EVERYONE.
  3. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    cant make it official until after the Pats lose/win SB. But Matt Eberflus’ family and Rod Marinelli’s wife are already celebrating his new job in Indy.
  4. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2018/1/16/16897384/who-is-colts-soon-to-be-defensive-coordinator-matt-eberflus Chris Blystone of Stampede Blue wrote this article about Matt Eberflus which shows his coaching history. Good read on our potential DC. Says that the Cowboys offered him an extension before this season and he turned it down. Word is that some people had hopes that he would replace Rod Marinelli if/when he retires. I do like knowing that he worked both in 4-3 and 3-4 defenses.
  5. Colts expected to hire Josh McDaniels as HC

    Just because Ballard got Brissett for a Klondike bar doesn’t mean he’ll return him for a butterfinger flavored one.
  6. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    I think this also has something to do with the comments Mularkey made about the speculation of his job https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/nfl/2018/01/06/titans-mularkey-not-feeling-much-support-in-playoff-push/109222802/ I think they offered him an extension and he turned it down. Now it’s probably likely there were conditions to the extension that he didn’t want but I think he gave them the middle finger
  7. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Looks like it’s becoming a definitive media conclusion that Josh McDaniels will be offered the job and that he’ll hire Cowboy’s LBer coach Matt Eberflus as DC
  8. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Well you do get Watson, Watt and Mercilus back healthy and IF your head coach can play nice with your new GM there might be something there for you. With the way the Titans treated Mularky I don’t know if I would say they’re getting better. We’ll have to see who they hire.
  9. 49ers LB Reuben Foster arrested on marijuana charge

    It’s up to the player to apply for reinstatement and then Goodell meets with the player and whatever else he deems necessary before deciding whether to reinstate him or not. If I remember correctly a player once applied for reinstatement before he was allowed to and had to wait a couple months before he could reapply.
  10. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    The Colts have now whittled their choices down to Josh McDaniels and Matt Rhule unless they interview anymore offensive candidates. Or Irsay can ehh and uh his way into convincing Nagy to reject the Bears and take the Colts job.
  11. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Strange to say the least. I understand they probably already decided on McDaniels and are probably saving him from wasting his time going through the motions for no good reason. But with Nagy taking the job in Chicago that leaves Rhule and McDaniels as offensive coaches interviewed so unless they’re lining anymore up.... that’s it.
  12. 2018 NFL Coaching Carousel Thread

    Not sure how I feel about this guy, he went 1-11 at Baylor after back to back 10 win seasons at Temple. The Colts are supposed to interview Panthers DC Steve Wilks tomorrow and I think if they don’t announce a new HC by Saturday then their just to offer the job to McDaniels
  13. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Earlier today I read an article that said that Michael Lombardi had mentioned in a podcast that the Colt’s had conducted an interview on Monday for the HC position. He said that because there was no request submitted to the NFL that it was possible that the candidate might be a college coach. That article also listed the timeline for coaching interviews with an interview a day for 4 days between Jan 4-7 then a gap to the 11 for Steve Wilks interview. ESPN is now saying that Baylor HC Matt Rhule was the candidate. Baylor hired Rhule last Dec. after 4 seasons at Temple where he lead them to their first ever back to back 10 win seasons. He finished 1-11 in his first year at Baylor. I’ve told some friends that I think if the Colts were hiring anyone but McDaniels that the decision would be made by the end of the week. Otherwise they are waiting for the Patriots post season to be over.
  14. 2018 Coaches Discussion Thread

    McMahon is the only coach I was hoping would be kept from the entire Colt’s staff. He had the tough task of finding a punter to replace McAfee. And without McAfee he also knew that Matt Overton wouldn’t be a suitable long snapper anymore. Overton has a tendency for high snaps which McAfee saved his rear countless times on. He found Rigoberto Sanchez from Hawaii to punt and converted a reserve linebacker into a LS Luke Rhodes
  15. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Well the original post has a ‘prediction’ in it. At least that’s what I’m going with
  16. It isn’t entirely certain yet but depending on the outcome of games next week the Colts will be sitting in the 3rd spot in the draft. It’s possible the Colts could win and still pick 3rd because of SOS (strength of schedule). Right now the Colts SOS is 48% and the Texans and Buccaneers are well over 50%. A Colts loss and a Giants win would give the Colts the 2nd pick but that relies on the Giants winning against the Redskins. With that said the next thing to determine is who will be available at pick #3. Does Cleveland stay at 1? Do they pick a QB? (I honestly think Cleveland could put Kizer through what Carolina did to Jimmy Clausen) Does their potential trade partner take a QB? If one of Darnold or Rosen is taken will the Giants take the other? Will someone trade up to take the other? (I think New York takes the other QB) Who is BPA and would the Colts have offers to trade down if both top QBs are gone? Would someone trade up to 3 for a non QB? (I doubt this) Some “draft people” say that the Colts SHOULDN’T draft a RB at 3 and that no OT is worthy of #3. So is it Bradley Chubb or Minkah Fitzpatrick? Or is there even a debate, Pass Rusher is clearly the Colts biggest need. Chubb has been compared to Derek Barnett a 4-3 DE for Philly. I didn’t necessarily want Barnett for that reason last year. The other day a forum member made a mock draft suggesting the Colts potential new coaching staff might favor a switch to a 4-3 and then drafting Chubb would be a no brainer. Our starting D as 4-3 Sheard - Hankins - Woods - Chubb/Anderson (pass/Run) Mingo (SAM) Simon (MIKE) - Walker (WILL) Melvin - Geathers - Hooker - Wilson - this is dependent on Melvin and Mingo being resigned. - I could also see Bostic brought back and pushing Simon to SAM and Walker inside. - Basham DE, would also swap in on passing downs - Anderson and Margus Hunt would rotate in on multiple spots on the DL so not starting doesn’t mean not playing. - condensing our starting linebacking corps from 4 to 3 still leaves us with little depth. - Hairston and Farley as backups give us solid depth but we need to replace TJ Green. He’s garbage. alternative picks CB/S Minkah Fitzpatrick RB Saquon Barkley OT Connor Williams OG Quentin Nelson My lack of knowledge regarding college prospects right now, and still being a full 3 weeks before the deadline to declare leaves me with no alternative options for the third pick. Hopefully this becomes more clear in the next few weeks but I suspect it won’t until the coaching decision is made.
  17. Predict The Pick: 3, Colts

    Not that I don’t think it would work. I already explained to Warhorse that most of our defense has played 4-3 at some point in there career. Plus we have lined up in 4-3 at times. If we don’t resign NT Al Woods the likely front 4 would be: Sheard/Basham Anderson/Ridgeway/Hankins Hankins/Stewart Chubb(p)/Anderson(r) *edit* OLB John Simon is also available but I figured in a 4-3 he might be a better fit at MLB (he played some in Balt) or SLB.
  18. Predict The Pick: 3, Colts

    I voted Barkley. The arguments about getting a running back later are good for another debate. I see Barkley being a game changing RB where I’m not so sure Chubb fits that as a pass rusher. Additionally the Colts drafting Chubb might mean changing to a 4-3 D to better utilize him. I really wish we could take Barkley and Nelson.
  19. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    I don’t think Harbaugh would leave Michigan. At least not right now, and not without beating Urban Meyer first.
  20. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Also of note, Colt’s OL Coach Joe Philbin is returning to Green Bay where he was OC prior to getting the Dolphin’s HC job. And Colts asst coach Jim Hostler is following him to become WR coach in Green Bay.
  21. The Colt’s HC predications are begun

    Pats OC Josh McDaniels, Seahawks DC Kris Richard and Texans DC Mike Vrabel have interviewed. After today’s game the Colts will be able to interview Chiefs OC Matt Nagy who confirmed he is interviewing. Chiefs SPC Dave Toub hasn’t been confirmed yet but is expected to interview and Panthers DC Steve Wilks will interview as well after this weekend
  22. I definitely will participate but can’t promise being overly active so I can’t be the Colt’s GM
  23. http://m.colts.com/news/article-1/Colts-Sign-Three-More-To-ReserveFuture-Contracts/52852e79-23b0-4816-a43e-b0f384128e20 The Indianapolis Colts today signed wide receivers Seantavius Jones, Justice Liggins and James Wright to reserve/future contracts. Liggins was in camp with the Colts this year.
  24. All 8 players finished the season on the Colt’s practice squad. 2 players not signed from the practice squad were CB Denzel Rice and OT Andres Knappe. Pretty standard procedure.
  25. 49ers got a 3rd, 4th and future 3rd to move down one spot and people criticized the Bears for the move.