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  1. Likelihood of an Andrew Luck Trade?

    Actually your timeline is off, Brees started for 2 seasons while Rivers was there and was actually franchised the second year before leaving in FA. The shoulder injury was in the last game of the season. He nearly signed with Miami but he didn’t pass the physical. New Orleans I believe waived the physical and signed him site unseen.
  2. Colts announced their “Injury Report” officially ruled out QB Andrew Luck, C Ryan Kelly, WR Chester Rogers, CB Quincy Wilson, ILB Anthony Walker and HB Marlon Mack CB Vontae Davis could make his season debut and FS Darius Butler and ILB Antonio Morrison, who missed last week, could return. i wonder if Davis has a snap count meaning Melvin Milton and Hairston play a lot more. I also wonder if Butler might rotate to nickle so he and Hooker are on the field at the same time.
  3. Week 3 Browns vs Colts - No One Wins

    I feel bad reading in the Brown’ s forums thread for the game. I was expecting the game to be a lot closer then this. Brissett is showing a lot of decisiveness.
  4. Week 3 Browns vs Colts - No One Wins

    Browns inactive list Browns: LB Jamie Collins, DE Myles Garrett, WR Sammie Coates, QB Cody Kessler, OL Marcus Martin, OL Zach Banner, DL T.Y. McGill Collins and Garrett being out will help out OL though Ogbah is still someone to watch. (I’m hoping Joe Schobert shows up well in a losing effort)
  5. Week 3 Browns vs Colts - No One Wins

    Inactive list QB Luck, HB Mack, WR Rogers, ILB Walker, CB Davis and CB Wilson Pierre Desir and Rashaan Melvin will start at CB
  6. Colts officially ruled out/inactive list QB Luck, HB Mack, WR Rogers, C Kelly, ILB Walker, CB Wilson and CB Davis CB Christopher Milton was listed as questionable yesterday, if he doesn’t play the Colts CBs will be Rashaan Melvin and Pierre Desir starting and Nate Hairston and Kenny Moore backing them up. Safeties Darius Butler and TJ Green could play CB as well though I really don’t want to see Green out there as a CB
  7. Andrew Luck targets Week 6 for return

    Week 6 is Tennessee, we have Cleveland, Seattle and San Francisco before then. 2 possible wins for sure. Seattle is struggling but they could find themselves right before we play them. If he returns then, the stretch of games from there is Titans, Jaguars, Bengals and Texans. Very important divisional games. I’m going to cross my fingers that this happens and hope they aren’t rushing him back too soon.
  8. How They Were Built

    I was always intrigued by this type of stuff. The Packers website actually keeps a rundown of this all year long. I used to put this out in the season thread. But I lost my list and wasn’t going to attempt it in the off season with a 90 man roster. I have a smaller list then this and disagree with some of their omissions. I tried to get the image to show in the post but had no luck. So instead I posted the tweet with the link. Click the link next to ‘12-‘17 and it will take right to it.
  9. I will say that we advised him on votes or who to hit but otherwise everything he said or did was all him. There were cringeworthy exchanges though by him with people that I thought would blow up on him but didn’t
  10. If you think anyone in their right mind would tell tyty to do half of the shenanigans he pulled in this game... bless your heart.
  11. How They Were Built

    Also this shows how bad the 2013 draft class was. The only player active in the NFL now is Cardinal RB Kerwynn Williams. And the only player left from that offseason is Jack Doyle and he was actually a final cutdown waiver claim.
  12. Big Brother

    Audrey (BB17) started a Big Brother type online show called Sequester and the upcoming season will feature Judd Daugherty from BB15 and Ramses Soto from BB19
  13. Big Brother

    @StLunatic88 Jeff and Jordan might not be available. Jeff left CBS for a online streaming pop news website (Daily Blast Live is what it’s called). Dr Will replaced Jeff for the backyard interviews this season. I had heard that the jury was bitter Alison Grodner actually came out ahead of time and said the jury was bitter (and I think I’m hindsight she meant more against each other rather then to Paul, Alex be damned)
  14. BTW, the only reason I signed up for this game was because I was on vacation this week and would have extra time to work on this. I go back to work on Monday and won’t be as free to keep up. thanks @MathMan
  15. It wasn’t until later when LBC and bucs were having their convo that I realized that TLO’s extra vote was removed by tyty’s vote removal
  16. I was really hoping that between my Daryl claim and the TLO vote confusion would help tyty and I avoid a lynch for one night. We were really comfused when mission and tyty went to OT because of Tyty’s vote removal ability. Malf told us he didn’t forget about it so we had to hope OT would fall in our favor. It did.
  17. No, he called ET, bucs, Danger and tyty as his guess for the mafia. That got him hit.
  18. This is either a lie or misdirection I said I was Daryl and even when I said that you ?’d that claim.
  19. Speed rounds usually last 30 mins to an hour
  20. Luckily the restaurant I’m at has WiFi so I’m here for any vote changes or speed round stuff
  21. To? Obviously dome unless you have ideas for someone not voted on yet
  22. To? Obviously dome unless you have ideas for someone not voted on yet
  23. Week 3 Browns vs Colts - No One Wins

    Colts announced today that they’ve promoted RB Matt Jones from the practice squad and released G Ian Silberman