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  1. Players on your teams trade block?

    DE/OLB John Simon - been much speculation that he might not make the team. Ballard brought a lot of DL competition in and Simon hasn’t played with his hand on the ground since his early days at tOSU. My original thought was he would be a SAM LB but the team has insisted he is a DE. Otherwise there isn’t enough depth on the roster to trade many players unless of course an offer for Jacoby Brissett is too hard to turn down
  2. I think that anyone paying attention knew this wasn’t the case
  3. Step It Up, like Channing Tatum or Ryan Guzman?
  4. Andrew Luck’s shoulder

    He can manhandle a kindergartener but hasn’t thrown a football yet? I can’t even..
  5. Finally!!! And I don’t know who that receiver is but I think he ate TY Hilton
  6. LB Walker injured in drills

    good news on Walker
  7. havent seen or heard any updates on him yet so hopefully nothing serious.
  8. Definitely a good take from a former QB who has been very good breaking down QB tape.
  9. Definitely, of course that is if you trust my value of him pre injury. I think he showed his potential but held onto the ball too much trying to give receivers more time to get downfield which led to some unnecessary sacks. I feel like running more RPO and utilizing TEs more can help him even more if his arm isn’t as strong as it was pre injury.
  10. @HorizontoZenith are all events in the challenge running concurrently or does the person on the first event have to finish before the second one starts?
  11. We planned on throwing this one to get rid of Tyty but we got outwitted by Sir A-1
  12. I used the wrong chatty address (HZ) instead of our own luckily for me inactive newb saves the day
  13. I hope I can math, I sent in my challenge PM now
  14. Yeah we can figure something out from that.
  15. Only had 2 games with 10 plus carries (10,11) had a few games with less then 5 carries. Missed getting 100 yards against SF (9 carries 91 yards) We were competitive in almost every game (ie we lost the lead) and so we didn’t get to rest the vets at the ends of games to give the rookies extra snaps. In 2016 the Colts had 6 rushes of 20+ yards. In 2017 Marlon Mack had 8 himself. On the other side of the coin, Mack missed some blocking assignments and wasn’t great receiving either.
  16. I’m thinking if jfin makes the merge, we got an easy merge boot
  17. If only Tyty were 60 seconds quicker wit the answer
  18. Normally only one tribe would go to tribal council unless he has a twist
  19. I’m guessing that 4 of the 7 haven’t even checked into their chatty/PM thread to help discuss