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  1. Colts players rarely are good enough to have success elsewhere so Peyton Manning is the only one I followed. And even though he won a ring I regret it to this day.
  2. i think McCartney is Mewhort’s agent. This was retweeted by Kevin Bowen. I also seen someone mention he got half of the money Slauson got (Slauson got 1 year $3M)
  3. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    So far Lost - WR Donte Moncrief/Jaguars; CB Rashaan Melvin/Raiders; LB Jon Bostic/Steelers; Barkevious Mingo/Seahawks Re-Signed - G Jack Mewhort; K Adam Vinatieri; HB Christine Michael; CB Pierre Desir Still Available - S Darius Butler; WR Kamar Aiken; QB Scott Tolzien; TE Brandon Williams; C/G Mike Person ERFA TENDER - LS Luke Rhodes; CB Chris Milton; TE Eric Swoope; G Jeremy Vujnovich
  4. Unrestricted Free Agents Frank Gore HB - I think he retires, he seems to be leaning towards playing next year though. I would probably accept signing him to a one year deal for maybe $1-2M Adam Vinatieri K - Would resign him and maybe bring in a K to learn under him Darius Butler S - Thanks for your time, good luck Donte Moncrief WR - I would like to let him test free agency and get him on the cheap, but he is young enough someone will pay him. Rashaan Melvin CB - pay the man Jack Mewhort RG - as with Moncrief I would like to sign him cheap, but I would incentivize his contract with game bonuses or snap bonuses. Jon Bostic MLB - good bye Barkevious Mingo OLB - he has played well but with Sheard, Simon and Basham and a potential draft pick there isn't going to be room for him Kamar Aiken WR - good bye Scott Tolzien QB - *channeling Ferris Bueller* You're still here? Pierre Desir CB - I would like to see us give him a 2 year deal to be a stop gap between competing with Wilson for the starting job opposite Melvin to being the 4th CB Mike Person C - potential solid backup for Kelly, vet minimum deal Christine Michael HB - if Gore retires I would bring him back to compete with Mack and a rookie for the starting job. Brandon Williams TE - good bye Restricted Free Agents Quan Bray WR - bring him back to compete but on a short leash. Exclusive Rights Free Agents Erik Swoope TE - definitely bring him back Luke Rhodes LS - definitely bring back Jeremy Vujnovich OG - good bye Edwin Jackson MLB - we could have used him this year. Clear the field except for him and Jeremiah George. Chris Milton CB - cheap depth guy bring him back Anthony Fabiano C - good bye
  5. he Injured himself 2 weeks after signing last year and spent the year on IR. Competition for Turbin and Jones for 3rd-4th HB
  6. I’ve been waiting to see what the Ravens say about this because I was wondering if he didn’t inform them of his ankle ahead of time and they used that angle to void the contract. Similar to a drug test where they ask you if you take any prescriptions drugs.
  7. IND re-signs G Jack Mewhort to 1 yr / 3M deal

    Colts added Matt Slauson 1 year $3 M Jack Mewhort 1 year $1.5 M ($3 M max) to cover the guard spots (for now) Whomever we draft whether G/T or both should improve our OL finally As of now we have Castonzo-Slauson-Kelly-Mewhort-Good Outside of them the only good backups we have are DeyShawn Bond, Joe Haeg and Le’Raven Clark
  8. Colts re-sign G Jack Mewhort

    more info on the contract this is exactly the incentive laden type deal I talked about with Mewhort and Moncrief. Very happy with Ballard. The guys he has brought in have had some injury issues in 2017 but he either incentivized the contracts or just locked them into 1 year deals.
  9. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2018/03/20/cameron-meredith-visits-colts/ if the Colts offer a contract that the Bears don’t match the Bears wouldn’t get any compensation
  10. Ballard knows we need to fill a lot of holes so trading up is very unlikely
  11. It isn’t entirely certain yet but depending on the outcome of games next week the Colts will be sitting in the 3rd spot in the draft. It’s possible the Colts could win and still pick 3rd because of SOS (strength of schedule). Right now the Colts SOS is 48% and the Texans and Buccaneers are well over 50%. A Colts loss and a Giants win would give the Colts the 2nd pick but that relies on the Giants winning against the Redskins. With that said the next thing to determine is who will be available at pick #3. Does Cleveland stay at 1? Do they pick a QB? (I honestly think Cleveland could put Kizer through what Carolina did to Jimmy Clausen) Does their potential trade partner take a QB? If one of Darnold or Rosen is taken will the Giants take the other? Will someone trade up to take the other? (I think New York takes the other QB) Who is BPA and would the Colts have offers to trade down if both top QBs are gone? Would someone trade up to 3 for a non QB? (I doubt this) Some “draft people” say that the Colts SHOULDN’T draft a RB at 3 and that no OT is worthy of #3. So is it Bradley Chubb or Minkah Fitzpatrick? Or is there even a debate, Pass Rusher is clearly the Colts biggest need. Chubb has been compared to Derek Barnett a 4-3 DE for Philly. I didn’t necessarily want Barnett for that reason last year. The other day a forum member made a mock draft suggesting the Colts potential new coaching staff might favor a switch to a 4-3 and then drafting Chubb would be a no brainer. Our starting D as 4-3 Sheard - Hankins - Woods - Chubb/Anderson (pass/Run) Mingo (SAM) Simon (MIKE) - Walker (WILL) Melvin - Geathers - Hooker - Wilson - this is dependent on Melvin and Mingo being resigned. - I could also see Bostic brought back and pushing Simon to SAM and Walker inside. - Basham DE, would also swap in on passing downs - Anderson and Margus Hunt would rotate in on multiple spots on the DL so not starting doesn’t mean not playing. - condensing our starting linebacking corps from 4 to 3 still leaves us with little depth. - Hairston and Farley as backups give us solid depth but we need to replace TJ Green. He’s garbage. alternative picks CB/S Minkah Fitzpatrick RB Saquon Barkley OT Connor Williams OG Quentin Nelson My lack of knowledge regarding college prospects right now, and still being a full 3 weeks before the deadline to declare leaves me with no alternative options for the third pick. Hopefully this becomes more clear in the next few weeks but I suspect it won’t until the coaching decision is made.
  12. Forum by Forum Mock Draft - Pick 6

    I was hemming and hawing over whether to go with Minkah Fitzpatrick or Denzel Ward here since my top 3 guys are taken. Considering we have Hooker, Geathers and Farley to rotate at safety and Nate Hairston as our slot CB then Minkah isn’t a need as much as a boundary corner is so Denzel Ward or trade down
  13. http://m.colts.com/news/article-1/Colts-Sign-Free-Agent-CenterGuard-Matt-Slauson/49004539-aa65-4c9b-ba87-ff41d438adbd Came out of nowhere, I just posted that I seen Slauson was visiting us like 10 minutes ago. Starter at LG for the Chargers for 7 games last season
  14. I’ll try to post all additions here and probably make separate threads for more prominent signings. Re-Signings K Adam Vinatieri - 1 year deal $3.625 M CB Pierre Desir - 1year G Jack Mewhort - 1 year HB Christine Michael - Additions LB Tyrell Adams - 1 year $630 K DE Denico Autry 3 years $17.8 M TE Eric Ebron - 2 years $15 M WR Ryan Grant - 1 year $5 M G Matt Slauson - 1 year $3 M
  15. So Ebron and Grant were signed. Nothing yet about Toomer or Williams. Also seen on Bleacher Report that the Colts are hosting former Chargers G Matt Slauson today.
  16. interesting tweet I seen today. Colts haven’t used a FB in a long time. Mostly TEs used as H-Backs
  17. He played well for us last year. Still need at least 1-2 CBs for competition.
  18. Jones correctly called Jordy Nelson to Oakland, Morgan Burnett to Pittsburgh and is now calling Grant to Indy. He originally agreed to sign a 4 year $29 M contract with Baltimore until they failed him in his physical because Michael Crabtree became available.
  19. He had/has a sprained ankle, and 4 months for it to heal before TC. Not so fast, Alan Hurns just got cut. Bye Ryan. J/K
  20. Colts sign TE Eric Ebron

    http://m.colts.com/news/article-1/Colts-Sign-Free-Agent-Tight-End-Eric-Ebron/8f78122b-e717-4228-9665-3b78394c6501 2 year $15 M gives the Colts a 2 TE set to make up for no WRs yet
  21. Colts sign Eric Ebron

    I’m not trying to suggest that Doyle or Ebron are on par with Ertz or Celek but that is the possible goal for the offense.
  22. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    This ... just ... no as Sandra from Survivor would say “as long as it isn’t me”
  23. Colts upcoming Free-Agents

    Actually looked at OTC cancellation chart and Autry’s contract negates Mingo’s contract so we are looking at two 5s and a possible 6/7 as of now https://overthecap.com/compensatory-draft-picks-cancellation-chart/
  24. Colts have a couple free agent visits going on the next few days, TE Eric Ebron (Lions) and LB Korey Toomer (Chargers) today and RB Damien Williams (Dolphins) tomorrow also want to point out that former Redskins WR Ryan Grant was in town last week after failing his physical for the Ravens. He psssd his physical with the Colts. He then visited Oakland but that might have been before the Raiders signed Jordy Nelson. So he might still be in the plans as long as we aren’t paying him the deal he originally agreed to with the Ravens (4 year $29M)
  25. Heck yeah and we can still get Nelson