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  1. AFC Playoff Picture

    Division Leaders team/record/remaining games 1. (X) KC 11-2 / vs LAC, @Sea, vs Oak 2. NE 9-4 / @Pitt, vs Buff, vs NYJ 3. Hou 9-4 / @NYJ, @Phil, vs Jacks 4. Pitt 7-5-1 / @Oak, vs NE, @NO, vs Cin Wildcard 5. LAC 10-3 / @KC, vs Bal, @Den 6. Bal 7-6 / vs TBB, @LAC, vs Cle Rest 7. Indy 7-6/ vs Dal, vs NYG, @Ten 8. Tenn 7-6 / @NYG, vs Wash, vs Indy 9. Mia 7-6 / @ Minn, vs Jacks, @Buff 10. Den 6-7/ vs Cle, @Oak, vs LAC 11. Clev 5-7-1 / @Den, vs Cin, @Bal 12. Cin 5-8 / vs Oak, @Cle, @Pitt X - Clinched Playoff spot Y - Clinched Division Title Z - Clinched First Round Bye in Playoffs H - Clinched Home Field Advantage
  2. One of Chris Ballard’s more underrated signings of the off season was former Raiders DE Denico Autry. Much was made about his fit in the new Tampa-2 scheme because Ballard stated that Autry would play DT/DE. Especially confusing with the crowded situation on the Dline before the signing. Jabaal Sheard , John Simon, Tarell Basham and Margus Hunt already in the building and the additions of Kemoko Turay, Tyquan Lewis and Chris McClain later. Simon and McClain didn’t make the team Basham initially made the roster before being cut and Lewis spent the first 8 games in IR. Autry in his first 4 seasons in Oakland had 10.5 sacks: 0, 3, 2.5 and 5 respectively. This season he’s missed 4 games and has still managed to get 8 sacks (missed games weeks 2, 3, 6, 7) week 4 Houston: 2 sacks Week 11 Tennessee 1 sack Week 13 Jacksonville 3 sacks Week 14 Houston halftime 2 sacks of
  3. AFC Playoff Picture

    Updated for this week’s games. 1. Chargers haven’t clinched playoff spot yet as it appears they needed the following 4 teams to lose/tie: Den, Mia, Ten and Indy and since only Den lost they have to wait a week. 2. KC can clinch the AFC West and first round Bye with a win or tie. LAC would then need a win/tie to clinch first wild card seed. Which would mean if the Colts were to get the other wildcard spot and win in the wildcard round they’d have to go to Arrowhead in the divisional round. 3. Colts are 6-5 in the AFC conference with only one conf. game to go (at Ten) which gives them the 2nd best chances of the 7-6 teams to make the playoffs. Baltimore is 6-4. 4. With the Colts win over Houston, the Colts don’t need the Texans to lose out (though it’d be nice) to win the division. As long as Houston loses to Jacksonville week 17 and one of their other remaining games and the Colts win their last 3 the Colts would break the tie on division record. Both teams are currently 3-2 in the division and split their games this year.
  4. its about time, need to see what he has We should’ve cut Ryan Grant to make room for him.
  5. Who do you consider the biggest overachieving team this year?

    Cardinals winning 7 games and as mentioned earlier Colts only winning 2 with a healthy Luck
  6. Reese Fountain elevated to the main roster

    It’s been awhile, so it took me some time to realize this is Pepper.
  7. Who do you consider the biggest overachieving team this year?

    After the draft last year, there were many 2019 draft order projections having the Dolphins picking #1 and many also had the Colts picking #2 or #3. Most of those were based on Tannehill being awful or injured and Luck not returning to form Also USA Today’s preseason prediction still make me laugh. Nate Davis said the Colts 2-14 record is with a healthy Luck because the roster is so deplete of talent
  8. Hi! Introduce yourself to the Colts forum

    I can’t change your username, only Webby can do that. He’s not likely to change it right now since your new to the forum but check the Feedback Forum https://forums.footballsfuture.com/forum/62-feedback-forum/ he will have more information there as to whether he is or isn’t accepting username changes
  9. Hi! Introduce yourself to the Colts forum

    Welcome!!! You probably are the youngest.
  10. NFL General Random Thoughts Thread

    The Colts shutout loss to Jacksonville was a record breaking game Colts win streak.... Jaguars losing streak.... Colts had a streak of 94 straight games that they'd won while holding their opponents below 17 points stretching throughout most of Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck’s careers.
  11. D82's 2019 NFL Mock Draft w/ Trades

    Ok so IF Ed Oliver were to fall that far I would certainly be behind trading up for him even if it costs a third rounder. Im not too familiar with the rest of the guys you have going to the Colts but positional needs are met.
  12. Packers fire Associate Head Coach for tweet (allegedly)

    You’re mistaken Joe Philbin is the interim Head Coach Winston Moss was the Asst Head Coach to McCarthy and by proxy Philbin
  13. What Team You Do/Dont Want Your Team To Face In The Playoffs?

    Since the odds of the Colts making the playoffs haven’t been completely obliterated I will say that I don’t care who the Colts play in the playoffs because making it there is the accomplishment and I think some teams will be afraid to play the Colts. But knowing the Colts luck they end up against a really good defense in round one and get the treatment that Jacksonville just handed them.
  14. AFC Playoff Picture

    If we lose next week, we are mathematically eliminated from winning the division and Houston just needs Tenn to lose or to win a future game to clinch the division. Tenn and Houston split their series.
  15. Yesterday Frank Reich said that Joe Haeg was going to be activated from IR, though it hasn’t happened this tweet from Good suggests we’ll hear about it sooner rather then later. Good was in a battle for the starting RT job from training camp (against Austin Howard) to preseason (against Haeg and J’Marcus Webb). Inconsistency and injuries kept him sidelined. Then Good’s brother was murdered and he momentarily left the team to be with his family. Since his return he has been a healthy scratch. Haeg (when he returns) follows DT Tyquan Lewis as the second and final IR player to return from IR. He gives us depth on the OL in case of injury, and has played all 5 OL positions in his 3 years in the league. 8EDIT* shortly after creating this thread it’s made official
  16. Denzelle Good says goodbye, Colts activate Haeg

    Also love we continue to play practice squad roulette with Phillip Walker and Anthony Winbush
  17. Denzelle Good says goodbye, Colts activate Haeg

    With Good now gone, Clayton Geathers becomes the only player left from the 2015 draft class WR Phillip Dorset - traded to NE CB D’Joun Smith - out of league / signed with Alliance of American Football league team Orlando Apollos 9/2018 DTHenry Anderson - traded to Jets S Clayton Geathers - with Colts DT David Party - out of league HB Josh Robinson - out of league LB Amarlo Herrera - out of league T/G Denzelle Good - just cut
  18. Draft Talk 2018

    When Ballard came in he talked out how player contracts where something that players in the locker room paid attention to. If you are paying a guy and the team doesn’t think he deserves the money it’s not going to take long to lose the team. So his first move was resigning Jack Doyle and trading Dwayne Allen. Doyle was already well respected in the locker room as a nose to the grindstone type player and has been, when healthy, kept up that style. After the Colts lost out on Andrew Norwell, Ballard said that he’s not going to pay Tier 1 money to a Tier 2 or 3 player. Now Bell is a Tier 1 player. But whether Ballard or Reich or Irsay for that matter are willing to pay Bell what he wants is the real question. He is a great running/receiving back and fits the scheme we run. But I feel like Chris Simms made a good point. Bell with the Colts might see more snaps as a Motion/Slot WR then as a RB and he questioned whether you want to pay him so much with less touches. I personally think we should pay him, we have a lot of cap space and when it comes time to pay some of our other players (Nelson, Leonard, Smith) and draft picks who we haven’t selected. He’ll be nearly 30 and on the down slide and can be cut. I don’t think we sign him because I think other teams will offer him more then we will.
  19. Draft Talk 2018

    Here is the thread for discussing the draft Thursday. Try to keep most draft discussion here, we can have separate threads to discuss picks/trades. When the Colts traded down from 3 to 6, Ballard said they wanted to stay in the top 10 to guarantee getting a premium football player. Now there is word that they could trade down again because they allegedly have 8 premium non QB players on their board. Colts picks 1/6 G Quenton Nelson Notre Dame 2/36 LB Darius Leonard South Carolina ST 2/37 G Braden Smith Auburn 2/52 DE Kemoko Turay Rutgers 2/64 DE Tyquan Lewis Ohio ST 4/104 HB Nyheim Hines North Carolina ST 5/159 WR Daurice Fountain Northern Iowa 5/169 HB Jordan Wilkins Mississippi 6/185 WR Deon Cain Clemson 7/221 LB Matthew Adams Houston 7/235 LB Zaire Franklin Syracuse
  20. What do you think of Kyle Shanahan so far?

    He’s got Chris Simms initials tattoed on his ankle so things could be worse, right? He’s shown in the past that he can make his system work with the right guys but unfortunately outside of Kirk Cousins and year 2 Matt Ryan those guys have actually been Brian Hoyer; and on a smaller scale, Nick Mullins.
  21. Colts sign TE Clive Walford

    I haven’t seen the official move to place Doyle on IR but I’m assuming this is the corresponding move. Also with the initial injury report coming out both Eric Swoope and Ryan Hewitt returned to practice. Not certain about him as a blocker or receiving threat but he was available.
  22. This is no good, only had Doyle and Ebron for this game because of injuries and now he’s down
  23. AFC Playoff Picture

    I’ll finish filling the remaining schedules out tomorrow. Need to get some sleep
  24. Week 12 GDT

    Luck promised us his WR career was over after last week. Ugh!!!
  25. Week 12 Injury Report - Multiple TEs ruled out

    good to know Geathers, Hooker and Leonard are active. Surprised to see Ridgeway inactive. He seems to have been pushed out of the rotation since Lewis came back