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  1. What do the Chargers do from here?

    When the Colts moved to Indy it was not only a new city but a state that was basketball first. At one point in time before Manning arrived, the Hoosier Dome (later RCA Dome) would see crowds leaving at half time of some home games to get home before Indiana basketball started. Manning and Dungy changed the culture completely. Just took some time
  2. This is possily the beginning of the end for Pagano. Irsay doesn’t like losing home games but also isn’t keen on blowouts/shutouts.
  3. Pagano is losing the locker room

    He is in the 2nd year of a 4 year ext. When the Colts extended him, Grigson had a year remaining on his contract, so they extended both through 2019. I don’t recall either Pagano or Ballard answering any ?s about his future but others have speculated that an evaluation will happen at the end of the year.
  4. Going into the BYE the Colts are 3-7 (1-2 Div) and (2-4 Conf). They’ve played each division rival once and completed their NFC West games. They’ve played 3/4s of the AFC North having a week 16 matchup against Baltimore left to play. Colts remaining schedule Week 11 BYE WEEK Week 12 VS Tenn (6-3) Week 13 @ Jax (6-3) Week 14 @ Buff (5-4) Week 15 VS Den (3-6) Week 16 @ Balt (4-5) Week 17 Vs Hou (3-6) AFC South Tennessee 6-3 (2-1 Div) beat Jax Week 2 Jacksonville 6-3 (2-1 Div) Houston 3-6 (1-2 Div) Indianapolis 3-7 (1-2 Div) AFC (seeds are per NFL Mobile) Steelers 7-2 Patriots 7-2 Chiefs 6-3 Titans 6-3 WILDCARD Jaguars 6-3 Bills 5-4 Rest Dolphins 4-4 Ravens 4-5 Raiders 4-5 Jets 4-6 Texans 3-6 Bengals 3-6 Chargers 3-6 Broncos 3-6 Colts 3-7 Browns 0-9 Draft Order (SOS)(per NFLTradeRumors) http://nfltraderumors.co/2018-nfl-draft-order/ 1.) Browns 0-9 2.) 49ers 1-9 3.) Giants 1-8 4.) Colts 3-7 5.) Bengals 3-6 (.476) 6.) Broncos 3-6 (.519) 7.) Chargers 3-6 (.525) 8.) Browns / Texans 3-6 (.537) coin flip 9.) Buccs 3-6 (.537) coin flip 10.) Bears 3-6 (.605) 11.) Jets 4-6 4 teams currently 4-5 with the possibility of a 5th team if Miami loses Mon Night. Somehow I have this gut feeling that the Colts are going to win some dumb games and fall just far enough to finish outside of the Top 5 picks. (Den and Hou)
  5. 🤔 This is getting bizarre, Davis claims he is still having issues with his groin. Ballard says he was cleared weeks ago. Yesterday it was announced that he was going to have to have season ending surgery and yet he is released. When he didn’t play against Houston on Sunday Pagano said it was a coaches decision. I’m fact he was asked several times in different ways and he repeated that every time. He was not playing up to his best. Rashaan Melvin has been out playing him all year. Pierre Desir has, at times, looked better then Davis.
  6. The Colts waived him hoping that someone would claim him so they can eleviate the salary cap of some of his contract. But realistically any new team would have to cough up approx $4.52 million. Knowing that he is having season ending surgery means no one is going to claim him and he probably wouldn’t pass a physical anyways.
  7. Luck’s injury was never misdiagnosed. They (meaning Luck, the doctors and the Colts) decided against surgery after 2015 and rest the shoulder. After 2016 they realized that didn’t work and had the surgery. He was cleared to start throwing and was throwing for 2 weeks before he started experiencing soreness. In Davis’ case I don’t think you can call it a misdiagnosis so much as the team cleared him of his injury and wanted to trade him but didn’t get any credible offers. He probably expected to be gone and had checked out so playing injured wasn’t an option so he sought out a doctor who would substantiate his claim. what would have been interesting is if Davis was traded and failed the physical.
  8. Ballard said the other day that Davis was cleared by doctors weeks ago. He was only left out of practice on Thursdays for rest and practiced fully everyday otherwise. Then he was benched for the Houston game and when asked, Pagano repeatedly responded ‘Coaches Decision’ Davis claims the groin is still bothering him and went for a second opinion. I’m not sure whether the team was aware of this before it happened or not.
  9. Ouch!!!! 🤯 Ugh, it’s hard to accuse the team of tanking when the better roster is on IR. Its also been suggested that Vontae Davis might have season ending surgery on his groin. Although Ballard has said that Davis was cleared of his injury weeks ago. Add to that Tony Dungy’s claim that Jim Irsay told him Andrew Luck’s injury is all in his head. I don’t know which way is up and which way is down.
  10. 😮 that has got to suck. When healthy..... very good player. Just got back to form from his ACL injury from 2015.
  11. http://m.colts.com/news/article-1/Roster-Moves-Colts-Claim-CB-DJ-White-Waive-Dillon-Day/efed47a4-62ea-4cfb-8e4e-c648d550b5c4 With Quincy Wilson still suffering from his knee injury and Vontae Davis in limbo (Coaches decision) the Colts added another CB to the roster. Cutting OL Dillon Day. The Colts also signed CB Denzel Rice to the PS For those keeping track at home that is 1) Rashaan Melvin 2) Vontae Davis (groin?) 3) Nate Hairston (slot CB only) 4) Quincy Wilson (knee) 5) Pierre Desir 6) Christopher Milton 7) Kenny Moore (special teams only) 8) DJ White PS 9) Denzel Rice White was a 6th round pick in 2016 for KC which was also Ballard’s last Draft. White outperformed KC’s 3rd round pick KeiVarae Russell prompting them to cut Russell in favor of White.
  12. Nintendo Switch Thread

    Mario 64 with costumes
  13. ChargerBuckeyes Midseason Mock

    The transition tag isn’t an option, it’s one or the other and the franchise tag has already been used. Plus, the 120% pay increase is in the CBA. No way of getting around it.
  14. During 2016 he was still having some issues and they decided on surgery immediately after the 2016 season
  15. It was diagnosed as a shoulder strain and he sat for a few weeks before he returned for a few games before suffering the kidney laceration. After the 2015 season they decided against surgery and just to rest his shoulder.
  16. The initial hit came in Week 3 of 2015 against the Titans.
  17. ChargerBuckeyes Midseason Mock

    I’m pretty sure the Redskins have franchised Cousins twice already and a third tag would be 120% increase over the $24 million he is making now. That could be close to $30 million. This article suggests it could be $34 million. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.sbnation.com/platform/amp/2017/2/28/14579254/kirk-cousins-franchise-tag-free-agency-long-term-contract As for the Colts, Barkley is certainly BPA can’t argue that
  18. Manning had 3 surgeries that offseason though including one in training camp. Add to that it was the neck and it’s not as crazy.
  19. Ballard is going to have a press conference to address it soon. But he had lingering soreness in the shoulder and they wanted a second opinion on it. Ballard said the other day that IR would be an option depending on what the doctor said. He is going on IR.
  20. Luck to IR? **EDIT** official

    It’s official, Ballard said yesterday or the day before that they were going to have another doctor look at Luck’s shoulder to determine why the soreness was still lingering. And depending on what that doctor said they would put him on IR. And that is the case. Ballard is going to have a press conference soon to address it.
  21. Luck to IR? **EDIT** official

    Yesterday the Colts had Matt Barkley, Josh Johnson, Matt McGloin and Connor Shaw in for a workout. Some people were speculating that Luck might go on IR. But I think this was updating their emergency contacts in case Brissett dies in the next few weeks and someone is needed to back up Tolzien. Also Kaep’s lawyer said the NFL will come to their senses in the next 10 days to sign him. Go Pats! I have the feels for 2011 and think Luck will stay on the active roster but never play a game in 2017. Now that the 49ers have Garoppolo it’s conceivable that we can snuggle up right behind Cleveland for the #2 spot because the Giants are going to win 3-4 games by accident and the 9ers have a chance to pick up some wins by 2 points rather then lose those.
  22. That ESPN article is misleading right off the bat. It tries to make it sound like there are 17 owners in lock step with Jones but it reality that 17 was just the number of owners involved in the conference call. The CBS article kind of clears that up.
  23. Notable Stats and Observations

    The only 2 players in NFL history named T.Y. both played for the Colts in 2015-16 Hilton and McGill Colts claimed McGill off waivers from Seattle in 2015 and he was cut this year after the initial 53 man roster cuts (claimed by Cle)
  24. Notable Stats and Observations

    Following this weeks games the Colts are #1 in negative point differential at -104 The rest of the Top 5 include 3 teams the Colts have faced this season. Did I mention the Colts only 2 wins are against winless teams? #2 49ers 0-8 (-86) Colts Won by 3 (OT) #3 Browns 0-8 (-83) Colts Won by 3 #4 Cardinals 3-4 (-72) Colts Lost by 3 (OT) # 5 Dolphins 4-3 (-60) not on schedule I understand there is still a game to be played this week but the Broncos are currently at -10 so they would have to lose by 50+ to crack the list. Chiefs are +46.
  25. Trade Deadline News

    No way TY gets traded, he and Luck are great together. Just need Luck back. Most of the rumors I heard about before this Hilton stuff started up was Vontae Davis and Frank Gore. Both would be rentals for another team wouldn’t get us much back. Some people think Davis would get a 4th or 5th round pick. I highly doubt that.