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  1. Marlon Mack suffers hand fracture

    That was his last play of the game. He high five’d some fans with his left hand and Quentin Nelson with his right hand. It was his right hand he hurt.
  2. here is the last play Mack was in on before going out. He injured his right hand which it appears he hits on #52s helmet. He also high 5’s Big Q afterwards.
  3. Marlon Mack suffers hand fracture

    similar to Parris Campbell, he could miss a couple weeks depending on the severity. Nyheim Hines, Jonathan Williams and Jordan Wilkins are the backs on the roster. Wilkins missed today’s game due to injury. Jonathan Williams started 2018 on the practice squad, was a healthy scratch for all 2018 games after being activated. And spent most of this season as a healthy scratch (Except for games where 7 or more players were already injured). Today he rushed for 113 yards
  4. depending on the severity (ie Parris Campbell’s fracture put him out for “a couple weeks”) he will miss more then just Thursday’s game. Johnathan Williams has spent the last year and a half between the practice squad and being a healthy scratch. He definitely rewarded Ballard and Reich for their faith.
  5. NFL Week 11 GDT

    He was on IR when the Colts played Denver. He was designated for return. Not sure if/when that happens
  6. College programs your team seems to favor

    Colts Polian - Big Ten Grigson - Stanford (Luck, Fleener, David Parry and Henry Anderson) Ballard - 3 drafts/3 Ohio St players drafted (Malik Hooker, Tyquan Lewis and Paris Campbell)
  7. AFC Wildcard Race Discussion

  8. I have so many complaints about this Colts team whether its coaching philosophy, execution, or reality of team depth. - In the post game press conference Frank Reich said the following things about the team. “everyone is held accountable”, “from top to bottom that is always the case” but in regards to Vinatieri he said, “there has been no discussions (about replacing him).” The league average on XP is 96-97% but Vinny’s average is 72%. He also said something to the point of these things (missed kicks) come in bunches. Uh hello that is not how 96% works. It is when your kicking at 72% but not when your kicking at 96% - Colts are 0-7 in T.Y. Hilton’s career when he doesn’t play. We can’t have this. - Ebron complained about lack of usage, and with TY out, he got what he wanted (12 targets 5 catches ,one drop was the INT ripped from his hands in the end zone) Again if accountability was a standard he wouldn’t have gotten his wish. He doesn’t block and his hands still aren’t consistent. He needed to step up and he didn’t. - Brian Hoyer isn’t good. If Brissett can’t play next week we have to see what we have in Chad Kelly to decide on whether we should draft a QB. We should. - Adam Vinatieri has already checked out. After to the Broncos game, Vinny was on Pat McAfee’s podcast and they were talking about former Colts/now Bronco’s special teams coordinator and he let it slip something to the effect of getting to say goodbye I might have more thoughts but these are top of mind.
  9. Colts activate Chad Kelly from PS, Brissett out this week

    annnnd this tweet follows almost immediately afterwards.
  10. i was wondering when this was going to happen. In the event that Brissett can’t play Sunday they need to have Kelly available in the backup role. Cutting Deon Cain for Marcus Johnson just shows how much faith they’ve lost in Cain. Peko was just claimed off waivers from Buffalo a few days ago so no real loss.
  11. Parris Campbell fractured his hand, out a couple weeks

    The Seahawks just waived their 4th round pick WR Gary Jennings (West Virginia) after adding Josh Gordon. I wonder if we might not claim him for a look see
  12. Colts WR Parris Campbell has surgery today for fractured hand

    He’s so forgettable
  13. Peko is the younger cousin of former Bengals DT Domato Peko and former Colts OT Tupe Peko
  14. Hilton (calf), Funchess (collarbone), and Campbell (hand) are all out against the Dolphins this week. Funchess could return the next week against Jacksonville Zach Pascal, Deon Cain and Ashton Dulin are the healthy WRs on the roster atm.