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  1. Championship Week 1 Round with trades

    I 100% STAN this outcome, Epenesa would replace Sheard at LE and allow Houston and Turay to switch in and out when needed Trading up to the last pick in the first round allows the Colts the fifth year option for Love. Giving up a fourth Rder for that is a solid price. Brissett would still be the starter entering the season giving Love a chance to learn the scheme and playbook and watching Brissett put the plays into action
  2. Rank the current Head Coaches

    Where would you rank Frank Reich?
  3. Thank You AFC

    You didn’t specify but I’m going to assume you are talking about the playoff teams only, right?
  4. The Colts gave the Browns permission to interview Dodds and some speculated that he was tied to 49ers DC Robert Saleh if he got the job. Neither Sirianni or Eberflus were interviewed for any of the open HC jobs and Dodds declined his only interview. It has become pretty clear when the Jets hired Rex Hogan that Ballard won’t stand in the way of any of his guys having the opportunity to move up the ladder and this shows that Dodds is still committed to the process.
  5. The Titans are not a real #6 seed

    This will definitely be put to the test.....
  6. Divisional Round - HOU @ KC

    Either the AFC is as bad as everyone thought preseason or The AFC South is better then everyone imagine also WHY Andrew WHY??????
  7. Browns hire Kevin Stefanski as HC

    If this lowers the chances of Ed Dodds leaving Indy then Go Browns!!!
  8. LMAO !!! I’m done now, having gotten a very good coach in the aftermath of that process makes me feel better, I feel like this closes the door on my disdain for this guy.
  9. Ryan Kelly named to Pro Bowl

    OMG!! If Brissett makes the Pro Bowl 😟
  10. Brushmyhairs divisional rd mock

    If the Colts liked Henderson enough they could easily get him or another good CB at #34, QB (obviously not this scenario), LT (if Castonzo retires), DT and WR are much bigger needs then CB, based on this scenario I would prefer either Kinlaw or Lamb
  11. Ryan Kelly named to Pro Bowl

    Kelly is a replacement for Steelers C Maurkice Pouncey who is out due to injuries
  12. Ryan Kelly named to Pro Bowl

    Glad for him. Definitely deserves this
  13. Colts will pick #13 in the 2020 draft

    I seen a tweet someone made about Bills previous draft picks made at #22, where they are now picking, and it prompted me to look at Colts picks at #13. They have never selected a player in the draft at #13. Now that doesn’t mean they haven’t owned a pick at 13 and traded it, they just never made a selection at 13. Looking at the past couple of years the #13 pick has been, almost exclusively made up of, offensive and defensive lineman 2019 - DT Christian Wilkins 2018 - DT Daron Payne 2017 - LB Hassan Reddick (exception) 2016 - OT Laremy Tunsil 2015 - OT Andrus Peat 2014 - DT Aaron Donald 2013 - DT Sheldon Richardson (hello Javon Kinlaw or Derek Brown)
  14. What are none of the Saints assistants HC candidates????

    You don’t need coaching when you have Taysom Hill doing everything