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  1. Colt’s free agents

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you. As far as the other lists I would tender Farley, Boehm and maybe Travis; and both Rhodes and Johnson. FYI Boehm is the only one on the RFA list who was drafted (4th rd) so we would receive compensation if someone offered him a contract and we didn’t match it. Everyone else we would receive nothing.
  2. Colt’s free agents

    https://www.colts.com/news/who-are-the-colts-2019-free-agents Unrestricted Free Agents (15) CB Pierre Desir S Clayton Geathers G Mark Glowinski LB Najee Goode DE Geneo Grissom WR Ryan Grant TE/FB Ryan Hewitt DT Margus Hunt WR Dontrelle Inman G Matt Slauson S Mike Mitchell K Adam Vintatieri T J’Marcus Webb S J.J. Wilcox DT Al Woods Restricted Free Agents (6) C Evan Boehm S Matias Farley CB Chris Milton S Corey Moore WR Chester Rogers TE Ross Travis Exclusive Right Free Agents (2) WR Marcus Johnson LS Luke Rhodes
  3. Sitting out a year, trending?

    Remember all the times the Colts were criticized for how they handled Andrew Luck’s shoulder injury? Member how Cam Newton had a shoulder injury and eventually had rotator cuff surgery and was already throwing by June and it was an indictment on the Colts? Of course we can’t say that this injury is a continuation of the previous injury until we hear otherwise. But this whole idea of sitting out your starting QB a full season to heal him to 100% might become the new in vogue thing.
  4. Fureys49ers Mock Draft (2 Rounds) 1/15

    Not so sure about Colts picking up Smith. We’ve had issues before with Ravens DLineman not making an impact. Art Jones and Brandon McKinney (not to mention the Pernell McPhee flop in Chicago) to name a few.
  5. Colts fire OL coach Dave DeGugliamo

    I haven’t honestly heard anything about him positive or negative. Based on his bio he was the TEs coach in Oakland before coming here and coached in Jacksonville and was an assistant OL coach in Buffalo 2010-11
  6. Of the 3 coach’s hired before Reich, all were the most improved position groups (OL, DL and Overall defense) I was surprised to see this but I guess it makes some sense based on what Garafolo mentions here. Plus I also read that Gugs is kinda tough to deal with as well
  7. Colts 2019 draft picks

    From what Ballard said in his end of season press conference. He isn’t concerned about the WR group because of what we saw with Eric Ebron getting 14 TDs. I still think we could see a WR in the first round but not trading/signing players like AB or Bell. Ballard also talked about high character team players. When the Colts originally hired Ballard he had said he wasn’t going to pay Tier 1 money for a Tier 2 or 3 player and that when you pay a guy it makes an impact on the players in the locker room, in the press conference the other day he mentioned the large cap space and said that down the line their going to have to have money to pay guys who are already on the roster.
  8. Future NFL Expansion?

    Though we’ve seen the least expansion, the NFL still has more franchises then all the other major sports. NFL - 32 NHL - 31 NBA - 30 MLB - 30
  9. Colts sign 9 to Reserves/Futures contracts

    Reserves/Futures contract is basically a multi year (2 or 3 years) league minimum contract for players that either a) had been on the practice squad or b) had not been under contract to an NFL team at the close of the 2018 season. think of when we signed Jerrell Freeman from the CFL we gave him a 3 year deal on a reserves/futures contract.
  10. Colts sign 9 to Reserves/Futures contracts

    Not sure, reserves/futures vs vested veteran thing is too confusing. I know that once you’ve been on a active roster for a certain amount of time you can’t be signed to the practice squad. But considering he practically spent 2 1/2 seasons on the practice squad makes me wonder how much more you can deal with trying to develope someone. Mo Alie-Cox has leaped over him in talent and has quite a lot of contract control left. I think that between Doyle, Ebron, Hewitt and Alie-Cox and then you have Ross Travis coming off IR there isn’t enough roster space for him
  11. You're the owner of all teams that lost in the playoffs....

    Trade all the talent/picks to one team and then sell the other 5
  12. Colts sign 9 to Reserves/Futures contracts

    Edited OP for 3 more reserved/futures signings
  13. Colts 2019 draft picks

    Eagles loss means the Colts pick 26th in each round
  14. Colts sign 9 to Reserves/Futures contracts

    Had to check, Eric Swoope was the only player from the practice squad not signed to a reserves/futures contract
  15. tomorrow Phillip Walker will be cut and Tuesday Anthony Winbush will be cut to sign Phillip Walker 🤣🤣🤣 i am interested to know why Winbush has been listed as a DE all season and now is listed as LB. 🤔