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  1. Madden 20

    He is a 93, and Richardson is also a 93
  2. Colts Madden 20 ratings

    QB Luck 92 Brissett 71 Walker 56 HB Mack 82 Hines 77 Ware 77 Wilkins 71 Williams 58 WR Hilton 91 Funchess 80 Rogers 74 Campbell 71 Pascal 68 Cain 67 Fountain 67 Johnson 67 Ishmael 64 TE Ebron 86 Doyle 86 Alie-Cox 70 Brown 66 Rhodes 37 LT Castonzo 84 Clark 56 Barton 54 LG Nelson 87 Boehm 64 Patterson 58 C Kelly 83 Andrews 57 RG Glowindki 74 Eldrenkamp 55 RT Smith 81 Haeg 63 Webb 60 Garcia 59 LE Sheard 82 Banogu 69 Phillips 66 Green 64 DT Autry 76 Hunt 75 Stewart 65 Ward 63 RE Houston 87 Turay 75 Lewis 72 Muhammed 66 LOLB Leonard 84 Thomas 64 Speed 61 MLB Okereke 66 Moore 62 ROLB Walker 69 Adams 67 Franklin 66 CB Desir 80 Moore 79 Wilson 74 Ya-Sin 70 Hairston 69 Collins 66 Milton 62 FS Hooker 82 Tell 66 Willis 66 SS Geathers 78 Farley 74 Kindred 73 Odum 68 Johnson 62 Milligan 58 K Vinatieri 78 P Sanchez 74
  3. Washington RB Derrius Guice hurts hammy

    Colts already own their 2nd rounder so this might be a price too high for them
  4. Washington RB Derrius Guice hurts hammy

    This beauty
  5. Team Needs

    If we’re talking free agency 2020 then a lot depends on who we re-sign. Our major free agents are Anthony Castonzo, Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle, Jabaal Sheard, Adam Vinatieri and Jacoby Brissett Assuming for the moment everyone above is re-signed except for Brissett and Sheard. 1. DE - Even if Kemoko Turay and Ben Banogu progress well the Colts are going to use the Eagles philosophy of rotating DL in frequently. “8 starters deep” 2. DT - (see no.1) At the moment Grover Stewart is the only DT who weighs over 300 lbs. In the past the Colts have had DT who were 250-270 lbs so it’s not out of the realm of possibilities that the Colts won’t add any 300+ lbs. 3. SS - Geathers and Farley are both free agents Khari Willis could win this job and knock it down the list. 4. WR - Whether the Funchess signing works out or not for 2019. I don’t think he re-signs for 2020. Hilton, Campbell and Cain are the only clear players set at this position for 2020. 5. CB - Desir and Moore (NB) are clear cut starters, Ya-Sin and Wilson will compete to start opposite Desir. Depth after that includes Jalen Collins and Nate Hairston. The depth is good but competition is needed for this group. 6. QB - At the moment besides Brissett the only QBs on the roster are former Mr Irrelevant Chad Kelly and 2X practice squader Philip Walker. Honorable Mentions - HB and OL depth.
  6. Madden 20

    Eric Rayweather on YouTube guessed all 4 99 overalls (Technically he revealed it after Donald was already announced but I’m pretty sure that was a given). His logic was that last year Kuechly and Von Miller were 99s and Mack and Wagner were 98 so he figured they would switch. He also said that at the last roster updates Wagner and Mack were 99s. He also guessed Hopkins because he had zero dropped passes last year.
  7. Madden 20

    The 4th player is someone with dreadlocks, and given the 3 unveiled are defensive. Not many offensive players who would qualify have dreadlocks other then Nuke and Kamara
  8. Madden 20

    I believe every player has 2 functional abilities but a player with the Superstar/X Factor dev trait can get a third ability that can be triggered to make them seemingly unstoppable. Though it seems like it will be tough to trigger some of the X Factor abilities. (Antonio Brown’s ability requires him to get 2-3 40+ yard receptions with no drops, Alvin Kamara’s ability is similar) Quick dev is gone Normal - Star - Superstar - Superstar/X Factor
  9. Madden 20

    I just want to be clear in case I wasn’t, my eye roll wasn’t directed at Donald for being a 99 ovr. It was that they’re going to spend an entire week to announce 4 players.
  10. Madden 20

    Friday July 5 Madden: Tues July 9 check back in with us for the four 99 overall rated players Me: cool Tues July 9 Madden: Aaron Donald has a 99 overall rating, continue checking in the rest of the week for the rest of the 99 overall rated players. Me: 🙄
  11. Inside the Draft Process with Chris Ballard

    His openness and transparency are a breath of fresh air. The Indy media can’t fall over themselves fast enough to point out every single time he says something that “you can look back 5–6 months down the road to what he said and realize he told us this is what is happening” and it does. Polian had the entire staff on lock down, only trusting a few “select” reporters to leak stuff to the public when he was good and ready to. Those reporters took Irsay to the woodshed when Polian was fired because they lost their advantage over everyone else. Grigson was a richard. As a whole the feeling was similar to Polian in that things didn’t leak out. Like clockwork, a deadline would pass and the news would come out 5 hours later. The Colts signed 5 players on the first day of free agency one year and the signings were broken by agents or the media but the Colts didn’t make anything official until the next day. I haven’t read the whole article yet, but I’ve seen snippets here and there on Twitter and what you’ve posted and it seems like he is breaking more boundaries of what kind of things you can expect from a GM of a pro sports organization. Unbelievable.
  12. Born and raised in Wisconsin (Packer country), never really got into football early on because my dad and my maternal grandfather were both huge baseball fans. While I was in middle school the Packers won 10 games for the first time in what seemed like forever. Don Majkowski and Sterling Sharpe were whipping people up in a frenzy of hope for a future. I didn’t care. My sophomore year of high school was the year the Packers finished 4-12, and the Colts went 1-15. Due to the Jeff George trade the Colts managed to have the first 2 picks in the draft. I wouldn’t say that I became a die hard Colts fan at that point in time, I just became a follower which grew with the Jim Harbaugh era and then became fanatical with the Manning era and thus culminating in joining FF in December of 2004
  13. Colts extend Kenny Moore through 2023; Makes him highest paid slot CB

    That rule is based on draft picks that sign 4 year contracts
  14. International players?

    3 Colts on that list (Margus Hunt, Ben Banogu and Dadi Nicholas-incorrectly listed as a free agent) and 1, Obum Gwacham who was with us for a hot second. I think the biggest difference between the NBA and NFL is that unless an overseas player comes to play college football in the states the level of competition just isn’t relatable enough to judge. At least in basketball there was high level competition outside the states already but now even more players come here to play basketball to show off their skills to a broader audience.
  15. Say Hello to your Co-Mod! It's none other than...

    Congrats!!! Now time to reminisce about the time where we had the greatest NFL Gen mod crew @GRRLacher @vike daddy @stallyns for some reason that last one isn’t tagging, hmmm?!? This might be a close second.