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  1. Colts waive QB Chad Kelly

    Kelly’s 2 game suspension has lapsed and thus the idea was to either cut him and sign him to the practice squad or keep him on the 53 man roster and cut another player. The problem is with injuries they can’t afford to cut players from another position. So they are going to have to risk someone else sign him. Colts also waived RB Bruce Anderson from the practice squad and signed RB David Williams to the practice squad.
  2. Who writes for NFL.com? The three stooges?

    Listen to the Around the NFL podcast and then read the article in the voice of the 4 co-hosts and you’ll get it.
  3. hopefully he overcomes this, good news there is no traveling this week so he doesn’t need to worry about that
  4. CB Pierre Desir (bone bruise) to miss some time

    An update from Ian Rapoport much better,
  5. Vinatieri is mulling retirement after today’s game

    It’s very strange, he kicked 58 and 61 yard kicks prior to the game yesterday and then missed some XPs. The Colts must’ve talked him out of retirement because Reich held a press conference, I haven’t listened to it yet but it appears he wasn’t present.
  6. Not good, Julio Jones coming this week. Oakland and Kansas City after that.
  7. Adam Vinatieri to retire?

    I’ve seen someone on Twitter suggest that the Colts send a 6th/7th pick to Miami for their kicker since they are looking for picks
  8. Vinatieri is mulling retirement after today’s game

    I see this as something where Vinny is, in a way, saving Ballard from having to cut the future HOF
  9. Week 1 - 2 missed FGs, 1 missed XP Week 2 - 2 missed XP After the game Stephen Holder tweeted this Now this https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/09/15/colts-hope-to-talk-adam-vinatieri-out-of-retirement/ Could be a very emotional day for a guy who spent 13 seasons and 2 games into his 14 season in Indy.

    See you next year
  11. Congrats Mack!! 25 carries 174 yards 1 TD Also what I didn’t know until yesterday was that on the 63 yard run someone had grabbed at Mack’s feet and pulled his cleat half off and he finished the run that way Like a Boss.
  12. 2-year extension($30M) for Colts QB Jacoby Brissett

    This, it’s $2M in per game bonuses. Every time he is active (1 of the 45 active each game)
  13. Miami Tanking and Draft Lottery

    Do we have any proof of a team tanking with a successful outcome? People accused the 2011 Colts of tanking, and while they did get Luck, it took them 3 years to get to the AFC Championship game but they never reached the Super Bowl and started faltering when Luck started having injury concerns. Also we’ve seen teams who have picked in the Top 5-10 year after year not have success. Or even get better (at least right away)
  14. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    and here is that corresponding move
  15. It: Chapter Two

    As with most people, I liked Chapter One better. If you’ve seen the ending to the ‘90s made for tv series be advised.... it’s slightly better?