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  1. Doyle out with ankle/knee and a bunch of players questionable. Togiai and Green will back up Ali-Cox for the game. Green has been in the system all off season while Togiai was a waiver claim after the 53 man cut down Green is a temporary addition and reverts back to the practice squad after the game. He won’t be able to be brought up again in this fashion for a couple weeks and only once more.
  2. We now have.... 3 RBs - Taylor, Hines and Wilkins 7 WRs - Hilton, Pascal, Campbell, Pittman, Dulin, Pattmon and Fountain We do have 2 RBs on the Practice Squad Darius Anderson and Darius Jackson
  3. Probably not a response to Blankenship’s miss more then having a backup K, just in case
  4. Of Rivers 36 completions, 17 went to RBs on 17 targets. Campbell and Hilton had 9 targets each. Campbell 6-9 and Hilton 4-9. They combined for 8 of Rivers 10 incompletions. Doyle and Pascal were the other 2
  5. You don’t have any first round picks to throw in to make that trade viable.
  6. Confirmed Now that sucks for him especially going into a contract year with the Taylor draft pick
  7. I don’t think EA knows or cares what the majority of their fanbase wants. And MUT isn’t their biggest feature it’s just their best money generator.
  8. I’m pretty sure the only chance to rename the team would be when moving the team to another city.
  9. This loss was baked into the cake, we're still winning the division
  10. This is why I didn’t like the Rivers signing. Despite that I had hope that with a great OL that he could make some things happen. I didn’t get to watch the game but I’ve been following it on Twitter and seeing some videos of plays and 2 of his INTs appeared to be forced throws and not because of defensive pressure. 2019: Brissett doesn’t take enough chances with the ball 2020: Rivers will do what Brissett wouldn’t do. I also want to add that this game isn’t the death knell that it appears but we now have to win at least 1 game against a team we have no right beating
  11. Marlon Mack ruled out Hope you didn’t have him in fantasy or maybe you had Taylor or Hines
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