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  1. Mike Glennon benched for Mitch Trubisky Mitch Trubisky benched for Nick Foles Nick Foles replaced by Gardner Minshew Gardner Minshew replaced by Jake Luton Jake Luton benched for Mike Glennon 🎵Circle of Life 🎶 Someone posted a meme about this. They incorrectly stated each QB had been benched for the next QB, when Foles and Minshew were both injured when they lost their starting spots in Jax, not benched.
  2. 2nd week in a row a Colt’s player wins this @Warhorse see I got it right this time (POTW)
  3. I disagree with the first line in this comment. The location of the new stadium had everything to do with why they held the SB there. Every northern city that got a new stadium got a dome (except for New York/New Jersey) and a SB . Green Bay, Chicago and Philadelphia have done renovations in the passed 10 years but haven’t even gotten consideration for hosting.
  4. At first the Rock call seemed ridiculous but on replay it was a legit call. He had his arm wrapped around the receivers arm as they both started looking for the ball.
  5. If the Steelers build a new stadium and put a dome on it they’ll have a SB there within 3 seasons of it opening. Otherwise, not happening. Indianapolis Colts - new stadium/Dome = SB Detroit Lions - new stadium/Dome = SB Meadowlands - new stadium/no dome but it’s New York/New Jersey = SB Minnesota Vikings - new stadium/Dome = SB Rams - moved to Los Angeles/new stadium = SB
  6. Didn’t expect both the Titans and Colts to win this week but now we need to really pull out all stops to beat the Titans. Hopefully Rivers toe injury isn’t serious.
  7. You could realistically call holding on every play it’s just a matter of who complains to the refs the most sometimes as to how often it gets called. If the Packer’s D was complaining a lot there is a chance the refs were keeping a close eye on it.
  8. As far as 3rd rounders I’m aware of Ravens Lb Malik Harrison as having had a really good season. I’d be surprised if anybody other then Chase Young wins DROY
  9. Suddenly it’s Packers 28 - Colts 31 Colts are 3-0 when scoring 30+
  10. I didn’t realize he’s approaching 100 yards already at 98
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