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  1. PFF top 5 players per position.

    Only 3; Desir, Farley and Leonard. Unless you’re counting Jon Bostic who is with Pitt?
  2. Darius Leonard wins DPOW Week 2

    18 tackles, 15 solo, 1 sack, 1 pass deflected, 1 forced fumble Leonard made plays, especially in the 4th quarter. Yes, his sack was unblocked. Yes some of his tackles were after 3-5 yard gains. But they were also open field tackles. And he kept everyone in front of him.
  3. PIT WR Antonio Brown skips Monday practice

    Most players get Tuesday off, Monday is usually spent on film breakdown and injury rehab
  4. The new season

    Just remember, there is no talent on the Colt’s roster beyond Andrew Luck. That is all
  5. Will we ever see another 2007 Patriots team (16-0) again?

    This doesn’t work either, see 2009 Colts who also lost the SB
  6. Colts release TE Erik Swoope, elevate DT Jihad Ward from PS

    I don’t think so, haven’t really paid enough attention. I think that is why we signed Ryan Hewitt. He’s more a blocking TE/H-Back. Swoope was signed to the practice squad. Reich also announced that Denico Autry is out so Ward is depth for this game at least.
  7. this shocked me. I didn’t think Swoope was that close to being on the bubble. I know Denico Autry and Grover Stewart are both on the injury report but I wonder if some other team made Ward a contract offer and the Colts elevated him to keep him and just matched it.
  8. Dejà Vu: OAK signs Martavius Bryant to 1-year deal

    Like @TheKillerNacho said, now that they played Week 1 his contract isn’t guaranteed. I’d also like to know if the Raiders can do what the Packers did with Koren Robinson in 2006 when he got suspended after playing 4 games and his contract was put on hold. So realistically it was a 2 year deal with the 1 year suspension right in the middle of it.
  9. So it’ll be Haeg at RT until Good comes back from his injury. I wonder if Webb and Tyquan Lewis are the top choices for return from IR? Barring some other major injury.
  10. The new season

    I’m extremely happy with him especially because he doesn’t give all these cheesy canned answers in post game press conferences. He’ll tell you what he screwed up in his game plan. (This is just after one game, mind you)
  11. NFL historical oddities, weird facts, stats and trivia

    The Colts extended their NFL record to 20 consecutive seasons of having an undrafted free agent make the 53 man roster, this year... LB Skai Moore and S George Odum
  12. SURVIVOR POOL 13!! (now closed to new entrants)

    You’ll pay for this, somehow someway
  13. Week 1 Bengals @ Colts

    Good game guys, congrats on the win.
  14. Should the NFL move on from Goodell?

    People still blame him for decisions made by the Competition Committee so of course they’ll blame him for owners decisions.