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  1. Gronk Retires

  2. Houston signed

    Damn!! Took an afternoon nap and wake up to this. Give me Christian Wilkins with the 26th pick and I’ll be ecstatic.
  3. Offseason Thread

    Taylor Lewan and Quenton Nelson hamming it up Cardi B even reposted this on her instagram tagging Big Q for his role as Cardi B click link to watch video
  4. That side of Quenton Nelson that doesn't come out during the season
  5. Salary cap officially set $188.2 million

    When Mike Mitchell came in mid season last year, Wilson said he noticed how easy it was for Mitchell to adapt to the defense. So he talked to him about it. Mitchell basically showed him how to watch film from a DB POV. In half of a season he made twice the progress of his first year and a half. Plus he was out of shape coming into camp his first year which is why he was barely seen.
  6. Salary cap officially set $188.2 million

    Colts run mostly zone scheme. With some man looks. Pierre Desir did a lot of man coverage going up against #1 WRs (especially against Nuke Hopkins and Amari Cooper) last year. Ballard didn’t draft a CB last year (drafted 2 in ‘17) so I think we take one (2nd or 3rd rd). A lot of the talk is the coaches are happy with Desir, Kenny Moore and Quincy Wilson. All 3 are under contract until at least 2020. Moore (24 at the start of season) and Wilson (23) are both young and all 3 made huge jumps last year.
  7. Paging the Jets and Colts

    Define very little. Colts have, since the season ended, re-signed Mark Glowinski, Adam Vinatieri, Margus Hunt, Pierre Desir, Ross Travis, Chrsi Milton tendered contracts to 3 RFAs and 2 ExRFA. That’s nearly $21 million against the cap. And that doesn’t include Funchess contract or draft picks.
  8. Ryan Grant, and with the signing of Funchess I cant imagine we resign him anyways.
  9. Paging the Jets and Colts

    The base salary cap is $188.2 million, 89% is $167.5 million (aka the cap floor) . The Colts rolled over $49 million from last year but that doesn’t count into the equation for spending. According to OTC, the Colts active spending is $141 million. That number doesn’t include Funchess’ contract or draft picks. I think they’ll be fine.
  10. Colts re-sign Pierre Desir to multiyear deal

    Very Nice!!😁
  11. he took less to return last year and I’m pretty sure he is getting paid Very Niiice!!
  12. Colt’s free agents

    so they got him signed slightly under the terms of the RFA number
  13. Paging the Jets and Colts

    Last year the Colts signed 2 players(from other teams) on the first day of free agency, Eric Ebron and Denico Autry. I’m pretty happy with how that turned out.