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  1. From an article from Colts.com by JJ Stankewitz some notable stats about Darius Leonard https://www.colts.com/news/darius-leonard-2022-pro-bowl-linebacker-forced-fumble-punch Leonard had eight forced fumbles, four interceptions and three fumble recoveries along with 122 tackles, four pass break-ups and three tackles for a loss in 2021. Those eight forced fumbles led the NFL. Leonard became the first player in NFL history to force at least eight fumbles and intercept at least four passes in a single season. Leonard is the only player in NFL history with 10 or more
  2. Dan Quinn informed teams today that he will be staying in Dallas. He and Eberflus were the known finalists for the Bears job.
  3. I saw Webster’s name and couldn’t place where I recognized that name and realized he was their GM 6 years ago. Vic got his info wrong though, he’s a scout for the Falcons not the Titans. I just hope we don’t lose both Dodds and Morocco Brown in the same off season. With the Bears GM position set now it’s likely Brown is staying though.
  4. Letting Denico Autry go in free agency and seeing the pass rush stagnate has consequences for one person’s job. Although as mentioned it Flus leaves it might’ve meant some changes anyways
  5. Ballard is going to want to stick with some form of 4-3 defense (no dome team ever won a Super Bowl with a 3-4). Under Dungy we ran a Cover 2 (Tampa 2) where the outside corners pressed (before releasing long routes) but the rest of the defense played zone coverage. Flus ran a version of Cover 2 which was mostly zone coverage. I’m not sure if that is doable, but if not, we need to upgrade our safety depth to make sure we can cover better.
  6. The Dalton Line (anyone above Dalton is a franchise QB, anyone below him is a potential franchise QB/project/bust) was created later in Dalton’s career with the Bengals. He showed promise for awhile. Earned draft status What could’ve been with Teddy. Bust Carr should’ve been a first rounder but slipped down for reasons I can only think had to do his brother’s failure and teams hesitation to commit to him. Earned draft status Jimmy G is an interesting one in that the Patriots rarely got to feel the benefit of having him until he got traded. Earned draft status IMO anyone
  7. I think he’ll be a pretty good GM. He is dedicated to the scouting part of his job, similar to Ballard.
  8. My best argument against that is, if I have a regional scout who specializes in CBs and knows I run a zone coverage scheme. I would like to think that the abilities that best fit zone coverage would be the ones that I get. I know the 40% scouted players mainly represent “national scouting service” type reports and aren’t generated towards a particular scheme and I accept that. But the 70% players are the players who were scouted by my person. Those should be more thorough reports.
  9. He was an intern with the Raiders from 2003-06, then went to Seattle (2007-16) where he rose up the ranks from college scout, to national scout, to Senior Personnel Executive. He joined the Colts in 2017 as Vice President of Player Personnel and elevated to Asst GM in 2018. I’ve heard some people suggest that he doesn’t necessarily want to be a GM but I’ve also heard people say that he would only do it if it is the right job. You should go check out the Colts YouTube page and watch all the “With the next pick” series from over the years. He is somewhat featured in that series.
  10. And before you would get the top 3 grades for a player (say a CB) which were more then likely Man Cov, Zone Cov and Press Cov. Now your not guaranteed to even get a grade for more then one of those. You could get 5-6 grades for that player but your likely to get grades for attributes that aren’t relevant to the CB position.
  11. I almost feel like most of these guys can just walk. I want Odum, Turay, Alie-Cox and either Glowinski or Reed and maybe Matt Pryor as a potential place holder at LT in case we draft a developmental pick. Also Franklin, Dulin and Stallworth are worth bringing back. The ERFA guys would be cheap for depth
  12. Per Over The Cap Unrestricted Free Agents (24) WR TY Hilton RG Mark Glowinski CB Xavier Rhodes HB Marlon Mack WR Zach Pascal TE Mo Alie-Cox LT Eric Fisher DE Kemoko Turay DT Tyquan Lewis LT Sam Tevi DE Al-Quaddim Muhammed DE Isaac Rochell S George Odum CB TJ Carrie OT Julién Davenport G Chris Reed S Andrew Sendejo S Jahleel Addae K Michael Badgley DL Antwuan Woods S Ibrahim Campbell OT Matt Pryor LB Matthew Adams LB Zaire Franklin
  13. So if we hire David Culley, we’ll get third round picks in 2021 and 2022. Then we fire him after one year and hire another POC as head coach and get third round picks in 2022 and 2023? I wonder how long this new policy is going to last?
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