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  1. Draft Talk 2018

    Braden has really improved over the course of the season. He didn’t look all that great in the preseason playing at RG and with the injuries and terrible play of most of our right tackles the staff quickly made the move to see how he would play at RT. He didn’t get in right away and eventually became the last best hope. Watching Matt Slauson’s physicality at RG helped both he and Mark Glowinski to get a feel for how to play and they’ve both done a great job keeping that up after Slauson went out. Mo Alie-Cox has earned his spot on the roster surprisingly by being a good blocker first. Something I wouldn’t have expected from the former basketball guys (Swoope and Alie-Cox) So he can get on the field with Ebron or Doyle and then stay on and run routes.
  2. Is Cap Space Significant Anymore?

    Proof is in the pudding, so to speak. 10 years ago you would go into the off-season with 12 or more teams over the cap and at least 5 teams $10+ million over the cap. So they had to cut vets or restructure deals. I personally think the rookie wage scale helped to rectify this issue. Before that the expansion drafts helped teams clear contracts (Jaguars Ravens and Jets) Right now there are 2 teams that are over the projected cap (Jags and Eagles) for 2019 and neither have to make more then a few moves to clear that right up. Heck the Eagles need just to trade or cut Nick Foles to clear $18 mill in cap space.
  3. Hi! Introduce yourself to the Colts forum

    Welcome @buccolts glad to have you and can’t wait to talk Colts (and some Packers 😉)
  4. Best big board

    Like their site. Listen to their podcasts. Biggest d-bags in the industry. Especially the whiskey guzzler.
  5. Worst Starting QB in the History of Your Franchise

    I’m not old enough to remember before Peyton Manning so... Curtis Painter
  6. Missed call

    Hard to tell from that video, luckily it didn’t effect the outcome. Not sure if you seen this tweet from Geoff Schwartz with this Big Q block, it’s awesome
  7. Wow Turbin became expandable real quick
  8. Kelly moves into elite level recognition

    I love him (no homo). Just been a rough week for me between being sick myself and having a death in the family (Aunt, F-Cancer). I think I read the article from his alma mater and I heard the press conference where Gugs talked about Kelly and I kinda took it as a positional coach talking up his guy not realizing that he coached both Mangold and one of the Pouncey bros. Just stunning to think that this offensive line is getting so much press between Nelson, Smith and Kelly. Almost like the days of Glenn, Lilja, Saturday, Scott and Diem
  9. Former starting OG Vince Manuwai has passed away at age 38

    RIP Vince I’m pretty sure he is one of the people reasonable for those 200+ rushing yard games the Jags threw down on the Colts
  10. Offensive line effects

    C Ryan Kelly was also named to the NFL Midseason All-Pro team
  11. Chris Ballard

    People still seem amazed that Ballard doesn’t BS. He hasn’t been forthright about everything but he hints to what he is doing and you can go back every time and listen to what he said 3-4 months ago and realize what he was hinting about. He was adamant that trading down from 3 to 6 meant he could still get a blue chip player. While everyone was convinced it would be Bradley Chubb or Roquan Smith it was always Quentin Nelson. He said so many times that he isn’t going to pay Tier 1 money to Tier 2 or Tier 3 players and the biggest sign of that was not signing Andrew Norwell in FA. (No longer including Rashaan Melvin as it has been confirmed he was never to resign with us as long as Oakland had an offer on he table. On another note, Pagano was always talking about run the ball/stop the run but it never materialized. It took Reich 6 games and actually running the ball in the second half to get it done. Our biggest test would be Jacksonville because regardless of who they have at RB they always seem to run the ball well against us. If Fournette can’t play we’ll have to see if Yeldon or Hyde can be held up.
  12. ProFootballFocus Top/Bottom at every position, as of Week 8

    Austin Blythe, a Grigson draft pick. Suffice it to say everything he learned was after he left Indy. Colts - (Eric Ebron is the only player I think should be one the list that isn’t) Mark Glowinski - #4 G (2 starts and making the Top G list? Makes me wonder the snap qualifier for the list) Ryan Kelly #5 C (he left the Raider game with a hand injury and came back before the end of the quarter but is definitely playing healthier and better then he has the last year and a half Darius Leonard at #5 LB (Maniac!!! He had a really good grade for the Raider game but was relatively quiet until his tomahawk chomp FF) Having no Colts on the bottom of any list is a very promising sight.
  13. The New all time Leader

    Only 3 players in the NFL are still older then me and they’re all kickers Vinatieri, Matt Bryant (Falcons) and Phil Dawson (Cardinals) Congrats Adam!!
  14. 7 to 9 wins becoming more plausible

    I sure do, must have accidentally got mixed up with 10-11 and copied it to 13-14 And I agree, our pass rush isn’t very consistent and will be a hinderence to us sooner rather then later.