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  1. Once I saw the Colts sign 3 players to their practice squad and none were Jacob Eason I knew he was claimed but I was just waiting to see who it was
  2. I’ve heard the Colts staff favors Ehlinger over Eason because he is the QB style they prefer. This is more about protecting Ehlinger then him being better then Eason Had Ehlinger not gotten hurt I think this move might have happened earlier. Eason could still be added to the practice squad tomorrow if he clears waivers
  3. I think as soon as Eason clears waivers, which I think he will, he’ll be added to the practice squad. Losing Campbell isn’t as bad because we have Hilton back. Activating Badgley works because Hot Rod is going to miss two more games at least and Badgley can only be elevated 2 times, once already used up. Not sure Ehlinger is anymore prepared then Eason but I think they look at Ehlinger as a more raw version of Wentz.
  4. I haven’t seen it either. Colts won’t have a first rounder this year so no matter how high the pick is it won’t be the Colts. At this point, Wentz has already played approx. 35% of the season snaps so unless he manages to miss 7 games he’ll hit the 75%
  5. This isn’t a Survivor thread, yet they haven’t had to go to tribal council so it’s holding up so far (I’m aware your talking about Frankie Luvu and not the Luvu tribe)
  6. At this point, if the Colts retain their 1st rounder I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go OL in the first even if not a LT. Fisher isn’t playing well and many Colts fans are hoping when Nelson returns from IR they just move Nelson to left tackle and keep playing Chris Reed at LG. Colts fans would lose their minds again though if they take another G at #6 overall though because he won’t be anywhere near Nelson’s talent. A X CB like Elam could be taken here for positional value.
  7. “Ertz is not eligible to play Sunday because he played Thursday Night” Cards on the road in Cleveland
  8. But if there is a “snaps limit” and he hasn’t been on a roster in 4 weeks I don’t understand why he qualifies for this list. Not arguing whether he deserved to be on it but why he qualifies.
  9. I’m confused about this list, Michael Badgley is a bottom 5 kicker yet the Colts signed him to the practice squad yesterday and from what I’ve seen he hasn’t been on an active roster since week 1.
  10. Supposedly the AI logic is keeping track of what players teams are focusing on (you get 3). It’s likely in this case plenty of teams were probably suggested by their GM to check this guy out and and the logic said this guy is on the top of the board of multiple teams. Must be a top 5 player or in this case #1 based on team needs.
  11. I would suggest, if you’re interested, doing two concurring. One with the new scouting and continue with the one with the old scouting. That way if you don’t like the new scouting enough to start over you don’t ruin your old one. Also allows you to go back to the old one from time to time even if you like the new scouting.
  12. But we need a home team so we know whose score goes on top and whose goes on the bottom. Kidding of course but let be honest this is the kind of important
  13. Eric Fisher vs Justin Houston is going to be a problem for the Colts If Braden Smith doesn’t play then whomever goes up against Julien Davenport will be a problem. SS Khari Willis and CB Rock Ya-Sin missed the last game but both practiced on a limited basis so they would be upgrades over Andrew Sendejo and Isaiah Rodgers if they play. Bobby Okereke isn’t playing up to what was expected of him taking over for Anthony Walker, and Darius Leonard has been playing on a bum ankle all year, hence the DNP. Our depth behind them is crap as well. And I don’t know who is going to cover M
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