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  1. Andrew Luck to retire (per Schefter)

    I doubt that he’ll ever play again. The set backs he endured from his shoulder injury really deflated his patience for that and made him very hesitant to put himself in a position to have to go through that again. I still don’t know what the situation was with the calf injury (if that was what it was) but it is my understanding is that leg injuries (especially calf and hamstring) don’t fully heal in season that he knew he was going to be dealing with it again and again.
  2. Madden 20

    EA: But, but we gave you Face of the Franchise. Didn’t you want us to expand career mode? You can’t expect us to expand both, at the same time?!?! We’ll get an all new never done before feature like vision con passing.
  3. Notable Stats

    Also 13 - Hilton and... 86 - Michael Pittman Jr. (future top WR)
  4. Madden 20

    It’s been 4 hours since my last post and #FixMaddenFranchise is still trending #6 in the US on Twitter. I saw someone comment that Clint Oldenburg has blocked quite a few people on twitter today.
  5. Should Bill Belichick be banned from football?

    8 years later and not one player has come out and suggested either the players or management made any moves to hamper the teams chances of winning. Castonzo is the only player left from that team still on the Colts roster. He obviously isn’t going to come forward with that. 5 players are still in the league : Mario Addison and Jerry Hughes (both with Bills) and 3 unsigned FAs Adam Vinatieri, Pierre Garçon and Antoine Bethea. None of them would likely come forward. Otherwise everyone else from that roster is out of football. Pat McAfee has a great platform to speak out on the matter and has no problems telling everyone what his thoughts are on various subjects and he hasn’t made this claim. vs Circuit Judge Denny Chin even stating that “the evidence of ball tampering is compelling, if not overwhelming” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deflategate?wprov=sfti1 on to Rose, Bud Selig gave Rose an opportunity to come clean about his betting and gain reinstatement into the MLB. He refused and then wrote a tell all book. He earned his banishment. and BB I don’t think BB should even be considered for banning because even though he’s been with the Patriots throughout these incidents he has plausible deniability in regards to connection to most of the incidents.
  6. Madden 20

    Youtubers/Madden content creators That Franchise Guy and RBT are both being very vocal telling people to not buy Madden 21 if you are a franchise mode person. The death knell was referring to it as classic franchise and not connected franchise as if lamenting that no significant improvements are expected. If it wasn’t for the fact that I pre ordered Madden 21 for the cost of Speedy Rewards points I wouldn’t buy the new game. I’m not going to buy the PS5 until probably next year so I’m not going to do the upgrade for Madden 21
  7. My false story actually happened as well, except I said I was doing 40 MPH (25MPH zone) instead of the actual 50 MPH to make it more believable that I was let off. Also of note, at that time the BA% for drunk driving was still 0.1% though legislation had been passed to lower it to 0.08%
  8. The one shown for mine was the true story. From the looks of it all the stories in @Shady Slim’s post are the true stories the bolded ones are the ones you guessed correctly? Shady would have to clarify that one for sure though.
  9. The reasoning for him being named is his availability to the media and his post draft film rooms where he describes and shows what he saw in film to help in the decision to target certain draft picks.
  10. A1 - She was a 911 dispatcher A2 - Club Anything / approx. 5th and National in Milwaukee B1 - I had a few beers at the concert B2 - I had 1 prior (speeding ticket) and the BA% was still 0.1 and he didn’t think I would be over that.
  11. Stank A** Bit****? If so then fightin words, bra
  12. Category: Branded Content Program (Colt’s Life : Kenny Moore II) Category: Sports Documentary (Colt’s Forever: Hunter Smith) They were nominated for 5, but these were the 2 winners
  13. Colts draft pick signings/All draft picks signed

    last one now done.
  14. Colts draft pick signings/All draft picks signed

    Pittman’s deal is done and now only Julian Blackmon’s deal is left.