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  1. Tell me you’re a Colts fan without telling me you’re a Colts fan. I don’t really have anything to add to the conversation because mostly everyone who responded has made a point I would have made.
  2. I’m so triggered by this, Grigson and Pagano failed so miserably with this guy. Hopefully the Dolphins know how to fix him
  3. I’m not sure the Colts are going to trade for Brown. It’s likely he requires a new deal and the Colts have Nelson, Leonard and Smith contracts on the horizon. Getting a rookie LT allows the Colts to extend all three of those and keep the OL together
  4. Some of “these people” wanted Chad Kelly to be the starter last year and some have been pining for Eason to be the starter this year. Every opinion to be had can be found on Twitter. I believe based on what Ballard has already said that the Colts will likely sign someone to compete with Eason for the backup job. I’ve even heard Nate Sudfeld mentioned because he was also in Philly with Reich/Wentz. There was no preseason last year so there was no chance to see what Eason could do in game situations. Ballard made some complimentary comments in regards to Eason but wasn’t even willing to ca
  5. If the Colts are trading up it will be for a LT, not a WR. Especially in this case where Sewell is the only OT off the board.
  6. Colts draft would normally work but I think this was set up prior to the Wentz trade because our third belongs to Philly and it throws off our entire class
  7. In 2017, when the Colts drafted Quincy Wilson it was mentioned that Wilson was a month old when Vinatieri made his NFL debut. The next 2 seasons the Colts had drafted at least one player born after that date.
  8. Colts with Jacoby Brissett beat Chiefs with injured Patrick Mahomes so never say never
  9. Colt’s social media team can’t announce the trade yet but certainly acknowledging the trade
  10. Colts plan has been that they’re re only guaranteeing the first 2 years on Wentz’s contract and will cut him loose if he isn’t the answer. In the meantime Jacob Eason could be developed to take over once that happens. That being Eason’s last year of his rookie deal
  11. If Wentz can be turned around in Indy, this is a steal. If Wentz fails, I’m ok with the lost compensation. Still have our 1st and 2nd for LT and DE
  12. My favorite option would be Jaycee Horn but with adding William Jackson and having Marvell Tell returning from the Covid opt out we have people to push Rock Ya-Sin to prove he can get over the grabbies. Collins would replace Anthony Walker but his snaps are going to be limited behind Leonard and Okereke which is why Walker won’t be back. We are probably going to make Leonard one of the highest paid LBers which means we probably can’t also pay Okereke when his contract comes up (after 2022)
  13. I didn’t see Marlon Mack or Justin Houston’s signings, are they both returning or are they, as you say, not have any effect on the first two rounds? Unless Christian Barmore is expected to play DE, he won’t be the Colts first round draft pick. Buckner and Stewart just signed long term deals last season to play IDL and your suggesting Barnett is added to play one End spot. Autry’s role of playing inside on passing downs and outside on running downs should belong to Tyquan Lewis but it’s possible that Ballard brings in competition.
  14. [Insert statement about personal bias] fan of both Colts and Packers Looking at the QBs that each team has had in the time period, definitely blessed with great QB play from the two teams. (For Tampa Bay I only listed the QB who started the most games each year) QBs since 2000 GB - Favre and Rodgers Indy - Manning (until 2010) Kerry Collins/Dan Orlovsky/Curtis Painter (2011), Luck (2012-2016/2018) Brissett (2017/2019) and Rivers (2020) TB - Shaun King (2000) Brad Johnson (2001-2004), Chris Simms (2005), Bruce Gradkowski (2006), Jeff Garcia (2007-2008), Josh Fre
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