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  1. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    FYI Grigson took Bjoern Werner right before the Vikings took Rhodes.
  2. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    also looks like it’s a 1 year $5 M deal and Rhodes decided on DB coach Jonathan Gannon and the Colts over a return to Minnesota
  3. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    My best guess is that Kenny Moore and Rock Ya-Sin will be the starters and when Rhodes comes in Moore moves to the slot.
  4. Colts sign CB X. Rhodes

    I don’t get this signing. We cut Desir to sign him? Most likely he is cheaper then the contract Desir was under but still I don’t see what he brings to the table that Desir doesn’t
  5. I assume this is for less then we were paying Desir otherwise I don’t understand the trade off. Does he start over Ya-Sin? Does he come in for Nickel packages when Kenny Moore moves inside? My only hint of why he is here is for that veteran leadership we lacked last year but, eh Desir could handle that.
  6. BayRaider 2020 Semi-Final Version Mock Draft

    Colts - #34 Denzel Mims - Good Pick #44 Jonathan Taylor - CB or EDGE Straw man argument, Colts do need depth at RB. The only reason Mack has been used far more then the other RBs on the roster is because a lot of the packages set up for Nyheim Hines and Jordan Wilkins were scrapped because Brissett isn’t Luck. Hines is a version of Austin Ekeler for Rivers. Wilkins and Jonathan Williams both showed while Mack was out that they can carry the load which will lead to an interesting decision about an extension for Mack after 2020 (Williams hasn’t been resigned and Hines and Wilkins are both FA after 2021). Drafting Taylor could mean the end of Mack. I just don’t see us drafting a RB before round 4. All that said without getting into the mileage on Taylor’s legs. #75 - I’m not sold on Fromm but I know a lot of people are so maybe I’m biased after being sure Love was QBOTF.
  7. With the Next Pick Series II

    I can imagine there is going to be some better content because of the NFL’s decision to not allow teams to travel and recently close all teams facilities. There is going to be a lot of teams meeting players via FaceTime or Skype to get a better feel for their character.
  8. With the Next Pick Series II

    Colts social media have begun the second series of “With the Next Pick” their series leading up to and including behind the scenes video of the Colts Draft Day War Room the link to last years thread about it, you’ll probably be better off going to the Colts YouTube page to watch the series
  9. Buckner teammate who it appears has only 2 starts in his career (56 games in 4years) Colts confirmed while I was typing this out
  10. FFMD II '20 - Indianapolis Colts Front Office

    Wasn’t sure if we’d see this return. Thanks to everyone taking the initiative. My work is considering itself “essential” therefore I’m still going to be working during this crisis so I’m not going to have the availability to be GM so if any Colt’s forum posters believe they have the time it would be great to have a Colt’s GM be a Colts fan. Otherwise we might have a another teams forum member be our GM which we’ve had before
  11. Colts upcoming free agents

    Updated OP Devin Funchess agreed to sign with Packers
  12. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    I edited it, I had ACL on my mind collarbone was shattered
  13. Packers sign Devin Funchess

    EDIT - He broken collarbone week 1 and finished the season on IR
  14. Colts upcoming free agents

    I updated the OP to reflect where we are after today’s cuts.
  15. Colts cut QB Brian Hoyer

    I’m reminding you about the trade offer someone tweeted out and I posted in another thread. Colts trade WR TY Hilton to the Texans for QB DeShaun Watson and WR TY Hilton Clears room to sign Hoyer