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  1. Madden 20

    Seen a YouTube video for how to play college football on Madden20 (PS4 only ATM) search for online ID: MUT_Leaks from what I seen some of the 2019 draft class players are included on the rosters (ie Greedy Williams and Devin White on LSU, Kyler Murray on Oklahoma)
  2. 2020 4 Round Mock Draft

    Colts own Redskins 2nd rder I don’t mind a WR in the first, as long as we are taking a DL early enough.
  3. Mock Draft 2020 1.0

    Honestly, outside of Taylor playing for Wisconsin and several people talking about Etienne. I don’t really care about RBs because the Colts have bigger priorities.
  4. Mock Draft 2020 1.0

    Colts take the 4th best RB in the draft in the first round. Yeah, that makes sense. I think it’s more realistic that we trade Luck to Tennessee to move up to #13 to take the best RB.
  5. Cowboys extend LB Jaylon Smith

    Geesh, between Mosley and Smith.... I’m afraid to see how much Darius Leonard is going to get in 2021 (before or after that season)
  6. That didn’t take long at all. (i.e. Foreman) We knew it was coming with Fountain, Kindred wasn’t going to make the team.
  7. Now confirmed, dislocated/fractured left ankle i feel so bad for him. He was starting to look good in camp, getting a real feel for the offense after struggling last year.
  8. Training Camp 2019

    Yeah, I seen the IG post before I seen Blackstar’s post and I was very excited. Here’s the twitter post with the link to the IG post
  9. Training Camp 2019

    Colts players report to training camp starting tomorrow and training camp starts officially Thursday. Reports have already come out that Andrew Luck will be a full go participant after missing most (if not all) of the OTAs with a calf strain. On Monday the Colts announced that WR Reece Fountain was placed on the Active/NFI list (non football injury) and DE Carroll Phillips was played on the Active/PUP list (Physically unable to Perform). Today the Colts announced that Phillips was removed from that list. As more players show up and start taking physicals we’ll see more of these players added.
  10. Enjoy the NFL but tired of your team?

    I’m tired of the Colts inept medical staff. The only group not to be completely overhauled by Ballard yet. Manning’s Neck, Luck’s labrum and Luck’s calf or is it Luck’s ankle (they don’t know)

    Favorite Team: <Colts> Week 1 pick: <Seahawks > I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "<Watch Your Edits>."
  12. Training Camp 2019

    He suffered the calf strain in OTAs. Chris Ballard addressed the media today because of the Irsay comment. The after effects of the numbing shot confirmed that the issue is in the calf but not just a muscle strain, they’re still trying to pinpoint where/what exactly it is. The pain in the calf comes from side to side movement (rolling) as opposed to stepping forward or back which is why some thought it might be the ankle. Irsay’s comment about the bone is something that was disproven with the numbing shot.
  13. Training Camp 2019

    Reich has repeatedly said that if this was the regular season that he’d be playing. Apparently, ‘a source’ said that Irsay’s comment was accurate but incomplete.
  14. Training Camp 2019

    The Andrew Luck injury extravaganza has taken another turn. May - Team admits he suffered a Calf strain July - team says he’s continuing to rest calf strain Friday - Andrew Luck refers to the injury as an ankle issue Monday - Irsay mentions that Luck has a bone issue Great!?!?! 🙄
  15. Madden 20

    Oh yeah, there are already a few people who’ve uploaded draft classes. On PS4 you just need to go to Community downloads, download whichever draft class you want and then when you reach Week 3 and you go to scout you’ll be given the choice to use: auto generated file, your local files or Madden share
  16. Never thought I’d live to see the day where a Badger QB goes #1 overall. If the 2012 draft was redone Russell Wilson would be at least a top 5 pick if not #2 overall. I’ve already found myself looking at 64-69 rated offensive lineman in a much better light then I ever did in Madden and I hate myself for it. Like you eluded to in an earlier post it was not out of the realm of possibilities to draft an entire starting OL in the later rounds last year. I’d let OL walk rather then pay them second contracts because they were easily replaceable. Now I’ve only found one OL higher then 74 OVR and none higher then 67 after R4
  17. Madden 20

    I drafted my first Superstar X Factor. I’m currently simming a Packer franchise until final cut downs when I’ll start my Colts Franchise. (I’m also playing games for a Buccs Franchise as well but only through Week 8) Just after my second season where the Packers were knocked out in the wildcard round and I was picking 23. The only decent prospect was a CB which I didn’t necessarily need but couldn’t pass on. 75 OVR, 21 years old, Hidden dev which became Superstar X Factor: Shutdown
  18. Potential NFL Lockout 2021

    Deadlines spur action. Unfortunately the current deadline of ‘before this season begins’ has no real cost or potential loss tied in to it. The next big deadline will likely be the first day of the new league year (March 10, 2020) but even in 2011 that didn’t stop free agency it just delayed teams signing draft picks.
  19. Not that I consider this player great by any historical measure. But the Colts haven’t had a 1,000 yard rusher since Joseph Addai in 2007. Frank Gore (967 in 2015 and 961 in 2017) narrowly missed it twice and last year Marlon Mack managed 908 yards in only 12 games.
  20. Packers cut ties with 2016 2nd Round OT Jason Spriggs

    He cleared waivers and is now on the Packers IR. His next option will be to get an injury settlement and get released to heal and sign elsewhere.
  21. Training Camp 2019

    I heard on a podcast earlier today that Spencer Ware is not happy being put on the Reserve/PUP list (out until at least Week 6) and is seeking a second opinion to try to force the team to release him with an injury settlement.
  22. Training Camp 2019

    Colts waived/injured WR Steve Ishmael and signed RB Aca’Cedric Ware If Ishmael clears waivers he’ll revert to IR I think this shows the Colts expected Keith Ford to clear waivers when they claimed D’Onta Foreman off waivers (Texans) but Ford was claimed by the Packers.
  23. Weird because the story is he was cut because of his work ethic. If that is true, he isn’t long for this team
  24. Weird, the tweet I posted was Scotty Nelson commenting on Hornibrook still being concussed. Yet, here that tweet has changed, and even your retweet shows a completely different tweet. I just checked and Scotty Nelson’s tweet is still on his twitter timeline so it wasn’t deleted. EDIT - I refreshed the page and it’s back to normal. So never mind. 🤷🏼‍♂️
  25. Training Camp 2019

    Conque spent time with both Houston and NY Jets on their practice squads in 2019 If Brown clears waivers he’ll revert to the Colts IR. After that the team will determine whether he stays there the rest of the season or if they’ll waive him with an injury settlement.