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  1. Not too surprising, when Ballard announced Luck’s full participation in TC he stated this would be the case - Geathers had a knee clean up this offseason and Ballard said he’s at about 80 % right now - Hooker is still recovering from his ACL/MCL tear, the 9 month post surgery mark is approx August 9-10 so he’ll be re-evaluated then - Vujnovich pulled his calf muscle during OTAs
  2. earlier today when the Giants sign Saquon Barkley PFT said there were 11 unsigned draft picks so this should leave 10 now. Rookies reported today and veterans report Wednesday
  3. Madden 19

    In the version I played last year, I picked the Cowboys for Devin’s team because they were from Texas. Colt got drafted by the Redskins and Devin was undrafted
  4. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2787050-andrew-luck-cleared-to-return-from-shoulder-injury-at-colts-training-camp Championship!!!!
  5. Madden 19

    That’s Longshot 2, Colt is a Head coach (high school?) and Devin is a Cowboy’s QB
  6. Andrew Luck cleared for training camp

    That’s where Doyle helps out more then I think Ebron does. Not familiar with his blocking. Doyle made his place on the roster as the blocking TE behind Fleener and/or Allen. As of now Matt Slauson is slated to start at RG. The only reason he wasn’t retained by LAC was because Lamp is expected back from injury. Between Nelson/Kelly/Mewhort/Slauson/Smith we have a interior OL that could be the envy of the league by mid season.
  7. So of the three teams picking at the top of this draft, none of them need a QB (order is garbage. But hey, the return on trade value could be golden. I accept this and argue the Colts will win as least 5 games and no team will win less then 4 games.
  8. Madden 19

    Waiting for the... “you can download the cover for all 99 rated players to create your own Madden 19 cover. “
  9. I don’t think you realize how much work it is to play the game. Enter in all the data in an excel sheet, format it for this forum and post it. Oh wait, you do.
  10. Don’t refrain from giving us more hyperbole. I live off this.
  11. Who Will Be The Worst Team in the NFL?

    I voted Cards, though I think there is an argument to be made for a healthy Bradford to win a few games for them. I just don’t know that Fitz and Johnson can create scoring opportunities if Rosen or Bradford struggle/die on the field.
  12. Colts Best Case Scenario - Andrew Luck is healthy, improved offensive line boosts rushing and passing attacks, competitive preseason DL battle leads to more pressures and sacks. Malik Hooker and Clayton Geathers both at 100% force many turnovers. Colts finish 10-6 and eck out a wild card spot Worst Case Scenario - Luck has another set back, running back by committee fails to make any headway. Jabaal Sheard remains the only DL able to get pressure. 4-12 realistically I see us getting between 6 wins to as many as 9 wins but the chance to steal a win or two is there.
  13. Who are the worst projected starters in the NFL?

    Colt’s Madden Ratings show how some spots are more terrible then others lowest rated starters MLB Darius Leonard - 72 ROLB Kemoko Turay - 72 CB Pierre Desir - 73 (Nate Hairston and Quincy Wilson are both 72) If not for Madden listing Turay and John Simon (LOLB 78) as LBers, the highest rated Colts LBers would be Leonard, Najee Goode LOLB 70, Anthony Walker ROLB 71
  14. There are only 5 guys left from the (Grigson era) 2016 defense. 6 if you count the long snapper who switched from LB prior to last season. I can honestly say that Mattias Farley is the only true lock to make the roster. Hassan Ridgeway, TJ Green, Chris Milton and Antonio Morrison are going to be fighting to make the roster. Ballard drafted 3 defenders in the first 3 rounds of 2017 and 3 defenders in the 2nd round in 2018
  15. Madden 19

    Full Madden 19 ratings are now on EA’s website https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/player-ratings
  16. Name Change

  17. Name Change

    Horizonto = Outpost31 EliteTexan80 = ET80 Sovereign Nazgul = Nazgul @iPwn hooked you up the rest of the way
  18. Name Change

    thelawoffices= TLO stallyns = Wyld Stallyns jfinley = Finneas Gage LetTheBallFly = the Orca Famous Jameious = Pickle Rick Alfred Packer = Mathman = Malfatron That ends your mafia brethren list now to check back for the normal civs
  19. Colt’s Madden 19 ratings (full roster)

    Updated OP with all the ratings for all Colts players broken down by position. Daurice Fountain is listed as R. Fountain. Daurice is Maurice with a D and so Fountain’s nickname is Reese.
  20. https://www.colts.com/photos/colts-rookies-get-their-madden-ratings#6d18821a-a1fe-49dc-b5d4-d28b9ed8e6d5 OGs - LG Quentin Nelson 83 / RG Braden Smith 75 HBs - Nyheim Hines 74 / Jordan Wilkins 70 WRs - Daurice Fountain 68 / Deon Cain 68 RE - Tyquan Lewis 75 MLBs - Darius Leonard 72 / Matthew Adams 64 ROLBs - Kemoko Turay 72 - Zaire Franklin 68 - Skai Moore 65 https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/player-ratings?i=1&t=10&s=ovr_rating:DESC&=undefined Colt’s Madden 19 ratings QB Luck 87 Brissett 76 Kaaya 62 HB Mack 77 Hines 74 Michael 71 Turbin 71 Wilkins 70 Ferguson 65 WR Hilton 89 Grant 78 Rogers 74 Cain 68 Fountain 68 Williams 66 Anderson 62 Brent 62 Hogan 58 TE Doyle 85 Ebron 84 Daniels 69 Travis 69 Swoope 67 Rhodes 36 LT Castonzo 84 Burwell 64 Clark 63 LG Nelson 83 Slauson 74 Vujnovich 66 Glowinski 63 C Kelly 76 Bond 65 RG Mewhort 78 Smith 75 Haeg 69 RT Howard 74 Goode 69 LE Hunt 77 Johnson 66 RE Sheard 89 Autry 77 Basham 75 Lewis 75 McCain 72 DT Woods 83 Ridgeway 72 Nunez-Roches 71 Stewart 68 Reid 67 LOLB Simon 78 Goode 70 T Adams 69 MLB Leonard 72 Morrison 70 George 67 M Adams 64 ROLB Turay 72 Walker 71 Franklin 68 Moore 65 CB Desir 73 Hairston 72 Wilson 72 Moore 69 White 69 Milton 66 FS Hooker 78 Geathers 78 Martin 64 SS Farley 80 Green 78 K Vinatieri 84 P Sanchez 77
  21. Colt’s Madden 19 ratings (full roster)

    There was an opportunity to change it and I took advantage of it. Makes explaining my username easier. (And stops people from referring to me as Joseph Stalin) Originally it was tied to my old aol email address which I don’t have anymore. Wyld Stallyns wasn’t available so I just dropped Wyld from it. And used stallyns for a lot of stuff.
  22. Colt’s Madden 19 ratings (full roster)

    A twitter account NFL Update claims to have acquired dome Madden Ratings Andrew Luck 87 Jacoby Brissett 76 TY Hilton 89 Jabaal Sheard 89 Jack Doyle 85 Eric Ebron 84
  23. Well, I can’t be the only Colts fan on the site to not post now can I? YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes 2018 - no YesYesYesYesYesYesYesYes
  24. Name Change

    Wyld Stallyns
  25. Most overrated player on your team?

    Andrew Luck is overrrated because he “might” get hurt.