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  1. Colts gutsiest moves Positive: Paying Reggie Wayne over Edgerrin James Negative: that 4th down punt(?) against the Patriots (you know the play)
  2. I don’t necessarily agree with the idea of letting B. Smith walk but that argument is not relevant to 2021 or this exercise. Are you suggesting we go into 2021 with Sam Tevi (or Davenport?) starting at LT and having both Mayfield and D. Smith as backups who take over in 2022? I feel like BPA is best for the last 2 picks with tie breakers going to TE and WR
  3. Colts officially won the trade from 2018 2018 trade (March 17 or 18) Jets receive: 2018 Round 1/Pick 3 (Sam Darnold) Colts receive: 2018 Round 1/Pick 6 (Quentin Nelson) 2018 Round 2/Pick 37 (Braden Smith) 2018 Round 2/Pick 49 (Dallas Goedert)* 2019 Round 2/Pick 34 (Rock Ya-Sin) * Colts traded this pick to Philadelphia Eagles for picks that were used on Kemoko Turay and Jordan Wilkins
  4. So Nelson, Buckner and Leonard retire, the Colts finish 8-8 and win the SB. Makes absolute sense.
  5. I didn’t see this post last night otherwise I would’ve commented then, happy with both picks. I’ve seen some mock drafts with Paye selected to us so there is a chance that between runs on QBs, WRs and OTs that EDGE players fall to us. Also with WFT, Bears and us picking one after the other and all needing OT some people might try to trade ahead of that group to get the OT they want. I’m glad that Jaelan Phillips didn’t fall because of his concussion history. Maybe I’m over thinking it but I feel like one of two bad circumstances could lead to him retiring early again. I haven’t seen
  6. I think he became expendable when the Steelers traded for Minkah Fitzpatrick and Terrell Edmunds finally started to show up. He left in FA and then returned after a short stint with WFT.
  7. replacement for Tavon Wilson or Malik Hooker? Filling out the depth now
  8. So far: (Tevi/Davenport/rookie) - Nelson - Kelly - Glowinski - Smith (Tevi/Holden/rookie) - Reed - Hunt - Pinter - (Tevi/Davenport/Holden) Eldrenkamp - O’Donnell - Jones - Benzinger - Tucker No one on the third tier has taken an NFL snap to my recollection. Holden and Pinter have had limited snaps
  9. Colts have given out 13 contracts (not including Reserves/Futures) since the end of the season and not one of them was a multi year deal.
  10. first episode up... dealing with some scouts (Mike Derice and Chris McGaha) and the trials of scouting during Covid-19 next week’s episode previewed at the end is about the Carson Wentz trade
  11. Winston with 60 TDs and 60 INTs oops sorry thought this was the outrageous predictions thread.
  12. Lack of depth hurt us last year and with Castonzo retired we don’t have a legit replacement set for him Tevi and Davenport can challenge whichever OT we draft for LT and the other can be our swing tackle. Though I do think there is a chance that one doesn’t make the roster in the long run. Both signed 1 year deals with limited guarantees. IF Braden Smith is moved to LT then Davenport could be our RT, for now Hunt gives us depth on the interior with Danny Pinter.
  13. AFC teams host in 2021, NFC in 2022 and continuing on like that. I also read an article that said that the matchups are based on opponents from 2 years prior so in 2022 our opponent will be from our 2020 NFC divisional matchup the NFC north but the exact team will be based on 2021 standings so if we finished 2nd then the second place NFC north team will host us.
  14. While I won’t deny the possibility, the Colts have a developmental QB in Jacob Eason. It’s more likely they bring in a vet QB to either push Eason, or if the PS rules remain adjusted like 2020 they could carry 3 QBs or hide a protected vet QB on the PS
  15. That all depends on if it’s the Dolphins first or the Niners first. If it’s the Niners first and the Colts and Niners play in the SB they could be picking 21, 31 and 32
  16. Also had Brad Kaaya as a top 5 pick. Broken clock is right two times a day. I remember Brad Kaaya being on the Colts practice squad, was he drafted?
  17. If the Colts make the playoffs the Eagles could go into the 2022 draft with 3 1st rders
  18. In the other thread it said that rosters lock Tuesday Night so since a couple of the Colts signings weren’t officially announced until Wednesday and Hilton hasn’t officially been announced yet which players made the cut?
  19. Will Fuller is suspended for the first game of the season, and has missed 27 games in 5 seasons Hilton has missed 11 games in 9 seasons Also the Colts have/had $39 million in cap space
  20. I can’t speak from any kind of insider knowledge. But I think Hilton felt the love from the locker room and fan base this week and finally made the decision. Whether it is the correct decision is tbd. Hilton had said last year that he wanted to make this next contract his last contract. Also made it clear he wanted to pass on his knowledge to the next guy (i.e. Harrison to Wayne; Wayne to Hilton; Hilton to Pittman?)
  21. 1 year $10 M, $8 M guaranteed Hilton, Rhodes and Mack return to run it back with a new QB
  22. Haha Colt’s Twitter is beside itself that this guy was signed. Unfortunately for him it’s more that they were waiting for word on TY Hilton and got him. I think he’s an upgrade over our backup tackles from last year (Le’Raven Clark and Chaz Green) but that’s not saying much
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