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  1. Draft Picks signings 9/10 done

    most of the later picks are signed, the only Day 3 picks not signed are Khari Willis and Marvell Tell and the only Day 2 Pick signed is Ben Banogu
  2. Draft Picks signings 9/10 done

    3rd round LB Bobby Okereke is now the lone remaining draft pick left unsigned.
  3. Colts sign QB Chad Kelly

    After the draft was over, a representative for an undrafted QB released a statement that the Colts had informed him they weren’t going to sign him because they had interest in bringing in Chad Kelly. The Colts didn’t sign Kelly at the moment but did bring him in for the rookie mini camp as a camp arm. I think Kelly will compete with Phillip Walker for the third QB and potentially be able to clear waivers and go on the practice squad. Then when Brissett leaves in free agency (or if traded) he can compete for the back up job next year
  4. Ebron had surgery on his groin April 4th and isn’t expected to miss any time just will be limited in OTAs Leonard had a procedure on his ankle and will be out 6 weeks which means he’ll miss all of the OTAs. Leonard suffered the injury during the week 4 game against Houston and missed the Week 5 game against the Patriots.
  5. Draft discussion

    I posted this article earlier today in NFL General but I didn't fully have a chance to read it all the way through at that moment. https://www.colts.com/news/step-inside-the-colts-draft-room-with-chris-ballard I seen some people mention, and after reading the article, it looks like we are going to use a little of the Seattle secondary scheme. They call it step kick. The DBs press the WR at the line of scrimmage wait for the WR to make the first move, then when the WR (step) enters the DBs sphere (arm length) he makes contact (kick). This allows the DB to 1. Not commit to moving one way or another and 2. allows the WR to commit to his route before the DB makes contact. Apparantly Tell, Willis, and Ya-Sin fit that mold.
  6. Chris Ballard film breakdown, no cameras please

    I accidentally hit enter while trying to copy the link to the youtube video so I just edited to add the rest of the content
  7. In the lead up to the draft the Colts social media dropped small videos called, "With the next pick" that lead to a 44 min video showing inside the draft room footage of the Colts draft day. See here Today, like this time last year. Ballard invited local media into the draft room to go over video of what the team saw in each player they drafted . https://www.colts.com/news/step-inside-the-colts-draft-room-with-chris-ballard A couple notes, - Monday before the draft Ballard said he had about 8 players he was looking at at #26 - 5 of those 8 were still available when #26 came up - 3 of them were available after the trade down to #34 read the article in the link for other nice bits of info
  8. Miserable Hot Takes

    $4 million a year for Erik Walden was too much money. In actuality it was Ryan Grigson’s only good free agent signing. I also defended the Trent Richardson trade, because I wanted him to be good not because I knew anything.
  9. 2020 Head Coaching Candidates?

    With the trend of offensive coaches being prioritized over defensive coaches I’m a little less worried about DC Matt Eberflus being stolen from the Colts but I think if things continue to improve OC Nick Sirianni might become a hot commodity
  10. Was Tony Dungy an elite head coach

    Polian and Dungy didn’t value LBers and CBers as much as they did safeties and Edge rushers. So anytime we had a LBer worth anything he left as soon as his rookie contract was up. Mike Peterson, Marcus Washington, Cato June, David Thornton etc. Polian also vocalized a personal motto. ‘Only pay the best of the best’ So big money contracts went to Manning, Harrison, Freeney, Clark and Sanders and when it came time to decide between Wayne and Edge the WR got prioritized over the RB. It wasn’t until Polian actually started looking outside of the organization to fill the DT position (specifically Booger McFarland) that they finally got a ring.
  11. Indianapolis Colts aren't SB Contenders

    If I were the OP and I wanted to defend my statement I would say that the biggest reason the Colts aren’t SB contenders is that they overachieved last year, they are going to come back down to earth a little and the improvements they made are going to help them stabilize their roster to be bigger threats down the road, but not now. There is also the threat of the Chiefs becoming their playoff roadblock for years to come. Jaguars having an average to above average QB could be another issue in the division if the Texans and Titans aren’t enough. But New England(Brady) is a year older, the Chiefs lost some good pieces (potential Hill loss could cost them) and the Texans OL might be a year away from being real solid. Mariota’s year 5 “make or break” season could spell the end of that relationship. With all that said, the Colts are going to start out slow this season because of their early schedule and they are going to need to have a good 4-5 game winning streak in the middle of the season to make sure they don’t fall too far off the division leader. They should contend for the division title. They should contend for the wild card. They will not be hoisting any participation banners anymore.
  12. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/14/colts-sign-dadi-nicolas/ Nicholas was originally drafted by the Chiefs in the 6th round of the 2016 draft He played in 11 games in 2016 and spent all of 2017 on the IR. Last year in May the Chiefs traded him to Cleveland for TE Randall Telfer but the trade was voided days later. He spent time in training camp with Seattle and Washington last year but didn't make an NFL roster;. The Colts meanwhile had signed Telfer and had him in TC for a little while.
  13. Draft Picks signings 9/10 done

    Just Ya-Sin, Campbell and Okereke left to sign now
  14. Malik Hooker

    Pretty much what @Warhorse said but if you read this article (written during the Colts 1-5 start) it explains a lot of Hooker’s different responsibilities in the new defensive scheme and how his coverage ability is leaving QBs no options on his side of the field https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.stampedeblue.com/platform/amp/2018/10/11/17962310/film-room-where-is-malik-hooker-this-season
  15. Bowser's Way-Too-Early 2020 1st round

    What!?!?!? Why would the Colts be picking #32!!!😡 Stop predicting this stuff!!! [/sarcasm] Somehow I feel that if the Colts have the 32nd pick they would only make the pick if they can’t find a trade partner willing to give them the comp they want.
  16. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    Coaching Staff Head Coach - Frank Reich Coordinators Offense - Nick Sirianni Defense - Matt Eberflus Special Teams - Ray "Bubba' Ventrone Offensive Coaches Quarterbacks - Marcus Brady Runningbacks - Tom Rathman Wide Receivers - Kevin Patullo Tight Ends - Jason Michaels Offensive Line - Chris Strausser Senior Off Asst - Howard Mudd Asst Offensive line - Klayton Adams Offensive Quality Control - Gunnard Twyner Defensive Coaches Defensive Line - Mike Phair Linebackers - Dave Borgonzi Defensive Backs/Cornerbacks - Johnathan Gannon Defensive Backs/Safeties - Alan Williams Defensive Quality Control - David Overstreet II Offense QB - Andrew Luck // Jacoby Brissett // Phillip Walker HB - Marlon Mack // Nyheim Hines // Spencer Ware // Jordan Wilkins // Jonathan Williams WR - TY Hilton // Chester Rogers // Zach Pascal // Marcus Johnson WR - Devin Funchess // Deon Cain // Penny Hart // Jordan Veasy Slot - Parris Campbell // Reese Fountain // Krishawn Hogan // Steve Ishmael TE/H-Back - Jack Doyle // Mo Alie-Cox TE - Eric Ebron // Ross Travis // Gabe Holmes // Billy Brown // Hale Hentges LT - Anthony Castonzo // Le'Raven Clark // Antonio Garcia LG - Quentin Nelson // William Poehls // Josh Andrews C - Ryan Kelly // Evan Boehm // Javon Patterson RG - Mark Glowinski // Joe Haeg // D'Omdre Wesley RT - Braden Smith // J'Marcus Webb // Jackson Barton Defense LE - Tyquan Lewis // Ben Banogu // Al-Quaddin Muhammed // Caroll Phillips // Dede Nichols UT - Denico Autry // Jihad Ward // Jordan Thompson // Johnny Robinsons // Sterling Shippy DT - Margus Hunt // Grover Stewart RE - Jabaal Sheard // Justin Houston // Kemoko Turay // Gerri Green // Jegs Jegede Will - Darius Leonard // Zaire Franklin // Ahmad Thomas // EJ Speed Mike - Anthony Walker // Bobby Okereke // Skai Moore // Sam - Matt Adams // Ben Bagonu // Tre Thomas CB - Pierre Desir // Rock Ya-Sin // DJ Killings CB - Quincy Wilson // Jalen Collins // Marvell Tell // Shakial Taylor Nickle - Kenny Moore // Nate Hairston // Chris Milton FS - Malik Hooker // Matthias Farley // George Odum SS - Clayton Geathers // Khari Willsi // Derek Kindred // Roland Milligan Special Teams K Adam Vinatieri // Cole Hedlund P - Rigoberto Sanchez LS - Luke Rhodes Draft Picks R2/34 - CB Rock Ya-Sin /Temple R2/49 - DE/LB - Ben Bagonu / TCU R2/49 - WR Parris Campbell / the Ohio ST R3/89 - LB Bobby Okereke / Stanford R4/109 - S Khari Willis / Michigan ST R5/144 - CB/S Marvell Tell III - USC R5/165 - LB EJ Speed - Tarleton ST R6/199 - DE Gerri Green - Mississippi ST R7/240 - OT Jackson Barton - Utah R7/246 - C/OG Javon Patterson - Mississippi
  17. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2019/05/05/colts-add-four-after-rookie-minicamp-but-not-chad-kelly/ We cut K Clayton Hatfield, CB Chris Rayford and DE Anthony Winbush
  18. 2019 Indianapolis Colts

    not mentioning any cuts here....
  19. Madden 19

    I remember one video I watched saying that the franchise/career mode is QB only (natural progression from Longshot?)
  20. Madden 19

    I specifically said indirectly for a reason, sure you didn't attack any one person. But that is the point. Your criticism of a large group of people as being blind sure doesn't seem like a criticism of the game, more the people who buy/like a game you don't. If I was so 'thin skinned' I would've addressed this sooner with the offenders who have done it in the past. But I'm not a mod of this forum nor am I implying rules were broken. In this instance 2 people on one page made the same generalized "blind' gamers reference and I just happen to see it and felt like saying something.
  21. Madden 19

    There is a difference between constructive criticism of EA and Madden; and indirectly attacking people who buy the game (i.e. gamers blindly buying it/blindly throwing money at EA) because you don't like it. You telling me your issues with the game isn't going to change my mind just like me telling you, to play the game the way I do, won't guarantee more enjoyment for you. You telling me you aren't buying the game is akin to someone on twitter saying they haven't seen an episode of Game of Thrones. I just scroll on by.
  22. Eagles and Colts sign zero UDFAs

    Colts rookies arrived yesterday for rookie camp this weekend and today announced 9 UDFAs signings and 5/10 draft picks
  23. Ballard/Reich/Eberflus made it abundantly clear with this draft/offseason that the days of the 0T/NT are gone. Al Woods wasn’t resigned, Hassan Ridgeway was traded and now the only DT who weighs over 300 lbs is Grover Stewart (333). Margus Hunt (298) and Jihad Ward (290) are the only others over 275 lbs. If anyone wants to know why Johnathan Hankins was released last year it was because he didn’t fit this narrative and it was in his nest interests to be able to find a better spot for him then to drag him along in a bad scheme. This harkens back to the days of Booger McFarland or Corey Simon where we had only one or two players over 310 lbs. Or when we started Keyunta Dawson at DT at a slim 255 lbs. Our D Line is going to be responsible for pass rush and our linebackers will be responsible for filling gaps and stopping the run. Ben Banogu was drafted to be our SAM LB and 3rd down DE. Eberflus and Ballard have been very dedicated to the idea that there are 8 starters on the defensive line (not to be confused with front 7, 8 starters of 4 down lineman) with 10 or 11 on the roster and 9 active for game days DTs Margus Hunt and Denico Autry are penciled in as starters with Jihad Ward, Tyquan Lewis and Grover Stewart off the bench DE Jabaal Sheard and Tyquan Lewis are penciled in as starters with Justin Houston, Kemoko Turay and Ben Banogu rotating in on 3rd down and Al-Quaddim Mohammed, Gerri Green, Carroll Phillips and Anthony Winbush fighting off each other and UDFAs for roster spots.
  24. Is it blasphemy to like more than one team?

    Colt’s fan, living in Packer country. Been cheering for the Packers since the Majkowski/Sharpe days. Started cheering for the Colts a little after that. At one point in time I was a co-moderator for the Packer forum while being the only Colts fan on the site. When the Packers and Colts play each other I cheer for the winning team. 😉
  25. With The Next Pick

    The Colts social media group over the last 5 weeks (mostly Wednesdays except for the week the schedule was released) have been slowly rolling out a video series of behind the scenes war room/draft room videos going over the search for the next Colts draft class. Culminating in the final video released today. The below link is to the Colts YouTube channel’s playlist for all 5 videos which in total comes out to about 50 mins. You don’t have to be a Colts fan to appreciate these videos.