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  1. What about when Floyd is suspended for the first 4 weeks and the team keeps 6 receivers? Diggs Thielen Treadwell Coley Adams Who else is Wright in competition with for that sixth spot?
  2. The Zim-Zam Flim-Flam: All Things Zimmer

    A fantastic stat nugget from Wobby: Under Zimmer, the Vikings are 20-3 when they score 21 or more points in a game (my add-on: 20-1 in those games when not playing GB). That means the team is 6-19 when it doesn't score 21.
  3. It will be interesting to see if they give Michael Floyd first-team reps in this game or at any point this preseason. I think Floyd (and/or Treadwell) can help fill a massive void for this team. I should've probably put this in the QBOTF discussion too, but Sam Bradford was just 17-29 (54.8%) inside the 10 last year (64.1% inside the 20). Granted, all percentages drop as you get closer to the end zone, but there was a clear need in the red zone passing offense for a big passing target.
  4. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I don't have that issue
  5. Predict The Roster

    OK, my timeline was slightly off in a couple of things, but the info was otherwise correct. The staff was really high on Sutton when he was in college. His junior year was right up there with Aaron Donald as best in the country, according to the team. That was at 285 lbs playing weight. The hope is that getting him back to his junior year weight and back to his more natural position can help him regain his form.
  6. The Totally Transcendent Teddy Thread

    There are a couple of things that worry me about the thought of calling Teddy our QBOTF today: 1. Major injury questions. This should be obvious. 2. Even once he returns, where will he be? I think everyone looks at the hype of the 2016 preseason and assumes that's where he'll pick up, but remember that we never saw 2016 Bridgewater in a meaningful game. The last we saw him in meaningful action, he threw for under 200 yards in 8 of his last 11 games. I know everyone was gushing over the eye test against San Diego last preseason, but remember those were vanilla defenses and we only saw about a handful of drives total. Sam has his deficiencies too, many of which have been outlined here. Checking down is an issue, but I think some overblow how big of an issue it is. It seems to me some people completely ignore all of his passing numbers because of it, which isn't fair. Pocket presence/movement is an issue for Bradford, but I believe he deserves some credit for his pocket poise. There are at least two plays that come to mind. Plain and simple, those are the types of plays a franchise quarterback makes. You don't want him to take those hits, but you want to know that he can make them. Those also are two examples of why you can't totally dismiss the dink-and-dunk (though the second pass was short of the sticks, so I guess it was a poor decision and he shouldn't have passed it to Wright). Semper brought up the clutch gene with Teddy, and he has a point. However, Sam isn't completely unclutch. Remember the first Detroit game when he drove the offense down the field for what should've been the game-winning TD? And while you say the Dallas game proves he's not clutch because of that last play, who put the team in that situation to be on the goal line in the first place? Those are just a couple of points to balance out this issue. I can't even believe Bradford is this hated by so many Vikings fans. He had arguably one of the five greatest passing seasons in franchise history. I don't even care about the NFL record. If his percentage was 67% I'd say the same thing. As I've said multiple times, I believe a very realistic option next summer is to use either the franchise tag or the transition tag on Bradford, especially if Bridgewater's contract tolls. That gives another full offseason to decide what to do at quarterback. This is a team that's going to be built on a great defense and running the ball. You don't need a Top 5 quarterback in order to win that way. Teddy's floor is probably a little lower than Sam's right now due to the injury, but I believe both players' ceilings are very similar. I think Sam's floor is middle of the pack, while Teddy's is probably early 20s. Both have upside to be in the back half of the Top 10 of NFL signal-callers though, which should be more than enough to win with this defense.
  7. Predict The Roster

    Playing out of position. If you put Linval Joseph at DE and he struggles, it doesn't mean he'd still be a bad player when you switch him to his more natural NT position. Speaking of Linval, he had 0.5 sacks one year here. If he was any good, you'd think he could get at least one sack, right?
  8. The Totally Transcendent Teddy Thread

    Unless you've seen the playbook, how can you say for certain that a pass to an RB is a checkdown? It's very possible it was his first read. And even still, a pass behind the sticks doesn't necessarily mean the player is going to be tackled behind the sticks. Someone like Cook is arguably our most talented skill position player with the ball in his hands. Shouldn't they try to get the ball to the best player and trust him to make a play, or is that only for when it fits a certain narrative? A "failed completion" is still much better than an interception. Not sure why the belief here is that more interceptions would be better.
  9. Predict The Roster

    I think Tom Johnson could definitely be a surprise cut, as well. He's the incumbent and the guy who's been here in the system, but there's a reason we signed two 3-techs and drafted another who could play there. I know there needs to be a Floyd replacement, but you don't add three guys to the spot if you're completely comfortable with the guy already on the roster.
  10. Predict The Roster

    Shouldn't be. Don't remember what I was watching but someone within the Vikings had him highly graded coming out of college as a 3-tech. But when the Bears drafted him they beefed him up and moved him to nose, where he struggled.. We signed him as a 3-tech and slimmed him back down to his college weight.
  11. NFL Network on Wednesday morning, 9 am Central
  12. The key will be Treadwell's production. If he produces, it will force Thielen or Diggs to the slot and Wright to the bench. If he doesn't, he'll have a role because they'll keep Thielen and Diggs outside and will need a slot guy. Wright's impact will likely lower once Floyd comes back, but until then I think Treadwell's development is the biggest indicator of how much Wright will play.
  13. Defense - Raising the Barr

    You mean this one?
  14. He's great, isn't he?! Don't know how much you guys know about his back story, but he was a QB until his second year of college, when he was at Arizona Western CC.