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  1. 2021 Draft Talk

    This is gonna be a wild ride in Marshall this year!
  2. Vikings by the Numbers

    In a junior high art class, we had one week where we made pottery. I inscribed jersey numbers for members of the Vikings offense on the four sides -- 84, 80, 26 and.....12. This was coming off a year where I played a lot of Madden and obviously he wore 12 as a rookie. So mad at myself when I found out he changed his number.
  3. 4.130 - MIN: James Lynch DT/Baylor

    One thing I will say is that I wonder if the plan is to use more 4-DE looks on passing downs. We've had some luck with that, and haven't exactly added a bunch at 3-tech. Pierce is the 1-technique.
  4. Valhalla Villager: News, Rumors and Gossip

    That's a pretty remarkable statistic!
  5. Vikings by the Numbers

    I think he's talking about Chris Kluwe.....but maybe it was John David Booty
  6. Swag factor on end zone dances will take a big jump. Teammates are already asking for lessons from him.....
  7. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    Is Elflein even the projected starter at this point?
  8. Does it really matter? If they bring in an extra DB, run the ball down their throats. If they bring in an extra LB, split Irv out wide and attack.
  9. Evaluate the Vikings 2020 draft

    So we have the Hunter comp of no pass rush moves and the Weatherly comp of someone who played a lot in a two-point stance. This is gonna be fun.....
  10. Evaluate the Vikings 2020 draft

    Remember when Danielle Hunter had no pass rush moves when we drafted him?
  11. I meant 12 personnel. I get them confused sometimes.
  12. I cited this article last year when we brought Kubiak in, but I still think it's worthwhile even though Stefanski was technically the OC. The average number of total targets in the Kubiak offense is 525 (on average there are 15 throw-aways per year - no receiver is targeted on a throw-away). So if we have 525 targets next season and we have an "average year" for a Kubiak offense we will have this breakdown in terms of targets by position group WRs - 289 targets RBs - 79 targets TEs - 120 targets FBs - 37 targets https://www.milehighreport.com/2016/6/2/11827692/the-kubiak-offense Now what was the reality of 2019? Minnesota only had 442 total targets last year, about 85% of the average listed in the article. So keep that in mind. WRs - 209 (72% of average) RBs - 100 (126% of average) TEs - 105 (88% of average) FBs - 26 (70% of average) Biggest difference is obviously the increased usage of the RBs in the passing game. Cook is obviously a large part of this, but still only received 63% of the RB targets. WR targets went down as a result, as did FB targets. Pertaining to WRs, I do wonder how much Thielen's injury issues affected things. I wouldn't rule out the position group getting closer to 250 targets in 2020. Should also mention that the article says WR1 and WR2 get 44% of the WR targets on average in the Kubiak offense. Last year, Thielen and Diggs got 32% of the targets. A decent amount lower, but again remember that Thielen missed six games. Add in Bisi Johnson's 23 targets in the 6 games Thielen missed and you're up to 37.3% of the targets.
  13. One of my more favorite things from last year was to see them get creative with formations within personnel groupings. For me personally, I enjoyed seeing the different ways they used 12 personnel with how much it fit the strengths of the depth chart and the strengths of our personnel.
  14. Getting back to Trey..... Interesting that Oregon follows that game up with Justin Fields coming to town the next week. Nice common opponent to compare the two in successive weeks.