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  1. Having a wife who identifies as a Packers fan is certainly an interesting phenomenon.....
  2. Weird seeing Rodgers do all these flip plays
  3. Honestly this is the least interested I think I've ever been in a season. Not sure I'll watch much....we'll see if that changes tomorrow. I have very little knowledge about this team. Still know the big names, but just haven't been spending time getting caught up in little details.
  4. This is gonna be a wild ride in Marshall this year!
  5. In a junior high art class, we had one week where we made pottery. I inscribed jersey numbers for members of the Vikings offense on the four sides -- 84, 80, 26 and.....12. This was coming off a year where I played a lot of Madden and obviously he wore 12 as a rookie. So mad at myself when I found out he changed his number.
  6. One thing I will say is that I wonder if the plan is to use more 4-DE looks on passing downs. We've had some luck with that, and haven't exactly added a bunch at 3-tech. Pierce is the 1-technique.
  7. I think he's talking about Chris Kluwe.....but maybe it was John David Booty
  8. Swag factor on end zone dances will take a big jump. Teammates are already asking for lessons from him.....
  9. Is Elflein even the projected starter at this point?
  10. Does it really matter? If they bring in an extra DB, run the ball down their throats. If they bring in an extra LB, split Irv out wide and attack.
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