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  1. Free agency reset — Wave 2

    I think this is more of a coaching strategy due to having a dominant defense than it is compensating for a weak-legged kicker. Maybe the range might bumped out a yard or two, but it wouldn't be much different.
  2. 2018 Schedule

    Last ten trips to Lambeau: December 23 (Week 16) December 24 (Week 16) January 3 (Week 17) November 23 (Week 12) November 24 (Week 12) December 2 (Week 13) November 14 (Week 10) October 24 (Week 7) November 1 (Week 8) September 8 (Week 1)
  3. 2018 Schedule

    It has been for 3 straight years. However, we're due for one of them to be at home.
  4. Free agency reset — Wave 2

    Can't expect perfection. I feel like after every missed kick since the SEA playoff game, we've been calling for that kicker to be cut.
  5. 2018 Schedule

    Week 11 is the latest
  6. Free agency reset — Wave 2

    Just curious, what do you consider average? Someone like Matt Prater?
  7. Free agency reset — Wave 2

    What do you consider a long field goal? He made six kicks from 50+.
  8. NFL Snooze News: Volume Four, Por Favor

    So the Jessie James play would still be a catch. Dez Bryant would be a catch. I think this would eliminate the "complete the process" part of the rule
  9. 2018 Schedule

    I was kinda hoping they'd keep the NE game early, but being two of the top teams that's probably wishful thinking. Strong possibility for a SNF game too. Then I wonder if they try to get the Saints game in primetime too. Those are the two strongest possibilities to join PHI game in primetime. Maybe a division game?
  10. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    Isn't IOL is one of the cheapest positions in the league? Why then should we pay premium draft capital on those positions? Wouldn't the more cap-sense move be to use high draft picks to help offset high free agency price tags at some of these positions? For example, what's the savings for drafting a OG in the first round versus signing a top free agent? Now compare that to WR, CB or LB. With a larger investment at QB, the team is going to need to make more cap-conscious moves. That includes in the draft.
  11. The 2018 Kirk Cousins Megathread

    I think it's definitely possible, and would put him in rare company. It's something that hasn't been done since 2009, and only five times in franchise history (1995, 1998, 2000, 2004, 2009).
  12. He's gonna get waived in camp and then be picked up by the Patriots. Calling my shot.
  13. 2018 Vikings Prospects - An Early Look

    Roster management is about filling in where the future holes will be. This draft could tell us a lot about how the team feels about the young, developing guys and the future free agents. They could draft a LB early if they feel only one of Barr/Kendricks will be re-signed. They could draft a CB if they don't intend to bring back Waynes. They could draft a WR if they think Diggs will be too expensive. They could draft a DE if they aren't confident about re-signing Hunter They could draft a DT if they view Richardson as just a 1-year fill-in. They could draft an OG if they don't trust Easton and/or Remmers as a starter. They could draft an OT if they don't trust Hill and/or Remmers as a starter.
  14. At the same time, most of our roster is void of pressing needs.
  15. Vikings trade for Trevor Siemen, QB

    Was this our first move involving 2019 picks? So we're currently at 6...