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  1. Byron Buxton, Miguel Sano, Jose Berrios
  2. Top Ten DB's

    Shocking that you would feel this way
  3. I had totally forgotten about this injury, but it makes sense why they'd bring in some extra competition
  4. Based on last year, we're still about a month out from locking in keepers and starting the draft. But it's really up to @The Gnat to check in here and get things moving.
  5. All Hail...to Epic Fail

    I was able to watch him in his last three or four seasons. Still very good, but I didn't fully understand his greatness until I was older.
  6. Top 10 Linebackers

    As best as I can tell, the bigger the AV the better the player. Of those you listed, only Winston and Hilgenberg were higher. That says to me his placement isn't too far off, especially considering where you have those two in your own list.
  7. Top 10 Linebackers

    While I understand where you're coming from, where did those LBs rank on those defenses? I think it could be argued that at least one or two of them were greatly aided by the fact they played next to Page, Eller, Marshall, Krause, Brown, Bryant and Blair.
  8. Knockin' on Valhalla's Door

    Those with close ties to the NFL view Kevin Warren as a future commissioner and expect the Big Ten to be only a steppingstone, not a final stop. The incumbent NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, has had the post since 2006, and his current deal runs through March 2024. While Goodell has not said this is his last contract, most assume that’s the case (a spokesman, Joe Lockhart, said so in December 2017, though Goodell has repeatedly rejected that he has made any decision on that score). Warren, 55, is “one of those handful of people that are in the NFL right now that could very well be considered as a future commissioner,” said Marc Ganis, a sports consultant with close ties to Goodell. “Whether it’s the NFL or another league, he is a meaningful candidate.” https://theathletic.com/1066578/2019/07/10/kevin-warren-is-leaving-for-the-big-ten-but-will-he-be-back-in-the-nfl-with-an-even-bigger-role/
  9. Top 10 Linebackers

    Wow, where do I start? To me, the biggest oversight was not including Chad Greenway. I know his last couple years weren't the best, but he was a very good LB here. I also would personally include Ed McDaniel, whose perception probably gets damaged by the lack of talent around him in the 90s.
  10. Top 10 Viking Running Backs

    Am looking forward to the WR list though!
  11. Top 10 Viking Running Backs

    I've only heard of the top six names
  12. Adrian Peterson

    Dude has had TWO 1,000-yard seasons AFTER turning 30. In 12 seasons, he's only failed to reach 1,000 four times. Those seasons include a 970-yard season in 12 games, a 10-game season split between two teams, and two years where he didn't even appear in a quarter of the games. He's 8th all-time in rushing, and will almost definitely be 6th by the end of the season (366 yards needed) with a decent chance at 5th (784 yards). As for HOF, 13 of the top 16 rushers all-time are in the HOF. The lone exceptions? Frank Gore (4th and still active), Peterson (8th, active) and Edgerrin James (13th). I believe the rest of the Top 10 were all in on their first chance too.