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  1. While championships are the ultimate goal, a season isn't a failure if you don't win one.
  2. I go back and forth about this. I'm not sure I agree. All Flip did was do was create the equivalent of what Dallas or Phoenix have right now. People thought they had potential, but it was just that....potential. It wasn't a guarantee to work had Thibs kept Flip's vision. Also, we had extension deadlines coming up. How does Towns feel about the franchise if we missed our 14th straight playoffs? How do fans think of the Towns/Wiggins/LaVine trio if we miss again? I thought last year was very pivotal to make the playoffs. I don't believe we would have qualified if Thibs kept the status quo with the young trio. The team needed an infusion of talent and leadership. It's just too bad diva Jimmy showed up. Thibs was out of Chicago before diva Jimmy showed up there, so I think maybe there was a misread of Jimmy's personality and fit into this group. Taj and Jeff have been fine. I think we would've been fine had diva Jimmy not blown everything up. Blame goes on Jimmy far more than Thibs.
  3. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Major movement on the top of the leaderboard this week.
  4. Week10 Games

    Note to self: STOP TAKING ANDY DALTON IN 5,000!
  5. Beat The Pro

    Week 1: Keenan Allen (108) Week 2: Michael Thomas (89) Week 3: JuJu Smith-Schuster (116) Week 4: AJ Green (78) Week 5: Julio Jones (62) Week 6: Adam Thielen (123) Week 7: Tyreek Hill (68) Week 8: Antonio Brown (74) Week 9: Mike Evans (16) Week 10: Cooper Kupp
  6. Survivor Game 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Week 7: Denver Week 8: Indianapolis, Chicago Week 9: Washington, Houston, Miami Week 10: LA Chargers, LA Rams, Green Bay, Philadelphia
  7. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Don't forget to pick, @marshpit23.
  8. 2018 D' Nasty Game

    Week 1: Baltimore (153) Week 2: LA Chargers (293) Week 3: Minnesota (292) Week 4: Green Bay (145) Week 5: Tennessee (223) Week 6: Houston (229) Week 7: Indianapolis (303) Week 8: New England (333) Week 9: Chicago (264) Week 10: NY Jets
  9. 5,000 or Bust '18

    Week 1: Philip Rivers (424) +129, +129 Week 2: Ben Roethlisberger (452) +157, +286 Week 3: Jimmy Garoppolo (251) -44, +242 Week 4: Case Keenum (245) -50, +192 Week 5: Kirk Cousins (301) +6, +198 Week 6: Tom Brady (340) +45, +243 Week 7: Baker Mayfield (215) -80, +163 Week 8: Aaron Rodgers (286) -9, +154 Week 9: Jared Goff (391) +96, +250 Week 10: Andy Dalton
  10. Gophers defense playing well today after the coaching change.
  11. Because he's much more than a backup...that statement was just not true. Is he a star? No. But like we've had discussions on players with the Vikings in the past, many fans forget there is a middle ground between star players and backups.
  12. Trade isn't as bad as some people think, considering the circumstances
  13. Easier said than done to just completely move on after someone dies....
  14. All abouts the wideouts

    Treadwell has played about 65% of the snaps this year. He's a starter.
  15. The 2018 Playoff Hunt is on!

    It's still a major rivalry and it's Aaron Rodgers. It's not a game they'll give up.