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  1. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Spergon Wynn is the real No. 2
  2. Purple Haze - State of the Purple Pass Rush

    DL production is about more than just 1-on-1 ability. A player wasn't ineffective just because he wasn't credited with a pressure.
  3. How would things have changed...?

    If he was a Top 12 QB, we'd be paying him Cousins money, or close to it. There wouldn't be much savings. Only real difference between the teams is we'd have that pick from the Bradford trade. A successful starting QB on a team making playoff runs doesn't get signed on the cheap.
  4. Let's Delve Into Dalvin Cook

    They all do....
  5. Vikings trade for Trevor Siemen, QB

    Wayzata grad, apparently. Played soccer at Northwestern.
  6. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Just copied the list from the original article. Only added Johnson's starts to the list because I referenced him in my post. As for Kapp, his career 37:47 TD/INT ratio doesn't do him any favors and his best completion percentage was 52%. And just for full accuracy, he started 38 games.
  7. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    I don't really count split seasons, in regards to giving a QB all of the credit for that season. That's where I don't agree with your hypothetical about Siemian. Cousins gets most of the credit for that season, even though he wasn't there for the final game. He got them most of the way there. As for the Dolphins discussion, I would absolutely side with you if Griese was a bad quarterback. It's difficult to compare QBs from different eras. Marino has amazing raw stats, but the 80s and 90s were a different time than the early 70s. Griese held his own as the starter and was the guy in Miami for a long time, we're not talking about Brock Osweiler here... Griese played less than half of the 1972 season, so I'm not counting that in the discussion right now. In '73, he was roughly league average in completion percentage, but had a high TD percentage and was one of only three QBs with a 2:1 TD/INT ratio. Those numbers along with the Super Bowl win more than hold their own. Does the SB win automatically put him above Marino? No, but it puts him into the discussion.
  8. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Wait, I thought Culpepper was your number 2?
  9. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Culpepper is probably the No. 2, just because his highs were so good. And as sad as it is to say, he had a longevity here that most of the others listed did not. Kramer had longevity, but not the stats to back it up enough to be at No. 2. It'd be like calling Sam Mitchell the second-best player in Timberwolves history, even though he built up his stats more due more to longevity than ability. I would agree with those earlier in the thread who mentioned that Brad Johnson merits consideration. His production here actually holds up decently well compared to these others, and has the longevity compared to others too. I think he has a strong case for No. 3, probably along with Moon and Favre. Tommy Kramer (110 starts) Daunte Culpepper (80 starts) Brad Johnson (46 starts) Warren Moon (39 starts) Rich Gannon (35 starts) Brett Favre (29 starts) Teddy Bridgewater (28 starts) Randall Cunningham (23 starts) Sam Bradford (17 starts) Case Keenum (14 starts)
  10. Who's the Vikings #2 QB all-time?

    Well of course not. But that's not what we're saying either.
  11. Who are the Loons?
  12. Forgot to mention, I drove by United's new stadium last week. Didn't realize it was on my route until I was there. That place looks like it's going to be impressive!
  13. Evaluating & Projecting The Roster

    I'd probably drop Bower before Aruna, Johnson or Holmes
  14. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Yeah, because I'm not home! I hear it's crazy down there though...