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  1. We needed a "where are they now" thread
  2. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    Biggest thing being affected in my life right now is that these shutdowns are coming dangerously close to messing up my wedding plans. We're getting married on June 6 in a park that has already cancelled all reservations up through May 15. I'm honestly not freaking out about if we have to deviate from our plans, but I know all of the time, energy and money my fiancee has put into this thing and she would be devastated. What a way to kick off married life.....
  3. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I tried it right away and had similar. Refreshed and it got me to the video, but only made it like 20 seconds before it stopped.
  4. Vikings trade WR Diggs to Bills

    This trade (and some general coronaboredom) has brought me out of hibernation. The whining was getting old. This was a good haul for him. That said, I like the deal for Diggs and Buffalo as well. Allen needed a No. 1. He needed someone who can catch passes. The talent and catching ability isn't a concern for Diggs. This was a great trade for both sides.
  5. The parallels, obvious though they may be, might paint an overly simplified picture of what Carlson is facing as a rookie in Minnesota — and they might discount what Walsh did as a rookie, earning All-Pro honors while drilling 10 field goals of 50-plus yards in 2012 for a team that went from 3-13 to a playoff berth. But for a fan base given to postseason jitters, Walsh will be remembered in Minnesota for one kick — his infamous 27-yard miss against the Seahawks in the 2016 NFC wild-card playoffs. And as Carlson assumes field goal and extra-point duties for a team harboring Super Bowl aspirations, it’s possible the Vikings’ chances to overturn their fraught playoff history could rest on the rookie’s right leg in January. “Blair, I like Blair a lot. I think Blair is a very, very good kicker. Blair was kind of, I don’t want to say a nervous personality, but Daniel is very calm,” Priefer said. “Because I think it worked for both guys. Blair, obviously had a phenomenal first year and he’s done some great things in this league. We hope Daniel can repeat the first year that Blair had. But, they’re two different kids and two different people.” http://www.startribune.com/vikings-kicker-daniel-carlson-must-channel-the-good-blair-walsh/492262921/
  6. I've been considering doing this for a while, but I decided to finally just go ahead with it. Last season I got the itch to play dynasty, and one league just isn't enough anymore. We'll start with a few parameters I'm thinking about, and we can discuss them further if needed as I'm still somewhat new to dynasty. League size: 12 Roster size: 24 (10 starting, 14 bench, 1 IR) Starting: QB, RB, RB, RB/WR, WR, WR, WR/TE, TE, K, DST (maybe no kickers?) Scoring: pretty standard stuff mostly: PPR or half-point, 6-point all TDs, bonuses for 100 rushing/receiving and 300 passing (willing to negotiate) Free Agency/Waivers: FAAB (waivers open in offseason too, additional offseason budget?) This game will be housed on the Fantasy Football Leagues subforum, but wanted to do the signups here. I was gauging interest in another thread, and those who said they're interested have already been added to the list. 1. @Klomp 2. @marshpit23 3. @The Gnat 4. @swede700 5. @SemperFeist 6. @kalvenu 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.
  7. FF Vikings Dynasty League

    I just want to apologize for my complete disappearance late this year. I lost most of my interest in following fantasy this year, so as a result my attention to the league obviously suffered. Not sure I can guarantee my interest will be any greater next year, once I'm married. Starting to focus on more important things, to be honest. Not sure if I plan to restart the league or what, I saw there was some discussion about this on the Sleeper chat late in the season. I don't really want to blow up the league, but I'm also not sure if I can continue in my role as commissioner.
  8. The Championship games are here!

    Remember the outrage when we threw 10 passes in Week 1?
  9. Statistically, Lance is already not far behind 2013 Jensen for the best statistical passing season in NDSU history (Jenson 2,793 yards and 34 TDs; Lance 2,786 yards and 28 TDs). Plus Lance adds the element of rushing for 1,100 yards and 14 TDs.
  10. It was so fun to cover this guy for three years here in Marshall and now to follow his career in Fargo. Arguably just had the best QB season in program history, and he was just a redshirt freshman...
  11. The league has been created and most everyone has joined. This thread will be the league hub here on FootballsFuture. Have people gotten a chance to look over the league scoring settings on the site? Is there anything glaring that needs to be addressed/put to a vote? Once the settings are all good, I guess next on the list is to set up a draft. Since this is a dynasty league, we'll probably start out with a rookie draft (though that's up for discussion as well). That could probably start at any time, so just be on the lookout for updates. I'll try to tag everyone when we have major announcements or things that need to be addressed, but otherwise it'll be up to you guys to be active and paying attention to this league, both here and on Sleeper. Remember, this will be a year-round league. Start-up draft: https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/432294690700660736 2019 Draft: https://sleeper.app/draft/nfl/443874107990208512
  12. aSK anything: 5.0: Designated Steve-vivor

    I hate moving. That is all.
  13. It's really kinda scary to think that Trey is doing this as a redshirt freshman. Carson didn't even play more than mop-up duty until he was a RS junior.
  14. Lance: 15-21, 223 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs, 11 carries, 64 yards, 2 TDs Season stats: 67.1%, 2,714 yards, 28 TDs, O INTs and 139 carries, 934 yards, 13 TDs NDSU records: 67.7%, 3,111 yards, 34 TDs
  15. NDSU will play for its 8th FCS title in 9 years.
  16. I've wondered about the same, to be honest. He might not have the track record, but he's put in his time as a coach over the years. I actually could see Stefanski trying to steal him though to be his OC.
  17. 2020 Draft Talk

    So I've been thinking.... If you guys got sick of my pushing for Josh Allen a few drafts ago, you might really get sick of me in a few years once Trey Lance is ready to enter the league, if I'm still posting around here at that point.
  18. Week 15 non-Viking games

    One last Bills comment (for now)... Love seeing their fan base show out to greet the team plane after 2 am in 25 degree weather. Meanwhile, half of our fan base is usually still complaining about something (though the LA invasion was pretty awesome)
  19. 2019 Defense Thread

    Last I checked, we beat Dallas. The Vikings have only allowed 300 passing yards twice this season. Only allowed more than 2 passing TDs twice. Same two games (neither of them SEA, btw)
  20. 2019 Defense Thread

    I think it's also important to remember that we don't need the defense to be quite as dominant, because we have a Top 10 offense. It's something that's strangely become foreign for the fan base.
  21. Week 15 non-Viking games

    Bills won their 10th game of the season last night. First 10-win season since 1999, quarterbacked by Doug Flutie. Just think of that, as we often complain about our franchise. We have seven 10-win seasons in that time.
  22. Week 15 non-Viking games

    Needs more help from receivers, which led the league in drop percentage entering the week.
  23. Week 15 non-Viking games

    Josh Allen has made some people look dumb this year.