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  1. I know it wasn't just you, but I think some people need to be eating crow on Allen this year
  2. Where are those Josh Allen should play TE folks at? https://twitter.com/NFL/status/1328086202063327232
  3. Justin Jefferson has already had a better career than Laquon Treadwell.
  4. I was surprised, based on the narrative here
  5. Having a wife who identifies as a Packers fan is certainly an interesting phenomenon.....
  6. Weird seeing Rodgers do all these flip plays
  7. Honestly this is the least interested I think I've ever been in a season. Not sure I'll watch much....we'll see if that changes tomorrow. I have very little knowledge about this team. Still know the big names, but just haven't been spending time getting caught up in little details.
  8. This is gonna be a wild ride in Marshall this year!
  9. In a junior high art class, we had one week where we made pottery. I inscribed jersey numbers for members of the Vikings offense on the four sides -- 84, 80, 26 and.....12. This was coming off a year where I played a lot of Madden and obviously he wore 12 as a rookie. So mad at myself when I found out he changed his number.
  10. One thing I will say is that I wonder if the plan is to use more 4-DE looks on passing downs. We've had some luck with that, and haven't exactly added a bunch at 3-tech. Pierce is the 1-technique.
  11. I think he's talking about Chris Kluwe.....but maybe it was John David Booty
  12. Swag factor on end zone dances will take a big jump. Teammates are already asking for lessons from him.....
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