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  1. since we givin jaylen brown love, ya'll see this?
  2. idk if i'd go that far yet. this year, i'll agree he's had a better year early. just grateful i get to watch em continue their development. they got that mccollum lillard type chemistry
  3. don't disrespect drummond like that, mccurdy
  4. yeah yall havent beaten anyone with kyrie in the mix so
  5. idk tho tatum came in polished, he's just now great at things he came in good at brown has clearly worked on his game tirelessly, he's a different player than the first couple years (altho maybe we can blame kyrie)
  6. I just think deandre jordan is a serviceable starting big lmao
  7. i think payton gotta start taking some of smart's minutes at this point, kemba's just looked really good
  8. i always like him more than tatum i think it was @NYRaiderwho gave him a poor man's klay comparison and i didn't see it when he was younger. but definitely similar roles. tho i'd say jaylen is better at getting to the rim and obvi a lesser shooter.
  9. don't think you can put any stock into early season games but i will say it looks like the bucks are struggling against top competition early. lakers treated giannis like he was 2009 rondo tonight
  10. yeaaah weak show. i just don't think you can slowbuild this impact stuff. aew roster gotta be mad at kenny for this to make sense imo
  11. he is raw but hard not to be excited. seems like he's got a decent offensive feel and you cant teach that
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