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  1. and for other arenas across the league, a perfectly normal experience
  2. Daaang. Didn't get to watch last night but did we just see jabari parker's best game in the nba
  3. Cs finding ways to win the close games they've lost all year. They rollin at the right time
  4. He had a pretty good year with the Patriots and was offered a decent deal by Chicago, iirc. He was put at RB out of necessity with injuries and made some decent enough plays, I think. I don't remember who got hurt, but I remember there only being 2 RBs for a few game stretch
  5. Patterson started playing RB for the Patriots and it was just an excuse to get him into space with the ball.
  6. If in regards to LMA, it is weird that he was ever not a blazer and didn't retire 5 years ago
  7. On a netflix and chill the other night, I had portlandia on and one of the early season 2 episodes came on with LMA and I was like o **** he was a blazer wasn't he
  8. I cannot wait for Samoa Joe in AEW. That man will die working a 10 min match in Jacksonville this summer, though
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