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  1. uh??? No???? Are you joking? DeSean lowered his head. That's what the penalty was on. I said very clearly the flag should have been on the late hit.
  2. I think you mentioned exactly what I'm confused about so
  3. I also hate passing it on third down by the Giants. Make them use a timeout
  4. It's a bad call. Call the late hit. Not the helmet.
  5. I mean... it's a late hit but desean lowered his helmet so???
  6. yeah i dont want to hear that after the way you won the superbowl
  7. it's 2 first downs. two first downs mates.
  8. Pretty dumb call by the ref standing right there, the receiver just pushed his damn head down
  9. eh, don't think ainge would do it. i wouldn't like it as a celtics fan, brogdon is good but turner is soft. smart over turner for me.
  10. giants at +220? thank u fball gods
  11. man we all been there. you're there runnin and runnin and paying attention to the rhythm of your muscles and then u die
  12. Daniel Jones is terrified of success
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