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  1. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Idk man he's got a mean heel look... it would be a good time to do it. but i wish they wouldn't sabotage the damn pop. just play his damn music and let him shock the crowd. why have rollins announce it, totally telegraphed it
  2. All Things Wrestling Thread

    it was an enjoyable segment
  3. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Ambrose looking the best shape he's ever been in and again, another receding hairline looking much better with a buzz cut
  4. Madden 19

    How so? I usually buy madden every 3-4 years. What's interesting?
  5. GDT - Preseaon Week 1 - Patriots host DC

    Webb looks like a sure fire ps guy But look at Brady yelling on the sidelines of the 4th quarter of the first preseason game. If you believed everything EEI said, you'd be literally in shock dying right now
  6. All Things Wrestling Thread

    this orton stuff is very good
  7. Nuggets, Gary Harris Sign 4 Year, $84M Extension

    yeah I was thinking this just happened
  8. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I just wish they wouldn't make him look so weak but at least he's pulling everything off really well for whatever it is they're trying
  9. All Things Wrestling Thread

    it aint like tv matches are any good anyway
  10. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I think it's time for crown Joe. It'd be much more interesting seeing AJ try to defend his family as a challenger than a champion
  11. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Hahaha no idea what Shinsuke is anymore beside like a weird rat character but this Orton/Nakamura/Hardy stuff has been pretty good
  12. All Things Wrestling Thread

    oh come on, orton could have easily ripped that earlobe off, ya'll gullible
  13. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Who woulda thunk we'd see AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe as a co-headliner at Summerslam in 2018
  14. All Things Wrestling Thread

    yeah I do think he's cooled off as well and should have been crowned last summer... but he's still best candidate to be champion, i think
  15. All Things Wrestling Thread

    I think they're already missing an opportunity as it is by not having SUPER OVER Braun Strowman as your champion but I also have genuinely enjoyed the Brock isn't here stuff and last night felt like the first creative move they've made with it. Perhaps the swerve is Heyman helps Brock retain