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  1. Also, I love this oney lorcan. Biff lived in PVD and was real visible around town and this is real cool to see him getting over in WWE.
  2. The Fiend is really cool. They've really knocked this out of the park. I thought it'd have been cool if Balor had gotten some color or if he had taken a pretty big bump of some sort for the Fiend to look really terrorizing but it's such a different thing than anything I can remember in wrestling. It just feels like the character is above wrestling.
  3. Man I am liking this Shawn Spears stuff especially with Tully... even tho the "good hand" thing is silly to me but already building up formidable heels is fun to see.
  4. This was really terrible. Seems like the only intriguing thing they've got is the bray wyatt stuff and michael cole tried his hardest to ruin that. "OH NO. NOT HERE... NOT NOW"
  5. Just watched the pipe bomb for the first time in awhile. I do think it's the greatest promo in modern wrestling... I wasn't watching wrestling at that point in my life and largely missed the Punk era in WWE... I have seen more of Punk in ROH/TNA than I have in WWE. Just seemed like one of those baby turning points in the wrestling industry. I read about it on some headline and made sure to watch it a few days after it happened... then the Punk/Cena match was one of the best of all time as well, imo. Just very rarely does it feel like WWE catches that lightning in a bottle in the last 10 years and this is one time they absolutely capitalized on it. When they do capitalize on it, it's just such good poop. If Punk goes to AEW, it won't be the Punk we want. It'll be a nostalgia act. Punk in WWE was an early revolutionary. Punk today would just be another member of the elite in terms of things he could be doing.
  6. Sure, Marvez is bad but Graves and Cole both actually ruin matches for me whereas Marvez just sounds like timid. I'd take Ross/Excalibur over Graves/Cole any day. I think Ross is pretty bad now fwiw.
  7. Oh I know they were close but I imagined the law suits have taken their toll
  8. You think Cabana and Punk could work together? I'm just really hoping for cult of personality to hit and for MJF to come out
  9. I know you've thought about it. Just for funsies. Let's say Punk is.... ALL OUT. How would you have him debut?
  10. You don't gotta have Heyman come out and announce it during the ppv. Well, I just bought tickets to all out. Bucks/Luchas in a ladder match.... maybe best tag match ever incoming? they're gonna kill each other. also, ya'll got a way to watch lucha underground? I had no idea it was off netflix
  11. I didn't even mind Brock cashing in. I just don't get why you'd spoil the cash in earlier in the night. Why do they not want people to be surprised?
  12. seems like priestley had actually knocked her out prior to this so it makes a bit more sense. baker finished the match with a concussion
  13. NBA Summer League 2019

    idc bout this thread anymore, tacko and carsen are out
  14. NBA Summer League 2019

  15. NBA Summer League 2019

    Coming from the same mind who said Rondo sucked, we good here homie