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  1. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    hopefully asap, there is still time to capitalize on kyrie's supposed trade value and pick up a frontcourt player for the future. we will have no more scoring lulls in the postseason with young paul pierce
  2. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    lol terry gonna scare the committee into making him the first bench player to win it
  3. All Things Wrestling Thread

    Seems like NJPW is heating up again with this chaos/bullet club og stuff they better capitalize soon enough on all of it cause if bullet club doesn't have a wrestlemania match, i'm never posting here again jk i like some of you too much
  4. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    clearly i got no idea i even bought half a point to 8 and they still crapped the bed
  5. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    yes i am v excited on this line.
  6. NBA GDT | 18'-19 | Oct 21

    trade kyrie already
  7. All Things Wrestling Thread

    ugh. mike and maria on 205 live. just release him so he can go fight the bullet club
  8. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    this is an eli trashing only thread
  9. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    I agree, Eli is their 2nd biggest problem after the offensive line play. I apparently just think Lamar Jackson is a bigger project than you guys and needs to be protected more than you guys do.
  10. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    Right because I responded to ya'll naming now 5 QBs who got better after struggling year one with a bad offensive line by saying teams prefer to bring along QBs slowly. We can probably run around for another few hours with it but I think we'd both agree that it doesn't actually matter. I don't think Lamar Jackson would start over Eli right now, fwiw, I think anyone who thought about taking Jackson definitely considered this a redshirt year. Going as late as he did is a reflection of GMs and their opinion of how NFL ready he is
  11. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    Well, at that point, you had quoted my comment about QBs being preferred to a slow upbringing. Yeah, I have no issue with the Giants potentially trading up for him, but I think it'd be a mistake to play him this year behind that line and I think it could be a longterm deterrent. I'd prefer to see him protected like he is right now. I think the Ravens are handling him perfectly and I think he'll be much better for it
  12. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    And never became what was thought of him
  13. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    We were just talking about QBs being brought along slowly, no? Not this specific scenario.
  14. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    i'm gonna take alex smith as a point for me. i'm also gonna take colin kaepernick for me too given he never learned to operate from the pocket cause he was run so much
  15. TNF: Philadelphia Eagles (2-3) @ New York Giants (1-4)

    did he tho, did he? dude was considered a massive bust and still is considered a bust even if he's average