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  1. damn i dont know if the wolfpac is the same wolfpac but there's maybe a joke about standing during the anthem
  2. damn yeah luka is pretty trash in last possessions
  3. like in a billion years this isnt a backcourt
  4. marcus smart is your dpoy ladies and gentlemen
  5. Man, honestly, last week, I had a pretty sultry dream and then they just turned into a grim reaper looking skeleton thing. Woke myself up with an "AH"
  6. he'd still fit in with the cs... but daniel theis has been a blessing so ha ha screw u sixers
  7. I'm really still bewildered by the horford signing
  8. yall remember when the 6ers gave a 34 year old max contract for 4 years
  9. That's insane. If that isn't a shooting foul, then they need to tweak that rule
  10. no wonder nobody wants to go to his stupid sermons
  11. you say that now, just like i thought i would. next thing i know, giannis is smacking balls off the rim and smacking other forms of balls and i'm full of fury again
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