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  1. what a **** trade that would be
  2. Not terribly sure how anyone isn't into the Elite stuff. I've never been more invested in a storyline to see Page take them down. The whole dang company was built on them doing goofy stuff. They're good at it. The main event was terrible. Gage isn't built for national television and I think we all knew that but just terrible flow to that match. He did look crazy, though. I was just so deflated after the Page finish. Couldn't care about anything else that happened last night. That match was great. Thought Stu Grayson was dead after that dive.
  3. Can't imagine the Thunder would want to do that
  4. It's worth the hour listening to him repeat himself and say the f word. i hope justin roberts drops the f bomb tonight while introducing himself. it'll be the first dynamite i've been able to catch live in 7-8 weeks
  5. Have you listened to any of his interviews with CVV or etc? I hate listening to him talk but I can't get enough of it
  6. jesus, yeah, it's stacked. I don't think ANYTHING of Gage as a wrestler but his personality and presence is undeniable. Can't believe he's going to be on national television.
  7. If you mean Giddey.... a 6'8 Rubio isn't a bad comparison and Giddey at the end of the lottery, I think is great value. Ingles is a really great shooter so I'm not sure I love that comparison but Giddey is young. He'll bulk up with that frame. The value is there but it'll be a few years.
  8. unfortunately my friend....... yes. not liking a wrestler doesn't mean i'm ill informed but not liking aew having seen very little if at all.... because you love wwe on the other hand............ i've met keith lee after a banger vs brian cage while standing ringside. guess i'm REALLY INFORMED. i don't think he has any charisma outside of his matches. i think his matches are fine, it's just his character and his mannerisms that turn me off. it's prolly similar reasoning to the people that don't like omega. to each their own, i guess.
  9. lol you should see his CBA teams. his usg is prolly in the 90s
  10. I watched a lot of Giddey last year. It's obviously great that he sees the floor the way he does but LaMelo is such a vastly superior athlete. Giddey is a project and yes I understand any 18 year old international player is likely a project but I just think Giddey is gonna struggle for a few years and may never take off. Don't think he'll be able to guard like LaMelo early on.
  11. i don't see anything in keith lee personally. he's always squinting and it bothers me
  12. which 50 year olds wrestle? chris jericho? dustin? i know you're pretty ill informed about wrestling and that's ok, we all like what we like, but can you imagine trying to sign any wrestler who has made a name for himself or herself over the last 10 years and branding them "wwe" wrestlers?
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