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  1. I promise you that Ainge will not move a 24 year old all star just to get rid of Kemba. Brown isn't going anywhere.
  2. I don't really have an issue with it given how inconsistent the officiating in the NBA is. I think that's the bigger black eye
  3. somebody says something positive on the internet that doesn't involve lakers
  4. you just said "you didnt watch lakers knicks" lmao i said this is peak nba. you said this isnt peak defense nba. ok great. glad you could "well actually" me
  5. that's the only shot you could get since shooters were a premium and everyone wanted a dwight howard
  6. sorry sir i am sorry i didnt say lakers are greatest to ever live you don't get a better game than this. sorry bud. you may get as good. you don't get better than CP3 and Lillard battling each other. it's ok. take a big ol breath.
  7. ah cool, even if "good" defense in 2021 was actually great defense, glad we got 48 mins of it in 103680 mins
  8. This game is peak NBA. 2 elite guards battling. I hate CP3 but this is as good as he's ever been
  9. If anyone gets moved, it's Kemba/Smart. They ain't gonna move Brown. This just wasn't the year for the Cs timeline. Nesmith, Timelord, Pritchard have flashed pretty huge at points in the year. They need time.
  10. yeah Cody sucks but I loved the show as a whole. SCU/Bucks was fantastic, I really liked Nagata/Mox and Pac/Cassidy was going really well until Pac killed OC. I'm also into the DON card so far. Cage/Hangman in particular.
  11. we aren't going to get a better allotment of players
  12. it's also true that celtics fans are perhaps some of the most reactionary in the NBA
  13. trading Brown just makes no sense. We've had players try to play through injuries and ruin their careers
  14. Sure, I thought he got overpaid but he clearly trusted himself to take the next leap regardless of what he got paid. A dude that gets THAT much better after getting paid is a dude worth keeping
  15. Who has gotten exponentially better each year he's been in the league. If he did play injured to make the bonus, then whatever. Don't bother me none. I'd do the same
  16. I think we'd all be pretty shocked. Dude wanted to play through the injury. Your assumption of Brown's character is the opposite of the character we think him to have. Obvi I don't know the guy but from what the public knows, he's not a money first guy. If he was, he'd have held out for more money in his contract. He also could have made money doing anything. It's a wild take my fella
  17. Well, at least without Brown, Fournier has a defined role. I don't know what our ceiling was but I'm still hopeful for some noise
  18. Disagree. Maybe to casual viewers who just think those teams suck, but to the core NBA audience, it's disgraceful, imo.
  19. Yeah good thing mason plumlee and jerami grant are going to be well rested for their long off-season
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