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  1. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    Thought it was perfect. With Infinity War beginning directly after Ragnarock you've had Thor experience the following in a very short period of time (couple of days/weeks?) Death of his Dad. Banished to Sakar Having to Kill his Crazy Sister (who he didn't know about) whilst losing an eye. Destruction of Asgard Slaughtering of Half the remaining of Asgardians Getting pummelled by a Star. Failing to "Go for the Head" and losing billions to Thanos when he had a chance to kill him. Him falling into depression and self-loathing seems pretty spot on given that emotional roller coaster of failure. More so than any other Avengers, Thors kinda failed repeatedly both as a "hero" and a "King". I hope he's back in Shape for Thor 4/Guardians 3, but realistically the MCU is always going to have to find ways to nerf Thor a little which is frustrating.
  2. ***Spoiler Thread*** Avengers: Endgame

    @sdrawkcab321 I'm in the UK (just went to a late showing as I'm off work tomorrow), and even though it started 10pm my time, whole cinema was buzzing and there were so many amazing moments. People crying. Cheers, Tension e.t.c. Yeh there is some fan-service to us Marvel fans but it met my expectations and more. Definitely one of the best cinema experiences I've been part of and I usually hate packed cinemas. Will wait till the spoiler tags are lifted completely to post further thoughts.
  3. NFC next year, early predictions

    People are sleeping on Green Bay too. I think Rodgers get back to near his best (not prime) next year. Particularly if he can avoid injury. I think the NFCN an NFCS are going to be dog fights. I won't trust the Vikings until they fix their awful OL. I really want to see Brees win another ring, however I think he arm is going, and when the defence don't have to play you for more than 15 yds downfield it'll impact the run game, who replaces Ingram he leaves in FA? I personally think a healthy Atlanta take the division. They had a lot of talent defensively go down this year. Rams will repeat in the NFCW. Eagles will win the NFCE.
  4. Top 5 Most Clutch QBs

    I'd agree that Ben is not a Top 5 QB anymore. For me probably not even Top 8. However I don't think theres any argument that he's not clutch. Sometimes it's self inflicted woes but some of the comebacks have been fantastic. Down 16? against the Jags this season as an example.
  5. NFL announces 5 international games for 2019

    The Chargers don't even have a home field advantage as it is. Playing it in Mexico if anything we mean there may be a lower % of Cheif fans there. I'm a fan in London. We really don't give a damn about the Jags. So many fans this side of the pond picked franchises as the sport got big here either in the late 90's or again in the mid to late 00's (hence why there is a stupid amount of Patriots, Steelers and Chargers fans and also Packers, Giants and Eagles fans - teams doing well around that time - Chargers excepted). The Jags - Eagles game this year was dominated by Eagles fans from UK and who came from stateside. American Football is fast growing sport in terms of popularity. UK Twitter was dominated by certain hashtags last night and it had little to do with the soccer games over here. How are the rules so much tougher than the intricacies of Tennis or Basketball or Cricket? If your interested you'll take the time to learn them just like any other sport or hobby. I'll wait to see if Cam is actually playing this year and if the Jags bother to get a decent QB before buying tickets for enxt year.
  6. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    Surely you would have just played your first stringers and beat the Panthers properly in Week 17.
  7. Was this the worst call in NFL history?

    If there is no accountability then what's the point? If the refs make the correct call, the Saints kick the likely chip shot field goal and win the game as theres no time left on the clock. It the worst call I've ever seen, even more so in the context of the game. There is no excuse for missing that play. Saying "it happens" is just saying it's ok for the ref to miss that call. If Arians get the Bucs to a NFCCG next year or the year after and similar happens..."it's ok"? I hope the Rams get smoked in the superbowl tbh.
  8. Is Mike Thomas A 'Tier 1' Wide Receiver?

    I don't think he's top tier, but then I don't think Saints fan should see that as a disservice against him, theres a lot of WR talent, and OBJ, Diva Brown, Hopkins (as good as Watson is Nuk makes him look better on some real poor throws) and Julio ARE that good. I don't think Mike Evans and AJ Green are a whole tier better than him. Those 3, Tyreke Hill, Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen and others are of and around the same "tier"/ability.
  9. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    3 baffling coaching decisions. - Payton timeout and that garbage run play on 3rd down rather than going for it. - Running Sproles up the middle on first down when you need a TD. - Rushing the play before the 2 minute warning.
  10. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Feel like every roster be it NFL, NBA or Soccer has that useless player we all want cut. I'd assume that's PJ WIlliams to Saints fans.
  11. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    If the Saints do win. Cooks and Woods aren't making that error next week. Although they'd have probably burned PJ Williams something fierce before that would matter.
  12. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Michael Thomas is a beast. Came up clutch for the Saints several times on that drive.
  13. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Andrus Peat isn't very goodl.
  14. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Saints need to get another WR this off-season to be a #2 to Thomas.
  15. Eagles vs. Saints: Divisional Round

    Eagles have come to play Saints Defence is garbage against the pass. It's gonna be a shoot-out, if the Saints offence ever wakes up. Saints still have no pass rush against good lines.