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  1. NFL Week 14 GDT

    The OC: Steve Sarkisian is probably gone then I guess?
  2. NFL Week 14 GDT

    Any chance Dan Quinn gets fired?
  3. NFL Week 14 GDT

    Them and the Vikings should just forgo the kicking position.
  4. NFL Week 14 GDT

    Saints gonna need the Rams to beat the Bears to try and make sure they get a bye week. They look like hot garbage. Aside from Michael Thomas, no one on their offense has showed up for two weeks.
  5. DEN WR Emmanuel Sanders tears Achilles, placed on IR

    Feasible if your good at it. The Ravens are vying for that #6 seed by running as much as possible and playing good defence. With a better QB they'd be a legitimate threat to cause noise in the playoffs.
  6. Week 13 GDT

    Let's be honest. You guys are gonna bring back Riverboat Ron and run it back again in 2019.
  7. Week 13 GDT

    You'd think with the recievers they have that the Panthers would have a quick hitting, short passing game predicated on the reciever getting YAC. Moore, Samuels, Wright and McCaffrey can all make LB's/DB's look silly one on one.
  8. Week 13 GDT

    The funny thing is I still don't know how good they are in relation to the Chargers, Pats, Cheifs and Steelers. If their better than all bar Cheifs or bottom of the cream of the AFC crop pile. Especially with that poor excuse of an OL.
  9. Week 13 GDT

    Theres plenty of time left. Based on recent history, if you have any superbowl winning hopes you don't want to win MVP anyway. Been nearly 20 years since the MVP has won the Lombardi.
  10. Week 13 GDT

    The ending to the Merseyside Derby was truly WTF. Never seen that in a match before.
  11. Chiefs release Kareem Hunt

    Struggling to see how this is labelled as Domestic Violence. Watching the video seems like it would be Assault? That said NFL players or athletes in general need to be smarter, nothing to be gained here. Should have walked away from it. You have millions to lose. Given the Rueben Foster situation, he got to be claimed right? Or worse someone will sign him in free agency? He's not some washed up vet, he's a Top 5 back. Replaceable position or not.
  12. Jaguars fire OC Nathaniel Hackett

    Is Bortles going to be retained into 2019? What's his contract situation like?
  13. Baker Mayfield, The King in the North

    Happy for Browns fans as they look on the up as a franchise but the most important decision with regards to Baker will be made in January/February. Who they select as the HC/OC for the next couple of years to help shape him is probably the most important decision they'll make bar actually picking him #1. Pick the wrong person and you have Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota.....just unfuffiled potential.
  14. Week 12 GDT

    Got no bone in the fight but it clearly looks like Lawson who wants to escalate it further post ejection and in the tunnel.
  15. How good is Jared Goff?

    3rd best QB this season. In terms of his ranking overall, depends on how much you factor in longevity. Top 10 definitely, where you go from there is personal preference. Wentz probably featured on a lot of Top 10 lists earlier this year and wouldn't now. Him, Wentz and Mahomes are the hot new things. With Deshaun Watson a long way off them, but I feel too often people will be quick to dismiss the likes of Luck and Wilson, who are both only 29, easily arguably as Top 10 QB's and some in this forum are really down on Matt Ryan despite the number he puts up. [22 TD-4 INT, 3306 Yds on 8.5 YPA this year] I'm taking Goff over the likes of Big Ben, Cam and Rivers though, even if I just needed a QB for a single game. Call me a prisoner of the moment. I don't care.