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  1. Take positions out of it: Henry and Nelson were better players in his own division last year, some may argue Hopkins too. No surprise he doesn't make Top 10. Ahead of him (removing the older 3 QB's): Lamar, RW, Donald, Mahomes, Thomas, Run CMC, Kittle, Hopkins, Gilmore, Henry, Jones, Wagner, Jones, Baby Bosa, Kelce, Mack. You'd remove who maybe Wagner???, Kelce and Mack probably? However I'd argue Quenten Nelson andTJ Watt had comparable or better seasons. Like if they weren't OL: the likes of Nelson (#29), Ramcyzk (#82) and Stanley (#74) should be in the top 30/40 of any ranking. Combined Zero sacks given up. Like 2 Penalties combined or something crazy low.
  2. The state of the replies to that tweet. God lord. I know twitter is a cesspool of poor opinions but still. As others have alluded to there will be a season. Theres too much money on the table for there not to be, both for the players but particularly the Owners. However I wouldn't be surprised if it's a significantly changed one. Fans certainly are a no go right?
  3. In 2025/6 when he's 29/30 he'll probably hold out for his final huge deal that'll take him through to his twilight years.
  4. Why do people harp so much about paying Mahomes $40M? He's the best QB in the league, comfortably, and still has plenty of room to improve. They're at worst a playoff shoo-in as long as he's healthy and playing well. The floor is a .500 season, and the reality is, as long as the defence isn't 2014-2016 Saints Level bad, I'm certain he'll be playing playoff games for the next decade. With potentially multiple superbowls. Just because Aaron Rodger/Drew Brees won only 1 SB doesn't mean the Packers/Saints should have traded them at the height of his powers even for an entire draft.
  5. 49ers at Saints Texans at Saints Seahawks at 49ers (both) Seahawks at Rams Bucs vs. Rams (Truly a WTF game | No Defence played) 49ers at Ravens.
  6. One of the best draft classes of the last decade. Jeez. I guess you can argue the Chiefs is better as they got Mahomes whose just a ridiculous QB.
  7. Not that want companies to take advantage of the current global situation but it's the perfect storm to go "We're not going to release FIFA/Madden 21 this year, and we're going to get our crap together, giving them an extra 12 months of proper dev time." Instead people will pay for an absolute mess of a release on both the current gen and new gen consoles for $60/£50. I don't buy Madden or FIFA but avoiding 2K like the plague this year for that exact reason (and 2K's Franchise mode is awesome). I'll buy it next year. That would be ideal but would never happen knowing the NFL and EA.
  8. These uni's' are fantastic. Few that come close league Wide for me to the Dark Blues, Color Rush and All Whites.
  9. Wish they'd take a year off and rebuild the damn game to make it better. Goddamn EA. Cool Lamar's on the cover, no other choice really.
  10. Are they letting Vonn Bell go, whose going to be entering his prime, for someone 7 years old on a 4 year deal? Seems confusing. Seems way too long a deal to be paying to a 32 year old safety.
  11. Was the best QB in his division and 3rd/4th best QB in his conference [Wilson/Brees/depends on your opinion of Jimmy G] last year and people still crap on him. Confused. He's not their biggest issue. If Jimmy G can get to a superbowl, Kirk Cousins can.
  12. As @N4L and @BaltimoreTerp have alluded to. Particularly if they cut ties with Cam Newton this off-season I don't think the Panthers have any interested in winning more than 2-3 games next year and being in the Lawrence sweepstakes. Kuechly's retirement alongside some potential cuts are at the right time. I don't think they'll trade away their talent to the extent the Dolphins did, doubt anyone in Charlotte would be unhappy with a 2-14 season and the #1 Pick in 2021. Given Brees is a year or so out from retirement probably. Falcons are in cap hell and the Bucs QB situation is up in the air/still need more talent. It might not be the worst decision to make.
  13. Chris Godwin too. Ridiculous amount of WR talent in that division.
  14. One Team Bye is going to skew the advantage to the #1 seed massively imo. Still we'll see where it goes and how it plays out next season.
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