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  1. Are we witnessing "Zombie Brady"?

    OK, maybe stacked was over-stating it. It was top heavy, but even so there are four players on that grid that have out produced all out current TEs combined.
  2. Week 13 - Patriots at Longhorns

    (and one of those was week 17 when starters were rested)
  3. Are we witnessing "Zombie Brady"?

    The TE issue should have been addressed in the draft. It was a stacked TE draft.
  4. Are we witnessing "Zombie Brady"?

    So Brady, who has worked with literally 100s of WRs over his career, for the first time simply refused to help a rookie learn the offense? That sounds like total tabloid nonsense. As for Brady's decline - can somebody point it out to me, without reference to statistics - I mean how is he physically worse than last year? I'm watching the game and I'm seeing a 42 year climb the pocket and avoid sacks just like he used to. He's throwing the ball away, a lot, because guys aren't open. His throws aren't floating, they still have a spiral. When guys are open he's hitting them. There aren't plays left out on the field because Brady is missing open guys, but there are drives stalling because Dorsett/Sanu/Meyers aren't getting open 1v1 when teams are doubling Edelman. And they have no TEs worthy of an NFL roster. There's a lot of people who assume the problem must be Brady because he's old, or maybe even would like it to be Brady because they dislike him, but I'm watching the play on the field, and if Marshall Newhouse were Trent Brown, and Watson was Gronkowski, this offense would be fine. At some point, the idea that they can just let good players go and replace them was going to have an impact. It killed a good offense in 2005/6. It killed a good offense in 2013. And it's killing a good offense now.
  5. MNF: Vikings at Seahawks GDT

    OK, I went to sleep with Vikings winning 17-10 and wake up to a 37-30 loss. I also know this game was @Seattle. So tell me...what outrageously lucky and/or semi-corrupt piece of officiating helped get Seattle over the line? We all know there was one.
  6. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    Tyreek Hill and Terrell Suggs are awful people, they’re playing. ...in typing out “Tyreek” I realised my spellchecker knows the word “Tyree”. Now I’m double depressed.
  7. Week 13 - Patriots at Longhorns

    That onside kick nearly killed me. They had it! If Bolden corrals that they have 50 seconds to score. How is no one as upset about this as I am?! I can’t take it.
  8. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    The number 1 seed is going to come down to Bolden flubbing that onside kick, I just know it.
  9. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    I thought they had that. They should have. My heart.
  10. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    The AFC Championship drop still flashes in front of my eyes late at night, sometimes.
  11. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    Collinsworth with the BS, no Pats fans I know thought this would be a blow out. That’s dumb.
  12. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    Because someone told BB WRs who can get open is cheating, and he doesn’t want to lose another first rounder.
  13. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    James White don’t know when it’s over. James White keeps going til the bell.
  14. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    If you’re just gonna hand it off, just put Stidham in.
  15. SNF: Patriots vs Texans GDT

    Why are they running it?