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  1. GDT - WK 15 @ Pittsburgh - We're on to Pitt

    Where the hell was this version of Jay Cutler last Monday?
  2. Patriots Sign Kenny Britt to 2 year Contract

    This is my shocked face.
  3. Eagles fear QB Carson Wentz suffered torn ACL

    I don't understand, are you disagreeing? Jeffery is the best WR on either team, and Ertz is the best TE on either team. Jacksonville have Lewis who's OK, and some decent WRs in Hurns and Lee, and some talented rookies, but I really didn't think it was controversial to say Philly are much better at those positions. I'm not looking to have a long debate about this. I'm honestly startled anybody disagrees.
  4. Eagles fear QB Carson Wentz suffered torn ACL

    Jax have the better secondary, but the DLs and RB groups are a wash, and Philly's WR/TE groups is definitely better.
  5. Eagles fear QB Carson Wentz suffered torn ACL

    An elite defense, a good ground game, and a talented receiving corps. is obiously enough to get into the play-offs, even with below average QB play. Look at Jacksonville, they only have 2 out of those 3, and will probably take their division at a walk.
  6. Devin Hester Announces Retirement

    He was the most productive return-man ever, no question. But was he the best? In a way his limitations as a player in all other phases helps him as a returner, all other great returners contributed in other (more important) areas, and so a lot of the time their returning days were cut short. Sanders is an obvious example. Antonio Brown, Reggie Bush, Ed Reed, Patrick Peterson...good to elite players, and very dynamic return men, who simply never got the touches, to save their bodies. Case in point, Julian Edelman is one of the best PR guys of his generation (obviously not as as good as Hester, just an example), but he doesn't do it regularly for fear of injury.
  7. Patriots Sign Kenny Britt to 2 year Contract

    I guess that means Mitchell definitely isn't returning this year.
  8. Completely agree. It was a ten point game to open the 4th, and D forced 4 or 5 consecutive punts. If the O had converted just one of their chances we'd be talking about how an injury hit D stood up when it mattered.
  9. This has been painful. It's one thing to get blown out, but the D keeps getting the ball back - 4 punts in a row now - the O just can't move the ball. This is the same defense they were all over just 2 weeks ago. What happened?
  10. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    I hate football sometimes. There's so much unknown mojo to it. These teams played two weeks ago, and the game was almost the complete opposite. Watching the no. 1 offense in football get humiliated by a middling-ranked defense is not just annoying as a Pats fan, but frustrating for someone who wants to live in a world that makes sense.
  11. Yeah because benching Brady is clearly the solution.
  12. Euch. And here comes the "Brady's not thrown a TD and has three picks in his last 2 games" storyline. Nevermind that two of those picks were on uncalled DPIs.
  13. This is getting ugly. I know it's weird, but you can always tell early when the offense will struggle, on the first series, when Brady threw a ball at a receivers feet, I just knew it would be a bad game.
  14. Hate that White call to end the drive. Seems like a "just get the FG and get the hell out of here" play. I think the Miami D is showing them stuff they weren't prepared for.
  15. Monday Night Football - New England v Miami

    Maybe a little, but the CB shoved Cooks to the ground to make the catch.