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  1. Oh he won't pass, not close, but it will close the gap. I don't doubt that.
  2. It won't totally even it out, but the endorsements available thanks to a longer career on a winning team and a Superbowl MVP probably close the income gap quite a bit. Another consideration is the nature and affection of fanbases. Edelman will basically eat for free in Boston for the rest of his life. He will be greeted fondly on the street every single day, adored by millions of Pats fans and waltz into the Patriot Hall of Fame with a standing ovation at Gillette. Maybe not ALL Detroit fans will be bitter about Calvin opting out early because he lost his desire, but there will be a
  3. I find it slightly funny how many people are saying "I would rather have Megatron's" career, when Megatron literally HAD his career and gave it up early because it was depressing.
  4. I mean, the flawless first half (+1st drive of second half) where the offense put up 28 points did help. It’s not like they won 9-3. Plus there were 16 other games, including quite a big one 2 weeks later.
  5. The most entertaining part of draft is all the fun new names. Devine Diablo is excellent, as are Rachad Wildgoose and Isaiah Loudermilk. Tommy Tremble and Brady Breeze sound like characters from a 1950s educational comic strip. But there’s a simple elegance to Jake Funk that can’t be beat this year. I wish that was my name.
  6. Yes, Brady has no experience of carrying a sub-par offensive supporting cast to success. That has never happened.
  7. Meanwhile NFL head office is like “Yikes, 18 picks and only a dozen celebrity endorsements, 5 virtue signals and 500 commercial breaks.”
  8. Jets with the three firsts, going full Draft Day Costner. EDIT: Nevermind. Draft order was slow to refresh.
  9. I think people see it as a sign of misplaced priority, yes CIN could take OTs in rounds 2,3,4 and get some decent players, but taking the best OL top 10 sends a message.
  10. Wow. Kurt Warner looks OLD suddenly. When did that happen?
  11. Why are they milking the draft so hard this year? Hours and hours of repetitive coverage with nothing real to say, and now cheesy red carpet BS and awful music. Just desperate to make it like an awards ceremony, when that’s impossible and they’d be better off appealing to their core demographic of football nerds.
  12. This. Considering he hadn't played football in over a year, and was learning a new offense on a new team, the amount he contributed was pretty extraordinary really. And physically he looked just as sharp and quick as ever, plus his chemistry with Brady is incredible. Wouldn't be shocked if Tampa had 3 1000 yard receivers this year.
  13. Evans got his 1k this year despite being hobbled for at least 3/4 games, if he’s healthy all season he should make it again. It’s Godwin and maybe Miller AB will take touches from.
  14. Only place that made sense for him, and where he likely wanted to be, but tested the market to see if any team wanted to give him bigger money. Turns out they don't. One more year of good behavior needed before any team will splurge for him.
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