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  1. 3 Big Questions in 2017

    I think who can challenge them for the AFC depends on injuries - if the DL keeps getting hit then any AFC team with a good offense could win in a shoot-out. That's the Steelers, Raiders or even the Titans. If the OL has any serious injuries then the Broncos could definitely beat them. The targets are an interesting one - I feel like the glut of possible play-makers is a response to being to reliant on Edelman/Gronk. Especially Gronk. Him going down injured always shortens the field. Hogan countered that last year, but Cooks can take it to another level. I wouldn't be surprised if not a single one of them cross 1000 yards, or if 4 of them of did. I don't see them trading JG before the deadline - I think they deliberately priced themselves out of the market in the off-season because they want him around. Time-defying, Dorian Grey-esque as he may be, Brady is still 40 years old. He could fall off any time. And people can tear ligaments at any age. JG is a good back-up to stop them wasting a stacked roster in the event the unthinkable happens.
  2. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    Is that JG's first ever INT in a game?
  3. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    If Solder isn’t playing, they could keep Brady’s snaps to the absolute minimum.
  4. Agree. Normally speaking I would say they would wait for final cutdowns, but this is a thin position already. Especially with Ealy struggling and Wise concussed. Wouldn't be at all surprised if there was a trade, maybe even player-for-player. They do have RBs and WRs to spare right now.
  5. Overrated/Underrated

    Overrated: Number 1 receivers. I think the Saints and Patriots have shown that a passing attack is more dangerous with 4 good/decent targets than one "Number 1" WR. Underrated: Special Teams specialists. Every year teams lose a games they should win because of a fumbled return, a botched coverage, a blown onside kick or whiffed tackle. Solid coverage units and STers with great situational awareness are very valuable.
  6. Patriot Linebackers

    I think Hightower and McGinest were the two best players, in terms of combining physical talent and mental acuity. Collins probably the best athlete by a distance, but simply either not inclined or not interested in playing smart. Just like Thomas. Mayo was a good player, but a better leader. Just like Bruschi. In terms of ranking them in impact and talent I'd probably go: Hightower, McGinest, Bruschi, Vrabel, Mayo, Thomas, Collins. ...and although he spent a lot of time at DE as well, I might slide Ninkovich onto that list, between Vrabel and Mayo.
  7. FootballsFuture Fantasy Football Challenge

    Sounds interesting. I'm in.
  8. Best QB's Ever

    I don't want this to collapse into an old-fashioned Peyton v Brady thread - but was he more of a "coach on the field" than other elite QBs? I mean, he waved his arms a lot more, but was he any smarter than the others? Is there anyway to objectively test that? Each of the "big four" QBs (Brady, Peyton, Rodgers, Brees) has had some WR or TE or OL they've played with describe them as "the smartest player in the league" or something like that. How did Peyton make Garcon great? He has had his best seasons with the redskins. And as for Blair White, he was the fifth target for one season, behind an all-pro (Wayne) and a pro-bowler (Garcon). He was a role player with 350 yards for one season. You could just as well say that Brees made Devery Henderson great, or Brady made Reche Caldwell great.
  9. Here's a list of all DL and OLB FAs : http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/defensive-line/available/ http://www.spotrac.com/nfl/free-agents/outside-linebacker/available/ Jared Odrick is still unsigned. Kendall Reyes and Mario Williams other names that caught my eye. Not exactly rich pickings. Maybe they could coax Ninkovich or even Ware out of retirement? As roster cut-downs approach, some decent players might become available.
  10. Best QB's Ever

    Yeah, Peyton is the answer if you're starting a new franchise from scratch. No question. I mean, as long as you get him 2 all-pro receivers, an all-pro running back, an all-pro center, a pro-bowl LT and all-pro Tight End, well then he might, sometime down the line, not play quite bad enough to lose the superbowl for you. As long as your HoF kicker doesn't miss a single kick and your defense scores more points than they allow.
  11. We're onto Houston! Pre-season Week 2

    Keep Brady out of this one too, maybe just a series or 2. Don't play Gronk at all. I hate pre-season. Re: Roster fringe guys, I think Langi might already have made the cut - wouldn't be surprised if Harris didn't make the 53. Seems like every year some veteran is cut at the last minute. I like Carr but we don't have room for him, but he should be a lock for the PS if some WR-needy team doesn't poach him. J. Hollister is competing for the third TE spot, too close to call right now. I want to see more Burkhead this game, and really get a feel for the pecking order and roles of the RBs. It still feels like a muddle of above-average versitile types, with no clear delineation of who does what.
  12. Brady's Alleged 2016 Concussion

    The problem here is that you don't understand what the word "resilience" means. You seem to think it is the same as resistance, when it is not. "Resilience" means to recover quickly, not be resistant to. These are clearly being marketed to help sharpen the mind in recovery from head injuries and concussions, and since you claim he played with a concussion without a dip in performance, perhaps they work. As to his refusal to talk about his alleged concussion, I doubt it has anything to do with his business, and much to do with avoiding getting his team in hot water for allegations of falsifying the injury report, and indeed not wanting to appear to call out his wife for making up stories. Something the tabloids would be all over.
  13. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    No. That's not how succession works - Joffrey's son would be ahead of Tommen. That's why (in the books) Aegon IV was known as "Aegon the Unlikely" - because he was the 4th son of a fourth son. If Jon is R+L's son, and legitimate, he is ahead of Dany. No question.
  14. Game of Thrones - Winter Is Here

    No, inheritance rules always go down the eldest bloodline in order. King -> King's first born -> King's first born's first born -> King's second born -> King's second born's first born. So Rhaegar's children are ahead of Dany in succession.