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  1. Training Camp Battle - Running Back

    No way, no how, will they dump white when the WR position is so up in the air and Gronk is one bad tackle away from IR. Brady needs targets he can trust, and White might well push 60-70 receptions this year, what with Lewis being gone and Edelman starting the year on suspension
  2. 2018 Free Agency Rumors and Discussion

    Came here to mention this. I loved Cooks, was sad when he was traded, but if that was going to be the level of contract needed to keep him then it was a smart move.
  3. DeMarco Murray announced his retirement

    One of my favourite players in his prime, and an under-the-radar player that won me a couple of fantasy leagues a few years ago. Obviously HOF talk is tongue in cheek, but if he'd had better luck with injuries it was distinct possibility.
  4. NFL Fines Jerry Richardson $2.75M

    I actually agree with your broader point, but your math is wrong. 2.75million is 0.275% of 1 billion. A billion is 1000million, not 100.
  5. Jason Witten planning on retiring

    Jason Witten was and is one of my favrourite players ever - forever enshrined thanks to this play:
  6. "One Week From Now" Patriots Mock Draft, Final

    I've been out of the loop clearly - where does the third 1st rounder come from? We got 23 for Cooks, how did we land 27?
  7. 2018 Free Agency Rumors and Discussion

    Do they need Bryant, at all? Edelman, Mitchell, Hogan, Matthews, Patterson, Dorsett, Britt isn't an all-star line up, but it's decent and varied. Bryant feels like luxury, and cap space that could be used on the D or the OL.
  8. Patriots trade Brandin Cooks to the Rams

    Bummed out. Liked Cooks a lot.
  9. Matt Slater resigned

    Very happy. Felt weird thinking he would play for the steelers.
  10. Texans off-season thread

    You guys should be pleased, he's a great ST guy and a pretty decent CB. You don't want him starting, but he showed flashes as a good 3rd/4th corner. Certainly never going to be a complete liability. One of my favourite "Who?" guys on our roster. Gutted we lost him, but happy he went to a team I like.
  11. Patriots acquired KR/WR Cordarrelle Patterson

    Somewhere, NBT is just too happy.
  12. Patriots aquire Jason McCourty from Browns

    Useful or not, I'm ridiculously pleased. I've wanted both twins on the team since they came into the league, just because it's fun.
  13. Rex Burkhead Signs Multi-year Deal with Patriots

    Do we still have Gillislee on the roster, or is he gone?
  14. Nate Solder Signs w/ NY Giants

    Didn't ever consider he would leave tbh, assumed that with his son's illness he'd want to stay put. Bad OL incoming.
  15. Malcolm Butler Signs w/ Titans 5 yrs 61mil

    Cemented himself as a Patriots legend with one play, and was one of my favourite rags-to-riches stories in the NFL. I hope the contract disputes and whatever happened in Feb. don't ruin his legacy in NE. That said, I will always slightly blame him for the SB loss. Still, happy he got paid. First day back on here since the SB, the grieving process was long. Seeing we lost Butler, Danny, Solder and Lewis doesn't help much.