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  1. Early roster predictions?

    Came to post this https://www.espn.co.uk/nfl/story/_/id/27415338/pats-cut-inman-veteran-wr-request I guess he figures he’s got no shot to make the roster and wants the inside track on a job somewhere else. He’s certainly good enough to play for someone, can see why he wants out of NE.
  2. Pre-Season Week 2 Discussion - Patriots @ Titans

    Winovich looking as good as advertised, and Meyers is making me reconsider what I said in the Gordon thread.
  3. Pre-Season Week 2 Discussion - Patriots @ Titans

    Has done already for me. They’re not winning anything if Brady goes down, picking 3 qbs is just wasting a spot, and Hoyer is a known and limited quantity vs a young player with promise.
  4. Pre-Season Week 2 Discussion - Patriots @ Titans

    Bentley looking good. The LB corps looks to be a strength this season.
  5. Josh Gordon REINSTATED according to Schefter

    Probably, but there's the rub when you have decent depth. I can't see him contributing more than a veteran, and don't like going into the season with 2 rookies out of 6 WRs. Maybe they'll carry 7 and go more WR heavy, given the problems at TE.
  6. Patriots WR Josh Gordon reinstated

    Had written him off for the season, this is a big for the WR corps, means Pats will be cutting at least 2 NFL worthy players. If your team is WR needy, keep an eye on Pats cuts.
  7. Chargers S Derwin James to miss significant time

    I never really feel like the NFL season has started until there are multiple threads about the Chargers losing key players to injury.
  8. Josh Gordon REINSTATED according to Schefter

    Absolutely stunned, had written him off for the season. This changes everything as far as the WR corps is concerned, you have to think Thomas is pretty much gone. Edelman, Gordon, Harry are the only guaranteed spots I would say. That leaves Meredith, Dorsett, Harris, Thomas, Berrios, Davis, Inman, Patterson and Meyers fighting for at most four spots, and more likely three. They are gonna end up cutting at least 1 WR that belongs on an NFL roster. Dorsett has the inside track, and is most likely to stick. Berrios and Meyers are PS eligible, so could be stashed. Meredith, Inman and Thomas are much of a muchness in terms of size and role, I don't see them carrying more than 1 of those three. Edelman, Gordon, Harry, Dorsett, Inman and Harris is my pick. Although I could see Meredith making it over Inman. Berrios and Meyers to the PS. Thomas goes home and waits for a injury emergency call from someone else.
  9. Number of TDs for Mahomes this year

    I’m gonna say 25-30. I think he regresses.

    I have played this game 8 years in a row, and never made it past week 3. I've gone out week 1 six times, including 4 in a row. 5 of those time years I went out picking either for, or against, the Browns. Three times I backed them to turn their luck around and got kneecapped by it. I hate this game. I hate the Browns. I hate myself for playing it, and I hate Woz for laying this rake in my path - year after year - and laughing as I walk right into it, each time positive I've got this rake problem handled and this time - this time - it will be different. It's never different. *sigh* Favorite Team: Patriots Week 1 pick: Patriots I have read all of the rules and agree to them. The most important rule is "Watch your edits."
  11. Ravens trade Kicker/Punter Kaare Vedvik to the Vikings for a 5th

    I would ALWAYS have the back-up QB be the holder, because it opens up so much more with regard for trick plays and such.
  12. Early roster predictions?

    I really hope they don't ride with 3 QBs, feels like a wasted spot. We're not going anywhere without Brady, so if he goes hurt may as well blood the young guy as trudge along with Hoyer. An extra WR or a rotational pass rusher or spare LB will contribute a lot more than a 3rd QB. Even if all that means is keeping starters of coverage teams etc.
  13. He's worn that helmet for 9 years, and had 1 concussion - and that was when a guy deliberately tried to give him one. These are adults, he should be allowed to wear the helmet that works for him. Honestly can't think of a reason to forbid it, except just asserting authority for authority's sake.
  14. Why is Duke Dawson done?
  15. Patriots Extend Tom Brady for 2 years, $70M

    1. Obvisouly, yes, it's a Patriots stat, I just refer to it as Brady to show i'm not including '08 or weeks 1-4 of 2016. 2. It's not a .4 difference, it's a 0.04 difference - as in less than 2/3rds of a game. It's small enough to, over the time, be accuonted for be totally random factors. It's actually funny you mention the difference between homefield adv. Miami's (much) better than average record against NE (accounting for almost 1/5th of their losses) has cost NE a LOT over the years. Late season losses to the Dolphins cost the Patriots seeding in 04, 06, 09, 13, 15 and 18. Five of those were the difference between being the 1 seed and the 2 seed. In 06, 13 and 15 that almost certainly cost them trips to the SB. You guys should thank your lucky stars the Pats play in Miami every year. Otherwise you could be looking at 10 rings for the Pats.