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  1. My highlighting pointed out you were contradicting yourself by referring both to the fact he was the top-rated deep-passer in the league, and that he "looks like garbage"
  2. You need to get your mind right son. Some serious doublethink going on here.
  3. That should say “reckoning”. No idea what happened there.
  4. Nine players left, and by my rough re Joni g I’m like 5th in the tiebreaker. Time to go big or go home. Week 12 pick: New York Giants.
  5. Have to say that AQ Shipley injury on the final drive I think robbed us of a better finish. Prior to that the Bucs were in good rhythm. Not saying they would have scored, but the offense went completely flat after three straight first downs. Damp squib ending.
  6. And the Raiders beat the Chiefs and Saints. You can always play that game in the NFL.
  7. Which means he was 25/38 for 210 yards and 2 TDs throwing quick short passes, and that’s including 4 drops. The Bucs game plan was bizarre.
  8. Second pick was basically exactly the same, FS baited Brady into think he shading to left, then ran back right to cover Brate down the seam. Actually the third time that worked, there was a dropped int down the right sideline in the first half.
  9. Props to who ever gave your FS a cloak of invisibility. Worked a treat.
  10. I already said Brady played badly. The point about the highly skilled Bucs team playing well in Sunday afternoons and like balls in prime time is still true, and interesting.
  11. Honestly, like the only member of the offense who wants to be out there.
  12. The talk will be about Brady getting old, but the entire Bucs offense just doesn’t play well in prime time and it’s weird. No push in the run game, drops, no separation downfield. It’s awkward as hell, and such a contrast to their day games where they’ve mostly balled out.
  13. Does Fuller have some kind of Predator-like invisibility field? How is Brady not seeing him?
  14. Don’t like that play. That was a scared playcall.
  15. The Vikings raping and pillaging a village of bedraggled Saxons, or the Titans eating their own children to absorb their power would take some beating. Plus hard to do in mime.
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