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  1. I have no idea what this guy is talking about. I distinctly remember being told that the idea the Chiefs got lucky with turnovers in 2020 was some kind of crazy conspiracy theory.
  2. Nothing gets a team back on course like playing the Jets. And good signs in general from the offense, went for it on some 4th-and-shorts, got both TEs more involved and just seemed to open up the playbook more. With the Chiefs struggling, and Dolphins surprisingly terrible, Ben looking about 60 and the Browns torn apart by injuries, there's still plenty of room for the Pats to make the post-season. Two games against Buffalo, plus the Chargers, Browns, Colts and Titans make it an uphill struggle, but it's doable. 9-8/10-7 should be enough for WC in a pretty crowded second-tier in the
  3. …I enjoyed the Pats-Jets game.🤷‍♂️
  4. I like that. Use a meaningless play as a live training exercise against motivated opposition.
  5. TB going into the half up 27, yet the offense will say they left points out there. Not looked really sharp at all. Brady’s missed some guys high, which he wouldn’t usually do.
  6. Weird to say it, but the Bears should be happy they’re not down 30+ right now.
  7. Offense is actually pretty meh today. EDIT: …and they missed the kick.
  8. They already did the onside kick, how are you not prepared for the fake punt?
  9. Teethmarks in the Rams kneecaps and it’s only 2 drives in.
  10. Anyone else old enough to remember when suggesting the KC offense was contributing to the defence’s struggles was considered ridiculous?
  11. 😔I was one of the people who said this.
  12. That’s a very Green Bay piece of officiating.
  13. HATE the new QBs diving forward rule.
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