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  1. Patriots Sign Sefarian-Jenkins - Host two more

    Apparently there are some personal issues - that usually means drug stuff, but maybe not. Either way it's possible he's back at some point this season. However, no ASJ or Watson for at least the first month puts TE back to looking quite thin.
  2. Bucs cut DT Gerald McCoy

    1 in 6 chance guys.
  3. Patriots re-sign Danny Shelton

    I guess this means they're not in the Gerald McCoy race. A shame. But Shelton is good run stopper, and they needed another rotational guy at DT. Generally speaking, I think this D is lining up to be better than last years, on paper anyway.
  4. Jaime Collins Reunion? (Signed to 1 yr deal)

    Assuming he's cheap and easy to cut, then fine. He might get his act together and contribute.
  5. General Talk Thread

    Celtics going out mean Boston won't be the first city to hold the Big 4 trophies simultaneously. But, ff the Bruins win the SC, they can still be the first city to hold 3 at once since 1946.
  6. Ben Watson Un-Retiring, signs with Patriots

    Takes them out of the Rudolph running, presumably.
  7. Patriots sign WR Dontrelle Inman

    He's far better/more productive WR than Ellington. Ellington is looking like a specialist KR at this point. Assuming Harry and Edelman are they only safe WR spots (not including Slater); then you have Inman, Thomas, Ellington, Berrios, Harris and the 3 other rookies are competing for at most 4 spots. And that's assuming Gordon is not back this year, if he is then things get interesting. From a position of desperate need, it looks at least like there's material there to form a decent unit.
  8. How will the dynasty end?

    Like Brady andn BB go out like Butch and Sundance, if they can't win then no one can. They retire, BB releases his secret blackmail files, and burns the league to the ground.
  9. Favorite Patriots players?

    I choose not to even include Brady in my thinking for these questions, everytime someone asks "Who was the best Patriot?" or "Who's you'r favourite player?" I always mentally add "a part from Brady", because otherwise the answer is too easy. I Gronk is the answer. I was a huge fan of his the moment he danced in a Patriot helmet at the draft. A terminator with the brain of a golden retriever. Exciting, clutch, brave. Just brilliant. EDIT: That said, if we were re-drafting a Patriot great to play right now I'd probably go Hannah, Tippett or Morgan before him, simply because of his injury record.
  10. Biggest Freak of all time?

    The screen plays against Dallas and NO are unbelievable. He looks like he's pinned to the sideline and just blows right past the defenders. The punt return too, since when do you have 6'4 punt returners? The thing about Moss is his long-stride gait made his speed look effortless. Same as Usain Bolt, he's not just faster, but has barely the appearance of effort.
  11. Which was your favorite draft pick?

    Love Chase Winovich. See him contributing straight away.
  12. Given the current weaknesses of the team, probably Moss or Gronk. Gronk might edge it just because they just took a WR in the first.
  13. Hollister to Seattle for a 7th / 2020

    I still like Hollister. Feel like he could make an impact on a team less focused on TEs being blockers. If someone ants to use him purely as a move TE type, he could be decently productive. ASJ, Lacosse, Anderson & Izzo. Yikes. Either they see something in Lacosse, they have unfounded faith in ASJ, or there’s another move planned.
  14. Damien Harris-RB-Round 3, pick 23 (87 overall)

    Is Hill still under contract? Either way, since Michel has a ring now, and played well throught the play-offs its hard to see him lasting past his rookie deal. He'll likely be overpaid by some RB needy team, and I wouldn't blame him for taking the money. The pick makes more sense the more I think about it.
  15. Joejuan Williams-CB-Round 2, Pick 13 (45 overall)

    Byron Jones is a good comparison. Can see him being used that way.