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  1. A good 3DB, woefully misused in Houston. If they've got any sense the Bucs should be all over this. Assuming Fournette gets paid somewhere else, Johnson would fit perfectly onto their roster.
  2. I read that sentence and thought "Great, that gives the Pats a decent shot!"....and then I remember that doesn't apply to NE anymore. Feels weird.
  3. Tebow could have stayed in the league without changing his position, if the media hadn't made it more trouble than it was worth to have him on the roster. Taysom Hill is basically Tebow without the media hype already, and OCs are always looking for versatility and wrinkles.
  4. Your username was well chosen.
  5. In danger of derailing the thread, but I need to dig down into this...what exactly are you saying? That Brady is a garbage person or a bad team mate? Because in 20 years I don't recall any team mate ever having anything but good things to say about him. In terms of professionalism, competitiveness and drive to win it's hard to see how Watt and Brady wouldn't get along.
  6. Seriously man, what did Brady do to you? On topic: FA is going to be interesting with how few teams have any kind of cap room. BB would probably love to have JJ, but - weird as it is to say it - NE is not the team for ring chasing right now. Tampa is an obvious choice if he's in it for the glory, especially if Suh does retire, but they have so many of their own FAs they need to sign JJ becomes a luxury. I highly doubt JJ would want to play against his brothers, and the Steelers can't afford him so that rules the AFCN out. As much as every team in the league wants him, it's hard to se
  7. Or the Browns. Or the Titans. Or bad luck. Or the ACL fairy. Anything can happen.
  8. Tom Brady is so great you get a contract extension just for keeping the game close.😎
  9. As someone who barely ever drinks, this is me after maybe 2/3 drinks.
  10. Was gonna say. 19 seasons as a starter, more likely to make the SB than miss it. More SB rings than wildcard games played. Thrown more post-season touchdowns than he has losses in his entire career. There's just too much to wrap your head around.
  11. What’s the deal with Mac? I’m seeing some people saying he’s terrible, some people saying he’s the best QB after Lawrence. Why so divided?
  12. Here’s a little morsel for everyone saying “Mahomes never had a chance, his line gave up the most pressures in SB history.” In SB LI the Pats gave up the second most pressures in SB history. They won that game. And I’m not just being a DB here, I’m making a point. It is possible to adjust and move an offense even when the line is being bad. There are some limitations to the Chiefs offense, and Mahomes game. They can make big plays, run good screens and scheme guys wide open, but they don’t have the ability to move the ball when that doesn’t work. This is stuff a couple of us have bee
  13. I'm just so happy at least someone got it.
  14. As currently untouchable as Brady’s career accomplishment list is, it’s also literally 3 plays from 10-0 in the SB and an undefeated season. And re GOAT athlete, if we’re talking the most untouchable in their sport, you have to put Bradman on that list. I’ll explain cricket batting briefly: A good batting average is 40+, a great batting average is 50+, a handful of legends average 60+. Bradman averaged 99.96. It’s like hitting .500 in baseball over a career. It just doesn’t happen.
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