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  1. Probably true, but there are comparably few of them, and none likely to be traded any time soon.
  2. This seems extremely naive. When I was a teenager working a part-time retail job I had a persistent back problem - I would regularly take painkillers to allow myself to go to work. I did this because I'd rather be productive than sit around doing nothing, and I needed the money. Was I aware it was probably not for the best, long term? Of course. But I would not have wanted, and would not have expected, my employer to get in trouble for allowing an adult to make an informed decision. Football players are grown men, who are more-than-fairly compensated for the risks they take. I don't think anyone would argue that the extra rewards more than off-set the risk, and I think almost everyone on this forum would more than happily swap places with even the lowest paid football player. "Player safety" can only go so far when you have a game built around paying the strongest and fastest men in the world to hit each other for an hour.
  3. My thinking on QBs has always been, especially with early round talent, there's very, very few "busts" who couldn't have been at least solid pros if things had gone slightly differently. Quarterback is the hardest position to play in pro-sport. You combine the pressure, the media and generally short-leash young players get and most will fail, but that doesn't mean they didn't physically have the ability to succeed - or that they couldn't succeed if they were given another chance. Alex Smith is a good example. Look at Cody Kessler for the Browns, sure he wasn't world-beating, but if he had been a 1st over-all pick that first season would have netted him at least 2 years in the job to learn and improve. Instead new coaches need splash moves and to make their mark, so he's sidelined to sit on the bench for which team signs him. The line between success/failure in the NFL is razor thin and as much to do with timing and luck as anything else. There are plenty of journeyman QBs who NEARLY could have had great careers. Look at Trent Green - he was a solidly capable QB. Who's to say he wouldn't be in the HOF if he hadn't torn up his knee 1999? That supporting cast and coach could have put him in the MVP race year-on-year, and then who has ever heard of Warner?
  4. So this is what week 3 feels like. Huh. Anyways, this will likely bite me in the butt, it just seems you can't go wrong picking against the Jets right now: Week 3 pick - Indianapolis Colts.
  5. With Run CMC missing a few weeks, Carolina are in the conversation.
  6. You're forgetting the biggest problem from last year - the OL. Right now they have a fully fit line. Last year they lost their C, RT and LT, they had to move a guard to center to cover the loss, so they had essentially four back-ups playing on the line. Nobody was going anywhere with that OL. That Brady escaped alive was a minor miracle.
  7. Welllll....he did drop a game-losing catch against the Titans.
  8. Edelman’s hands have been inconsistent for a few years now. I know he lead the league in drops recently, and dropped a simple catch to lose the game in the WC last year. It’s sad because he used to be so clutch. As for the play, I do t like the call exactly BECAUSE they did it twice and it worked, it was too obvious what was coming, and all it took was one missed block to screw it up. A spread formation run/pass option would have been the better choice.
  9. Gonna hold my hand up, I thought Cam was washed and it was a sign of desperation on BB’s part to sign him. Obviously it’s only. 5 quarters of football so far - but he’s looked fitter and sharper than I expected.
  10. The thing about hits like that is they don’t even work. A shoulder to the stomach is much more likely to stop someone in their tracks than a hit high up. That’s how your taught to tackle in rugby, not just because it’s safer, but because it works.
  11. Been more than hard on Harry before, but holding onto that catch is amazing. Obviously tough as nails.
  12. Did it look to anyone else that the KC RT false started there?
  13. You can choke and still manage to be out-choked by the Chargers.
  14. Oh Chargers, how do you let that happen?
  15. At one point it was over 98% for the Falcons.
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