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  1. Welker and Collie obviously. Assuming you mean regular/post seasons, so Wayne doesn't count. I can't think of any other WRs, so probably some big blocking TE type spent time on both rosters. So I'll say either Kyle Brady or Jermaine Wiggins, someone like that. I feel like there's a really unlikely entry on this list, an OL or LB who caught passes on trick plays or goal-line sets. He was mentioned when Collie signed and the list was updated, but the name escapes me. It's a slightly weird name, but I'm blanking on it. I have no idea about the others, I'm guessing some obscure JAG WR or RB from before my time.
  2. 2019 schedule leaked

    Not a bad schedule. I like getting half the divisional games out of the way early, and it's always great having a late bye. Three primetime games in a month could be stressful...and bad for those of us on British time. Would expect that Chiefs game to get flexed.
  3. Patriots sign WR Demaryius Thomas (One year, $6M)

    They had Edelman and scraps at WR before this. They need bodies. Thomas has a body, more or less, so he might be of use.
  4. Rebuilding the Patriots

    I liked Hogan, I liked him on the Bills and was happy when they brought him in. 2 rings in three years while he was here, and he was key in the first and played great in . However beaten up and bad he was last year, can't bring myself to be glad he's not coming back. No Gronk. No Amendola. No Hogan. The gang's all leaving. Schools over and everyone's going to different colleges.
  5. Panthers ink WR Chris Hogan to 1-year deal

    Good teammate. Decent blocker for a WR. But, unless he was carrying some injury last year, he's lost "it". He used to be just fast enough and just quick enough to get open. Now he's not. It's weird, early 2017 he was looking like a pro-bowler. Had 5 TDs in 5 games with Edelman out, but then he got hurt and he was just never the same again. It was only a shoulder injury too.
  6. Patriots Sign Sefarian-Jenkins - Host two more

    I don't know how fit Thomas is, heath wise, but if he's got good hands and has been a decent RZ weapon in the past. They need at least 1 veteran WR on the roster. Edelman, Berrios and Dorsett is an undersized and fairly inexperienced corps.
  7. Patriots sign TE Austin Seferian-Jenkins (One year deal)

    He is a person who has actually started at TE on an actual NFL field, so he's an upgrade to the roster. For Vet min, obviously no downside. Still expect a fairly high pick spent on TE. Maybe 2.
  8. General Talk Thread

    Just saw that both the Bruins and Celtics made the play-offs. If either of them win finals, Boston will be the first city since Detroit (in 1946) to win 3 different championships in a single year. If they both win Boston will be first ever city to hold all Big 4 trophies at once. I don't follow hockey or bball much, so no idea what their chances are, but I thought it was a cool trivia thing.
  9. Jets reveal new uniforms

    They're pretty much meh. Although I hate the black alternates.
  10. Favorite Plays In History

    That Romo play was magic. Reminded me that Andre Gurode was a thing - a center who snapped at least one ball either straight over Romo's head, or rolled one along the ground, in every single Cowboys game I saw him play.
  11. Obscure/Nostalgic Players

    Wasn't that Mike Furrey? Contribution to the thread - will always look back fondly on Lawfirm. Just a perfect role-player. Limited, but efficient and reliable. And a couple of true no-names: Jonas Gray and Brian Tyms. Half of Gray's career yards and 80% of his touchdowns came in one primetime game against the Colts, he was late to practice the next week, got benched and was never heard from again. Brian Tyms was a pre-season favourite in the Pats subforum, caught rainbows from Jimmy G, he was going to be our secret weapon. In his first game back from suspension in the regular season he caught a 50 yard TD from Brady, Randy Moss style, got injured on the play and never played in the NFL again. He's in the AAF right now.
  12. Is Rob Gronkowski the GOAT TE?

    Gronk is first all time in yards/game for TEs. His "only" four seasons of 800 yards is obviously entirely due to injuries. If he wasn't hurt he would have passed 10,000 yards in 9 seasons. Gronk has a YPC and YPG that nears Randy Moss levels. He is a number 1 WR in an LTs body.
  13. Gronk Retires

    You're right, he's third. My bad.
  14. Gronk Retires

    Final statistics for Rob Gronkowski: 115 games, 522 catches for 7863 yards and 80 touchdowns. He is 3rd all time in TDs for a TE with 80. He is 7th all time in receiving yards, and 1st all time yards/game, for a TE. He is 12th all time for receptions for a TE. He also ranks 1st all time for play-off touchdowns, yards and receptions at his position (he is second, behind Jerry Rice, for postseason rec/TDs).
  15. Gronk announces retirement

    A decent shout. Good RZ weapon, under-used (and apparently overpaid) in TB. Would throw a fifth their way.