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  1. TRADE! First one of the 2019 season (and hopefully not the last) We've officially tied our number of in-season trades from the 2018 season. Please vote on the below poll (On Sleeper--below is just a screenshot) in the next 24 hours. Thanks! @JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth
  2. @JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth Draft Day is finally here. A few reminders about the League/Draft: 1) Draft starts at 7:00 PM Central Standard Time on Sleeper (The Draft starts in approximately 4.5 hours) If for some reason you aren't able to make it or you run into any complications accessing the draft feel free to PM me on FootballsFuture or Sleeper. 2) The duration for each Draft Selection are as follows: 1st-2nd RDs: 2 Minutes 3rd-5th RDs: 1.5 Minutes 6th-10th RDs: 1 Minute 3) You CAN trade Draft Picks during the draft: Sleeper allows trading during the draft if you choose to explore that option. 4) Remember to Vote on IR Rules We've only had 9 owners vote on the IR rules thus far. If you haven't voted yet, please take the time to do so. The poll can be found in the League Chat on Sleeper (please scroll up until you find it). 5) It's probably a good idea to send friend requests to fellow owners on Sleeper It's easy to communicate to with individual owners about trades on Sleeper. I'd recommend that you friend the other 13 owners on Sleeper so you can easily contact them to discuss trades and/or other moves. I already sent friend requests to every league owner. 6) Dethrone @JBURGE 2019 League Champ (a.k.a whoever can dethrone 3-time champ @JBURGE) has a $20 Amazon GC coming their way. If anyone else needs clarification on anything else draft and/or league related let me know.
  3. Draft Board has been updated. Please vote on both LEAGUE polls posted on Sleeper.
  4. Per FleaFlicker: @CombOver 1) Drew Brees 2) Kerryon Johnson 3) Peyton Barber 4) DeAndre Hopkins 5) Mike Williams 6) JuJu Smith-Schuster 7) Zach Ertz 8) Vance McDonald 9) Matt Ryan 10) Ronald Jones
  5. Per FleaFlicker: @Dwade1001 1) Patrick Mahomes 2) Dalvin Cook 3) Amari Cooper 4) Chris Godwin 5) Mark Andrews 6) Melvin Gordon 7) Taywan Taylor 8) DaeSean Hamilton 9) Lamar Jackson 10) Derrius Guice
  6. Per FleaFlicker: @ajdodge09 1) Aaron Rodgers 2) Derrick Henry 3) Tarik Cohen 4) Chris Carson 5) Michael Thomas 6) Alshon Jeffery 7) Will Fuller 8) David Njoku 9) Travis Kelce 10) Anthony Miller
  7. @Lieker @ChaRisMa @CombOver @ajdodge09 @Dwade1001 @DannyB Ya'll have a little over 3 hours to get your keepers set. @JBURGE You reserved a spot, but seem to have forgotten about your reservation.
  8. I'm going to assume that 99% of the reasoning behind that trade had to do with the Keeper Deadline.
  9. Hey everyone. I commish executed the final 2 trades because they were already at 23 hours (and they wouldn't clear until after 7PM otherwise). That should give the owners involved a little more time to set their keepers. @JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth I know many of you have your keepers already set, but if you don't please make sure they're marked both on FleaFlicker and in the Keeper Thread linked below by 11:59PM (Central Standard Time) tonight. It's always best to have it marked in both locations. Last, but not least. The LIVE League Draft will be on AUGUST 18th (SUNDAY) at 7:00PM Central Standard Time. (On SLEEPER) I'll probably send ya'll one more reminder on the day of the draft (with a few reminders about the draft--in terms of time allotted per selection, etc). -Cheers
  10. 11/14 are already signed up for the new league on Sleeper. @ChaRisMa, @KingOfTheNorth, and @DannyB I sent all you reminder messages just now. Please sign up for the new league on Sleeper as soon as possible (I won't be able to allocate the keepers until all 14 owners are signed up, so I need everyone signed up by Wednesday). Thanks!
  11. Texans @ Green Bay "Dont Get Hurt Bowl"

    Why was I tagged here? I agree that Allison will probably be #2 in targets in 2019.
  12. @JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth Y'all should've received either an e-mail or message on FF from me that includes a link to the new league on Sleeper. I haven't done much with the league yet aside from changing the scoring rules to match our current format (I also explored the interface a bit to get a feel for the new/different features on Sleeper). After keepers are locked--I will allocate the players to each team via a "draft" (because that's the fastest way to do it) and then I'll immediately set up a supplemental draft that will be for the rookies and the unclaimed vets that we scheduled for: League Draft will be on AUGUST 18th (SUNDAY) at 7:00PM Central Standard Time. I hope that's straightforward to everyone, but if you have any questions--don't hesitate to ask.
  13. I'm fairly confident Sleeper will improve the league long-term across the board. Everyone will have access to the same up-to-date information--easy access to the league from mobile--just a cleaner, more engaging platform overall. Sounds like Slack might be the way to go? Any additional thoughts here? Also, I'm fine with tweaking the draft format for next year---I just want to stick to the original plan for now---always think gradual change is best.
  14. Slack is what... GroupMe on steroids? Can you elaborate on the differences/improvements (from GroupMe) if possible. You definitely have my interest. Have you used it for a league before?
  15. Football is back! Welcome back to YEAR 7 of the PACKER FORUM DYNASTY LEAGUE--- I'm going to send everyone more information about the transition from FleaFlicker to Sleeper in the next 2-3 days so please continue to check this thread for updates (and please make sure your e-mails are up to date, if you don't know for sure-- please PM them to me--- because that's how I'll invite you to the new league on Sleeper. Reminders: 1) KEEPERS: Keepers will be due AUGUST 14th (WEDNESDAY) at 11:59PM Central Standard Time. The keepers will be due a little earlier than usual because of the plan to transition from FleaFlicker to Sleeper before the live draft (I’ll need time to update rosters and import the league). Please mark your KEEPERS on both FleaFlicker and in the Keeper Thread (per usual) at the following link. I'm going enforce a 72 hour trade embargo from August 15th to 17th--- to give me (and hopefully someone else/others that volunteer) time to transition the league from FleaFlicker to Sleeper. I need time to make sure all of the keepers (and more importantly 2019, 2020 and 2021 draft picks) are properly allocated. IF you want to trade and agree on a deal with another owner from August 15th to 17th--- please--- post the trade details in the Keepers thread and have the other owner agree to the trade (like we used to do during the slow draft)--- I will update the information to the league as soon as possible. Beginning on August 18th we'll be able to use Sleeper for everything league related moving forward (However, I intend to keep the FleaFlicker League active until the end of the season-- in case we have any hiccups with our new platform--- which based on my experience with Sleeper, I doubt will happen). I'm hoping the transition to Sleeper will improve the league competitiveness, access to information and league engagement (FAAB should also help there). 2) THE DRAFT: League Draft will be on AUGUST 18th (SUNDAY) at 7:00PM Central Standard Time. Since we can modify pick length mid-draft-- What I'd like to propose for pick lengths is as follows: 1st-2nd RDs: 2 Minutes 3rd-5th RDs: 1.5 Minutes 6th-10th RDs: 1 Minute Based on my math, that means the draft could last a maximum of 3 Hours and 9 Minutes--- However, I'd expect the actual length to be nearly an hour less than that. If anyone has a different setup they prefer, please let me know. I'm always open to ideas. 3) GroupMe I've used GroupMe in the past for other leagues and I'm considering starting one for the league (which any owner in the league can join with an e-mail/phone number--while still remaining anonymous/concealing their daytime identity--if they choose to do so). I'm not going to force anyone to use the app that doesn't want to, but for those that are interested-- it usually increases league engagement and helps facilitate moves. Let me know on that one guys. 4) Roll Call Please post and let me know you're good to go for the 2019 season after you read the above message (if you simply RESERVE a spot in the 2019 Keepers thread for your 10 Keepers that will suffice). If you have any questions-- please feel free to let me know. @JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth