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  1. Mike Pettine Defense

    I had Witherspoon ranked higher than anyone else that year, but King was clearly the better NFL prospect.
  2. Cheese Curds: Green Bay Packers Updates

    Not even a Packers homer, but this is just a completely nonsensical statement. It's the type of comment I'd expect from someone posting on the Worldwide Leader in Sports website. You're whole post attempts to make every argument for why the Vikings losses were aberrations and why the Packers wins with Rodgers should be overlooked. Terrible stink of homerism throughout man, no two ways about it. You literally type...."with Rodgers back but still limited by back injury. So that was 4-2 with Rodgers." You don't see anything wrong with those back-to-back statements? There's a reason the Packers entered Week 6 last season with a better record (4-1) than the Vikings (3-2). The guy tilts the field like few QBs in the NFL, and that's impossible to ignore. In 2018, it' should be the Packers and Vikings jockeying for the NFC North title, but don't expect the Bears or Lions to be complete pushovers.
  3. NFL News & Notes

  4. NFL News & Notes

    All that statement proves is that you don't watch the Minnesota Vikings (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). Diggs wasn't supplanted by Thielen... He got hurt.... Diggs only played at least 80% of the snaps in 8 games during the regular season due to nagging injuries. Can you even tell me where Thielen lines up and how much? Does that mean Tate is the WR1 in Detroit? Does that mean Landry is the WR1 in Cleveland? Does that mean Cobb is the WR1 in Green Bay? Diggs is the WR1 when healthy... that should be abundantly clear. He was rarely healthy, that was the problem. When Diggs played at least 80% of the snaps (including the postseason)?.... 9/10 games he accumulated AT LEAST 60 Yards. When Thielen played at least 80% of the snaps (including the postseason)? 10/18 games he accumulated AT LEAST 60 Yards. Guess what? The ONLY game Diggs played at least 80% of the snaps and DIDN'T accumulate at least 60 Yards (vs. Pittsburgh), neither did Thielen. Did Thielen have some huge games? Yes. Did I own him almost everywhere in redraft last year because the Vikings explicitly stated they intended to use him in the slot? Absolutely. I fully expected him to clear 1100 yards last season, but that doesn't make him the WR1. http://www.startribune.com/vikings-using-receiver-adam-thielen-in-the-slot-for-greater-versatility/441564073/ Just watch all of Diggs snaps from (pick any game where he's healthy), the talent is undeniable. Honestly, I can't name 5 WRs in the NFL right now that are better route runners than Diggs. When healthy, he's truly special. He creates separation, he excels in contested catch situations and despite his size, he's also one of the best redzone WRs I've ever seen.
  5. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    That's incorrect https://www.packersnews.com/story/sports/nfl/packers/2016/12/05/mitchell-henry-receiving-leukemia-treatment/95004010/
  6. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    We need to carry at least 3 TEs. It just seems that lately when anyone asks someone important about the TEs (Gute, Rodgers, Graham, other offensive players), they talk about Graham and Lewis and then tack on Kendricks at the end. It's probably more likely than not that Kendricks makes the final roster, but he's far more likely to be a surprise cut than almost anyone else on this roster unless (potentially) an OL severly under-performs.... because that position is so deep. 1.2 Million is nothing to sneeze at (and that already factors in keeping Byrd)... the real number is closer to 1.8 Million. Also, I'm not a Brice guy, and I'll be honest and say that I've never been a fan. Jones flashed too much during TC last year for me to believe that Brice takes that job, but hey stranger things have happened.
  7. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    With Rollins... Being a mid to high 4.5s player with plus ball skills should work at safety. Honestly, as long as he can see the play develop in front of him... I think his instincts are probably above average. He just doesn't always trust himself (or his speed) in man coverage. Look at the rookie highlights. There really aren't any plays where he turned around to locate the ball (at the last second) against an NFL WR. There are two instances he has PBUs while running away from the QB. Both are against the Raiders. The first one is against Crabtree and he knows that the WR has limited space in the endzone before he's out of bounds so that's why he's comfortable checking the QB. The second one is against TE Mychal Rivera, and he tuns because he has zero fear of Rivera running away from him. And the College Highlights... I agree with @HorizontoZenith. Rollins is a talented player that just hasn't been utilized properly at the NFL level. The ball skills are apparent. He just needs to "see it" and the fact he doesn't trust himself with his back to th QB made him a poor candidate to play CB in the NFL. He's always had a much higher ceiling at safety IMHO.
  8. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Great paragraph Shane, thanks for sharing your perspective. Bulaga was the only player McCarthy didn't seem optimistic about with regard to a recovery timetable, and that's why I projected my roster that way. Personally, I'm excited to see how Spriggs and Murphy perform in TC. It's Year 3 in the NFL for both and that's a big year for most OL (although, we've been spoiled in the past with earlier contributions from mid-round DPs).
  9. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Thanks for finding that quote Shane. Between the Whitt and McCarthy comments (both from March) it'd be hard to believe they aren't high on Waters. He seems like the early favorite for CB6, but I'm sure Pipkins will have something to say about that.
  10. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Gute's first official signing as GM. However, he was signed as a RB and I believe he was a pre-draft visit last season. https://www.acmepackingcompany.com/2018/1/10/16876526/packers-sign-running-back-joel-bouagnon-to-futures-contract
  11. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    It's early, but I think it's clear the staff views Biegel as one of the primary backups at the OLB position. Then I feel like the next two are probably Fackrell and Gilbert, but Fackrell played more ST snaps than any other Packers player last season. That's a big reason it's difficult for me to see Fackrell not make the final roster right now (sans veteran addition at the position).
  12. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    Kendricks is likely the most controversial exclusion on my final roster. It all comes down to the money, but assuming both Lewis and Graham exit TC healthy... I wouldn't be stunned to see him released during final cuts. The placement of Rollins on the final depth chart has more to do with my attempt to highlight the potential impact he could have at safety. It will certainly be an uphill climb to switch positions in the NFL, but (again, I might be in the minority) I think he possesses a wide range of outcomes at the position. Truly feel he has the ability to be an impact player, but he'll likely start the season behind Brice because of the position switch.
  13. Share Your 53 Man Roster Predictions

    I'm not sure there's anything left in FA at the WR position, but I wouldn't be opposed to a veteran addition. OLB is a different story, and I think most are hoping we make a move there. I'd rather have Gilbert vs. Donnerson vs. Odom for #6 OLB than having those three players fight for #5 (and possibly the #6 OLB slot).
  14. Now that OTAs and Minicamp are over... Give me your 53 Man Roster Predictions. Here's mine. QB: Aaron Rodgers, DeShone Kizer [2/2] Unless Kizer completely bombs this should be the QB depth chart for Week 1. Hundley gets moved at final cuts for a conditional late RD pick. Boyle to the PS. RB: Aaron Jones, Ty Montgomery, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Ripkowski (FB) [4/6] Another position that has a fairly predictable depth chart. I don't think Mays or Bouagnon will force themselves onto the 53 Man Roster, but if either outperforms expectations they could create a spot on the 53 Man Roster in a year IF they also contribute on STs. Both have the size of TE/FB/LB bodies that McCarthy likes for STs and there isn't a tremendous amount of depth at TE or LB so it's conceivable that another RB could make the roster. WR: Davante Adams, Randall Cobb, Geronimo Allison, J'Mon Moore, Equanimeous St. Brown, Marquez Valdes-Scantling [6/12] Top 2 are locks. J'Mon Moore is a near-lock. It honestly wouldn't surprise me if all 3 rookies made the roster. I expect Kumerow and Davis to push for a spot on the 53 Man Roster. If Davis doesn't make the final roster I suspect he will be claimed by someone else. Yancey was the worst WR in TC last year, and I hope the weight loss has a positive effect, but I sincerely doubt it. IMHO the Michael Clark experiment was DOA as soon as the Packers drafted 3 big, tall, and fast WRs. Honestly believe based on what I saw in TC last year that Clark's performance and "wow" moments may have inadvertently lead to his own demise. It certainly wouldn't be a stretch to say the Packers prioritized size for Rodgers' targets this off-season (Graham, Lewis, Moore, MVS, EQB). TE: Jimmy Graham, Marcedes Lewis, Emanuel Byrd [3/15] Packers can save about 1.2 Million by cutting Kendricks. Before the Lewis signing I would've opined that Byrd would've been hard pressed to make the 53 Man Roster because the TE position would've lacked size (with both Kendricks AND Byrd), but with the additions of Lewis and Graham, Byrd could be a cheap "like for like" swap with Kendricks that might be more willing/valuable on STs. Marcedes Lewis was more spry than I recall, and I think all that MMA training has significantly improved his flexibility (vs. where he was at 5 years ago). I'd look for Tonyan to make a serious push. Ryan Smith seems to have potential as a run blocker,. Ultimately, I think the final roster spot comes down to Kendricks, Byrd and Tonyan. OL: David Bakhtiari, Lane Taylor, Corey Linsley, Justin McCray, Jason Spriggs, Kyle Murphy, Lucas Patrick, Cole Madison, Byron Bell [9/24] Bryan Bulaga (PUP) Packers go a little heavier at OL due to Bulaga injury. They definitely have the talent to warrant keeping 10 OL (Bulage to PUP). Gute stated that Bulaga is part of the present/future team plans and there's no reason not to believe that. Bakhtiari, Taylor, Linsley, and McCray all appear to be roster locks. Patrick remains (IMHO) one of the most underappreciated players on the OL and I believe that his versatility makes him a "near" roster lock. Campen has talked up Spriggs, who looks good at 320. Let's hope the body transformation for JS helps alleviate some of the problems that have marred his first few years in he NFL. Murphy has been practicing at LT, and that might not be enough to make the roster, but I wouldn't bet against him. He seems like a slightly better than 50/50 proposition to make the final 53. Madison was a DP and with our track record developing 4th/5th RD lineman it would be difficult to keep him off the roster. Byron Bell could've just been brought in for competition, but I think the Packers truly value his versatility and ability to play at least 3/5 positions across the line. If Madison isn't ready to play on Sundays, that would improve Bell's roster chances. Pankey deserves recognition and he deserves a spot on a 53 Man Roster somewhere in the NFL. It certainly wouldn't surprise me if he pushes Murphy off the roster as he's more talented than most give him credit for. Finally, I just wanted to say something about Amichia. As much as I liked him in the pre-draft process last year he looked ridiculously out of shape in TC last year. No two ways about it, he was carrying a spare tire to maintain a 300LBs (he didn't look like a natural 300, which isn't dissimilar to Spriggs as a rookie). I only saw him once, but he seems to have transformed his body and looks like he might be able to make some noise. DL: Mike Daniels, Muhammad Wilkerson, Kenny Clark, Montravius Adams, Dean Lowry [5/29] Daniels, Wilkerson, Clark, and Adams are all roster locks. Lowry is on a rookie contract and has been relatively useful when provided with opportunities, should be considered a near-lock. Lancaster could force his way onto the roster, but that's about all there is to say about the DL position. OLB: Clay Matthews, Nick Perry, Vince Biegel, Kyler Fackrell, Reggie Gilbert, Kendall Donnerson [6/35] Matthews, Perry, and Biegel are locks. Fackrell is a near lock. Some of you might ask why, but he's a former 3rd RD Pick on a rookie contract at a position that lacks depth. More importantly, he played more STs snaps than any player on the roster last season. That shouldn't be overlooked. After the Top 4, Gilbert also appears to be a good bet (75/25), assuming there aren't any last minute veteran additions to the roster. The final spot will come down to Donnerson vs. Odom and I'd bet the Packers would be more willing to bet on the developmental upside and potential STs impact of Donnerson over Odom. ILB: Blake Martinez, Jake Ryan, Oren Burks [3/38] Martinez, Ryan and Burks are all locks. The question is... will a fourth ILB force their way onto the roster. Greer Martini has been making noise and was recently showered with praise. Ahmad Thomas seems to have a nose for the ball. Both are PS candidates, but either could perform well enough to create a spot for themselves on the 53 man roster. CB: Kevin King, Tramon Williams, Jaire Alexander, Josh Jackson, Davon House, Herb Waters, Lenzy Pipkins [7/45} King, Alexander, Williams, and Jackson are all locks. If Davon House remains health throughout TC he WILL make the roster. A healthy Davon House is an effective press-man CB and it wouldn't surprise me at all to see him see the field in dime (or possibly even nickel looks) to start the year, but that all depends on the development of younger players. Davon House is also on a veteran minimum salary benefit contract, which means the cap figure for House in 2018 will be the same as that of a 2nd year player (or less than Goodson's projected cap hit and only slightly more than Hawkins projected cap hit). Beyond those Top 5 you have Waters, Brown, Pipkins, Hawkins and Goodson fighting for the remaining 1-2 roster spots. At the end of March, McCarthy stated that he felt one of the former UDFA CBs on the roster clearly had the potential to be a future starter. Based on earlier comments from Whitt and what I've seen in TC I strongly suspect that player is Herb Waters. The only other possibility is Lenzy Pipkins. IMHO Both have a leg up on the last 1-2 CBs spots over the likes of Goodson, Brown, and Hawkins. Waters has a ridiculously high ceiling along with the body and movement skills that rival "lockdown" CBs across the NFL. Pipkins played well in limited snaps on defense last season and was involved on STs. Goodson would need to play out of his mind to secure a roster spot. He's older that Davon House (already 29), coming off an injury, and has only proven to be valuable on STs thus far. Brown has the most developmental upside of the 3, but is also old (27) for a 2nd year player, ultimately I think he's the player most likely to end up on the PS if both Waters and Pipkins make the final roster as I have projected. Hawkins seemed to sharply regress last season and needs to rebound, but I think the Packers have seen enough to know there isn't much of a future there. Hawkins has been relatively active on STs, but there's little reason to keep him over Pipkins if we're strictly looking at STs value and I feel that Pipkins clearly presents more upside. S: Haha Clinton-Dix, Josh Jones, Quinten Rollins, Kentrell Brice, Marwin Evans [5/50] Clinton-Dix and Jones are both locks. Brice certainly seems like a lock based on the way the coaches talk about him. Rollins is the wildcard here, and I feel (might be in the minority) that he could develop into an impact player at safety. Based on Minicamp, Packers brass has finally elected to try Rollins at safety, which I've always felt was his most natural NFL position. That 40 Time all those years ago truly dampened his prospects at CB in the NFL. It was clear that Rollins benefited (in college) from playing against WRs in the MAC that typically lacked legit NFL speed. After the Rollins' rookie year, Whitt commented that Rollins needed to "see it" while Randall could "feel it". That's what separated Rollins and Randall in terms of NFL performance at CB, more specifically NFL ball production. I've said it before and I''ll say it once more, at the CB position Rollins needed to have the WR in his hip pocket before he felt comfortable searching for the ball, and that tendency combined with his lack of speed ultimately dampened his chances to be a productive NFL CB. Look at every interception in Rollins NFL career. Outside of the deflection, all the interceptions he made were plays when he was facing the play and could read the QBs eyes. What happened when Rollins had to track WRs down the field? Take a peek at the play he suffered his neck injury. He's too busy playing catch-up to locate the ball. Overall, I think Rollins lack of football experience could benefit him in the transition to safety, and he clearly possesses premium ball skills that he can utilize when he's allowed to see the play develop (and read the eyes of the QB). The biggest remaining question with Rollins is whether he lost too much from the Achilles injury, but IMHO there is clearly a high ceiling for Rollins at the safety position. Evans played the 2nd most ST snaps on the Packers last season and remains an intriguing developmental prospect. He seems highly likely to remain on the 53 man roster assuming the Packers keep 5 and he can fight off Whitehead and Greene for the final spot. Whitehead has been a valuable back-end of the roster type of player that has yo-yoed between the PS and the 53 man roster the last few years. Like Hawkins, I think the Whitehead experiment might be over after the season. I think the Packers know what they have and there isn't much of a ceiling here. Greene could surprise and push for that final safety spot, but he will truly have to earn it because there's a reason Evans has earned a spot on the 53 Man Roster the last two years. K: Mason Crosby [1/51] Lock it in. P: JK Scott [1/52] @NormSizedMidget LS: Zach Triner [1/53] Bradley has been extremely shaky and Zook seems concerned. There might be enough problems that either Triner or someone not currently on the roster ends up as the LS. PS 1) Tyler Lancaster (DT) 2) Tim Boyle (QB) 3) Raven Greene (S) 4) Adam Pankey (OT/OG) 5) Kofi Amichia (OG/OC) 6) Jake Kumerow (WR) 7) Robert Tonyan (TE) 8) Chris Odom (OLB) 9) Greer Martini (ILB) 10) Donatello Brown (CB)