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  1. Seriously. A buddy (Seahawks fan) and I just had a discussion about the Top 10 WRs in the NFL. We got stuck at Top 9. #10 spot has like 5-6 players you could argue for, but Adams is clearly in that Top 9 at the moment. 2nd best WR in the NFC North IMHO and there's a bunch of good ones.
  2. This Aint Packers Talk v69

    Easily the best sci-fi series on television. Season 1 & 2 are available on Amazon Prime and Season 3 is currently airing on SYFY if anyone is interested. The first three episodes contain a lot of world building, and episode four is where things come together and the series starts to shine. Season 2 is incredible, Season 3 has been even better thus far. The Expanse is the only show I watch live and I typically watch least 10-12 shows per year.
  3. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    Yancey was literally the worst WR in TC last year. I'm not sure how many times I can remind people of this.
  4. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Air Yards. I guess we have significantly different definitions of what deep threats are.
  5. 2018 Free Agency - Prospects for GB

    Yes, the player with pedestrian splits who' has never finished in the Top 30 in Air Yards, but regularly finishes Top 15 in YAC is the deep threat on this team. Adams is explosive, but lets' be honest he doesn't have the long speed to be a consistent deep threat. That's probably why we didn't draft 3 big, tall, fast WRs.
  6. He may have been the least fit player in TC last year so that's great to see. Dude looked like he was smuggling a tire under his jersey. He had a legit gut at the start of camp, which probably had to do with the fact he played closer to 285 in college and couldn't get to a healthy 300+ in such a short period of time (especially without an NFL conditioning program).
  7. 88 players on the roster at the moment, correct? So looking at the numbers... Probably an OLB. Then a RB, TE or CB. They could still cut the LS... and other players.... obviously.
  8. A pretty good article on Marcus Bryan. Based on the quote from his father... he might bit heavier (possibly 265) than the 242 (his listed weight on the basketball team). http://www.starnewsonline.com/sports/20180505/uncw-alum-bryan-earns-tryout-with-green-bay A few quotes. Interested to see what happens here. The TEs behind Graham and Kendricks... 2 guys are sub 240 and the other makes Richard Rodgers look fast.
  9. 1.54/2.59/4.48 splits at the NFL Combine at 6046/214 is downright elite. A 1.54 10 yard split was the 4th best for WRs in the draft class. Only Chark, Callaway, and Sutton had better 10 yard splits. So... a player drafted 40th overall, another drafted 61st overall, and a player that would've been drafted higher than both if he wasn't littered with red flags. Let's compare those splits to some NFL Players (All numbers are from the NFL Combine). Equanimeous St. Brown 1.54/2.59/4.48 AJ Green 1.56/2.63/4.49 Kenny Stills 1.54/2.58/4.38 DeVante Parker 1.51/2.61/4.45 Marvin Jones 1.51/2.58/4.46 Martavis Bryant 1.57/2.59/4.42 Stefon Diggs 1.53/2.58/4.46 Paul Richardson 1.56/2.58/4.40 Odell Beckham 1.57/2.58/4.43 Julio Jones 1.53/2.54/4.42 Sammy Watkins 1.55/2.59/4.43 Let's add 2 more former UDFAs (and 1 former 2nd Round WR) with similar body types and NFL success. *Note* I've always found 10 splits to be much "faster" at Pro Days than the NFL Combine so I typically add a few hundredths to each time. Pro Days Cameron Meredith 1.51/2.57/4.49 Tyrell Williams 1.51/2.59/4.43 Allen Robinson 1.53/2.59/4.47
  10. He put up 20 reps on the BP at 6046 with 33" arms (4th best among WRs at the NFL Combine). (Moore put up 21 with 32 7/8" arms) Not to mention he regularly did lower body lifts at weights on par with the lineman at ND. EQ had been lifting since he was 7, and it might be cringe-worthy to say in light of recent revelations about the fathers "priorities", but he's a bit of a genetic freak. Will he probably get a little bit bigger in the NFL? Sure, but I don't see him getting any heavier than 225.
  11. Interested to see if they keep Marcus Bryan now that Gibson seems like a lost cause and they only have 5 TEs. He was a basketball player in college, but a 6'7" 250ish lb athlete seems like he could be an interesting project.
  12. Will new WRs be better than last years rookies?

    EQ's Dad literally wanted $100 Million shoe contracts for all of this (football playing) kids. "My kids are half-German.... Adidas is a German company... three stripes... three kids... it makes perfect sense" - John Brown (Father of EQ).
  13. 2018 GB Packer free agents

    Goodson is still on the roster.