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  1. Wide Receiver Outlook

    Allison is keeping the seat warm. There's better talent behind him and eventually it will be impossible to keep that off the field. Not saying it happens this year, but it will happen sooner rather than later.
  2. Can't be upset with Clay on that one.
  3. FF Devy League Discussion Thread

    Had a few inquiries on James Conner. Any player on my roster is available for the right price.
  4. Okay? That's fine. If Adams is elite, Diggs is elite. If you consider neither elite then fine, but it's a pretty indefensible position to put one far above of the other or vice versa. They aren't the same player, but there isn't some massive disparity in talent that fans on BOTH sides of this argument try to pretend there is. I've said this for a long time... They were #6 and #7 for me a few months ago. Diggs is more talented IMHO, and I think it shows when you watch the All-22. Does that mean he does everything better than Adams? Absolutely not.
  5. Williams would get murdered if left alone on DIggs. I like to pump up our players to, but we need to be real. He'll need safety help if that's the plan.
  6. Perry's should play more snaps than in Week 1, and I think both Perry and Gilbert can beat Hill. That Vikings offensive line isn't great. It's strength is it's left side, and I thought Compton played pretty damn well in Week 1, but I think we have them outclassed in the trenches. There's a lot of really interesting match-ups in terms of positional groups this weekend, and that goes both ways.
  7. My man. Someone watches the All-22. The Thielen/Harrison comparison is bad, I get what you're trying to say in terms of reliability/expectations. Harrison was a burner at SU, a high 4.3s type guy. Better comparison in terms of "reliability" would be Keenan McCardell IMHO. Someone that isn't overwhelmingly athletically gifted, but just knows how to run routes and get open consistently.
  8. Marquise Goodwin isn't a no name WR. He's one of the most underrated players in the NFL and has developed into a fantastic route runner. Sherman didn't need to be the example, that was just the most recent game. Diggs toyed with Witherspoon a fair share during that game. Diggs had the highest success rate vs. man coverage of any WR in the NFL last season. His 2017 score, was also the 4th highest rate vs. man coverage in the in the last 5 years. The only two players ahead of him were AB (x2), and Odell.
  9. I'm well aware of the field conditions for his PD. Those agility numbers were on the high end for any CB so I investigated a bit back when I input them a few years ago. Those are the numbers reported on NFLDS, I would never pull any numbers from Wikipedia. Either way, Rhodes has never been a sub 7.0 player in terms of agility in my eyes. At best, he was probably a 7.05-7.1 guy. Not that any of this matters.
  10. 7.29 (PD), I have the 3Cs and 40s for every CB drafted in the Top 4 Rounds (in the last decade or so) on a spreadsheet. Like I said before, I like numbers.
  11. Look, I love numbers, but this whole conversation has gone completely down the rabbit hole. Are we really comparing the numbers of players who have been in the league for 4+ years to rookies? Comparing Pro Days to the NFL Combine? At a certain point in an NFL career the numbers don't mean anything anymore. Otherwise... Xavier Rhodes couldn't cover anyone with that 3C, Antonio Brown wouldn't have the agility to break CBs ankles, and Arian Foster would've never made it off the practice squad. Diggs literally had Sherman tripping over himself at times last weekend.
  12. Rhodes is fantastic, but if I'm being completely honest... none of the other CBs on that roster scare me at all. Hughes pick 6 was the definition of nothing special. Terrible throw by Garoppolo who got skittish with a little pressure in his face and sent it directly to Hughes. Almost every CB in the NFL makes that play (with the possible exclusion of Kyle Fuller). Before you start into the homer thing, I'm definitely not... just ask me about the WRs if you think that's the case. Just calling it like I see it. It should be a good game, I'm definitely excited for this one.