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  1. @DannyB serving as his own hype man. I dig it. 17 trades so far this off-season y'all. Keep it up.
  2. A lot of people don't set their keepers until the last week. That's become very common.
  3. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    This really isn't worth my time, but Kumerow was a threat for a roster spot from the moment we signed him and that was stated on here. The Bengals had one of the deepest WR corps in the NFL during the time he spent with them.
  4. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    Moore ain't David Clowney. 2 for the price of 1 on bad takes here. Did everyone forget how much praise Moore was receiving early last year? He has the highest ceiling of any of the 2nd year WRs. No clue if he'll ever get close to that ceiling, but if he fails it certainly won't be for lack of ability.
  5. Who's your 2019 Breakout Player

    This is such a bad take. The Packers won't cut Moore in his second season. You don't cut players with that level ability on a rookie contract.
  6. Final Destination, those injuries will catch up with the PackIRs eventually.
  7. Sounds good, thanks for the heads up on the e-mail. Also you might want to check your messages on FF, I sent you a PM.
  8. Le'Veon Bell for a juicy 2021 5th.
  9. You're in the 2018 League thread my man. Post that here:
  10. More than likely 4 WRs. 3RBs, and 2 TEs. Or 5 WRs, 2RBs and 2 TEs Or 3 TEs , 2RBs, and 4 WRs, Or 3RBs, 1TE and 5 WRs. etc. There's a lot of interesting combinations here, but I also understand the hesitation. I prefer the challenge of an increased number of starters, but we'll see how it goes,. If it fails miserably we can always drop back down to 10 in 2020. I'm hoping that a move to SLEEPER will actually increase competition because it "should" improve every owner's access to information. If people want to change their vote on the starters, they're more than welcome to do so until June 9th at 11:59PM. On June 10th I'll post on whether we'll proceed with 10 or 11 starters in 2019.
  11. Final Vote/Housekeeping-Phase 3 This will be the last time I’ll @ everyone in the league until August. There are a few final issues we need to review: 1) THE DRAFT: Based on all the feedback and the fact that everyone has previously stated they're available on August 18th, we’ll simply move forward with that as our draft date. League Draft will be on AUGUST 18th (SUNDAY) at 7:00PM Central Standard Time. The date won’t change, but we may move the draft back an hour or so depending on availability and the time allotted for each selection (1.5 vs 2 minutes will be the debate). We’ll worry about all of that when we get closer to the draft. 2) KEEPERS: Keepers will be due AUGUST 14th (WEDNESDAY) at 11:59PM Central Standard Time. The keepers will be due a little earlier than usual because of the plan to transition from FleaFlicker to Sleeper before the live draft (I’ll need time to update rosters and import the league). 3) Transition to Sleeper: As of right now, the plan is to migrate the league from FleaFlicker to Sleeper in early-mid August. Until then, feel free to make trades and roster moves on FleaFlicker. I will need updated e-mails from every owner, so I can send out league invites to Sleeper. Feel free to PM me your e-mail so I can add you to the league. From my correspondence with others on FleaFlicker I have e-mails on file for every owner in the league. However, I have no way to tell whether these e-mails are up to date or not. Of the 14 owners, 11 of you have gmail.com, 2 of you have yahoo.com, and @chucknorris101 has a .edu listed as your e-mail (please let me know if this is still correct or not). 4) Final Vote: On potential replacement of KICKER with a 4th FLEX. We have already voted to remove the kicker, but we still need to come to a consensus regarding the starters. To review here are the two options for the 2019 season: Option X (10 starters) and Option Y (11 starters) Option X: Remove the K position and drop from 11 weekly starters to 10 weekly starters (rosters of 20 will be maintained). Option X means the starters would be (starting in 2019): QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, and D/ST (10 Total Starters) Option Y: Remove the K position and replace with a FLEX starter (RB/WR/TE) with the plan to change the 4th FLEX starter into a 3rd WR starter before the 2021 season (I want to give each owner ample time to modify their roster composition over time to best match the league roster rules). The second option (Option Y) means the starters for the next 3 seasons would be: 2019: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX and D/ST (11 Total Starters) 2020: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX and D/ST (11 Total Starters) 2021: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE, FLEX, FLEX, FLEX and D/ST (11 Total Starters) Here’s how I have the vote currently scored: Option X: 3 ( @ChaRisMa , @JBURGE, @KingOfTheNorth Option Y: 6 ( @Packerraymond, @Lieker, @chucknorris101, @Cadmus, @Bieker, @ajdodge09) @CombOver AND @DannyB voted for both options initially so I need each of you to pick a side. @PandaSquadAlpha, @squire12, @Dwade1001 voted to retain the kicker initially, so I need each of you to select/indicate a preference for either Option X or Option Y. @JBURGE @ChaRisMa @CombOver @Lieker @Bieker1 @PandaSquadAlpha @Dwade1001 @chucknorris101 @ajdodge09 @DannyB @squire12 @Cadmus @Packerraymond @KingOfTheNorth Thanks to all the owners for remaining active and engaged. Have a great summer everyone.
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