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  1. Yea, pretty strong signs that he pulled a 2019 Michael Pierce offseason.
  2. Man, this would be the wildest story any other offseason. How does a 22 year old first round pick mess up his life and career so stupidly.
  3. Did anyone else notable opt out before the deadline? I'm seeing that Tre'davious White and other did NOT opt out.
  4. Yea, there is a lot of career risk to sitting a year out. Taking a year off an NFL career is like taking of close to a decade for the average job.
  5. You are right. That group could never put together a mediocre offense. Clearly you are the authoritative Ravens' expert.
  6. The offense is what it is. It's a mediocre group right now without Lamar. If you plugged in a mediocre QB I would expect mediocre results this coming season. We know what a mediocre offense is. We've seen it for a long time. Flacco (before he got hurt) was not a terribad QB like you making him out to be to tell your narrative. He was the epitome of mediocre. You can have great players on great units like we had with Ray Lewis and Ed Reed on some great defenses. They were still legends. But, that's not always the case. Newton had an MVP season with a mediocre supporting cast too. It's not unprecedented. If you want to stare at the Ravens offensive group long enough to convince yourself it's a top 10 supporting cast, then see what you want to see. The tackle duo is very good. Andrews is very good. The receivers are a bottom 5 group. The interior O-line is just above replacement level. The backs are products of Lamar and the offense (unless Dobbins is special, but there is a reason we drafted Dobbins).
  7. I guess that's what you'll have to tell yourself to sell the point you were trying to make. The new RBs are what transformed the offense. Gus Edwards is a future HoFer.
  8. Important and forgotten point. If you want to say the 2017 line was a different group, that's fine, but the the 2018 line was the same as the 2019 line and Flacco played MOST of that season. During that time the running back YPC efficiency was very near the bottom of the league. There was some Lamar sub packages that even raised those averages during Flacco's 9 starts. It's honestly hard to evaluate the line with how much Lamar changes the equation for opposing front-7's in both pass rush and run defense. Skura got injured and out for the season in week 12 and they plugged in an UDFA rookie center without missing a beat. It's more than fair to be skeptical when articles come out now saying that the Ravens had the best run blockers in the league.
  9. Naaaaaahhhhhhh..... that's would be a very little truss move
  10. Ok. I could deep dive and probably pull up numbers that say the 19 Ravens played a stronger defensive slate and/or spent more drives resting, but that isn't the point I want to make. Mahomes 18 may have been better than Jackson's 19. There were certainly different kinds of seasons. Apart from that... 3.25 or 3.09. I don't think EITHER Mahomes or Lamar will be close to regularly putting up offenses like that. Your statement that Lamar didn't play at Mahomes level last year doesn't make sense because Mahomes didn't play at your mythical Mahomes level. The perception of Mahomes now is where Aaron Rodgers was in 2011. That was the one time Rodgers broke the 3 PPD barrier and he was coming off a great SB run. It makes no sense in hindsight to call that Rodgers level, does it?
  11. Eh... levels and ratings are and will be more transient than that. Mahomes level is the level Mahomes plays at. Lamar was the best player in football over the span regular season, and it was a historically great season. It's highly doubtful Mahomes would have been if he didn't get hurt week 7. Only a few offenses have ever average over 3 points per drive like Ravens did with Lamar. Brady is the only QB who did it twice. Mahomes did it in 18. I think Mahomes can do it again, but I would bet heavily against it being anything close to an every year thing. Long winded way of saying, Lamar was playing at a level that is comparable to best seasons for the best QBs ever, so he played at Mahomes level last year.
  12. Y'all are being too sensitive with this you can't compare anyone to Mahomes or exist on the "same planet" as him nonsense. We compare Mahomes and Trubisky all the time. We can compare the reigning MVP to him too. Reel in your certainty. Things change so quickly in the NFL that what people seem so sure of at one point will seem silly in a month. There is a long time to stew on how a season ends (moreso this year), but when games actually happen, these consensus opinions will swing in 4 games max. It wouldn't surprise me at all if we are talking about someone completely new as top dog half a season from now. Heck, Brady and the Patriots were 8-0 defending champs half a season ago and where are they now?
  13. I don't disagree with you about the potential for risk of long term effects, but having covid all but certainly does lower the chance of catching it again.
  14. I agee with @DreamKidhere. Given how large our rookie classes tend to be, you have to show something quickly to stick around as a late round pick. Us taking 2 DTs this year pushed his spot off the roster, as the team will want a full year to look at the latter two. I can't see McSorley making it this year either.
  15. Here is an important question that I don't see answered: when are these votes even submitted? Are we actually sure this was done after the SB? Just because they released the list now doesn't mean that There's actually an article from 2013 saying the ballots go out in November and can be submitted from then until next April. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/05/05/inside-the-top-100-voting-process/ If the same is still true, then Lamar over Mahomes isn't that surprising.
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