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  1. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    TBH, I'd rather stick with Jensen at center and Hurst at guard than have Zuttah back at the point.
  2. Ravens Sign Zuttah

    Dang. What if we GIVE you a draft pick this time, SF, can you take him back?
  3. I liked Rivers a lot as a prospect. With Ninkovich retiring, this is clearly the weakest part of their roster. Trey Flowers and ???
  4. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    Woodrum for QB1 He seems to have the anticipation and placement that Mallet can't find
  5. Dolphins vs Ravens - Preseason week 2

    You guys need to fix your field.
  6. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    Sat out last week and rotated in first team only a little this week. Practice reports have been positive.
  7. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    Maxxx has always been really good after the catch. I don't know what the announcers are talking about. Watch his college tape, guys.
  8. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    I hope Brent Urban can stay healthy, he's very disruptive and really fits in well next to Williams and Pierce. The D-line is really standing out for the first team defense. Both West and Allen ran really hard today. They really want to make a statement. Hope Mizell gets his reps in the 2nd half.
  9. Preseason Week 2: Ravens vs Dolphins

    We'll learn next to nothing about the passing game with Mallet in. I already feel really good about the defense, just want to learn more about the young edge rushers. So the key for me is the running game/run blocking. Does West look like he can be a #1 (though if he's getting significant reps again in a preseason game it's not a great show of confidence), and can Taquan Mizell show something. Hurst vs Suh be should good for lols while we don't have a franchise QB back there. And no significant injuries, please.
  10. Anyone who can get James Hurst off the field IS in fact the chosen one. But no, I don't see us going after Mangold after the Howard signing.
  11. The [Ravens] Power Rankings Thread

    Down to 21 in ESPN's rankings as well. It's funny; NFL.com also had a piece about winners/losers from preseason week 1 and we were listed at the top of the losers, not because of injuries, but because of how bad Ryan Mallet looked. Our backup QB throwing to none of our top WRs looked bad, and this is reason for everyone to further write the team off. Doesn't mean anything if everything we are told about Flacco's recovery is true. Apparently nobody noticed the defense holding the Washington first team offense to -2 total yards, getting a shutout in the first half and dominating throughout the game. I know how little preseason performances are worth, but if you are writing your takes based on what you see in preseason, how are you putting the Washington ahead of us? Doesn't really matter if Mallet is playing either. If you are not giving us credit, they should be more worried about Cousins in his latest prove it year.
  12. Eagles release veteran RB Ryan Mathews

    I hope the Ravens take a look. We need some punch in our backfield with Kenneth Dixon out for the season.
  13. State of the (Ravens) Offense - 2018 Preseason Edition

    This is what we've done the last 2 seasons, and it hasn't worked. Screens don't work when they are as frequently used and predictable as they have been for us. And they don't take as much pressure off the QB as an actual running game. The pass rushers are still charging right at the QB at the snap vs a run play where the have to pivot to the back immediately. We need to actually run the ball, and it seems like they are committed to doing that and sticking with it as it stalls. What we have to do is figure out how to make it not as inefficient as it seems like it's going to be. Which goes back to the idea of picking up a better running back. Even if not for the starting spot, we need to upgrade on Buck Allen. While he's a good pass catcher, he is below replacement level as a runner. Woodhead is going to be our pass catching back and he's not going to be used THAT much as a runner. We can't be in a situation where Buck Allen gets 100+ carries. It'd be a huge waste of snaps.
  14. State of the (Ravens) Offense - 2018 Preseason Edition

    My view of the offense is basically that we are praying for mediocrity. Flacco needs to be healthy for that happen, first and foremost. I don't care what the general public feels about him, outside the first half of last season where he was coming off the injury and was legitimately really bad, he's good enough to deliver competence on his side of the ball from whatever he gets to work with. Mallet is awful. The line is definitely worrying with Hurst back in there. Not much to say about it though. It's just been brutal how we lost our interior guys. The wide receivers, I am still optimistic about. Best trio Flacco's ever had, if they can stay healthy. And I think the TEs should be ok. With Woodhead out of the backfield, there is a nice group to throw to if Flacco gets time. What I'm really watching is the RB position. We want to be a volume/power running offense, and it's a good idea to pair with our defense. But, Terrance West is such a mediocre player to be the main factor in 250-300 snaps. It would make a HUGE difference if we are somehow able to upgrade the position. I know trading a pick for a rental isn't the FO's style, but I'm still dreaming of Carlos Hyde. What would it take? I'd do a 4th; it could change our season. If not, I think Ryan Matthews is worth bringing in if/when he's cut. He's way too injury prone to count on, but we can at least make a committee with him. Buck Allen doesn't look like he belongs and we need more than one runner. The wild card is Taquan Mizzell. It's a longshot that he is the miracle solution, but it's really the only hope I see on the roster. He's THE player to watch for me on that side of the ball the rest of the preseason. The Kenneth Dixon injury was the worst thing to happen, in a brutal offseason.
  15. Random Training Camp News 2017

    I need that sadder emoticon to deal with TJ Watt looking like an immediate stud in Pittsburgh. Derek Barnett also had a great debut.