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  1. While I can certainly believe they had Ngata and Mangold really close, they did trade a pick (6th rounder) to move up 1 spot when they where next on the clock with both on the board. That compensation wasn't much but if they were really 51/49 close, they probably wait and see.
  2. Insulting is having Dez Bryant and Seth Roberts playing meaningful snaps in late season/playoff games when the rest of the NFL wouldn't put them on a roster. But really, this kind of statement by a GM one week before the draft is the kind of thing that hints at a major move at WR more than anything.
  3. I'm in the same place. Sometime in the next few weeks I got to watch youtube career highlight videos on a couple WRs so I know who to be disappointed about on draft day. DeVonta Smith was going to be my guy! He was supposed to be a possibility. But he had to go out and be the best player in college football this past year 🙄
  4. "Ravens fans have a persecution complex about Lamar." from the forum that brought you... "There was never any narrative that Lamar couldn't win a playoff game." I believe this is what the kids call gaslighting
  5. Choosing to stay with the Steelers is fine, but I don't know what he hopes to gain by giving something that's sure to be be quoted for motivation in two matchups this year. Besides, he didn't need to sign with the Ravens to win us a game
  6. This is the key. Are we just assuming we get a VIck who is incredibly motivated and mature from his early 20's? Then yea... obviously with his talent, he'd be a very top player in the league.
  7. 1. If it was a priority to keep him they could/would have found a way 2. If he was valued as "one of the best corners in the league" the Bears would have gotten a significant draft pick while trading him, as opposed to being cut. The best corners in the league don't hit UFA. Going back to my full quoted post, I said cap space is about as important as late round draft picks. Kyle Fuller didn't even fetch a late round draft pick when the Bears tried to trade him, so this doesn't disprove that.
  8. Yes, great QBs or great stretches of QB play are incredibly important in winning a SB. The rookie contract thing is not though, and that conversation always goes the same way: - History has shown that it's critical that you win a SB before your QB gets off his rookie deal - Well there are only 2 data points for that happening for post-rookie wage scale QBs - Saying it only happened twice is misleading because you have to throw out the X super bowls Tom Brady won and the other Y don't count because reasons, so actually those 2 data points are very significant
  9. Having a QB on a rookie contract.. heck anything cap space related talk in general is hot air. Y'all just get precious about it because you put yourselves in the position of having to pay the money. I couldn't care less about "cap hell" if I was a fan invested in a team's success on the field. As a football variable, cap space is like on the level of having extra late round draft picks, by my estimate.
  10. This is wildly overstated. It's actually only happened 2 times with QBs on a rookie deal signed after the rookie wage scale was introduced in 2011.
  11. Am I the only one who doesn't consider EDGE a top need? Our defense has been built on coverage over pass rush and the fact that pass rush can be manufactured. The Bucs are kind of a deviation in terms of what the league was trending to there, which IMO is good for us in that it keeps making the way we (and the Pats) are building our defense "correct" and the most efficient path to building a top defense. FWIW, our defense was stellar in the playoffs against two very talented offenses. We just need stout/solid guys on the D-line. Ingram, Clowney, Aldon Smith, Oliver Vernon... there are solid na
  12. The Giants really shouldn't have sat at #2 to take a RB in a strong QB class. Ignoring the RB value thing and how Saquan's career has/could go, if you didn't want to take a QB you should have traded down. The Jets gave up 3 second round picks (two of very high in the 2nd) to move up from 6 to 3. The 6 spot was good enough for the Colts to get the best non-QB in the draft anyway.
  13. Good. Our roster is better with him on it.
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