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  1. It would have been still true and even cooler if they won this game in OT, but Seattle's point differential is the worst in their division and they had the easiest start of those teams.
  2. The Chiefs are a complete team. If the Chiefs end up with 14 wins, which I think they can, that would make up for him being 5-10 TD and 500 yards below WIlson if the Seahawks end up with 11-12.
  3. A lot of people could have cuaght him if he had a 5 TD/0 INT game today. Everyone is always to early to crown and MVP. The biggest problem for Wilson is going to be that I don't know if this team, with it's defense, ends up with one of the very top records, which I see as a near requirement for a QB MVP.
  4. There was definitely a holding there
  5. Fun fact: If Seattle wins by a FG, they will have the worst point differential in their division and be undefeated with a 2+ game lead
  6. Tyler Lockett is also special. That is great tracking and catching.
  7. Wow... Don't blame KK for going for it. Even having DK save 4 points was a game changer that gave back the pick momentum. Arizona needed to score there.
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