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  1. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    It's caused game changing plays before and somehow they still haven't changed it.
  2. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    The worst rule in the NFL. Perfect ending to this game.
  3. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Carr is throwing some ugly ducks... what is going on?
  4. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Wait, they kicked a FG? I would have gone for it.
  5. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    Watch Oakland do stupid things with time management, because that's what I think of this coaching staff -first mistake is not taking a timeout BEFORE the two minute warning
  6. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

    I thought he had the first, by well over a piece of paper
  7. SNF: Dalls Cowboys @ Oakland Raiders

  8. This is already making me angry because it's so true.
  9. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    Where? It most likely did hit the ground. I haven't seen a gif that clearly shows it hitting the ground. Can't see the ball touch grass and his right hand is at least partially under the ball. Most likely the right call, but questionable to overturn it. You make it seem like there is a still where you see the ball touch green(white?). Please share it, then. Because that would end this discussion.
  10. MVP leaders at this point.

    Didn't see most of the game, TBH. But I think the Ravens would have beaten the Steelers by a couple touchdowns last week if Brown went out that early.
  11. MVP leaders at this point.

    ... but the Steelers lost? And the Eagles put up 34 without their MVP frontrunner QB. Not disagreeing with your overall point, but seems a weird example to lose. Antionio Brown is a game changer like the Pats needed in Gronk to win.
  12. Week 15 Game Day Thread

    The result of that Pats-Steelers game is predictably given too much significance. Showed two evenly matched teams, as expected. Either can win in either stadium. Not a huge deal. Games where teams are fighting for their playoff lives are more significant.
  13. I think it's bad news actually. It does mess up 3 way tie-breakers if we lose one and the Titans do too, though I expect them to lose BOTH. I actually wanted us to be locked in to 6 before week 17 so we could rest, but I think that's off the table now. Not a huge deal. We could get the 5 and avoid Jacksonville which is the upside.
  14. The Titans could easily lose out and slip out of the playoffs. Pats/Steelers/Jags/Chiefs/Ravens/Chargers would be a good playoff field
  15. Team Needs?

    The hell he isn't. I don't know what you are seeing. But I'd like another strong piece next to him. It's so important to have guys that can cover AND take on blockers at that position and we only have one player like that.