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  1. Baltimore Ravens 2018-19 Season Roster Tracker

    Not really. Cap space is really not a problem for us going forward. For 2019, we are $37.7M under the cap. In terms of yearly cash (aka all that matters), Brandon Williams is at 9.25-9.5M for the next 3 years. I see no reason to chase that savings. Definitely would start with moving on from: Tony Jefferson at 8M in 2019 and 7M in 2020, even if we don't have a plan for that money. Brandon Carr is getting $6M per or Jimmy's 9.5M figure would be considered sooner if Carr declines or we lose trust in Jimmy. But really, there no need for us to be worried about savings.
  2. Week 3 over reaction thread

    The wide receiver group that the Ravens threw together this offseason might actually be... Above Average!!!
  3. SNF: Pats vs. Lions

    Al Michaels is SOOOOO Bad. Worst big play announcer with a job.
  4. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    It'll be a great 3 quarters while it lasts.
  5. GDT Week 3: Baltimore Ravens vs Denver Broncos

    Strong W picked up against a pretty good team... but seriously, just for this one week, I cared more about Bills-Vikings. What even is this game?
  6. Redskins sign WRs Michael Floyd and Breshad Perriman

    From a lot of his quotes it seemed like he got really down with his injuries and not being able to live up to the first round expectations. Also, whenever he has a bad drop his play seems to really spiral. Most directly there was his whole attitude going into this offseason. He didn't seem confident at all in his ability to establish himself as one of the 6 WRs who would make the team. Despite having 3 years in the system, first round pedigree, and physical gifts no one else on the team could match, he didn't come in expecting to dominate and win the competition. http://www.baltimoresun.com/sports/ravens/bs-sp-ravens-wide-receiver-breshad-perriman-facing-uncertain-future-20180720-story.html
  7. Redskins sign WRs Michael Floyd and Breshad Perriman

    Injuries didn't help, but most of his issues are mental. It doesn't seem like he has the fortitude to make it in the NFL.
  8. Random Ravens Thoughts: New Forum Edition

    I don't have a problem with Darnold. I think he's a good prospect. I just have a problem with how the media doesn't bat an eye when he goes an entire game with only 1-2 productive drives. And yet Jackson gets his viability at a QB questioned on every incompletion, even when he was moving the ball regularly in the preseason. Nothing changed yesterday.
  9. TNF: Jets vs Browns GDT The Battle of the light weights.

    Where are the Browns fans saying in the preseason that there was NO CHANCE that Mayfield would be the starting QB this year?
  10. @ Sunday 9/23 1PM Forecast: 76° channce of rain: 40% Line: Ravens -5 OU: 43.5 About time to move on to the next game, right? In a lot of ways this is a chance to redo the matchup against Cincy. Again, we face a pass rush that will be the biggest challenge of the game and an opposing offensive line we should be able to take advantage of. Our offense needs better protection and a better plan to get rid of the ball quickly. Indications are that Stanley will play, but Chubb/Miller against Hurst is going to be a real problem. Emmanuel Sanders is off to a great start and will be the top priority for the defense to stop. Tavon Young should bounce back, but they also need to be a lot smarter about giving him help than they were last week. I expect to see a concerted effort to give Collins the ball this week, based on what Harbaugh has said. Most of all, let's see if our pass rush can come back to life. The Broncos are a solid team and seem like they could be in the race for a wild card spot at the end of the season. But, we've had a long rest, are at home, and get the 1pm start against a western team, so this is a game we should and need to win. It's early in the season, but a loss would really put the pressure on going into Pittsburgh week 4.
  11. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    That was 5 years ago. And even that year was a lot of yaradage racked up late in losses. This dude on the field is David Boston 2.0.
  12. Patriots trade for Josh Gordon from Browns

    If there's any way to short the amount of impact this has* I would be all over it. I want the under on everything about this except hype. Brady's going to be in the AFC championship throwing to some no names like always. *If I was a gambler
  13. Browns cut Josh Gordon

    I'm more disappointed because this is going to be the maximum overblown coverage result.
  14. Inter-conference; more balanced now?

    Too soon to say, but I think we'll have deserving teams in the AFC West and North to fill the wild card spots. I'm not really sure how good the NFC East champ will be. Looks like the Eagles will cruise to it, but it may depend on Wentz being back to MVP level for them to be back to a great team.
  15. Inter-conference; more balanced now?

    Give the Bengals some credit. Have to be one of the most impressive teams so far. But I agree with your point that the NFC-AFC gap isn't going to be as big as everyone was saying during the off-season. When sampling at 16 team group sizes, things will gravitate to even. People are usually wrong about what will be a great division (It was the AFC West that was supposed to be great last year). This was a generalization on an even larger scale.