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  1. GDT 2017: Week 6 - Bears @ Ravens

    What a s___ crew of refs
  2. Stock Investing

  3. Bitcoin

    That market cap is too damn high.
  4. TNF: Eagles @ Panthers

    Not worth the timeout.
  5. TNF: Eagles @ Panthers

    Yea, that was a flop. But that call will get made all the time.
  6. Ravens Rundown: Week 5 2017

    Most of the success for Crabtree was against Humphrey. Kid still has some developing to do which isn't surprising. He underestimated how physical Crabtree would be in fighting for a first down when he caught it short of the sticks; a good/less casual tackle there would have prevented the TD drive. Jimmy came back in after a couple drives off and things looked a lot better. Carr got burned when Manuel escaped the pass rush, but that's kind of like a broken play. I think it was a strong defensive performance overall. I don't think the game briefly being a one score contest for a 5 minute stretch in the second half means that it was closer than the score indicates. It's rare that a game has 0 drama, and it's not like they ever tied or led outside the very early portions of the game. It was a pretty smooth win; which is what we should hope for against a backup QB.
  7. Todd Gurley Fumble - Did the refs blow the call?

    Nope. It doesn't make sense. One potential rule that makes sense would be giving the ball back to the offense at the spot of the fumble. A turnover where the defense never gets it's hands on the ball makes no sense.
  8. Todd Gurley Fumble - Did the refs blow the call?

    the rule is the problem, not the call
  9. GDT 2017: Week 5 - Ravens @ Raiders

    He's done for the season with his MCL tear.
  10. Week 5 Gameday Thread

    Same throw twice and DB doesn't know to turn
  11. Week 5 Gameday Thread

    Risky throw
  12. Week 5 Gameday Thread

    With 1 minute left? Yea, go ahead and score. Forget the clock
  13. GDT 2017: Week 5 - Ravens @ Raiders

    lol, ALMOST Webb
  14. GDT 2017: Week 5 - Ravens @ Raiders

    All the hate for the offense, let's give them some credit for being able to run the ball for some clock killing first downs. With out interior O-line decimated, it's really impressive coaching by Roman or whoever else is involved. This was not happening last year.
  15. GDT 2017: Week 5 - Ravens @ Raiders

    Yea, I liked it.