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  1. When CAN you? If I put Trevor Lawrence and C.J. Stroud on the list of all-time great QBs, what exactly are you or anyone else going to do about it? I'll put Tim Tebow on the list. You have no power here.
  2. Josh deserved that. He threw the ball at the defender. If only he was that quick in deciding to throw it away.
  3. Josh needs to run a lot more in the second. An easy first is there for him a lot.
  4. You also can't ref badly later in the game because you ref'd badly earlier in the game.
  5. I mean it was very obviously a penalty. They let them play.... other calls were... I get all that. Still right to throw a flag there.
  6. Interesting decision. I don't hate it. But they are betting against Brady here.
  7. You, as a Chief fan, choosing to downplay a big play where a QB completes a pass to a very open receiver?
  8. Taking a 7 second play with a shot at getting in FG is absolutely the play here
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