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  1. Feels like this is going under the radar given this guy was considered by many to be the best WR in football less than 2 years ago. But OTOH, it is also starting to feel like this guy is falling off the map.
  2. "If a game cannot be rescheduled" is quite a qualifier though. Technically a game could always be rescheduled.
  3. I think the Jags will sweep them, they are a divisional rival and will actually pay attention to games against the Texans for that reason alone. It's usually not another bottom of the league team (not that I limit the Jags to that) that gives a near-winless team a W. Terrible teams get up for other terrible teams to get out of notably bad records. I think it'll more likely be a case of the opposing team not showing up. I think of the 2007 Ravens as a team as a blueprint of a team that gives up a W to an all-time bad team. They had plenty of talent (loaded on defense at least), but weren't
  4. It's not biased to put Humphrey in the top 3. What I love about him is that he does everything. Coverage, run defense, tillman punch 2.0. Throw him into the slot (which is definitely worse for your metrics as a CB) because the team loses their slot corner and has Peters and Jimmy Smith as strictly boundary corner, sure! He does it all. Denzel Ward is a guy who I feel like I've never actually seen him do anything special despite watching the AFC North very closely. Everyone says he's good at football though and I guess he doesn't allow catches when he's standing on the sideline. Even on t
  5. I'm not putting Andrews as the consensus #4. At the very least there has to be a visual gap in the rankings after the top 3 or so. He's a receiving TE who has been terrible with drops of easy catches in big spots. I don't know why he isn't criticized for them like Hollywood Brown on the same team has. Except, unlike Brown, he's been awful on the playoffs. Andrews has the separation ability down, but we have to REALLY lower the bar for TE vs WR to not hold to the same criticism.
  6. After seeing this deal, we may be hearing from Orlando Brown Jr how it was really his childhood dream and father's wish for him to go back to right tackle.
  7. So should Baltimore. Only game under 16 was the Wednesday Covid game without literally most of their offensive starter.
  8. Lamar still hasn't won anything thing in less than two and a half season as a starter (other than you know, >75% of this starts including playoffs). Therefore, Kirk Cousins is better. Kirk would definitely have won a super bowl throwing to Mark Andrews, Willie Snead and Hollywood Brown. Got it.
  9. GOAT QB is a lot more of it, IMO. Tom Brady on the Ravens from 2000-2019 has a strong shot at 5+ super bowls.
  10. What stands out to me is that Tampa Bay is a bad franchise that also has two super bowls in 2000s.
  11. Notably, the other time they finished outside the top 10 they finished 19th in 2012, which was the year they won the SB.
  12. Yea, maybe there is a niche role as a passing down back, since none of the 3 backs we have are even average in pass pro/picking up a blitz. But like you said, it's hard to see how that becomes a gameday active.
  13. A lot of discussion for a guy who isn't going to play this year. Nothing's going to come of this for a year or more. There's comparatively no interest in the extension of Gus Edwards, who's actually a significant contributor. Two pages on Tony Jefferson getting a try out. There's definitely some interesting negative correlation here 🤔.
  14. The font that the Titans are using makes it worse
  15. This seems very favorable for the Ravens. Short term and not that high a number for a plus runner who has got some juice and shouldn't be wearing down during this contract. But also good for Gus earning a payday as an UDFA back. Very fortunate to be the #3 RB in the season where Lamar was the #3 QB until he was thrown into the fire. They obviously work well together.
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