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  1. Yea, the all-22 has been scoured many many times by now. The possibility that the Raiders have more damning evidence from other plays is now essentially 0. Which like I said when this thread started makes this all a waste of time and energy.
  2. The last statement about proving the value of the pick was tongue-in-cheek. It's highly unusual to see a RB never step off the field.
  3. You must have blocked out the painful memories of him at center. DJ Fluker and Phillips were rotating at RT last year.
  4. Fandom is pain. Large majority of the fans who think their team is going to win the super bowl this year are going to be very disappointed.
  5. Lamar needs to sign on the dotted line, before stepping out with this unit. Mekari was a massive liability at center and has gotten him knocked out a game already, albeit for snapping, but I strongly doubt he can hold up at RT.
  6. Awesome. Tyre Phillips who started at at LG was the clear top swing tackle. He was carted off week 1 and is on IR too. This has already reached lost season level and there is still 16 games left.
  7. An annoying storyline with nothing of substance behind it Not going to waste any more time on this thread until there's a more notable video of an out of the ordinary play.
  8. Unless there's more that what's been posted in this thread why waste anyone's time?
  9. I should clarify, I only saw a couple videos on tweets related to this that are what I assume they are complaining about. Those were, as you said, football. I don't know what the Raiders sent, but there's nothing out there now that is notable.
  10. You got a 15 yard penalty for.... that. What more do you want? A first round pick?
  11. Looked at the videos. Nothing that matters is going to come of this. Call me a homer or w/e. Just advising you to save your energy.
  12. I'm just now seeing the stat that Najee Harris played literally every offensive stat in the Steelers game. Only Ben and 4/5 of the OL did that. That's pretty ridiculous for a RB. Are they really pressing to prove the RB in round 1 was worth it?
  13. 0 sacks doe. 1 sack in 1 NFL game. Statistical anomaly confirmed.
  14. Boyle's return is key. Lining him up on the edge is probably the best think we can do to prop up that side.
  15. How DARE you use Lamar and Mahomes in the same sentence?!?! Don't you know that Lamar comes with elite QB expectations without competent QB credit? If he can't lead an offense that puts up 30+ points when pressured more than half the time he drops back, then he shouldn't have a job in the NFL. If it wasn't for the fumbles, I'd strongly defend that he had a good game in the circumstances, but those were big. That first one especially was on him, and he's acknowledged as much.
  16. Is Gronk underrated now? I feel like he should be the #4.
  17. On the plus side for the Ravens additions, Sammy Watkins seemed pretty good. It's nice to have two WRs on the field who are competent NFL players. Especially when Big Game Andrews shows up. Of course, I know Watkins is only to last like 3 more games, but hopefully Bateman will be back by then to take over.
  18. The worst part is that he still wasn't as bad as EITHER of our tackles. Seriously, how do you have a worse pass blocking grade than Taylor Lewan, when Jones had 5 sacks?
  19. Shockingly out of character for you
  20. It's worth noting that the Ravens' RT for the second half of last season, when the offense was humming again, was DJ Fluker. I'm not saying none of those issues and shaky plays from everyone on offense from last night will be significant, but I do think SOME of those issues will get cleaned up. This offseason was a mess for the offense and pretty much everyone missed huge chucks of time. It was to be expected that they'd be shaky and that's likely to continue over the first month.
  21. Yawn at the old takes when Lamar loses a game. Does anyone actually think, even with all the issues at literally everything around him on offense, that he's not going to lead an offense good enough to get this team to the playoffs? Anyone want to say otherwise? Or are you guys just going to say some nonsense about him being lucky to be drafted by the Ravens who put him in a position to succeed. The Ravens are going to the playoffs as long as Lamar doesn't get injured. Why? Because he's too good not to over a 17 game season. You can save your 1-loss takes for 4 months from now when 1
  22. Yea, this reeks of a weird game. Either way, I'm not going to take away much for the Ravens. If we kick *** and dominate then it might just be us coming out week 1 on fire like every prior Lamar season. We typically crash back down and have our worst games in the week 2-4 stretch before picking back up again. If we struggle, especially on offense, then I'm not going to write off the team because they definitely need some time to figure things out with all the pieces going out and then coming back in. The season is so long and with seven teams there's space to work all that out, as long as
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