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  1. I used inspect element and added Davante Adams to the Ravens roster. The NFL now has to make it true.
  2. I remember when he looked good at center for a significant stretch (better than Skura) and that devolved to awful over time. I'd sign Mekari to a utility contract like we had James Hurst back in the day. He has value and will likely be needed to play somewhere, but I wouldn't consider him a strong locked in solution at any position.
  3. Yep, The Bills only have one game left on their schedule that is a solid playoff team.
  4. In theory he is the second or third (after Humphrey) most important player on our team. However, with Lamar a lot of times blocking can be covered up, so it often seems like it doesn't matter. But there can also be games like the Raiders game where it is just untenable and pressure shuts everything down, which could definitely doom the team in a theoretical playoff game.
  5. Like the call by the Bills. Great stuff by the Titans.
  6. Props to Hyde for taking that punishment to save a TD
  7. This guy was the number 1 overall pick by pretty much consensus.
  8. So did David Culley. Maybe a lot of people over a long period of time thinking you aren't the best choice for a job is not a great indicator that you will be amazing at it.
  9. It's definitely Kyler. Lamar was meh on Sunday, but the game was over after two drives/one quarter. Herbert's one statistical weakness is against the blitz and no one was broadcasting that before playing the Ravens? Would have made the outcome a lot more surprising if I knew that.
  10. Herbie looked terrible against the blitz on Sunday. That's how you get blown out against the Ravens. If Wink can dial those up, and screens aren't working, the defense is going to hunt. How's Burrow been in that regard? Other than that, this team vulnerable on enough levels that we should have a lot more of those down to the wire games.
  11. He's always been good at this. And Hollywood has always been bad at this. Hollywood is shockingly terrible with the ball in his hands for someone who is elite at getting open.
  12. The old idea that Harbs has a blanket rule against playing younger players is out the window this year. Oweh you could argue the position left little to no choice, but that's a lot of snaps with Proche and Duvernay already proving their worth and always-getting-open-but-Lamar-doesn't-see-him Boykin back. Great to see because Bateman's going to be really important this year. Other than the drop, he also had a couple poor reps blocking on the edge with poor technique; pretty sure he got away with a hold as well. It didn't matter in this game, but another thing that he should work out on the
  13. Thats the kind of ball skills you want from a safety who cost 2 1sts.
  14. A media story about how he is exceeding the expected degrees of bending on his finger in recovery is classic Russel Wilson.
  15. Baker is going to get a huge $$ contract. That's fine, I don't think cap space is that valuable. The bigger question is if the Browns can keep a top tier roster without an obscene amount of draft capital to spend.
  16. Weren't they? On paper, easily the best two, IMO
  17. The two most highly anticipated matchups are not delivering today.
  18. Baker what are you doing? Extending the play with no intention of actually making a play.
  19. Yea, I actually think that RTP was worse against the Browns.
  20. I didn't get a great look, TBH, just saw the arm there. Now the Browns are flag imploding though...
  21. Felt like Ward grabbing the left arm was enough for a flag. But I'm biased for the NFC team.
  22. Kind of weird that Prater lines up the ball on the left hash for extra points.
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