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  1. Man, I would have even taken a wire to wire loss. It's such a long season and health-wise we all needed a break 😅
  2. I jinx'ed it Terrible rep, but before this he showed nice ability to get open on the money downs in his debut. Both of Lamar's picks were targeting Bateman, one was 100% on Lamar one was 100% on Bateman.
  3. It was automatically reviewed and they did the quick look confirm. I think he got the pick. Unfortunate for Lamar's stats, but meh.
  4. I don't know if Bell's patience is a good fit for our offense. The running back needs to go and not hesitate. The slow developing counter run should be left for Lamar.
  5. Both teams were coming off wild wins. The Chargers are doing the 1PM east coast thing. The Ravens are coming off a short week after playing MNF. There was a lot to suggest we might see one team completely fail to show up.
  6. Competent possession receiver is a major find for what the team needs. Especially since Sammy's Hammy has already popped up and I'm sure he'll be 1 week away from coming back until December.
  7. The general rule is that Mark Andrews is awesome in normal Sunday afternoon game and Hollywood disappers/forgets how to catch. Hollywood shows up in primetime and playoff games and Andrews doesn't. Granted, Andrews was awesome in the last primetime, but the above has been true more often than it should be.
  8. This hasn't even been an MVP type game from Lamar. He's been solid overall. Other parts of the team that haven't been showing up are, so he doesn't have to carry for once.
  9. Derrick Henry averaging over 150 total yards per game so far has gone under the radar. I haven't watched him yet, and just became aware when I saw my matchup in fantasy football and my opponent had him. Feels like he's become underappreciated as one of the superstars of the game.
  10. What was the point of that lateral? Dude was too lazy to run from the same spot.
  11. He was beastly Monday night and great against the lions. He had some struggles though as he usually does with drops in some of the other games and didn't get open in the first couple games. Him and Hollywood are similar in a way. They have potential to be elite any given week and have great separation ability, but they aren't consistent and have flat out bad stretches. When they both show up, you got the best passing game in franchise history.
  12. I expected him to take a leap and he's on every fantasy team I have. Prototype #1.
  13. That's never been a problem with the Ravens though. They like to bring in that lower/undrafted guy at the same position to either pressure the high draft pick into success or take his job.
  14. Shout out to Tavon Young. The (unfair) penalty is getting all the noise. But this guy has clearly been one of the bright spots of this team this year. Came back from two consecutive years wiped put by serious injuries and is still very much a baller.
  15. There have been two 47-42 games in NFL history and they are both Browns losses from the last two years.
  16. Nope. Actually a two off.
  17. Remember that pot-shot that Griese took at Lamar saying "I don't care what you say accuracy is still the most important thing for a QB" when Lamar missed that narrow window throw to Hollywood in the end zone in the first half? Old QBs hate this guy. Fumbles and not seeing Hollywood on the earlier route to the pylon were the biggest flaws Lamar had.
  18. Yo Colts.... Can we still get Marlon Mack, please? GG
  19. I'm so sad about not getting 100 yards. Why was our RB passing so much?
  20. Can the Ravens please not be in prime time any more? Why do I need to deal with all this until midnight again?
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